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Do Something Nice this Father’s Day This month marks another all-important day - Father’s Day! This is the time we all get to give thanks to the most important man in our lives, and show our appreciation in whichever way fits. For some of us, we struggle to find a good way to celebrate, either because our parents don’t like to make a fuss, or because life simply gets in the way. If you need inspiration on what you could do for your dad this year, hopefully this article will help. Whether you want to make this year special for your Father, or you simply want to help your children show their love, there is plenty you can do to make it a great day to remember. Pay them a visit - Whether your father is hard to reach, or has sadly passed away, you should always keep traditions going and spend some time with them this Father’s Day, to think about the good times you’ve had together and all they’ve done for you. If this is impossible, make sure you give them a call instead. Share stories - Your elders and other-halves are guaranteed to have a virtual bank of anecdotes and life experiences to share, which they will love to pass on to their children, so why not make some time for nostalgia? A lot of laughter and knowledge can come from family gatherings like this, which you will miss when you’re older.

on. Even embarrassing snaps are a joy to revisit years from now. Have a nice meal together - For some, a pub lunch and a pint on a sunny day will be a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. You’ll know your Father’s tastes and can make a judgement call, but if he’s a bit of a foodie, why not suggest a family dinner somewhere nice? Or, whip up his favourite dinner at home? Allow for some laziness - A lot of us see “our special day” as the day where all responsibilities go out of the window, and we get to put our feet up, relax, or do the things we find fun, and lay off the chores. There is nothing wrong with that once in a while! There is no correct way to make the day special, and no set gift ideas, so spare some time to think it over, plan ahead of the day, and really show you care. Have a Happy Father’s Day.

Whatever you do, try to document it Whether you do so with a video camera, or even just your phone, capturing the events and sharing them with your loved ones will make for some great memories to look back 8

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