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FACT Advertising in Omni Local could raise

Advertising connects everyone

awareness of YOUR business by up to 70% Firstly, before we point out why you would want to advertise with us, you need to know why you would advertise at all in these difficult times. Advertising can be its own “science” within building a successful business. The main reasons why you need to advertise are simple – 1. You need to stay in touch with your customers. 2. You need to be consistent, and appeal to new and existing customers. 3. When you are not advertising, your competitors will. When you can’t be found your competitors will. 4. Competition in these times is very fierce; if you are not constantly in people’s minds you will soon be forgotten. Once this happens you will have to start all over again. Hard times always come and go, but when you don’t advertise you are easily forgotten or replaced. Keeping up your company profile and image is vital when experiencing the hard times. Presence of your company at all times is a must!! Using a new and unique concept of advertising raises your business profile and will bring you new customers; it will endorse your existing clients, and will result in new business.

a taxi, your fast food, waiting at the hospital, dental or doctor’s surgeries, for your train, or just sitting in the conservatory sipping a cup of tea! Our target readership is an estimated 100,000 local readers.

There are numerous reasons why Omni Local should be a key player in your company’s marketing strategy.

Using Omni Local offers an excellent, cost effective, and interesting advertising concept which brings a connection with both the community we all work within, and the local businesses. You don’t have to splash out on a huge advertising budget, you can advertise with us for less than 1p per resident. YES THAT’S RIGHT LESS THAN A PENNY. (0.001p actually…!!!)

To advertise with us its 0.001p!!!’ I am sure you can afford less than a penny!!! Our magazine offers a variety of articles which appeal to all members of society. We appeal to a wide range of the community as we offer puzzles, games, prize competitions for our readers to win, and a unique FREE SMS Discount Voucher service which ensures that the whole of the community will focus on the content of the Omni Local.

On top of the free magazine we also offer advertising space on our website which is free should you invest in advertising in our magazine:no matter how much you agree to, FREE SMS vouchers and now free Video marketing !!

Our monthly magazines are free and are hand delivered door to door by our own team. We conduct monthly surveys to ensure the magazine is being delivered. This ensures our circulation.

When you buy a product or service from a local business the money goes right back into the local community

We also distribute to local business outlets so everyone will see your advert: – while waiting for

So keep it local and keep your community thriving. 6

Omni Local Kingston June 2014  

This is our 23rd edition of Omni Local! Focussing on Dad's everywhere and giving you inspiration on ways to spoil him this Father's Day. H...

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