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Spending Time Outdoors with Your Elders The sun is making a lot more appearances these days, and there are many benefits to getting outside a little more. For example, soaking up a little sun can help give you a well-needed dose of Vitamin-D, which is particularly beneficial for those with a general deficiency, or weak bones. As we get older and our bodies start to slow down, we can really benefit from vitamins and minerals to help strengthen and support us over time. The additional exercise that comes with a day at the park or going for a walk can not only contribute to more family time, but it can also help to keep you in shape. Spending too long sitting indoors and cutting out light exercise can eventually lead to all sorts of health problems.

in a healthy lifestyle and plenty of fun, but it also allows your elders to socialize more with other adults, children, their caregivers, or even with animals. You’ll find yourself a lot happier too. If you’re still stuck for ideas, here are a few more suggestions:

If your parents or grandparents haven’t had a fun day out with the family in a while, don’t overdo it all in one go, plan ahead, keep it local, and remember to take it easy. Try to pick an environment that’s pleasant and calming, as opposed to hectic and full of busy-bodies and see that you all drink plenty of fluids/stay nourished with a good breakfast and lunch - especially if the weather is particularly hot. On the other hand, if your relatives are feeling up to something a little more exciting, as a way to create some memories together, why not sit together and discuss somewhere new to go? Maybe there are sights they’ve been wanting to see, or free events in the area? You could even spend a whole day at the beach together. Spend some time planning ahead and really make an event of it. Spending more time outside will not only aid


1. Go fishing - this activity is ideal for all ages and genders, and can be a great way to spend the day, even for those wheelchair bound. 2. Go swimming - it is a relaxing and refreshing way to get a little exercise, and will really help you cool off during a heatwave. 3. Sporting activities - (as long as you share a love of sports) from watching the little ones play a game of footy to a proper match or ball game. 4. A simple walk - even just walking and talking can be enjoyable, especially if the views are good. Sometimes all you need is good company. There is no right or wrong way to spend a great day out, all you need to do is share in each other’s hobbies and make the effort this Summer.

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