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Autumn and Your Elders The Autumn season tends to be the favourite of many - especially with more blatant temperature changes over the year. Now that Summer has gradually passed by, we’ve still got that window of opportunity before it gets too cold to go anywhere; but we also get a breather from all the recent heat and the occasional exhaustion that comes with it. Taking the more scenic routes home so we can wander through the crunchy autumn leaves and breathe in the cool air is a nice change from trudging around in the blazing heat all the time. This comes in handy for those more weather-sensitive, and especially the elderly.

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Of course, mobility is a factor, and you can’t push everyone to keep up the pace when it comes to taking walks etc, but as long as they’ve got the willpower, you could even take them out in their wheelchair for a day at the park or the museum.

It really does a lot for the body to take a brisk walk every once in a while, and with cold weather sometimes causing the flareup of unfortunate ailments -for example: difficulties from arthritis, the common cold, or asthma attacks- some of us can find it difficult to get motivated and go outside more.

A sure fire way to bring everyone closer is to share stories, so why not ask them to dinner or for a cup of coffee and have a nice long chat somewhere? Story-telling and keeping each other in the loop in terms of current events is a treat for both the teller and the listener, and we all love sharing our good news and our troubles with someone close to us.

This season is perfect for those with a slight aversion to chilly weather, as it’s a little easier to handle, and doesn’t call for retrieving your winter gloves and hats just yet. Without overdoing it and forcing your relatives to up and go hiking every weekend, now is the time to get them on their feet and out into the world.

We all need to make time for what matters: family. Now is as good a time as any to host family get-togethers, find out what everyone’s been up to following the Summer holidays and going back to school, not to mention - planning for the upcoming Christmas season! Don’t leave it too late organise meetups while the weather’s mild, figure out those plans for the Winter, and enjoy the Autumn while its here.

Even if it’s just inviting your elders along on a shopping trip or letting them join in a bit of trick or treating fun for your younger children; your encouragement and giving the family fun reasons to spend time together will do wonders for everyone in the long run.


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