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Kingston Upon Thames Edition 11 - April 2013

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Issue 11

Hello Everyone As I write this, I think back to exactly one year ago. That’s when I decided to launch Omni Local. It has been a very busy year, in which I have had the pleasure of meeting many new people, and have been introduced to a selection of buisnesses which has both been a priviledge and a delight. One year ago!! WOW! how time has passed!

Contents: Community Section - page 4-9 John Canon - Story Telling The Mayors Charity Trust Natalie Olley Tudor Morris Police Advice

I owe a huge thank you to so many people, firstly to everyone who has advertisedwithout all of you, it would not have been possible for Omni Local to have got this far, secondly to you, the readers, for using the businesses who advertise, and continuing to pick up each months edition of Omni Local. I really appreciate all the feedback I recieve from you and absolutely love recieving your phone calls telling me what you love about the maagazine and how you think we can move forward each month. Now last but no means least, I would like to thank my wonderful girlfriend. Without her fixing me food and hot coffee during the many all nighters, giving me support during the hard and doubtful times, helping with some editorials and ideas to improve the magazine I would have felt that alone and sapped of energy many times over. So, thank you for being my rock, Natalie and thank you everyone again for showing your support to the local business through Omni Local.

This Month’s Special Feature - Learning & Education - page 10-14 Our Month’s Special Editorial

Home & Food Section - page 15-17 Home Editorial Cooking Corner

Health & Beauty Section - page 18-21 Health And Beauty Editorial

Places To Go Section - page 29-32 Pleaces To Go Editorial Rose Theatre Listings Film File

Gardening & DIY Section - page 33-34 DIY Gardening

Local Trades Section - page 35-38 Business 2 Business Section - page 39-40 Business Is Like A Journey

Games & Puzzles Section - page 45-48

Please take time to have a look at some of the wonderful things Natalie also does for Women’s Cancer charities on page 7, and please offer her some support by donating as much as you can afford.

Crossword Sudoku Kid’s Page Word Search

Local Jobs Section - page 49 Our Month’s Special Editorial

Back to business, this month’s edition is all about learning and education. You will be able to find anything to help you and the little ones boost their education and hopefully gain more confidence.

OmniLocal Ltd. C/O Big Yellow Storage - Office Unit 4 Units 1-3 Wyvern Estate, Beverley Way, New Malden, Surrey KT3 4PH Tel: 0207 183 0404 Email:

This time of the year we have many bank holidays, and if you are looking to carry out any work on your home please be sure to use local traders, and ones from Omni Local.

So thank you all once again and here is to the next year of Omni Local. Stay safe - John 4

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

John Cannon: a life in the Community


What has a bottom at the top?* At King Athelstan Primary School this is a favourite riddle. I have given the children many riddles in the last couple of years volunteering as a storyteller to help literacy, speaking, listening and the inclusion of all. The children love the sessions and I love their fun, quickness and enthusiasm. These children reflect the school. But I contribute in other ways. A community school governor of 10 years, I am delighted to be associated with its growth in numbers and popularity to one with a waiting list, a skilful and dedicated staff, active parents, confident children and results to shout about. The school sits at the heart of its community, delivers for its community and the community recognises its value. For me, it is a brilliant school. Kingston has been my home of forty years. My 3 children went through Kingston schools. I chaired a school’s Parents Association. My children went to guides and scouts and I became a venture scout leader. My children grew up and left home and I wanted to help in the community. A friend introduced me to King Athelstan Primary School. In it I found another group supporting the community. Members of the Kingston Rotary Club were reading regularly with the children, helping with school’s gardening club, providing adventure play equipment, dictionaries to school leavers and a trip to Thorpe Park under the Kids Out scheme. I realised Rotary is a brilliant community club.

on international exchange trips. Beyond the schools we ensured the local Mind football team had a floodlit pitch for training and games, senior citizens had film shows, carers had holidays and those who could not afford them have fridges or school uniforms. Wider still we ran the annual Dragon Boat Festival, put on the fireworks at Kingsmeadow and brought Santa on his Sleigh to the neighbourhoods. I love being involved in all of these projects to help my community. For the wider world I go out to raise money for the Rotary End Polio Now campaign. Rotary International, has helped contain polio to only three countries, including vaccinating 100,000 children in India in one day, to remove the disease from the world. A brilliant worldwide community to be in.

I joined the Rotary Club of Kingston to do more for the community, King Athelstan School and other schools. Last year we planted Queen’s Diamond Jubilee trees and sponsored and ran business games in several schools. We gave practice interviews to 6th formers, ran school public speaking and cooking competitions and sent youngsters

*Answer a leg. Send us your story and others can read about you here! 5

Issue 11

The Mayor’s Charity Trust A Brief Insight

which the community embraced me was a tremendous support and I cannot stress enough how much that helped me to cope with the challenges I faced at that time. It has been a privilege to be involved with such a creative and inspirational group of people who devote so much time to raising the profile of charities as well as raising money to support their work. Whilst the aims of those fundraising activities are taken seriously, it is always done in a spirit of inventiveness, fun and laughter, and has engendered a true community spirit and given me new friends and support.”

Yorda Adventures provides play and short breaks for children with severe learning disabilities in Kingston upon Thames - all with one to one play staff for each child. They take pride in providing holistic support for the family, not only supplying fun activities and much needed respite but also highly trained staff in leadership and behaviour management. As one parent puts it, “I feel totally relaxed knowing she is having a good time and is well cared for. This is what respite should be like.”

Kingston Carers Network provides a range of services to carers of all ages including children who care for a family member. Young carers can face particular difficulties including: lower educational attainment and fewer life opportunities; bullying; and social isolation. An important part of KCN’s work is providing the opportunities for young carers to have a much needed break from caring. Although they provide a whole range of interventions and support for young carers, the activities or breaks are perhaps the most tangible service young carers receive. KCN organises over 80 activities each year, supporting 260 young carers.

The child is always at the centre of everything they do. Just one playscheme week will provide support for 45 children and will give 270 hours of rest for families in the Kingston community. The Community Brain exists to help develop a stronger sense of community by creating events and happenings that allow people to meet and engage together. They help people release their talents and energies and, hopefully, become more involved in their community. One beneficiary describes the effect it has had on her: “I became aware of the Community Brain and Seething activities at a particularly difficult time in my own life. From a personal perspective, the warmth and friendship with

Please support them through the Mayor’s Charitable Trust. 6

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Natalie Cycles Cuba Wow! Wow! Wow! I really must say a Huge thank you to YOWZA FITNESS They have donated a state of the art treadmill which will be auctioned to raise money towards Natalie cycles Cuba Please make sure that you check out their advert in the centre pages and the SMS comp on page 48. Please sponsor me I have recently cycled eighty miles in the Cotswolds in the freezing snowy weather. I have won battle after battle with all those cold hills and even reached the top of two first! My bottom is killing me! It was really hard cycling up those hills especially when you can’t feel fingers or toes and your nose has already dropped off a mile or so ago! This is all for a great cause, to raise funds and awareness for Women v Cancer. If diagnosed with ovarian cancer, only 40% of women will survive the next five years, but if caught early enough the survival rates can be as high as 90%. What to look for • Persistent pelvic and stomach pain • Increased stomach size / persistent bloating – not bloating that comes and goes • Difficulty eating and feeling full quickly • Needing to urinate suddenly and more often • Changes in bowel habit, diarrhoea or constipation • Excessive tiredness • Back Pain

Please help me reach my target for these charities and donate, every pound counts to raise money for all those mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, nieces, cousins and friends, out there, who are fighting their own battle against breast, cervical and ovarian cancers.

These symptoms can occur for many reasons and your doctor is unlikely to want to send you for unnecessary tests. If the symptoms do continue, occur on most days, or started for no apparent reason, make sure ovarian cancer is considered.

Simply text ‘cuba69£5’ to 70070 to sponsor £5 (you can change the amount to your choice).

Thank you!! Natalie xxx

Or go to: 7

After surviving what seemed to be terminal cancer I'm now in training to swim the channel for children's cancer charity Momentum, who helped me a great deal. I’m currently training and fundraising for a Channel Swim with a view to completing the task in September 2013. Hello all... once again reporting back from what’s been a really productive month of training. My channel swimming “swag” arrived in the post and I have an odd sense of accomplishment wearing the bright yellow CSA swimming cap, despite not having actually completed the challenge yet! I’ve been stepping off the weight training now, I’m less concerned about packing on bulk as I’m at 95kg (15st) now, with a view to going up to about 100kg (15.7st) in fat for insulation – but that doesn’t have to be done until summer training... so plenty of ice creams on the beach for me over the coming months! Stepping up my endurance training does have its issues, one of which has been underarm chaang from repetitive strokes. Anyone would think I’ve bought stock in Vaseline from the amount I’m having to smear under my arms. Still, all part of the gig. I’m pretty apprehensive about encountering jellyysh in the wild... I’ve always seen them when doing my outdoor swims in the sea, but I’ve always panicked sufficiently enough to swim around them without them actually stinging me. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories of people swimming straight through them without looking up and getting stung in the face... ouch, no thanks. As I am now a registered member of the channel swimming association, the next step is booking a pilot boat to escort me across the 21 mile dover strait to France, so I’ve been pouring over the internet looking at all the different official pilots to make my decision. That’s all for now folks!


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

POLICE ADVICE COURIER FRAUD AWARENESS Kingston police would like to use this opportunity to highlight their latest awareness campaign, launched on March 20, around courier fraud. This fraud is primarily targeting people in their 70s who, as a result, have been suffering average losses of around £4,000. This particular type of fraud targeting elderly people is on the increase across London. The police’s aim is to raise awareness and provide some key crime prevention messages to the Borough’s more elderly residents and their circle of support - friends, family, and neighbours. The Method 1) The method varies but essentially involves a victim being telephoned (cold -called) by a suspect who alleges to be someone of authority (eg, from the police, bank, Serious Fraud Office). The suspect tells the victim there is a problem with their bank account (like it has been compromised) and that their bank card must be collected. 2) If the victim is unconvinced that the call is genuine they are instructed to hang up and call a genuine number – such as 999 or the telephone number on the rear of their bank card. However, the suspect keeps the telephone line open and so the call goes straight back to the fraudster who then deals with any subsequent call, convincing the victim of their authenticity. 3) The victim is then intended to feel content about revealing their bank details, namely the PIN. 4) An often unwitting courier or taxi driver is sent to collect the victim’s card. The card is delivered to a second suspect, who then passes it on to the fraudster. The fraudster then empties the bank account. Key Messages Police would like to advise that you should never give anyone your PIN or bank card – the police and banks will never ask for them. If you are a cabbie or courier, do be wary of collecting and delivering packages from elderly people as you may be assisting in a criminal offence. If in doubt check it out or contact the police. If you have been a victim call the police on 101 or in an emergency by dialling 999.


Issue 11

To Educate Or Not To Educate, That Is The Question!


Only a few years ago, if you wanted to learn Shakespeare or a foreign language, you would have to spend hours ploughing your way through library books to just touch the surface of both these subjects. The more highbrow the subject, the longer and deeper you would have to plough. Today, with the internet available for all, those hours are reduced and condensed, enabling anybody to access any subject required and begin their journey of education through the worldwide web. Children from the average age of 5 years old begin their journey of education in various schooling institutions, and by the age of 7 years are usually able to master the basics skills of learning or three ‘R’s, as they are known – reading, writing and arithmetic. Scientists have long known that a child’s brain is like a sponge and that by the age of 7 their foundation of learning is pretty much set. From 7 years onwards, children develop

their own interests and particular favourite subjects and tend to excel in those areas going forward. In the UK, all children between the ages of 5-16 are entitled to free education in a state school and follow a national curriculum dictating what they learn and the standards they should reach at certain points. There are four major schooling systems: • community schools: controlled by the local council and not influenced by business or religious groups • foundation schools: more freedom to change the way they do things than community schools • academies: run by a governing body, independent from the local council - they can follow a different curriculum • grammar schools: run by the council, a foundation body or a trust - they select all or most of their pupils based on academic ability and there is often an exam to get in As recent as the 1980s, another section has been added to the above called SEN – special 10

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

educational needs. These schools specialise in children with behavioural, physical and learning difficulties. Some schools incorporate this need within the fabric of their schooling establishment and employ specially trained teachers. Some parents choose to teach their children at home. There are guidelines, but they are not obliged to follow the national curriculum. The local councils provide support and specific markers for the home schooling route depending on locality. The UK has a very high record of achievement and some of the greatest engineers, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, chemists, architects and doctors have received both state and private education on these shores. Many go down in history as having made a difference in the world and advances in technology, medicine and engineering are because these intelligent men and women took advantage of the wonderful world of education to explore their interests and bring us the knowledge we have today.

Adult Education There are many adults who develop their interests after they leave formal education and enter into the adult education system. The opportunities to learn are never ending and there are a variety of courses that an adult can undertake either through night school, day release (an employer allows you a day at college to further your knowledge) or private tuition. There is even higher education that you can take under the Open University which will effectively give you the opportunity to receive a degree by home study. We can conclusively state that education has been one of the most advantageous aspects of civilized society. It should be the basic right of every human on earth and in the UK, we can stand proud that it is the legal right of every citizen who resides in this land. If you belong to the generations that regret their lack of appreciation for education during their youth, do not despair. With the internet today, you can choose any topic you wish and enjoy educating yourself at your own pace. You can do this in a relatively short space of time compared to pre-internet days, but nothing takes the place of a shelf full of books. Even in this day of the Kindle, the smell of a newly-printed book with its accompanying illustrations is a real treat to those who truly appreciate education.

First lesson FREE with this voucher!*

KS3, GCSE and A Level private tuition from just ÂŁ15/hr! *Terms and Conditions apply

Here in the Royal Borough of Kingston, we are well served with education establishments from primary, secondary, special, independent/private schools through to colleges and a university. To find out more: education.htm 11

Issue 11


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013


– The Chinese Learning Formula

Are you one of the many who would not dare to try or let your child take up a Chinese language course, even though you know it can be useful for now and in the future? - Why not go for a taster session in Chinesewise School which has been nominated for the Cambridge Student Union Guild to Excellence. Have you wondered how long would it take to learn the Chinese language? Believe it or not, you can actually read and speak the language straight away with the right materials and learning techniques. You may also be able to decode the meaning of words in the text very soon with the right guidance. Based on the observations of the way English speakers learn Chinese, Chinesewise School went forth and found the formula. Here is an example: Taking advantage of the similarities between English and Pinyin (the official transcription of Mandarin Chinese) – the school encourages new learners to dive right in and explore the language without teaching word by word, which in most cases learners will get 60-70% right with their pronunciation when reading texts with Pinyin. This breaks barriers instantly, speeds up the whole process of learning and gives learners a sense of achievement to carry on. At the same time, Chinesewise School is delivering courses in a way that is studentcentred, interactive and fun. The Chinese 13

Channel based in UK ran a segment on the school earlier in January. In the report, parents were interviewed and expressed their satisfaction of how their children enjoy the activities with up-to-date technology; including how games and other creative learning methods have been introduced by the Headteacher Ms Fu, helping students of all ages in easily recreate the language to the best of their ability. What’s more, the school provides flexible services to allow students to progress according to their learning capabilities. Students may be transferred to different classes after appropriate assessments have been made. Following the school’s programmes, students may complete the GCSE course in four years and A-Level course in another two years. There are courses available for adults learning for pressure or business, and for children under 8 years old which give your child a head start. Please call or email to find out more! Tel: 07714 339 326 / 020 8715 1737 Email:

Chinesewise School 博文学苑 Established in 2001 WIMBLEDON*NEW MALDEN*KINGSTON*ONLINE FOR


Small classes, Flexible and Affordable Excellence Exam Results OFSTED registered CRB checked First Aid certi�ied

Chinesewise Mandarin Chinese Free Taster Session


Please book in advance: Telephone: 07714 339326 Email: of� Bring voucher to register, one per person only. Valid from 20th April 2013 until 29th June 2013.

Issue 11

As a child, I was very well fed, dressed and cared for. However I lacked the emotional support, I was asked to bottle up my fear, sadness, anger, disappointment and even happiness. I remember feeling detached and abnormal but also I remember feeling very cross and wanting to be heard. I promised myself that I will be different to my own children and will never hurt their feelings. Attending a parenting course I learnt active listening skills and how to manage my children feelings. This was an amazing experience and it gave me a calm home, confident and self-reliant teenagers and most importantly emotionally balanced sons able to manage their own emotions and deal with them appropriately. Having a strong desire to share this knowledge and skill with others I started helping friends and families around me. Over 10 years of experience, I took further studying and qualified as a counsellor and trained as a play therapist. Now I am running Love Children, teaching skills of the world winning workshops “How to talk so kids will listen” Denying a child`s feelings will cause the feelings to be suppressed and then acted out either in tantrums, difficult behaviour, rebelling or isolation. Learning how to manage negative emotions is a skill any parent wants to acquire. One of the workshops I teach is acknowledging children`s negative feelings and participants reported what used to be 20 minutes of tantrums, 7 times a week, is 140 minutes of crying, screaming and stress, reduced to 2 minutes, 14 minutes in total and having a happy, contented child and a proud parent. I also teach skills in engaging co-operation, alternative to punishment, encouraging autonomy, positive praise all in which create an environment where children feel respected, safe to express and most importantly LOVED. I am extremely passionate to teach these skills as I feel it’s a mission of mine to make a difference in the lives of children.

Workshops dates: May/June 2013, Oct / Nov 2013 Website: Phone number: 07720591335 Email: Testimonial from a 10 year old : ‘Mum I’m so glad you did the course I just love the way you really get me now! Sam Morgan-Davies age 10

Sana Issa is mother of 5 sons, a counsellor and has worked in schools and as a play therapist. She now runs Parenting Workshops “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen” in Middlesex and Surrey.

Special offer 50% off pay for one hour and get 2 hours workshop. 14

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

BUY TO LET SUCCESS: How to avoid the pitfalls


How do you know what to pay for a property? To help you determine the right price google Globrix, Zoopla, Rightmove, Houseladder and check out the purchase price and potential rent income for similar properties, how long the property has been on the market and the price for the property when it was last sold. Find out the reason for the property being sold and make sure you know the actual cost of any works that will need to be carried out prior to letting. Make sure that the price : rental ratio works. How do I source property in a suitable location? Purchase a property in an area that is popular for your future tenants. Not all two bed flats in Surbiton and Kingston rent out for the same rent. Properties that are within ten minutes’ walk of the train station will be easier to let out and will achieve higher rents for the property size. Do walk the area in the evenings and weekends to see how easy it really is to park. What do tenants want? Remember you are buying a property that others will live in and it is essential that your property is the type of property that local tenants will want to rent. So if you are seeking to attract students then make sure you know what they expect to find in the properties they rent. Keep colours neutral especially if renting unfurnished so tenants’ furniture fits in with the colour scheme.

property that the rental income will cover the mortgage, insurances, tenancy agreements, annual gas safety checks, electrical checks as required, boiler cover, funds for decorating, on-going maintenance issues and management costs. Plus of course make you a profit.

How do I get the right tenants? Make sure all potential tenants are fully checked out and that a tenancy agreement is signed prior to tenants moving into your property.

Is buy to let a business? Yes even one property is a business. You should know what your outgoing costs are and what monies are coming in and maintain financial records. Be realistic about your skills and know when to delegate. Working with professional letting agents such as Alex Clark Lettings (see back page) will ensure you follow your legal requirements as a landlord and your tenants know their responsibilities.

What are the costs? You need to make sure before you purchase a

Alison Persson, is an experienced residential landlord who provides a mentoring service for new and established landlords. Alison Persson, Buy To Let Mentor, 07885 753000 GoBuyToLet 15

Issue 11

Riding for everyone


We’re open every day over the Easter holidays and have organised a whole range of events sponsored rides, Easter Egg Hunt, river ride, own a pony morning, jumping lessons see website for details. Prices start from as little as £15 for a half hour children’s ride.

The Picture Frame Warehouse

We have a team of highly experienced BHS instructors on hand to help, whatever your riding ability. All fully CRB checked.

New Malden

Wholesale And Retail

“The friendliest stables in London”

41 Burlington Road New Malden, KT3 4LP

Park Lane Teddington TW11 0HY2

020 8977 4951 or 07796 842 328

Tel: 020 8949 7119 Fax: 020 8336 1180


on new orders with this advert 10% Discount



07595 591 086 EASTER CAKES discount valid until the 31st April

20% OFF your first order with this voucher OmniLocal special


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

The Cooking Corner Spice up your life with an Indian recipe Crispy Sea Bass Makes 4 starter portions You will need: 3 Sea bass Fillets (approx. 150 grams each) For marinade: ½ bunch fresh coriander Equal quantity of fresh curry leaves as coriander 2 tablespoons of minced garlic 1 tablespoon of chopped green chillies ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder 4 tablespoons of fresh lime juice, enough to make a thick smooth paste salt to taste

Make sure the Sea bass fillet is clean of all the bones and scales. Cut each fillet diagonally into 4 equal size pieces and on each piece make an inch long incision lengthwise.

A cup full of corn flour Oil for deep frying

Coarsely chop the fresh coriander and curry leaves. Mix all the marinade ingredients and blend to a fine paste adding lime juice one spoon at a time to make sure the paste comes out thick. Marinate Sea bass fillets in with the paste and keep aside for 15 minutes. Heat oil for frying to 180 °C, lightly dust fish fillets with corn flour and fry the fish for about 3-4 minutes, until the fish is cooked.

Recipe provided by: Roz-Ana Indian Restaurant 4-8 Kingston Hill Kingston Upon Thames Surrey KT2 7NH


Issue 11






ALL NAIL TREATMENTS VOUCHER (Sunday - Wednesday only)

Terms and Conditions: Voucher only applies when you spend a minimum of £10. Voucher only valid from 1 April 2013 to 30 June 2013. Subject to availability. Voucher cannot be redeemed on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only one voucher may be redeemed per person.

Telephone: 020 8546 9069 Website: The Nails Boutique, 44 Wood St, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey County KT1 1UW

Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness classes

Celebrating 20 Years of success like Julia’s!

You can trus t us to help you. EAST SHEEN East Sheen County Primary School, Upper Richmond Road West, SW14 8ED Wednesday 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Kardy-O-Fun) KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES Tiffin Girl’s School Community Sports Centre, Richmond Road, KT2 5PL Tuesday 6:30 - 8:00 pm (Kardy-O-Fun) NEW MALDEN The Malden Centre, Blagdon Road, KT3 6AU Thursday 10:00 - 11:30 am (Kardy-O-Fun)

“i lost 3 dress sizes with the amazing support at my class,” Julia

NEW MALDEN Beverley School/Coombe Boys School, College Gardens, Blakes Lane, KT3 6NU Thursday 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Kardy-O-Fun) RICHMOND St. Andrews, St. Andrews Church Hall, Church Road, Ham Common, TW10 5HG Monday 09:45 - 11:15 am (Kardy-O-Fun) Raleigh Road United Church, Raleigh Road, TW9 2DX Monday 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Kardy-O-Fun)

Call Lucy on 079587 48211


RICHMOND Cambrian Community Centre, Caplan Court, 1 Grove Road, TW10 6SN Monday 8:00 - 9:00 pm (Slim & Fitness Pilates) Tuesday 10:00 - 11:00 am (Slim & Fitness Pilates) Follow us on

JoiN for free* Includes free Pack! *New members only. Valid until 30/04/13. Class price: £7.50. Please bring voucher to claim.

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Beauty isn’t only skin deep


Your skin is your largest organ. It covers your body, seamlessly holding everything together. Some of our skin is visible and some is not. The part that is on the surface is a coating of dead cells. They are dry, flat and scaly. It forms one of our defence systems and can cope with a wide variety of conditions and attacks from the environment. Perfect youthful skin is a hot topic. Both men and women are willing to pay high prices for exotic ingredients which claim to bring back youthful firmness and a dewy glow. Don’t be fooled by a high price tag. There are some simple tips that can boost your skin without breaking the bank. 1. Let’s drink We all know that it is a good idea to drink about 2 litres of water a day. Coffee and tea do not count. Drinking enough water is the key to staying on top of things. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, lack of concentration and inability to absorb your nutrients correctly. It’s also vitally important to help get rid of toxins. If you don’t drink enough, your body will prioritise sending water to your major organs. What’s left is for everything else including your skin. If you like the odd glass of wine, remember that alcohol dries out the skin. Top Tip: set your watch or phone to pip on the hour. When you hear it, drink a glass of water.

sapping vitamins out of your body to deal with these alien, sometimes toxic substances. Make your choices one by one. Top tip: If you feel a craving for a snack, ask yourself if you could substitute a piece of fruit or some nuts. You’ll be doing your skin a huge favour.

2. Eat well Your skin is a reflecting surface for what is going on inside your body. If you eat lots of the right things, your insides will be healthy and your skin will glow. If you don’t, you can expect a range of skin complaints to show up fairly shortly. Sometimes, with a busy lifestyle, its not easy to always eat freshly prepared food. Supplements can be useful but beware; not all supplements are made equal. Anything in a tablet or capsule form is less absorbable than a liquid. Some vitamins and minerals can only be absorbed in the presence of a key ingredient e.g. iron is easier to absorb if you consume it with vitamin C. Invest in a quality, natural multivitamin and multimineral supplement to support your whole body.

3. Potions and lotions Remember that the surface of the skin that you see is dead. Most creams just sit on the surface in a slick. There is no point in adding vitamins, caviar or gold flakes to dead skin. You are better off eating them. There are a few ingredients that can penetrate the surface down to the live part of the skin. Aloe vera is one of them. A product rich in aloe vera i.e. lists it as the first ingredient, is naturally anti aging, supports healthy skin and promotes healing. Beautiful skin need not cost the earth or require the regime of a super model. A few simple choices will bring results. Every 28 days or so you get a whole new skin. Every month is a new chance to rejuvenate one of your most valuable assets.

It is easy to preach about eating 5 a day but not everyone does for a whole variety of reasons. If you are not hitting that target, or you are currently eating a lot of processed foods, you are

For a free skincare consultation without obligation contact Shan on 0203 393 9252 19

Issue 11

Wednesdays 12.45 - 1.15pm in the Community Room, John Lewis, Kingston


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Chessington Hypnotherapy Clinic Established 1981

Dr De-Stress

130 Gilders Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2EA

020 8397 3146

THE de-stress EXPERT

Catherine Bayliss D.H.D.P., M.B.C.H., D.A.

Principal of The British College of Hypnotherapy

Dr De-Stress makes people happy, healthy, fit, energised and positive …………with a smile!

STOP SMOKING without gaining weight


Put your questions about any type of stress on the Facebook page and Dr De-Stress will answer and give you directions to take easy!!!! actions to start stress free living…… ALL For FREE! Dr De-Stress on Facebook

LOSE WEIGHT without losing your temper

Special offer this month: 20% off a mindfulness workshop (see sms voucher page)

Depression, stress, anxiety, habits, fear, IBS, exam nerves, insomnia, phobias, jealousy, migraine and many more. Also past life regression. Learn self hypnosis for stress, pain, sleeping and motivation etc.

More information: call 07967 717 131, or email


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013


FROM ÂŁ15.00* per 1000 leaflets


We offer a first class, guaranteed leaflet flyer, menu and sales literature distribution service. If you need someone to hand out your flyers in busy town centres or deliver your leaflets and sales material door to door to a targeted area, our service is simply the best.

Just call us! 07898 870 870 *Terms and conditions apply



For a beautiful new kitchen...

just change the doors

Have you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams, but can’t quite justify paying the expensive price tag that comes with it? Now you can by just swapping the doors and worktops.

Less cost, less time, less mess...

• Huge choice of Doors, Worktops, Appliances, Sinks & Taps • Free Estimating and planning • 50% deposit with balance on completion

For a FREE NO OBLIGATION home visit telephone 020 8399 1226 Or visit our showroom: 406 Ewell Road, Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7HF Email 23

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Issue 11


Advertising in Omni Local could raise awareness of YOUR business by up to 70% Firstly, before we point out why you would want to advertise with us, you need to know why you would advertise at all in these difficult times.

Advertising connects everyone

Advertising can be its own “science” within building a successful business. The main reasons why you need to advertise are simple – 1. You need to stay in touch with your customers. 2. You need to be consistent, and appeal to new and existing customers. 3. When you are not advertising, your competitors will. When you can’t be found your competitors will. 4. Competition in these times is very fierce; if you are not constantly in people’s minds you will soon be forgotten. Once this happens you will have to start all over again. Hard times always come and go, but when you don’t advertise you are easily forgotten or replaced. Keeping up your company profile and image is vital when experiencing the hard times. Presence of your company at all times is a must!! Using a new and unique concept of advertising raises your business profile and will bring you new customers; it will endorse your existing clients, and will result in new business. There are numerous reasons why Omni Local should be a key player in your company’s marketing strategy.

To advertise with us its 0.001p!!! I am sure you can afford less than a penny!!! Our magazine offers a variety of articles which appeal to all members of society. We appeal to a wide range of the community as we offer puzzles, games, prize competitions for our readers to win, and a unique FREE SMS Discount Voucher service which ensures that the whole of the community will focus on the content of the Omni Local.

everyone will see your advert: – while waiting for a Taxi, your fast food, waiting at the hospital, dental or doctor’s surgeries, for your train, or just sitting in the conservatory sipping a cup of tea! Our target readership is an estimated 100,000 local readers. Using Omni Local offers an excellent, cost effective, and interesting advertising concept which brings a connection with both the community we all work within, and the local businesses. You don’t have to splash out on a huge advertising budget, you can advertise with us for less than 1p per resident. YES THAT’S RIGHT LESS THAN A PENNY. (0.001p actually…!!!) On top of the free magazine we also offer advertising space on our website which is free should you invest in advertising in our magazine:no matter how much you agree to, FREE SMS vouchers and now free Video marketing !!

Our monthly magazines are free and are hand delivered door to door by our own team. We conduct monthly surveys to ensure the magazine is being delivered. This ensures our circulation.

When you buy a product or service from a local business the money goes right back into the local community

We also distribute to local business outlets so

So keep it local and keep your community thriving.


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013


Issue 11

The Yowza Story

– your local fitness company The Yowza revolution was born in America. We arrived in 2008 and broke the mould. We delivered ‘Direct - from - the - manufacturer’, uniquely innovative fitness equipment and exceptional customer service to delighted customers across the USA. The idea spread like wildfire., and in just three years we grew from zero to $10million. But don’t just take our word for it, our enthusiasm has been rewarded with 5-Star Best Buy Awards from both Top Consumer and Elliptical Machine . Our products have been called ‘outstanding’ and ‘the best of the best’ – so we know we’re doing something right – and this has given us the confidence to bring the Yowza phenomenon to Europe. Fresh and dynamic, but are we dependable and trustworthy? Look behind our youthful exterior and you’ll find more than thirty years of industry leading experience. We’re a long-established and well-respected manufacturer of premium quality fitness equipment. All of our CrossTrainers, Treadmills and Bikes are designed and manufactured in our own state-of-the-art facilities.

Photo supplied by Eddie Judd Photography

Over the past three decades we have produced millions of pieces of fitness equipment for major global fitness brands. If you have ever worked out in a gym, you have probably used professional equipment conceived and built by us.

End of Season Mega Sale Now On! And until April 30th, we are hanging a massive end of season mega sale, so take advantage of some amazing offers with up to 50% off! So come and book a test drive at our local Kingston showroom where you can try them out or even take it away there and then! Or we will delivery to your home absolutely FREE and on some models we will even build it for you with our SuSSed service!

After years of doing it for other people, we decided to market a range of products under our own brand name – and Yowza Fitness was born. We have distilled all our knowledge and experience and delivered what we consider to be an unrivaled product range with best-inclass build quality, leading edge technology, innovative engineering; as well as appropriate and contemporary design.

But hurry , when they are gone , they are gone!

Yowza Fitness – your local fitness company. Home Fitness for Every Body

We think our products are awesome. Customers across the USA think our products are awesome. Expert commentators think our products are awesome. We hope you will too.

Call us now on 020 8939 8230 or visit us at 26

End of season mega sale Enjoy absolutely massive discounts on our range of awesome treadmills, crosstrainers & bikes. Hurry, once they’re gone, they’re gone – limited stocks and sale ends at Midnight on April 30. Try before you buy at our Kingston Showroom. Free delivery or showroom pickup available.

Call: 020 8939 8230 Visit:

FREE sms

Issue 11


How It Works: 1. Select the voucher you want from the pages indicated. 2. Text the CODE WORD for the voucher (no spaces!) 3. Send the voucher code to 020 7183 0404 4. Wait for the confirmation message


e.g. To get the 2-4-1 voucher for THE88 Bar&Grill text THE88 and send it to 020 7183 0404 Wait for the confirmation message and show this text at the till. Enjoy! All text cost standard network rates. NO EXTRA CHARGE!


2-4-1 Drinks (Indian Restaurant - page 29)

Up To 20% Discounts (Nails Beautician - page 18)



50% And Additional Discounts (Storage - page 50)

1 Hour Free Cleaning (Cleaners - page 36)



Free Day Pass (Gym - page 21)

Up To 50% Off Fitness Equipment (Yowza FItness - page 27)



Free Carpet Clean (Carpet Cleaning - page 51)

2-4-1 Cocktails/Drinks/Food (Bar & Grill - page 31)



10% Off Food (Japanese Restaurant - page 30)

20% Off Cakes And Gateauxs (Baker - page 16)



No Joining Fee + Free Pack

10% Discount + A Free Cuppa

(Rosemary Conley - page 18)


First Lesson Free (Power Education - page 11)

(Muscle & Fitness Cafe - page 44)


Exclusive OmniLocal Discount (Picture Frame Warehouse - page 16)



Free Taster Lessons (Chinese Wise - page 13)

50% Off Child Behaviour Workshop (Sana Issa - page 14)

send text vouchers to:

020 7183 0404

All text cost standard network rates. NO EXTRA CHARGE!


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013 Kingston has a vibrant and lively night scene, excellent restaurants, and everything to keep most people entertained. There are plenty of bars which offer live music, such as The 88 Bar and Grill which not only covers the live music but offers delicious steaks and burgers and with Steins offering excellent beer and Bavarian food. For the foodies there is The ShowBu who offer Japanese Sushi and The Patcharee Thai restaurant, where you can either eat in, take away or have delivered to your door. If you are looking for something healthy you can pop into the NEW Muscle and Fitness CafĂŠ which has just opened near Adams Walk opposite the Cattle Market car park. Once you have had a great time out in Kingston you can call a first class service car company who will take you home.


In this section you will find a handful of the best places to eat, drink and have a great time. Over the bank holiday period I am sure we will all have a great opportunity to take advantage of what Kingston has to offer. Make sure you check out the voucher page where you can get some rewarding discounts for everyone who has advertised in Omni Local, and please don’t forget to mention that you are calling them from seeing their advert in Omni Local.

With boys out of the way The Girls Can Play! EVERY TUESDAY... 2-4-1 ON ALL DRINKS ALL NIGHT FOR PRE-BOOKED TABLES OF THREE LADIES OR MORE CALL 020 8546 6388 4-8 Kingston Hill, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7NH Offer subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Issue 11

Sushi Sashimi Roll Udon Ramen

Teriayki Katsu Yakitori Ishiyaki Tempura

Japanese Restuarant

Special Offer

Delivery Take-away Eat-in 020 8287 0312 Opening Hours Monday-Saturday

12:00 - 15:00 18:00 - 23:00



off on your food bill except drinks *

Monday to Thursday Only Only with this voucher Until 31/05/2013

Special Offer



off on your food bill except drinks * *Terms and conditions

Monday to Thursday Only

74 Richmond Road, KT2 5EL

Sunday - closed 30

Only with this voucher Until 31/05/2013 Terms & conditions 1. Only valid from 01/APR/13 until 31/MAY/13, from Monday to Thursday only. 2.This voucher can be used once. 3.This voucher must be presented before any order is made. 4.Vouchers are the property of Showbu Limited and have no cash value. 5. Defaced/copied vouchers will not be accepted. 6. Vouchers are not for resale. 7. This voucher excludes Karaoke service. 8.Contact Showbu for further details.


FINE BEER – Peroni, Estrella Damm, Staropramen REAL ALES – London Pride, St. Austell's Tribute, Sharpe’s Doombar GREAT GRILLS – Homemade burgers & Superb Sunday Roast’s COCKTAIL BAR – Diverse Range of Rums, Vodka, Whiskey & Bourbon

2 41 Burgers Mon-Fri before 7.30pm 2 4 1 Sunday Roast Every Sunday FUNK IT @ 88’S

Resident DJ’s playing OLD SKOOL CLASSICS from back in the day 8pm till late

2 4 1 Cocktails 6.30 - 9.30 No.88 Bar & Grill 88 London Road, Kingston Upon Thames Surrey, KT2 6PX

020 8549 5060

See SMS Voucher Page for our special offers!!!

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Qualified, professional and experienced staff are happy to give advice and information on all your arboricultural queries

Free Quotes Fully NPTC Qualified Tree Reductions / Crown Thins Tree Felling Stump Removal Hedgeworks Office: 020 8399 0103

Tree Surveys & Reports

Mobile: 07980 903881

LOOK FOR THE RED TREE! R.J. Tree Services, Berrylands, Surbiton

horticulturist and garden mentor

Learn new skills Garden more confidently Create all year round impact Identify & banish pesky pests Share garden magic with a gift voucher QP Proof June 10.indd 1


Specific plant questions can be answered by email. It’s good fun and your plants will thank you too!

For more information visit: or call: 33

07887 716 777

Issue 11

A Host Of Golden Daffodils


I love the daffodil. It’s a great time of year when those early yellow carpets appear all over the place – in gardens, on roundabouts, half way up motorway embankments and other odd places. But ignore its after care demands, and the daffodil reputation of ‘dancing and fluttering in the breeze’ will be dented. There are literally hundreds of different species and cultivars of daffodils to choose from, in all shapes, colours, scents and sizes. By planting carefully, you can have these iconic spring flowers in your garden from February through to the end of April. Golden rules The first gold rule is to remove the fading flower heads before they have time to look really scruffy and start to squander vital energy by producing seeds that you will then not use. So, after flowers have passed their best, remove the complete stem.

Solving problems Daffodil blindness is where the plant looks reasonably healthy with no flowers at all, or the stem grows an ‘empty’ bud at the end.

The second golden rule is, do not under any circumstances remove the leaves at this stage. The plant desperately needs to be given time for the leaves to die down naturally so the remaining starches and sugars can be returned for safe keeping in the bulb. These are the reserves for its growth and flowering for next year. This does mean putting up with untidy leaves for up to four weeks, and if your bulbs have been planted in clumps around the lawn, you will have to avoid these areas during early lawn mowing..

The most likely cause is that the bulbs have been starved of water and nutrients over the previous year, making them shrivel up. During droughts, we tend to forget to feed and water the plants that are out of sight at the time. Established daffodil bulbs clumps can become overcrowded. Dig them up every 3-4 years, and separate them out before replanting. The best time to do this is early autumn. Ensure that they are placed into a fresh, well-fertilised site, with plenty of room to develop. Discard any bulbs that feel soft.

Still on the subject of leaves, please do try and resist the temptation to tie the leaves neatly into clump-like knots. Although not quite as bad as removing the leaves too early, it really does compromise the efficient return of the vital nutrients to the bulb. This would be a good time to give the plants a feed with a high potassium liquid fertilizer such as Phostrogen (NPK: 14:10:27).

Valerie McBride-Munro is a qualified horticulturist. As Auntie Planty, she helps to solve your plant and gardening problems. Her advice is only a phone call away (020 8892 9243) © 2013 Valerie McBride-Munro


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Omni local Kingston is proud of local business, and you should be too. They help bring vitality, prosperity and employment to our wonderful town. We urge everyone who lives in Kingston to help support LOCAL businesses where and when we can. On the next couple of pages we hope to develop a Local Business Directory and help promote their services. During the past few months since we have started our magazine, we have and still will continue to give the local one man bands our support.


If you have recently used a local service which is not featured in this magazine, then please send us their details and we will do our best to offer our support. If you are interested in promoting your own LOCAL trades business in this section, then please let us know.

Omni Local is proud of all our local businesses! And we are committed to supporting economic prosperity and keeping it LOCAL.

Contact John on 07898 870 870 or email us –

Painting Tiling Kitchens l Door hanging l Lock changing l Flat pack assembly Mayhews l Carpet cleaning Property Services l Fencing l Decking Improvements and l Patios and much maintenance inside and out more T:07832 368951/0208 397 6670 (evenings) l l l

French Polishing & Wood Finishing Specialists

RJM Glass Ltd

T: 020 8890 2205 F: 020 8867 0370 E:

Simon Van der CRUYSSEN T: 020 8974 9022 M: 07956 884 431

For quality replacement - Windows & Doors Look no further!


Issue 11


Plumbing & Heating Specialists 24 hour emergency call-out NO CALL OUT CHARGE Fast - Friendly & Reliable Free estimates & Advice All areas covered All Work Guaranteed Fitted Bathroom & Tiling


07980 065466 and ask for Dene 01932 702464 • 020 8224 0830 Evenings

020 8641 1650 07976 419 890



Fully Insured Excellent hourly rates


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Painter and Decorator Edward Dalton

We’ll hump anything!

Local, Friendly & Professional Removal Service

20 years experience Reliable delivery of high quality service at competitive prices



Please call on 07929 402510 Free quotation and one year guarantee

t: 020 8366 1956 m: 078 0295 2001






ALL RUBBISH CLEARED HOUSEHOLDS - GARDENS - BUILDERS - FREE QUOTES WE LOAD FACTORY, SITE, WORKSHOP & BUSINESSES CLEARED CRANE HIRE AVAILABLE - LIGHT DEMOLITION SCRAP METAL BOUGHT AND CLEARED Our small lorry alone has more cubic space than an 8 yard skip. We charge slightly less than that skip - you pay NO road permit for our service but would if that skip was on road and what's more . . . WE LOAD IT!!!


Registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency

0208 648 8275 07947 790 744 37

Issue 11


SUPPLY & FIT OR SUPPLY ONLY FREE QUOTATION, NO OBLIGATION FRIENDLY ADVICE we offer repair service on handles, hinges, locks and double glazed units

Tel: 0208 642 0461 Mob: 07921 024 392 38

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Business Is Like A Journey


Most people when going on a journey, however long or short will ask themselves three questions. Where am I now? Where am I going? How will I get there? This is instinctive not taught.

Supplied by Jeremy Webb of SATNAV 4 Business

So why should business people be any different? I don’t know but they certainly are. Most do not plan at all and few achieve the degree of success their efforts should achieve. Many will find it difficult to do more than what is necessary to “keep the show on the road” on a day to day basis but it does pay to think differently, and more importantly to act differently.

Navigate your way to success

Think about your personal objectives and how you want your business to deliver these for you. This provides a framework within which you can ask the tree questions above. There is an old saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”... It’s still true today.

Contact Jeremy Webb on

07894 128876

Do You Want More Customers? Find out how you can get more customers, spending more money with you more often in a FREE two hour consultation. Call 01483 200387 email web


Issue 11


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Grouting Tiles You applied backsplash tiles to the kitchen or the bathroom walls. You let the adhesive set overnight. So, what is next? The final step is to grout the tiles.


This process should take about a few hours. It is an integral step in finishing the tile installation. It fills the joints between the tiles. This hinders dirt, dust, and liquids from seeping in between them and forming mold and bacteria. Step 1: Clean the Tiles Clear off any excess tile adhesive. Remove the plastic tile spacers using a pair of pliers. A scraper may be used to remove protruding tile adhesive left on the tile surface. Step 2: Mix the Grout Start by adding the grout powder into a bucket of water. Use a margin trowel to stir the mixture until it becomes a creamy peanut butter type texture. Let the mixture sit for five minutes, and then mix it once more. Step 3: Spread the Grout Add a handful of grout over the tile. Use a grout spreader or squeegee, at a 45-degree angle, to spread the mixture into the gaps. For best results, spread the grout diagonally across the tiles. Allow 20 minutes to pass, before proceeding to the next step.

Tips • Refrain from mixing old and new grout

Step 4: Clean the Tiles, again Wipe off the excess grout with a damp sponge. Rinse the sponge regularly in clean water. The corners and edges of the wall should be free of grout, for that is where silicone will go. Allow 45 minutes to pass, before polishing the tiles.

• To polish the tiles, buff with a cotton cloth • Grout an entire wall, before proceeding to other activities • Protect the grout from mildew, stains, and water by applying a grout sealer • Clean and maintain the grout to keep the tile installation looking new and to sanitize the area


Issue 11

BOX OFFICE: 08444 821 556 (booking fee) (booking fee)

Smack Family Robinson


Keith Allen and Denise Welch appear in the Rose’s production of Richard Bean’s black comedy, directed by Richard Wilson. In an exciting move Smack Family Robinson has been relocated from Whitley Bay to Petersham and the surrounding area. The Robinsons have run a successful, if a bit dodgy, family business since the 1960s. They have a comfortable house in the suburbs and expensive cars in the drive. But the younger generation aren’t like their dad. And the police are getting interested. Richard Bean is one of Britain’s most successful comic playwrights. His many plays include Toast, Harvest (Royal Court) and the sensational award-winning National Theatre, West End and Broadway hit, One Man, Two Guvnors. Thu 28 Mar – Sat 20 Apr - Various times - £8 to £35

Michaela Strachan’s Really Wild Adventures Adapted from her own book of poems for children, popular TV presenter Michaela Strachan will take families on a delightful journey through an alphabet jungle of animal rhymes. Sun 7 Apr - 3pm - £8 to £12

Time to Talk: Richard Bean Prior to the evening performance of Smack Family Robinson, Richard Bean is taking part in the Rose’s popular Time to Talk series. This is a chance to hear from one of Britain’s best playwrights about his long and successful career, followed by the opportunity to ask your own questions. Wed 17 Apr - 5.30pm - £5

Twelfth Night One of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies of love and confusion, Twelfth Night tells a twisted tale of mistaken identity, transformation and deception. With a man playing a girl disguised as a boy, illusion and reality are almost indistinguishable on Propeller’s island of Illyria Tue 23 Apr, Sat 27 Apr - Tue 23 7.30pm, Fri 26 7.30pm, Sat 27 2pm - £8 - £26

The Taming of the Shrew In The Taming Of The Shrew, two disguised, competing suitors clamour for the hand of beautiful Bianca whilst gold digging Petruchio agrees to wed her viciously ill-tempered sister Kate sightunseen. Wed 24 Apr - Sat 27 Apr, Wed 24 7.30pm, Thu 25 2pm & 7.30pm, Sat 27 7.30pm £8 - £26 42

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

On At The Cinema


This flick has the ingredients and spectacular trimmings of being my favourite film of 2013! This, I am sure, is an epic which has been gifted to us by the producer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the director of TRON: Legacy. Set in a futuristic planet Earth, which has evolved beyond our imagination, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), who is one of the last few drone repairmen, has to confront and redeem something from his past. As part of a Court Marshall he is sent, as punishment to a distant planet to destroy the remains of an alien race called the Scavs. But this then turns into a battle to save mankind as we know it‌ His mission is set under magnificent skies and stunning surroundings which can be seen from miles above. But just as Jack thinks his mission is running smoothly, his whole world as he knows it tumbles around him when he saves an alluring stranger. This triggers him to rethink about his existence. But as a drone, does he put the fate of humanity first?

Out now on DVD

The Impossible

This film is based on a true story about husband and wife Henry (Ewan McGregor) & Maria (Naomi Watts) Belon. Their family experienced the 2004 Indian Tsunami while on holiday which begins as a winter getaway in Thailand. On Boxing Day, while the family relaxes around the pool after their Christmas evening celebrations, a bone chilling thunder rises up from the centre of the earth. As the earth opens up, the sea turns black and within seconds a huge wall of black water moves across the ground at the speed of light, and the family’s life is changed forever. 43

Kingston’s Healthy Café protein shakes jacket sweet potatoes wholewheat wraps healthy hearty dinners and so much more...

Just pop in and check it out!

33 Wheatfield Way Kingston Upon Thames KT1 2PD Tel: 020 8541 0791

10% OFF


with this voucher

OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Square Deal Write the name of each object in its row in the grid and then read down the shaded squares to reveal the hidden word.



1 2







5 6

Round Trip ’

Fit the mixed-up picture clues into the grid starting from the outer squares (we’ve put in some letters for you). If you do it correctly, the letters in the yellow squares, reading clockwise, will reveal an item found in a office. P P S K




E C H 45

Solutions on our website -

Issue 11








8 9
















1. Infant medicine (6) 2. Sitcom set on the Costa Blanca (8) 3. Test cricket series (3,5) 4. 1960s British girls’ comic similar to Bunty (4) 5. Number One hit for Eminem in 2000 (4) 6. Bill Fraser’s character in The Army Game (6) 9. Kicks awarded to the opposing team in football (9) 13. Metallic element used in old light bulb filaments (8) 14. Religious attendants (8) 15. Major film studio that gave the world Mickey Mouse (6) 17. Surname of Fast & Furious star Vin (6) 19. Computer manufacturer (4) 20. Labour leader immediately prior to Kinnock (4)

7. First name of ‘queen of soul’ Ms Franklin (6) 8. Emma author (6) 10. Study of postage stamps (9) 11. First name of Homer Simpson’s devout neighbour (3) 12. Name given to Richard I of England (9) 14. SE Devon river (3) 15. Title of dignity in Portugal and Brazil (3) 16. Glossy yellowish timber (9) 18. Dexter’s Home and Away father (3) 20. Swimming race in which you can use any stroke (9) 21. Billy ___, Julie Walters movie (6) 22. Wes Craven plane thriller (3,3)


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013


Find all the listed words in the grid. Words can run across, backwards, up, down and diagonally but always in a straight line. ASTER BEGONIA F U C H S I A P A H Y W K X D BLUEBELL S W J R R H O B Z I P M X F A CARNATION COWSLIP M D U I O R A I L O N G A M H CROCUS I N S S D S J B I U P U W T L DAFFODIL DAHLIA C B O W N J E D D E E L T G I FREESIA O V O I K A I N O G E B E E A FUCHSIA GERANIUM W N P H T S U N F L O W E R P HYACINTH S U P Y Y A P C F A T G D L C IRIS LILY L M Q A Z L N N A Y E A L R L LUPIN I A I C N Z I R D R I C O D X MAGNOLIA MARIGOLD P J N I G S W L A S F C G I B ORCHID E Q O N L O Y N E C U K I H S PANSY A A S T E R I E T S Y V R C F PETUNIA ROSE O R U H C U R P I L U T A R G SNOWDROP H V L R M F D U H I Q R M O N SUNFLOWER TULIP Answer the clues and fill in the grid to form a spiral to the centre. Every answer uses the last letter of the previous answer is its initial letter. When the puzzle has been completed, a seven-letter key word will read across the shaded squares. 2

1 6

7 11 8

10 5


12 9 4

1. A group of five 2. William ___, Swiss folk hero 3. Wolf-like 4. Carve in relief 5. ‘Ringed’ planet 6. Biblical ark-builder 7. Fish of the hake family 8. Bar of gold 9. Discretion 10. Fine silk net 11. God of love 12. Mass of bees Solutions on our website -


Issue 11

WIN A ROMA CROSSTRAINER (value of the prize *RRP ÂŁ599) For spec details please visit


YOWZA and send by SMS to

020 7183 0404 To send a SMS to the number above costs the same as a standard rate message, and to receive a SMS from us is FREE. You must be over 18 to enter this prize draw. By entering this prize draw you agree to receive promotional offers and messages from local businesses. You can withdraw from this service by simply sending STOP to 0207 183 0404, however this will withdraw you from the prize draw. Prize draw ends 30th April 2013 and the winner will be notiďŹ ed by SMS. This prize draw is provided by Omni Local. 8 Horsley Drive. Kingston Upon Thames. Surrey. Kt2 5GG. 0207 183 0404

9 4

5 4 8

9 2 5 8 1 2 4 8 2 4 7 3 8 1 3 4 8 9 6 3 6 5 2 Solutions on our website -


OmniLocal - Kingston Upon Thames April 2013

Job Section Self-Employed Sales Manager

Full Time or Part Time Kingston upon Thames £40,000- £50,000 per annum Immediate Start - Call John 07898 870 870

Send us your job listing for free. Just call us: 0207 183 0404

Nursery Nurse (NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Childcare) Surbiton £15,500 per annum Archway Personnel- 020 8546 3969

Central London £25,000- £30,000 per annum Archway Personnel- 020 8546 3969

General Manager (Hospitality Sector)

Bid Manager

Competitive Salary Archway Personnel- 020 8546 3969

Temporary Workers Needed for Various Roles office based, data entry, customer service £7- £8 per hour Archway Personnel- 020 8546 3969


Professional Photographer/Trainer

Up to £38,000 plus £7k bonus Heathrow Archway Personnel- 020 8546 3969

Sous Chef- Hospitality Sector

Competitive Salary Archway Personnel- 020 8546 3969

Many thanks to the following advertisors:

Company Activ Web Design Alex Clark Lettings Auntie Planty Bda Business Developement Services Big Local App Big Yellow Storage Cakes And Gateaux Catherine Hastings Chinesewise Dr De-Stress Dream Doors Eco Oven Clean Edward Dalton Painting Extreme Handyman Gym Junkies Hump It I 1-2 Learn IT Professional Training Izzy Cleaners JBT Plumbing JFP Planning Kingston Practical Philosphy London And Local Windows Mayhew Property Services MEW Electrical Services Momentum Muscle And Fitness Café Nails Boutique

Page 38 52 33 39 3 50 16 21 13 21 23 38 37 36 12 37 12 40 36 36 39 20 38 35 35 25 44 18 49

Company Park Lane Stables Parkside Carpets PDC Printers Picture Frame Warehouse Power Education Queens English School RJ Tree Services RJM Glass Rose Theatre Rosemary Conley Roz Ana Indian Restaurant Rubbish Clearance Sana Issa - Love Children Satnav4business Sheree Lowe ShowBu Simon French Polisher Stiens The 88 Bar And Grill The Childrens Club The Client Factory TML Management Trainee Millionares TSD Builders YMCA Yowza Fitness Zero Dry Time

Page 16 36 40 16 11 12 33 35 42 18 29 37 14 39 20 30 35 32 31 10 39 39 40 2 21 27 51

Boy meets girl. Boys stuff meets storage. 50% off for up to 8 weeks. Telephone - 020 8942 2889 and do not forget to mention promotional code KBDBY01 for an extra 10% discount.

Big Yellow New Malden Units 1-3, Wyvern Estate, Beverley Way New Malden, Surrey KT3 4PH

020 8942 2889

Get some space in your life.


020 8274 2658 07860 463 564 We are a specialist Residential Letting Agent – we don’t do Sales we just focus all of our attention and experience on Lettings. Landlords if you choose our fully managed service the first 3 months is absolutely free. (no strings attached, no hidden agendas, it is FREE) We will offer 1% less than any other high street agent on all of our Fees, but we offer a whole lot more in terms of quality and service. A member of NALS and Safe agent ensuring total security Annual tenant rent arrears is lower than 0.01% Just drop in for a chat at any time we have 1 hour free parking bays on the 3 roads either side of our office.

Now Open at 129 Richmond Road Kingston KT2 5BZ

Omni Local Kingston - Issue 11 April