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The Taste of OmniBlend Australia Gluten and dairy free recipes especially for use with the OmniBlend V. Full of nutritional information from OmniBlend Australia’s own raw food chef Lyanne Compton. We are very passionate about our food at OmniBlend Australia. We enjoy talking to our customers on the phone and offering them delicious suggestions for their new machine. This book is a result of many pleasurable months of kitchen experimentation and I have been continually delighted at the new things OmniBlend can make. Please use this book for guidance and inspiration. We are sure you will also discover your own recipes using different combinations of nature's abundance: fruits, veggies, oils, herbs and nuts. Put a new twist on old classics (like zucchini pasta with creamy tomato basil sauce) or try something a bit different (like a kale and melon smoothie). If you can think of it, you can make it. And if you invent something really special, please let us know. Have fun!

Made with love, for you, by the OmniBlend Australia team

OmniBlend Australia - Essential Recipes - Version 1 Recipes, images and content cannot be used without permission. Copyright Š 2013 OmniBlend Australia Pty Ltd


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Green Smoothies So where do I start with Green Smoothies? The current green smoothie revolution is well founded as people discover the benefits…how does more energy, reduction in sugar cravings, radiant skin and clearer eyes sound? Oh and don’t forget bowel regulation, weight loss, stronger nails and hair, fewer mood swings…it all sounds pretty incredible doesn’t it? Try a green smoothie daily and see for yourself the difference it makes to your health. Here are 5 delicious recipes exclusively created by OmniBlend Australia. Fall in love with Green Smoothies. 5 a day never tasted so good!


Kiwi Kiss The sour taste of kiwi is just divine with greens! Kiwi has of the highest Vitamin C contents per gram of fruit.

Process Combine all ingredients in the OmniBlend and use the 60 second program - tamping if needed.

Ingredients 2 Peeled Kiwi Fruits 1 Cored Apple 1 Passionfruit 1 Stalk Celery 2 Cups of Spinach, Kale or Silverbeet 1 Cup Water


Marvellous Melon Process


Combine all ingredients in the OmniBlend and use the 60 second program - tamping if needed.

1.5 Cup Melon ½ Cup Fresh Mint 2 Cups of Spinach, Kale or Silverbeet 1 Cup Water 1 Drop of Food Grade Lavender Essential Oil (optional)


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OmniBlend Australia - Essential Recipes - SAMPLE  
OmniBlend Australia - Essential Recipes - SAMPLE  

OmniBlend Australia is excited to bring you our first recipe book full of tasty treats, yummy recipes and healthy alternatives. To receive y...