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The Journal A Cosmopolitan Labyrinth: Behind the scenes to an international cultural stage

Grace Yi Kung ARCHDES700 Chris Barton, Nat Cheshire, Pip Cheshire, Ludo Campbell-Reid, Raphaela Rose

THE JOURNAL portrays the importance of belonging, gregariousness and mixing of one’s place in society. While, the yearning of independence and a room of one’s own is granted with respect.

CITIES are the results of evolution. We would want local character and local identity to be preserved, but on the other hand we must not make the mistake of identifying the requirements of modern living and the process of industrialisation with de-orientation. What is inevitable, considering the same demographics, is density. w Anyone with any appreciation for the sense of a city will agree that a true city is a congested city – congestion not of cars but of people drawn close together by a multitude of related activities‌High buildings will be the norm rather than the exception. ~

A city does not necessarily be liveable to be desirable. A city must be desirable to be liveable. To create a space in which each individual spaces can be experienced autonomously according to individual wishes and as an intimate constituent of the larger communal network. The programs are organized as stacked, interlocking modules of a central vertical civic space. ~


A Cosmopolitan The tower is a masquerade of metropolitan Auckland, dressed in fashionable edge, portray its potential stance in the global stage. The core built of tradition. stored in tradition, Its inner body invulnerable to the imposing flattery. Culture is a collaboration of modernity and tradition. While modernity and metropolitan is massively pursued, The significance of its origin and history is undesirable to be ignored, It is of good virtue to express this quality.

Advent General retail activates the lower levels, as feet channel pass the urban hall, pull in by the curious chatter and aromatic scent of patisserie in turn, push the curious mind further in, towards the Commons ~


Slow Fast Elevator

Eventful Flight A journey of pleasure admires the intricate displays joys of delight, as bags of satisfaction, jumps on the magic carpet, as it brings one to it next destination, excite with anticipation.


THE COMMONS arched in grand eloquence, It is the landing, the threshold, the hall, the tower, Marked by the bulletin, The pinnacle of interchange.


Stored above, Is the Archive, Intricate version of gallery, cinema, studio Shelved, Beautifully bond by a spiral of activity.

The tower cloaked in green MIRROR glass In which as approached, Disappears into the site, Furtively camouflages itself, as its always existed as a part of its surroundings.

When dark looms by, It’s membrane dissolves and disappears Revealing the structure’s entirety, A glowing gem embedded in the waterfront, Subtly hidden from the imposing neighbours, A jewel of the city

Bulletin Close affiliate to the timekeeper vibrantly coated with colourful messages of all sorts, happy reminders, bringing all the more smiles and pleasures, to those at work and delivery. ~

Cabinet Yearning for indepedence, a room for one’s own, enclosed in a mixture of dark and light, a world with no lion and witch A comfy armchair paired with its old companion ~

Chamber Pods of peace, enveloped by tenderness a mug of warm milk to the bedside, numerous white moments, in the world of Pandora.


5m 10m






Common Room


A Cultural Trigger to MORE. The Engine Room: The Cultural Contraption It is a trigger to a new evolving cultural district in the downtown Auckland CBD.


The Cultural Engine




Green Lounge Opera

Galleria Retail

Library Pavilion

Eventually, mixing and belonging is enhanced by placing Auckland on the fundamental frontage in the wider global context. In doing so, New Zealand needs to take into consideration the rising Asian power in aiding Auckland to establish a more secure position in all social, political and economic aspects.

To be continued...

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