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This project is first and foremost about people. It is based on the belief that cities are fundamentally collective. It is about the combinations, juxtapositions and interactions that are vital to their vitality and honesty. The story of this space is not simple and linear. That is not possible. To simplify a downtown site such as this to one linear story would be to destroy it’s beautiful complexity. Instead, it is about the little things.

Discovery. Play. Fragmentation. Delight. Wandering. It is pathways, journeys and ascent. It is thresholds, passageways and openings. It is about glances in passing, long gazes over open places, n ear misses in close spaces, and quiet observation and story telling. It is about the overlaping, entwining and intrigueing journeys that are passing over and under and around you as you head to that one place that you have chosen or that perhaps ahs chosen you.

Like a bookcase, or an anthology it is about a collection of stories.

Morandi “When assembled in a group... ordinary things such as dusty bottle and boxes take on a monumental quality�

Joseph Cornell Framed worlds and wonderlusting

Connections between characters and spaces as percieved in the short stories Which spaces share commonality, connections possibilities for interaction? Or, which spaces do not? Do they not all share, interrelate, connect:? There needs to be more interlap, more blurring of edges These people and places can not be cleanly and simply segregated. Nor should theybe

BRIEF SUN ANALYSIS Sunlight: Priority to be placed on public spaces

- Activity is too clustered in the centre - No activation in South corner - Unsure of levels at this stage - No interaction or relationship between the Seekers pride and the Gatherers discovery Movement: Direct East west does not make sense... reproduce dead end on Albert st now. Better to direct towards waterfront by creating space on northern corner

- Possibility of extending ‘Delight’ (Planting, vegetables, sandpit) out onto Queen st. Interupt the street pattern, shared space with heavy focus on peopl and play. -Perhaps a simple square will be enough on north corner: has feature of view and sunshine. Queen st frontage is in more need of activation. - Seekers path not working well: ‘Revival’dining spaces should be able to watch over the activity of the ‘Opportunity’ stalls and shops. - Elements seem very segregated here.

- Attempt to place ‘Delight’ spaces such as sandpit on northern corner due to natural relationship with waterfront. However this seemed to take away from the positivity this activation could bring to Queen st, and also results in a lack of interaction between the Wanderers and the Explorers. This interaction seems key for natural/safe/comfortable vibe. -Connection to north corner in weak, Wanderers are not coherently lead to this area to experience the waterfront area and contine along the East West harbour front path.

- Movement into the site from various points, visible fromo corners but not disrubting the strong built edge on those southern corners. -Space of interaction focused around a central sunlit space that creates a coherent connection to the waterfront. -Pathways are created at both ground, first and second floor levels, optimising public cpace, vertical connectivity and the oportunity for interaction. A sense of a building you can climb, explore and discover.







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