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FREE Gift worth $500 Click here! Making Money Online on Clickbank 2013: Journey from beginner to Expert Internet Marketer! Making Money Online specially from Clickbank has become a culture. For Every Internet Marketer and Newbie on Internet, Clickbank is their First Choice to Start their Money train. Well check out how to beat them! :) First of all I want to tell you that I am making some serious money with Clickbank .I have very much respect for it. I want you to read whole article sincerely. If you seriously want to Make some Money on Clickbank otherwise you can leave this Article right away! You can bookmark this page so that you can use it again and again

Let’s plan our strategy to make money on Clickbank as an affiliate

FREE Gift worth $500 Click here! Okay Let's start If you are planning to Make Money on Clickbank, the first and the most important thing is to become an affiliate of Clickbank. If you are not an affiliate right now and just thinking to be. So don't wait, Just click here! and fill out the registration form with valid information and you are done! Okay, If you have done with your registration the next thing is the Planning our Strategy! The strategy can be any type but It should have three basic element... INITIATION>>>>>>>>>>>CONTINUATION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TERMINATION This is just a basic element which is there in every strategy but here in my article I will introduce you my very own strategy that I am using to make 3 figure money daily on Clickbank. Without wasting more time, My strategy is divided into 3 steps:1. Choosing Best and Profitable Product 2. Taking your product to the Millions of Highly Targeted Audience. Who are, I would say dying to buy your Product. 3. Collecting the 5 Figure income every week. I know the 3 Step is sounds crazy but Its true and I am worthy, You can call EVIDENCE....So getting excited!!! Me too!!!...... Okay Let's Start With My First Step........

1. Choosing Best And Profitable Product From Clickbank The very first step in my series is to choosing best and profitable product from clickbank well....Its not too difficult job to do but you should know some of the factors clearly and permanently which will help

you to select most paying product in Clickbank. Okay Lets discuss these Factors separately....

1. Gravity and Filters Many times the beginners get lost in the Marketplace of Clickbank because of the large number of Products and vast numbers of selections. In Clickbank, The results of Products showing in their respective categories are showing by default in terms of Popularity. But Popularity doesn't mean with its sale and conversions.So on top of looking at popularity, sort out products by gravity. This measures how many unique affiliates have successfully sold the product within the last 12 weeks. So gravity means the Product is selling..... 2. High EPC and Low-Refund Rate

To improve your search, you have to visit the online area on the vendor's web page to try to draw out more data!

FREE Gift worth $500 Click here! Where can you find this section? Some of the Merchants add their Affiliate page into Clickbank Marketplace but others do not, for those, you have to go to their main site, search down at the end of the site and look for associates or Affiliates or jv (joint ventures). When you just click these hyperlinks you will have accessibility all the resources offered for the vendor. But for now, neglect the resources and look for EPC and Return Rate on the Affiliate page. EPC stands for earnings per click. If you really want to make some money by selling Clickbank products, You have to learn to analyze the ECP. JUST IMAGINE, You have created your site and you are driving traffic to it, everyone is clicking your Affiliate link BUT there is ZERO sale. HORRIBLE...!!!! EPC is that important! The good vendors always show the EPC in their site easily, It is an average but it gives you a great sense

of product conversion. But that is not all, you also want a low return rate, because if a website guest purchased a item via your weblink and then ask for a return, this not only impacts the vendor but you also reduce the percentage. If the item is good, the return amount MUST be lower than 15%-16%. If you want to expert how to Make money on Clickbank detailed, selecting a top high quality product is phase variety one! If you think This i complicated, I have found a tool which can help you in product research, Its is Called CB Surge . It is free tool, actually it is a addon of Firefox So if you have Firefox you can use it. :) The second step is to advertise your online affiliate link and driving traffic.

2. PROMOTING product & Driving TRAFFIC With my personal experience I concluded that, This Step is the most difficult step to do in Internet Marketing. Everything is OK! You can create your website within 15 min. and design it in 10 min. but when it comes to Driving traffic ... I am Telling you whole year is not enough to get a single sale if you don't know the TRICKS. Well, Don't worry I will tell you how you can drive and convert your traffic. There is two type of traffic method you will find in Internet: 1. PAID Traffic Method 2. FREE Traffic Method

Let's discuss every Method one by one-

PAID Traffic Method:This is the most Converting and Easy method to drive tons of traffic. I personally Recommend this method if you want instant 3 figure money within a week . In PAID traffic method there is further two methods-

1.Creating Website 2. Advertising your Affiliate link 1.Creating WebsiteThis method is long lasting and I call it 'Money Bank Method' because, In this method you just have to establish the website once and just forget it. but establishing website is JUST don't simple as you think you have do market analysis, choose right keyword and many more. For it I have 2 program that you can join and I am personally Recommending you these1. Google Sniper- Google Sniper is one of the most popular Program which teaching since 2008. 2. Bring the Fresh- Bring the fresh is a same as Google sniper but it gives you different and unique methods. and it is the only program recommended by Most successful investor of 20th century and 6 richest person of the world Mr. Warner buffet. These two program will tech you how you can start making money on Clickbank from scratch to 5 figure commission Monthly! 2. Advertising your Affiliate linkThe second is advertising your affiliate link to the website with you product niche So, that you can get highly targeted traffic and you can increase your conversions. Following are some sites which can be useful• • • • •

With this I have some software kind of programs which can generate your income without doing anything you just have to register with them and you are done.....Yes it is that easy just check them out below• • • • •

Clickbank Pirate 5 Figure Day CB Passive INFO CASH CB Surge

FREE Gift worth $500 Click here! 2. FREE Traffic Method:Free traffic method is very slow and takes lots of time to make any sale, with my personal experience I think i have made my first sale in 2 months with this method and it freezes again!! well, here are some method which comes in Free traffic method Article writing- If you can write, I suggest you to use this method and write something about your products and attract visitors. • video marketing- You can use platform like Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion where you can add your video reviews and can attract visitors. • Blogging- Blogging is most common thing today, you can use it in your product promotion. • Social Media- If you have long relations in social media link facebook, twitter, etc you can use it earn some profit there. You can refer Blogging Section! For Tips and Tricks Related to Blogging and Social Media These are some method that you can use so that you can get some sale on clickbank. BUT again I am telling you should go with the PAID method to promote your link specially Website method. •

Woofff! okay so the Step two is over now........really got tired!

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3. Collecting the 5 Figure income every week. Well Congrats, Now you are an INTERNET MARKETER. Yes, Now you can even start making money on Internet with clickbank. Because, Now you can select your product to promote Now you can drive traffic and convert them into sale. The only thing left is just collecting your money and Enjoy!

I hope you like my article and hope I am able to help you! Enjoy the day!

FREE Gift worth $500 Click here! FREE Gift worth $500 Click here!

Making money online on clickbank 2013  

Making Money Online specially from Clickbank has become a culture. For Every Internet Marketer and Newbie on Internet, Clickbank is their Fi...

Making money online on clickbank 2013  

Making Money Online specially from Clickbank has become a culture. For Every Internet Marketer and Newbie on Internet, Clickbank is their Fi...