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July 2002

Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter


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Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter

July 2002

2002: a real turning point in the industry and ACWWA Get involved in the Association Anyone who is interested in becoming involved in the various committees of our Association should feel free to contact any committee chairman. We could certainly use the talents of our Association members to lighten the load of committee work. EXECUTIVE AND COMMITTEE CHAIRS 2001-02 Section Office Clara Shea, Office Manager 902-827-2391 Fax 902-827-2051 Executive Members Chair 902-895-2885 Gary Chew Fax 902-893-7584 First Vice-Chair 902-450-4000 ext. 241 137 Richard Stephenson, P.Eng. Fax 902-450-2008 Second Vice-Chair 506-457-3849 Andre Chenard Fax 506-457-7805 Past Chair 709-292-4274 Herbert Card Fax 709-292-4365 Secretary-Treasurer 902-492-6753 Willard D’Eon, MPH, P.Eng. Fax 902-423-3938 Director: Ken Brothers, P.Eng. 902-490-6254 Fax 902-490-4808 Committee Chairs CWWA Representative 902-667-6519 Ronald Patterson, P.Eng. Fax 902-667-5409 Chair – Education, 709-292-4274 Herbert Card Fax 709-292-4365 Chair – Small Systems 902-563-5257 320 Greg Penney Fax 902-564-0481 Chair – Technical 506-451-7206 Neil Thomas, P.Eng. Fax 506-459-3954 Chair – Cross Connection 506-460-2077 Barry MacNabb Fax 506-460-2126 Chair – Young Professionals 902-494-3268 Graham Gagnon Fax 902-494-3108 Chair – Water For People 902-450-4000 Mark Butler, P.Eng. Fax 902-450-2008 Chair – Government Affairs 902-475-3283 Judy MacDonald Fax 902-477-3695 Chair – Publicity / Newsletter 506-857-8525 Bruce Buchanan, P.Eng. Fax 506-858-5972 Chair – Membership Committee 902-469-2806 Rob Gillis Fax 902-463-3529 A.B.E.A. Sec.-Treas. 506-849-7617 22 Rick Benoit Fax 506-847-4365 A.B.E.A. – President 902 481 5000 Blake Carter Fax 902 468 3316 WEF Representative 506-455-8187 John Bliss, P.Eng.


o say that this year has been busy would definitely be an understatement. Things are happening so fast it’s hard to keep up. The water industry is going through a major overhaul with the release of the Walkerton inquiries and new regulations are on the way that affect us all. ACWWA is ready! As always, our training programs will be geared to meet the changing times and give the best possible training to our operators. We also have a flurry of activities with the regional & provincial governments and are very pleased to welcome Judy MacDonald to the board as our Government Affairs Chair. She is certainly capable of meeting the challenges of this position. Also, with new operators and managers entering the industry, a strong Young Professionals Chair is required and we feel we have that with the incoming Graham Gagnon as YP chair. Both these people have vast experience in the water industry and will help to make our organization an even stronger force in the water industry. With the new coming in, the old going out ( no insult intended), I would like to thank Carl Yates and Mike Boudreau, our past chairs in the mentioned positions, for a job well done. I would also like to thank Ken Brothers, our outgoing director, for your years of dedication and experience to our section. You have been and will remain a very important part of the success of ACWWA. Welcome to Bob Funke who is our incoming director who I know will definitely do us proud in his representation of our section. If you could only brush up on your golf skills a little, it would be much better. (Just Kidding)

Rick Benoit Sales Manager Atlantic Canada

Clow Canada 22 Chatwin St. Wells, N.B. E2S 1A3 Tel: (506) 849-7617 Cel: (506) 658-8014 Fax: (506) 847-4365 email:

Chairman’s message Gary Chew

What’s in the works? Well, ACWWA is taking a leadership role in the development of a guidelines manual for Atlantic Canada for the water industry. With the financial help of the provincial governments, ACWWA will handle the calling of proposals from consulting firms to come up with a format for this manual and basically set the direction for the contents of the manual. We’ll give you more on that as it progresses. Murray Jamer and his conference committee have just released the conference registration booklet and in looking at the programs, this could be one of the best conferences ever with Basic Training as the format. Thanks Murray and committee for a great job on this conference, I can’t wait until September. From what I hear, the National Drinking Water Conference in Halifax was a huge success and I am proud to say ACWWA played a strong role in it as attendees, presenters and panel members. In relation to the ACWWA website, I would like to encourage members to add your name to our on-line membership list. You can do this by simply going on the website and filling in the form. In closing, I would like to say that your Association is growing with the times and will be a highly recognized source of training and information for years to come in the water industry of Atlantic Canada.

July 2002

Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter


Water for People

Country tours Pack your bags, grab your camera, dust-off your language dictionary and prepare for an amazing opportunity to visit Bolivia or Guatemala Bolivia August 4-18, 2002 Approximate cost: $2,000 plus airfare

Guatemala December 1-10, 2002 Approximate costs: $1,125 plus airfare

WHAT ARE COUNTRY TOURS? Water For People country tours are unique because participants are able to visit communities off the beaten path. This is not a traditional trip package where you visit only the hot spots and eat at five-star hotels! You'll get an intimate look at the lives of people in Guatemala or Bolivia. Together, we'll travel on bumpy dirt roads to interesting and colorful communities. You'll taste scrumptious traditional foods, dance traditional dances and become immersed in beautiful local culture. You'll have the opportunity to meet the people you support through WFP and visit the project sites where WFP water systems and latrines are constructed.


Please contact Jody Camp WFP's project manager at 303-734-3493 e-mail, for more details. During the tour, you will stop at several points of interest. However, we encourage participants to extend their stay and travel independently to famous sites like the mystical Tikal Ruins in Guatemala or the breathtaking Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. We look forward to working WHAT ARE THE DETAILS? and travelling with you. WFP The local WFP country coordinator will highly recommends these tours serve as our guide as we enter communities to people who want an opporand explore the countryside. Country tour tunity to experience WFP's work participants should expect rigorous and Bolivian child first hand and explore unique areas of the world. long daily schedules, basic comforts and few The Bolivia trip lasts about two weeks due to time built-in luxuries. Participants visit and stay in or near the communities for altitude adjustment. we serve -- these are under served communities in developing WFP recommends that participants purchase flight insurcountries. Tour costs include modest accommodations, daily ance to cover the reimbursement of tickets cancelled due to meals, travel leader, WFP costs and in-country transportation. personal emergencies, inclement weather or political issues in Dates and prices are subject to change. An initial deposit of the host country. WFP will not provide reimbursements for air$500 is due three months before the country tour begins. The line ticket costs in case of cancellations. balance is due two weeks prior to departure.




TEL (902) 450-1177 TEL (506) 857-2244 TEL(709) 722-6717

ITT Flygt

FAX (902) 450-1170 FAX(506) 859-8612 FAX (709) 722-9832


Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter

July 2002

Moncton watershed’s sweet taste of success


HE TURTLE CREEK Watershed daily during the syrup season, mid does more then provide the City March to mid April. of Moncton with a healthy water As Forest Management Program supply. It is also home to the Cities own Coordinator for the City’s Engineering Sugar Bush Operation. When the City Department Heather’s job involves mantapped into the maple syrup industry, it aging 15,000 acres of forest land owned became the first municiplaity in the Marand controlled by the municipality. itimes to do so. During a road building exercise Now in the third year of operation through a hardwood grove she discova marketing startegy has been develered an abandoned maple sugar camp oped to target Tourists. We are encourthat had been operational in the early Maple syrup production in the old days aging travellers to take a little bit of 50’s. Heather decided to see if the trees Moncton home with them when they leave. had the potential to produce again after being dormant for over Heather Hawker savoured the sweet taste of success these 40 years. She proposed a pilot project for 3 years, tapping 35 spring days during the 2002 Maple Season, although warm trees with different size diameters to capture the potential flow. temperatures and lack of snow made the season a slow one as This project proved successful and now over 15 miles of far as production goes. The visitors to the sugar camp have pipeline fill this hardwood grove and 1200 taps provide the been increasing in numbers to hear and see the story of how City of Moncton with enough syrup to use as a promotional the sugar woods has changed due to technology over the last tool when travelling. This unique gift from our City shows 10 years. From Pails to Pipeline is the tour Heather puts on that there is more to managing the forest then simply timber production or water quality other values of the forest need to be investigated. Maple Syrup just happens to be a viable one due to the City having the forest in which to provide such a treat.

N.B. stepping up measures to ensure safe drinking water

FREDERICTON (CP) — The New Brunswick government is stepping up measures to ensure safe drinking water in the province. Here are 75 municipal water systems in New Brunswick but only one operating approval — the one in Moncton. The Department of Environment is hiring six people and allotting $700,000 in this year’s budget to enhance drinking water protection. Kim Jardine, the environment minister, said Wednesday the new positions will ensure existing systems receive approval and maintain that level of quality. She said they expect to get all 75 systems approved in the next year. The minister said anyone who looks after a municipal system will have to receive training and certification by 2003. The minister said a lot has been done to protect watersheds and this takes the protection further to municipal systems


Heather Hawker City of Moncton






Off. 902-469-2806 Toll-Free Fax: 1-888-277-4224

Res: 902-462-8777 Fax: 902-463-3529 Cell: 902-488-0876 E-Mail:

Canada Pipe Company Ltd.


TOTAL SOLUTIONS • Engineering & Environmental Services • Materials Testing & Fabrication Inspection • Construction management • Project Management • Finance / Design / Build


Ken Grass

SNC • Lavalin Inc Suite 200 Park Lane Terraces 5657 Spring Garden Road Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3J 3R4 Telephone: (902) 492-04544 Fax: (002) 492-4540 email:


Ductile Iron Pipe PO BOX 881 SAINT JOHN, N.B. CANADA, E2L 4C3

TEL 506-693-5522 FAX 506-672-9200 E-MAIL:

July 2002

Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter




Atlantic Canada Water Works Association 2002 ACWWA CONFERENCE September 22 – 24, 2002


HE THEME for this year’s Atlantic Canada Water Works Association conference is Basic Training. It sounds simple, but the real challenge has been to develop a program that will appeal to both newcomers and long time conference attendees. The 2002 planning committee believes they have found the right balance with the conference’s technical program. We are trying some new things with this year's conference, while retaining the traditions that have made the conference successful over the years. Our objective is to make the event a bit less formal and friendlier to the first time attendees. On Sunday evening, for example, the ACWWA Board members will arrive one half hour early for the Meet & Greet in order to welcome new conference attendees. If this is your first conference, come early and meet the Board.

It’s been said that laughter opens the mind to learn, so we’ve decided to start the Monday morning sessions with a keynote address by humourist and reality therapist, Ellen Gélinas. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll leave with a smile. This will be followed by two days of educational sessions on a range of topics. I am particularly pleased with the technical program this year. Our Basic Training theme is intended to be of interest to newcomers, as well as to regular conference attendees. Learn about basic water systems in South America and find out about current and pending regulations here at home. There will also be sessions on chlorination, ultra violet disinfection, communicating with your Council, turning your water system around, the basics of surface water treatment, and source water protection. We will continue with the traditions started in Halifax last year by having a "University Forum"

and a panel discussion. New this year is a utility display. We have asked several utilities to bring along equipment for a display, which should give this year's conference more of a "hands - on" look. Again, this should be of interest to first time attendees. A fun social program is a basic requirement of any good conference, and the 2002 ACWWA Conference has worked hard to deliver! Those participating in the Companion’s Program will enjoy tours, shopping and socializing. Monday evening will feature something new – a “dine around” at local restaurants. And as always, Tuesday's Down East night promises great food and entertainment. Don’t miss the water industry’s event of the year in Atlantic Canada! We look forward to seeing you in Fredericton. Register early! Murray Jamer Conference Chair


Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter

Water / Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour The City of Fredericton is pleased to put its facilities on display. Take a tour of the city’s water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. A bus will leave the hotel at 2:00 for a two-hour tour, which will stop at both facilities. There is no charge for this event. Simply indicate your interest for the tour by completing the appropriate portion of the registration form. The tour includes a nutrition break. 55th annual conference Atlantic Canada Water Works Association

ACWWA Dine Around What better way to unwind after a day of informative and educational sessions, than by enjoying a free evening to sample the dining options offered in Downtown Fredericton! The organizers of this year’s conference have planned a special “Dine Around” for Monday evening. The committee will provide you with restaurant discount coupons. Gather together a group of friends and head out for a great evening of dining. You might even want to sample Fredericton’s nightlife while you’re out on the town! (The cost of this event is not included in your registration.)

Utilities Display A new activity at this year’s conference is a Utilities Display. Selected utilities will demonstrate those materials, methods, and technologies that have made a difference in the way they deliver service. You can expect to see everything from valves to repair pieces to the latest in cross connection control devices, as well as some hands on displays.

Companions’ Program has something for everyone Golf Tournament This year’s organizing committee is pleased to offer a golf tournament for interested conference attendees. A limited number of tee times have been reserved at the Fredericton Golf and Curling Club beginning at 1:00 pm. Shuttle vans will leave the hotel at 12 noon. The cost is $75.00. If you would like to golf, please indicate so on the registration form, and send your green fee with your registration. Register early. Space is limited! Questions can be directed to Andy Holyoke, (506) 460-2038 or

Down East Night As has become tradition, no ACWWA conference could end without a Down East Night. The 2002 conference in Fredericton will be no exception! “Friendly Fredericton” hospitality means we’re bringing in the biggest lobsters, the best steaks, and putting some refreshments on ice just for you! After the feast, sit back and enjoy the down east humour of one of Atlantic Canada’s hottest comedians, Bette MacDonald. Join us in the hotel ballroom for what promises to be one of the best ACWWA Down East Nights yet!

Informative and exciting conference in the works


S CHAIR of the Atlantic Canada Water Works Association (ACWWA), and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to invite you to join us for what promises to be an informative and exciting 2002 ACWWA Conference to be held September 22-24 at the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in Fredericton, NB. Water issues continue to be in the news. More than ever, the water industry needs to focus on the basic skills that keep our water safe. As a result, the planning committee for the 2002 conference has chosen the theme of Basic Training. The program is intended to review the basic skills need-

July 2002

ed by those working in all aspects and at every level of the water business. There will be knowledgeable speakers, displays, a free evening to experience dining options in downtown Fredericton, a Down East Night with excellent Atlantic Canada comedy, a great companions’ program, and lots of networking opportunities … all at a reasonable price! I encourage you to register right away for the water industry’s main event of the year. See you this fall in Fredericton – Atlantic Canada’s Riverfront Capital City! Gary Chew, Chair Atlantic Canada Water Works Association

Dear Companions: Please join us for the 55th Annual ACWWA Conference, which opens at the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in the heart of Historic Downtown Fredericton on Sunday, September 22, 2002. On Sunday evening, meet with old friends and make new ones at the Meet & Greet. Monday morning, September 23rd begins by joining the registrants for a humourous keynote speech by humourist and reality therapist, Ellen Gélinas. Following a nutrition break, we will enjoy a mystery hour where we will learn more about historic Fredericton. We’ll laugh at the legends and myths surrounding our heritage. Lunch at Brewbaker’s promises to be delicious and relaxing. Monday night features our new “Dine Around” evening. Tuesday morning we will gather for coffee in the Hospitality Suite before a scenic drive 30 minutes up the St. John River Valley to Historic Kings Landing Settlement. After a selfguided tour of this living museum, we will relax over lunch at the King’s Head Inn. For the shopper at heart you will have an opportunity to stop at the Regent Mall on our return to the hotel. As tradition dictates, we will close our conference with our Lobster Feast and Down East evening. Both Monday and Tuesday afternoon provides plenty of “Free Time” to enjoy your heart’s desire. We are just steps away from downtown shopping, museums and galleries, as well as the Lighthouse Adventure Centre, river cruises, and our scenic riverside walking trails. There will also be an opportunity to tour our newly restored Old Government House, which is now the official residence of New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor. So haul on your jeans and sneakers (or shorts and sandals if the weather promises warm days) and join us for a very relaxing and funfilled three days in New Brunswick’s Capital. See you in September! Companion’s Program Committee: Ann Hetherington Mary Ellen McKinney

July 2002

Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter


55th annual Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Conference Sunday, September 22, 2002 2:00 - 8:00 8:00 - 10:00 Evening

Registration Meet & Greet Hospitality Suites

Monday, September 23, 2002 Time 9:20

Garrison Room Peticodiac Room You Might As Well Be Happy No Session Speaker: Ellen Gélinas — This Session only is in the Ballroom —


Nutrition Break


Basic Water Systems in Central America Speaker: Rick McDaniel

Turning A Utility Around – The Moncton Experience Speaker: Ensor Nicholson


Basic Facts You Should Know About Current and Pending Regulations Speaker: Neil Thomas, ADI

Introduction to Ultra Violet Water Treatment Technology

12:00 2:30

10:45 - 12:30 Mystery Tour

Speaker: Jim McKee, Trojan

Waterworks Club & Lunch The Basics of Wastewater Lagoon Systems Speaker: Martin Hildebrand, Nelson Environmental

3:15 3:30

Companion Program Keynote Speaker with Registrants “Be Happy”

A Basic Water Quality Plan – Fighting Complacency Speaker: Laurie Corbett, City of Fredericton

12:30 - 2:00 Lunch at Brewbakers

Break Communicating With Your Council Speaker: Mike Ircha, UNB


Chlorination Basics Speaker: Chris Vriezen, City of Saint John Dine Around – Free Evening


Hospitality Suites

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 8:30

Utility Display

University Forum

8:30 - 9:30 Hospitality Suite (coffee, juice & muffins) 9:30 - 10:00 Scenic River Valley trip to Kings Landing




Utility Display

Basics of Surface Water Treatment Speaker: Graham Gagnon, DalTech


Utility Display

Introduction to Source Water Protection Speaker: Tanya Noble Sharpe, JWEL


Waterworks Club & Lunch


Valves You Will See In Your Water System Speaker: Rick Benoit

Starting Chlorination In Your Distribution System Speaker: Ben Pitman, Town of Amherst


Microbiological Water Quality Monitoring Speaker: Tracy Arsenault, NBELG

A Basic Organizational Structure For Utilities Speaker: Carl Yates, HRWC

3:30 3:45

Break Panel Discussion: Issues and Answers (incl. Privatization and Contracting out) Speakers: TBA


Down East Night


Hospitality Suites

10:00 - 12:00 Self-Guided Tour of Settlement

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch at Kings Head Inn 1:30 - 2:00 Return to Hotel via Regent Mall


Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter

July 2002

55th annual Atlantic Canada Water Works Association conference Registration & Accommodation Request Instructions • • • • •

All registrants must complete Parts 1, 2 & 3 of this form. Complete Part 4 if you require accommodations. Full payment MUST accompany registration. Your request WILL NOT be processed without payment. Registration must be received by August 23, 2002. (A late registration fee applies after this date.) Cancellations received after September 6, 2002 will be subject to a $100 charge. Mail completed registration forms and payment to: ACWWA 2002 Conference Committee Attn: Garnet Hetherington PO Box 282, Station “A” Fredericton, NB E3B 4Y9 If paying by credit card, forms may be faxed to (506) 460-2031. For further information, contact: Garnet Hetherington (506) 460-2038

Part 4 – AccommodationRequest • • • • •

All accommodation reservations or cancellations must be made through the conference committee. Hotels and rooms are assigned on a first-come, first served basis. The hotel will supply hotel reservation acknowledgement. Unless guaranteed by credit card, rooms will only be held until 6:00 pm the day of arrival. Room requests for the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and, thereafter, will be assigned to the Sheraton Hotel Fredericton. Please complete the following.

I will be arriving on September at approximately ______________ ■ a.m. ■ p.m I will be staying the following nights: ■ Sat., Sept. 21 ■ Sun., Sept. 22 ■ Mon., Sept. 23 ■ Tues., Sept. 24 ■ Wed., Sept. 25 Please check one: ■ Conference Hotel Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, 659 Queen Street. Rate: $89 single / $99 double plus HST. Room Type: ■ Queen Single ■ Queen Double ■ Smoking ■ Non-Smoking ■ Alternate Hotel Sheraton Fredericton Hotel, 225 Woodstock Road. Rate: $117 single / double plus HST. Room Type: ■ Queen Single ■ Queen Double ■ Smoking ■ Non-Smoking I want my reservation guaranteed: ■ Yes ■ No ■ Visa ■ MasterCard ■ AMEX ■ EnRoute

Part 1 – General Information Name (Surname/Firstname): Title: Organization: Address: City: Province: Telephone: Email: Membership Number: Companion: Sector: ■ Public Claiming CEU’s ■ Yes

Postal Code: Fax:

■ Supplier ■ No

■ Contractor

■ Consultant

Part 2 - Conference and Activities Fees Complete as appropriate.If not attending a particular function, enter “0”. Event

# Attending

Registration Fee for ACWWA/NBEIA Members Registration Fee for Non-Members Registration Fee for Companion Late Registration Fee if registering after Aug.23 Sunday, Sept.22 Golf Tournament See Below Water Treatment / Wastewater Treatment Tour Newcomers Reception Meet & Greet Monday, Sept.23 Companion Program & Luncheon Luncheon Dine Around – Your expense


■ ■ ■ ■

x $ 260 x $ 310 x $ 60 x $ 40

■ ■ ■

No Charge No Charge No Charge

■ ■ ■

x $ 12 $ x $ 12 $

Tuesday, Sept.24 Companion Program & Luncheon ■ Utilities Luncheon ■ Down East Night: - Self ■ - Companion ■ - Extra Ticket(s) ■ Please indicate Down East Night menu preference: - Self ■ Lobster ■ Steak - Companion ■ Lobster ■ Steak - Extra Ticket(s) ■ Lobster ■ Steak Sub-Total Life Members: Deduct $100 Net Amount HST (#R106975444): Golf Tournament – Fredericton Golf Club Total Amount to be Remitted


x $ 12 x $ 12 x $ 22 x $ 22 x $ 50

$ $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $

$ $ $ Add 15% $ x $ 75.

$ $

Part 3 – Payment Options Choose payment method.Complete as appropriate. ■ Cheque ■ Money Order Please make payable to ACWWA 2002 Conference Committee

Cardholder Name: CardNumber: Expiry Date (Month / Year):

Cardholder Name: Card Number: Expiry Date (Month / Year):



■ Visa

July 2002

Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter


Report calls for money, action to improve Ontario’s water


HE SECOND and final report of the investigation into the fatal E. coli outbreak in Walkerton, Ont., in May 2000, recommends that the government of Ontario spend hundreds of millions of dollars and implement a list of 93 actions and guidelines to ensure that such a tragedy does not occur again in the province. In releasing Part 2 of the Walkerton Inquiry last week, Associate Chief Justice Dennis O’Connor said the province needs to spend $280 million ($182 million US) to upgrade its drinking water systems to ensure safe water. He also recommended that, among dozens of other things, every municipality should review the management and operating structures for its water system to ensure it is capable of providing safe, reliable drinking water and that the provincial government should provide guidance and technical advice to support public water systems. Part 2 of the Walkerton Inquiry follows Part 1 that was released in January. Part 1 concluded that the outbreak, which killed seven people and sickened more than 2,000 others when cow manure containing E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria entered the public drinking water supply during heavy rains, could have been prevented if the Walkerton system had properly chlorinated its water and if citizens had been warned of the contamination in a timely manner. O’Connor, who stated that each component of the province’s drinking water system needs to be improved, also noted that readers of the report “should not conclude that Ontario’s existing system needs radical reform.” He said while leading water providers “can be proud of the high level of expertise and competence” they provide, “many failures played a role” in the tragedy and that every system should be challenged to “ensure that the best practices are implemented across the province.” Other recommendations aimed at ensuring best practices are implemented across the province include: • Municipal water providers should have continuous inline monitoring of turbidity, disinfectant residual and pressure at the treatment plant, with alarms that immediately signal when regulatory parameters are exceeded. • Municipal water providers should develop an adequate sampling and continuous measurement plan as part of their operations. • Sampling should be taken under challenging conditions, such

as after heavy rains or floods. • Regulations should require standard protocol for the collection, transport, custody, labeling, testing and reporting of drinking water samples. • Strong source protection programs should be developed. • Large farms and small farms in sensitive areas should be required to develop water protection plans that are consistent with the watershed source protection programs. • Mandatory certification and training. • Strict enforcement of all regulations and provisions related to the safety of drinking water. • Municipal water providers would be issued a licence to operate a systems subject to fulfilling the following conditions: • the development of an approved financial plan based on full cost recovery and sustainable asset management; • the accreditation of its operating agency, whether it be internal or external to the municipality, based on a drinking water quality management standard.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is in the process developing accreditation standards relating to water and wastewater utility operation. The standard categories under development include:

• • • • • •

• Distribution System Operation and Management. • Water Treatment Plant Operation and Management. • Source Water Management and Protection; • Business and Planning Practices Management; Communications and Customer Relations Management. Wastewater Collection Systems Management. Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations and Management. Biosolids Handling and Management. Wastewater Pretreatment Management. Water and Wastewater Conservation/Reclamation Program Management

It is AWWA’s vision that accredited water and wastewater utilities be recognized worldwide as well operated and efficiently managed. The accreditation program that AWWA is developing is intended to serve water and wastewater utilities and their customers, owners and government regulators by promoting improvements in the quality of services and efficient management through the establishment of standards and formal recognition of accrediting bodies. Modified and expanded from the AWWA Water Week Publication and Reports to the Walkerton Inquiry.


Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter

July 2002

AWWA Publications on water utility security You may not be aware of all the publications and videos on water utility security that are available for purchase from American Water Works Association. For information on the following products and others, please go to “Water security and preparedness resources.” All products can be purchased online at the AWWA Bookstore. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

National Process Equipment Phone: (902) 468-7890 Fax: (902) 468-3011 Toll Free: 1-800-992-5588

Pumps • Mixers • Aerators

Water Utility Security: A Field Guide, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 20501 New Horizons: Critical Infrastructure Protection . . . . . . No. 65226 Source Water Security and Protection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 65246 Case Studies in Source Protection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 65090V Safeguarding Our Drinking Water Supply . . . . . . . . . . . No. 70004 Water Treatment Plant Chemical Protection and Security . No. 65249 Emergency Planning for Water Utilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 30019 Emergency Planning: The Big Picture for Water Utilities . . No.65068V Safety First: Water Utility Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 65140 Chlorine Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 65189 Security Risk Assessment for Water Utilities . . . . . . . . . No. 65233 Waterborne Pathogens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No. 30048 Pathogen Intrusion into the Distribution System . . . . . . No. 90835 Routine Coliform Sampling for Water Systems . . . . . . . No. 65218


is LICENSING the patented “SYSTEM” of REPLACING/REPAIRING CURB STOP BOX RODS from the surface with no trench entry Protected by Canadian patents • 2,098,770 • 2,118,046 & • 2,200,004 For further information and/or to avoid patent infringement

Contact Liphook, 4225 Hickory Dr., Mississauga, ON L4W 1L3 Visit our web site at Tel. 905 238 8339 or Email or pager 1 800 561 7243 PIN NUMBER 230 1742

July 2002

Atlantic Canada Water Works Association Newsletter


CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS 2nd Canadian Organic Residuals Recycling Conference Biosolids, Manure, and Organic Industrial/Commercial Residuals in Land Application Programs: Beneficial Use and Protection of Water Quality APRIL 23-25, 2003 - Penticton, BC


HE FIRST Canadian residuals and biosolids management conference was held in Toronto in September 2000. This first Canadian specialty conference brought together producers, managers, practitioners and regulators from across Canada to discuss issues related to the production, management, utilization and/or disposal of organic residuals including sewage biosolids, animal manures and pulp and paper biosolids. Since that time, many programs have changed, legislation has changed (or will be changing) and stakeholders are taking an active role in the recycling and use of organic residuals. It is time for another conference to discuss where we are at, where we are going, how we are going to get there and identify and address concerns. The second Canadian Organic Residuals Recycling Conference in April 2003 will be held in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, in the City of Penticton, located at the south end of Okanagan Lake (see the map at The conference will be held in the conference hotel, the “Five Diamond” Penticton Lakeside Convention Centre ( Penticton is approximately a one-hour drive from Kelowna and a five-hour drive from Vancouver. There are air services by Air Canada to both Penticton and Kelowna and by West Jet to Kelowna. Potential presenters are invited to submit abstracts of presentations that they would like to share with their peers. Theme areas will include: • Regulatory Updates and Directions

• Organic Residuals and Biosolids Quality Standards and Nutrient Management • Organic Residuals, Soil and Water Quality Standards and interactions • Public and Regulatory Concerns • Organic Residuals Processing Technologies and Techniques. • Source Control Programs • Land Application Programs • Stakeholder Education / Outreach Programs Covering: • Municipal Sewage Biosolids • Animal Manures • Food Processing Residuals • Pulp and Paper Biosolids Utilization • Synthetic Organics (including Xenobiotics) in Organic Residuals

Papers can address research needs and results as well as management case studies. In addition to the Conference sessions, tours of local biosolids composting facilities, agricultural residuals utilization programs, research and social activities will be available. There will also be a golf tournament in conjunction with the annual BC Water and Waste Association Conference that follows this Conference at the same hotel. In addition, for the wine connoisseurs, there will be formal and informal winery tours of some of the Okanagan’s wellknown VQA wineries on the Saturday and Sunday. If sufficient interest is shown, a Partner’s program will be developed. If you are interested in presenting a paper on any of the above topics or on a topic that you believe is important to the management of organic residuals, please submit a single-spaced abstract of no more

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Dave Forgie, Ph.D., P.Eng. Technical Program Committee Chair Associated Engineering 300-4940 Canada Way Burnaby, BC V5G 4M5 Fax: (604) 291-6163 To be included in a distribution list for future information on the Conference, contact: British Columbia Water and Waste Association Fax: (604) 540-4077 This Conference is being co-sponsored by the BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA), the Ontario Water Environment Association (WEAO) and the Canadian Water And Wastewater Association (CWWA).

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than two pages in MS WORD including the following: • proposed title of the presentation • names of the authors and their affiliations name, address, phone number, fax number and email address of the author to whom communications should be sent the abstract itself. Abstracts should be submitted by November 30, 2002. Notification of acceptance will be provided in early January 2003. The Conference paper will be required by March 15, 2003 to be distributed on CD at the Conference. Details regarding the format of the paper and the presentation requirements will be provided at the time of confirmation of acceptance. Abstracts should be sent by email or fax to:

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