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2nd International Conference and Exhibition on  Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials  Supporting Journals Journal of Pharmacovigilance  Journal of Clinical Trials Clinical Experimental Pharmacology

Journal of Pharmacovigilance  New journal, started in 2012  35 Editorial Board Members  20 articles received  Editor-in-Chief appointed  1 Executive Editor Appointed

Journal statistics‌

Journal of Clinical Trials                                                  

Editorial Board  Journal of Clinical Trials has a potential Editorial 

Board of 40 members

 Editor-in-chief is Dr. Ion C. Baianu

Status of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology

 Started in 2011  Receiving  the  maximum  number  of  articles from high income countries like  USA, and European countries.  Total No. of articles received: 50  Peer Reviewed  No. of EB members: 78 {90% USA}  3 NIH associated EB members  Special Issues: 11 confirmed  Total 2 Volumes and 4 Issues

From 2011 - August 2012: Total Number of articles  received- 16 From September-January: Total Number of articles  received- 34 No. of NIH article: 2 Number of issues released- 3 Special issue released - Pharmacology and Toxicology  for Safe and Effective Therapy – 1 Upcoming issues to be released – 1 Special issue - Signaling Pathways in Functional Cells  (February) 1 Regular issue (February)

Conference on Pharma Group  

OMICS publishing Group, 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials, which will bring together a uniq...

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