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Discovering the hidden traits of viruses OMCIS Group Medical Conferences

3rd World Congress on Virology Viruses can be analyzed according to certain parameters. Virology is the analysis of viruses and virus-like agents: their framework, category and progress, their ways to infect and manipulate tissues for virus reproduction, the diseases caused and the methods of culture or separation. The study of virology also focuses on various types of antigens and its inflictions on blood. The form and structure of viruses is usually analyzed by electron microscopy, NMR spectroscopy, and X-ray crystallography. High mutation rates and viral replication usually result in the virus’ lasting in most of the infected people. Viruses are said to have originated from selfreproducing RNA ribozymes as in other multiplying multi-cellular organisms, and have shown growth and survival in various forms of habitats including air and water. OMICS Group Inc. is conceited to announce the 3rd World Congress on Virology that is going to be held during Nov 20-22, 2013 at DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport, USA. OMICS Group Inc. strives to serve the scientific community through publishing open access journals and by organizing scientific conferences all over the world. With the same objective OMICS Group is going to organize 3rd World Congress on Virology having a theme “Exploring Novel Approaches in Virology”.

Some of the notable speakers • Marc H.V. Van Regenmortel, Biotechnology School of the University of Strasbourg, France • Dimiter Dimitrov, NIH, USA • Jim Tartaglia, Sanofi Pasteur, USA • Jose Esparza, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA • Hua Zhu, UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, USA

The event includes the following scheduled tracks General Viral Science 2. Viral Breakout: Prevention and Measures 3. Human Viral Diseases Affecting Afro-Asian Continents 4. HIV and Other Retroviral Diseases Affecting Afro-Asian Continents 5. Organ Specific Cancers and Tumour Virology 6. Respiratory and Vector Borne Diseases 7. Therapeutic Approaches and Targets for Viral Infections 8. Viral Hepatitis 9. Viral Immunology 10. Neurological Infections Associated with Viruses 11. Agriculture and Plant Virology 12. Animal Viruses 13. Bacteriophages 14. Recent Advances in Drug Discovery 15. Current Focus in Virology Research

Contact info • For more details on Virology-2013 Congress, please visit: • • For further details contact • John Benson • Virology-2013 • Medical Conferences • 5716 Corsa Ave, Suite110 • Westlake, Los Angeles • CA-91362-7354, USA • Office +1-888-843-8169 • Toll No +1-800-216-6499(USA & Canada) • Email: / • • John Benson • OMICS Group Incorporation • +1-888-843-8169 • email us here

3rd world congress on virology 2013