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CT249.II Games Design & Programming II Goals.. ● CT249.I – to directly support your Java programming with a 2D games development project (Pacman) ● CT249.II – to bring together the games/media skills covered since 1st year, and develop full games

Shiva Game Engine ( A closed-source games engine ● well designed and elegant to use ● Excellent GUI/HUD editing and animation system ● exposes 'just enough' thru its API ● reasonable price full licence (~€200) ● deploys to: iOS, Android, Web plugin, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Wii, and more Why take a closed source route? ● to work on a complete game at a higher level, now that you have the skills, rather than to drill down to finer detail on an open-source engine ● I think you'll find it useful (and fun?), and by the end of the course you'll be able to make complete, releasable games/multimedia apps.

We have 9 weeks.. ●

Wednesdays 10am AC204; 11am lab IT106 Weeks 1-3: fundamentals of Shiva and the Lua scripting language – labs for practice Weeks 4-9: focus on team-based game projects, while continuing with supporting material in the lectures

Game projects ● ● ●

Teams of 3 or 4 people To begin on week 4 approx Will be worth 30% of course marks To include 3D models (exported from Blender in Collada .dae format), 2D artwork GUIs/HUDs as well as textures for the 3D models (exported from Fireworks/Photoshop and animated in Shiva), programming (Lua/Shiva API), audio (ogg/wav/mp3 files exported from Audacity or from e.g. )

Prepare your ideas and teams before week 4! ● Please discuss with me as I can advise on scope and difficulty ● Simple 3D games are best (Shiva is inherently 3D so 2D games can be awkward/inefficient to make) Code Ninja? (see intro session 19th Jan)

Some of my own Shiva games â—? â—?

Since Feb 2011 I'll use these to illustrate how you accomplish key tasks in Shiva/Lua

The Shiva IDE

The Shiva IDE ● ● ●

Desktops Changing the panels in each desktop Important panels: ● Data Explorer ● Game Editor ● Attributes Editor ● AI Model Editor ● HUD Editor ● Log Reporter ● Script Editor ● Particle Editor More panels (slightly less important, maybe): ● Ambience editor (must have a scene open) ● SoundBank Editor ● Material Editor ● NavMesh Editor ● Scene Explorer

The Shiva API - overview ●

Log into (create a free account) then select Developer > Documentation

● ●

Also see the Shiva Wiki and Tutorials Available when logged into Lots of targeted examples and explanations of specific topics

Lab Session 1 ●

● ●

Install the standard set of media assets and examples onto your U: drive (inside a folder called 'shiva') Import a model of Mars Create a simple game which rotates Mars using the built in Physics engine (ODE) (We could also take direct control of the Mars object and rotate it ourselves, a little bit on every frame) No need to submit anything from this lab session

I'll demonstrate it now so take notes!

Ct249 2 week01 intro