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Latvia Last LLT activity is " DRONES ''.It is planned on 4-8.05.2020 in Latvia. The planned activities aim to share coding and programming experiences and knowledge among partners. Austrumlatvijas Tehnologiju Vidusskola is a secondary school that is founded by Rezekne Academy of Technologies.Thus, Austrumlatvijas Tehnologiju Vidusskola (ATV) has support from Rezekne Academy of Technologies about every subject. It is one of only two secondary schools of Latvia, which has been established by a higher education institution. This school implements STEM (science, technologies, engineering, and mathematics) program and prepares their students for studies in higher education institutions in the field of engineering. The Academy provides their students with the opportunity to use facilities in its Faculty of Engineering, so ATV students have a great opportunity to work and create their robotics in the technologically modern environment. The activity will be carried out on 4-8 May 2020 in Latvia, Rezekne. The host organization is " Austrumlatvijas Tehnologiju Vidusskola". This activity will last 7 days; 5 days for activity and 2 days for transportation. There will be 2 teachers and 4 students from each country.During the 5 days, students will focus on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV). Students will learn how to code Drones and rebuilt it from pieces. "DRONES" LTT activities : 1st Day: Ice-breakers and meetings.Students will focus on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV), especially: programmable Drones, Tricopter and Quadcopter. 2nd Day: Students will learn kind of Drones. Students will rebuild drones from pieces and teachers will learn to make educational drones for STEM curriculum. Participants will understand the Flying Rules. 3rd Day: Students will make " Internet of things activities" and frequency settings for flying drones at Auto or Manual Flying Mode. Participants will be informed about launching, landing, or operating unmanned aircraft. Restricted Areas for drone fly will be explained by ATV teachers. 4th Day: ATV will guide to have a visit Rezekne Academy of Technologies /Engineering Faculty and cultural excursion to Rezekne. Visiter countries will have an intimate look at the natural world and ecosystems of the region.When teachers and students turned to hometowns they will share this experiences with their families, friends, and colleagues 5th Day: Mini Drone Racing League. There will be a mini Drone race guided by teachers and Engineering Faculty Students. Evaluation forms and questionaries will be filled by participants and results will be shared with other partners.The activity will be completed with the cooperative evaluations. LATVIA ACTIVITIES will be a source to integrate Drones into STEM curriculum. Not just for fun also for : Unmanned cargo transport Agriculture Deliver medical supplies Aerial photography Forecasting ideas will be able to integrate STEM curriculums at each school. Participants will be inspired to product new STEM projects How is participation in this activity going to benefit the involved participants? STEM-based toys are an easy way to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics. Drones and quadcopters

can contribute to children being interested in STEM topics.Participants will be inspired When they learn the fields that Drones used like agriculture, photography, bomb detection, packages delivery, saving lives "Drones" LTT activities will benefit to develop the STEM Curriculum by using DRONES, quadcopters... In Latvia Activities participants; 

-will have an intimate look at the natural world and education system of Latvia.

-will easily implement Drones models into STEM lessons

-will learn how easy is Drone to Fly

-will we able to meet drones that are an expensive technology for economically disadvantaged students -will learn working principles of Drone fly

-will learn that where they can fly drones except restrict areas

-will achieve the most appropriate cost of the drone to fly a long time as wanted.

-will be able to discuss the innovations that Drone technology brings to the economy and industry.

-will develop a positive attitude about Drones

-will design their own quadcopters from pieces instead of buying

-will provide students improving creative and project-based thinking skills.

-will be more motivated to achieve more effective and memorable understandings.

-will be encouraged about important life skills like teamwork, communication, and project-based organization for students with the social obstacle

-will be able to design educational environments for special needs students

-will provide students to improve their foreign language skills. In team building activities, students will be aware of being EU citizen.

-will develop their cooperation and communication skills, will learn respect for others from different cultures.

-will be inspired to integrate and change good practices about DRONE projects

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