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Dear OMG! Readers, The summer movie season officially kicked off when Iron Man 2 raked in a staggering $128.1 million at the boxoffice on May 7. Other huge releases coming up on the summer calendar include SJP and the gals in Sex & the City 2, the third entry in the Twilight series called Eclipse and everyone's favorite, Shrek 4 Forever After.  Personally, I cannot wait for director Christopher Nolan's mind-bending Inception thriller starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Last but not least, this year's annual Movie Issue just so happens to be a very special commemorative issue honoring music legend and icon, Connie Francis.   Check out the exclusive interview with Connie on page 46. Until next time... Sincerely,

Okie Okesene Tilo, Executive Editor


American Idol’s demise

Yes Crystal Bowersox (pictured) is the clear front-runner in the current lackluster season 9 of Fox’s hit show, but there’s a huge problem when no one is rooting for her or anyone else. Simon, bring on The X-Factor already! Photo Credit: Getty Images

Miss USA’s INTENTIONAL sexy pageant photos

At last! Racy and controversial photos of Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant contestants are officially released by the organization itself and garnering much cont r o v e r s y. C h e c k them out at www. missusa Photo Credit: AP/AFP/GETTY

Katy Perry’s California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg The official song of the summer & lead single from the Hot N Cold singer’s upcoming album features a catchy chorus, an irresistible beat and the Snoop D-O-double G! Who cares that “girls” is spelled “gurls?” Photo Credit: (c) 2010 Capitol Records


Inception movie trailer Director Chris Nolan of The Dark Knight fame returns with an eye-popping and catchy trailer for his July 16 summer release starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Bonus points for an allstar cast that includes Juno. Legendary Pictures / Syncopy Films (c) 2010 Warner Bros. Pictures

Celebrity Wedding Vow Renewal Overload Mariah & Nick. Tori & Dean. Heidi & Seal. Whether sincere or just a miserable attempt to unsuccessfully crash the Sandra Bullock-dominated headlines, why do we feel more married celebs will suddenly be renewing their vows for the rest of 2010? Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images





y dear readers-a wrath of vicious, soul-sickening, and dare I say, scrotum-tightening rumors have been hovering heavily around this award-winning reporter's desk this week....and I now fear these are more than scrotum tightening, these may be downright castrating facts: Apparently, Charlie "Chain-Gang" Crist & the powers that be in Tallahassee are determined to show the Hoople Heads of Arizona who truly is #1 in the Dark Ages of State of Mind with a new bill titled the: "Halt Obscene Homosexual Ordinance", (HOMO)! "HOMO"?? As of this writing "HOMO", appears to have failed to make it into passage this legislative session but will be priority Number One next session, said our Secret Source in the governor’s mansion. He added, "Its official purpose is to protect families and their children from the pernicious influence of homosexuals and their obscene lifestyle. The ordinance will give the police the power to stop anyone they think is a homosexual!" To dig deeper into the tyranny in Tallahassee, I began with a well-known gay activist, one Kevin "Goody" Goodrow, President of Chubby Bears Rainbow Motorcycle Club, who was attending their annual gathering of International Bear Rendezvous for Bears (and Bear lovers) here in Tampa. We met at Streetcar Charlies, a notorious gay restaurant & watering hole in the blackheart of Ybor City…and what Ms. Goodrow had to say was chilling. He confirmed the same rumors, but went further with what the HOMO bill actually entails, "it is very similar to Arizona's, anyone suspected of being gay will be stopped by police, questioned about their sexual proclivities and if identified as a homosexual, they need to be registered with the state."

OMG 10

I inquired how he obtained this information, it turns out Mr. Goodrow, when not in his Harley leather, his too-tight chaps, and steel-toed biker boots is a senior staffer for a leading Republican Senate candidate! Stunned, yet trying to maintain a poker face, I asked this mountain of a man, how he squares this while at the same time trying to get elected someone who appears to want to criminalize a person for simply being gay. He scoffed dismissively, asking, “Do I look like some Drew Park Nancy-boy? Hell, they won't bother me, it's those high-steppin' ballerina types they’re after and so be it." We talked further, but I was still stupefied by this amoral mindset, and the cynicism and self-loathing it represented. To get a legal opinion on this, I reached Professor James Millsap, a respected, though controversial Constitutional Lawyer and part-time Republican operative at his office on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. As for the legality of the ordinance, Prof Millsap got right to point, proclaiming that "pursuant to the Patriot Act, civil liberties now take a back seat to national security.” The bombastic attorney seemed to be equating someone’s personal discomfort to actual national security, when he harrumphed, “regular Americans understandably feel threatened by the ever-increasing number of homosexuals teaching our children, serving us communion, or waiting tables in . If it was ok to inter Japs in WW2, Millsap adds, what right-minded judge will lose any sleep over a few gays, say 'reassembled' on their own island, say Key West or even Guantanamo?” Calls to the Governor's Office for comment were not returned. His spokesman said the governor was vacationing separately with his wife.? Stay tuned…

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With our open-minded attitude and gay-friendly attractions, there are plenty of things and people to keep you busy in Key West. Like they say, a man’s work is never done. Pridefest Key West June 9-13, 2010 ~ 1-866-848-9362 Key West rated “Favorite Gay Resort Town” - Out Traveler

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"Famiglia e Amici” is Italian for “Family and Friends” and that phrase has defined CDB’s for over thirty-five years. Italian food is a celebration of life, and sharing that celebration with family and friends is what CDB’s Southside prides itself on. On this particular Saturday night, I was dining with a group of friends at CDB’s Southside Italian Restaurant & Bar, a well rooted restaurant located at 3671 S. Westshore Blvd in Tampa, Florida that styles itself as an "osteria Romana," which roughly means "Roman inn." The restaurant has a very “family style” flavor to it. White linen table cloths, Roman statues, dark paneling, and pictures of Italian landmarks and countryside made me feel as if I were in Rome. The décor seemed a bit dated, but its utter unpretentiousness invited my party to feel free to linger over drinks and dinner with no time constraints. Most of CDB’s innovations work. It is this reviewer’s opinion that CDB’s is the rare Tampa restaurant that makes you want to pursue the traditional three-course meals often found in Italy. The appetizers ($7-13) tend to be generous, which means you and a companion can split one.

OMG 28

I'd skip the ho-hum Sicilian garlic bread with melted provolone and Italian herbs in favor of more robust offerings such as the CLAMS CASIN, fresh clams with homemade fresh crabmeat stuffing that just melts in your mouth, the EGGPLANT ROLLATINI, sliced eggplant rolled around a blend of ricotta, romano, and mozzarella cheeses, then baked in marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella, or a CDB favorite: FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, lightly breaded and deep-fried fresh tomatoes served with their famous “comeback” sauce. Regardless what appetizer you choose, I recommend you bring your portable defibrillator; almost everything is either heavily breaded and fried, or served with a heavy dose of garlic butter. I mean it is an Italian restaurant after all! I’d encourage you to order one of CDB’s self proclaimed famous pizzas since this is what they are noted for! Starting out at $8.99 for a basic small cheese pie, prices can reach up to $17.99 for the more healthy appetite who craves a large sized pie. Additional toppings can range from a $1.75 to $3.25 each depending

on the size of the pie. Confused by choices, unable to make a decision? The A-T-FM (Artichokes, Tomato, Fresh Mozarella) SPECIALTY PIE would be my recommendation, starting at $13.99, with a brushing of their homemade white sauce as a base, the A-T-FM pizza blows any other pizza on the menu out of the water. For the pasta lover in you, CBD’s has pasta down pat with their PASTA La Sua MANIERA or Pasta Your Way, base priced at $10.99 and running up to $15.99. Your “way” starts out with a choice of 5 different fresh pastas, 4 different sauces, or as they are known in Northern Italy – “gravies,” and a cornucopia of fresh vegetables, poultry, meat, sausages and seafood toppings to punch up the dish. For the health conscious, I would recommend the VEGETARIAN PARMIGIANA, ($13.99) a tasteful dish of fresh vegetables steamed crisp and covered with marinara sauce, grated parmesan cheese and melted mozzarella and served on a bed of penne. Tasty and not the normal boring heart healthy dish you might expect to find in a traditional Italian kitchen.

The final course in any three course meal is “dolce” or Italian dessert. A standard favorite at ANY good Italian restaurant is the homemade CANNOLI. At CDB’s, they are made with a sweet ricotta cheese mixture stuffed into a hand rolled Alessi cannoli shell, a “Nickalouie’s favorite at CDB’s. Looking for a dessert that might be more the traditional Italian fare, CDB’s TIRAMISU delivers a true taste of Italy. Served with a nice port or aperitif from CDB’s extensive bar service will cap off any dinner experience with a favorable touch. The only down side to my visit to CDB’s was the wait staff assigned to our party seemed to be a little off their game that night. Why is it so hard to find great service with a smile from a waiter/waitress that actually enjoys their job? Until next time, Mangia tutto!

CDB’s Southside Italian Restaurant and Bar WHERE: 3671 S Westshore Blvd, Tampa, Florida HOURS: Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10:00pm Friday & Saturday 11:30am-11:00pm Sunday 11:30-9:00pm RESERVATIONS: Not accepted except for large parties PRICE: Entrees (Pizzas/Pastas/Grinders) range for $7.99 to $18.99 ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED Call (813) 805-2320 for more info FOOD: 4 stars out of 5 ATMOSPHERE: 3 stars out of 5 SERVICE: 3.5 out of 5

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95 South couple of weeks ago, I gathered my wardrobe for a weekend retreat to everyone’s favorite down town party called South Beach. Initially, I intended to have a mini reunion with some girlfriends from my yester years for a bachelorette party. No not queens, but real straight out the hood banjee girls. You know the ones! Gangsta boos that dress like Power Rangers with hairstyles that look like they had a seizer. They may be real pretty but they will not hesitate to bust a bottle on the side of the curb and cut a bitch. Yes Maam, my hood bitches: no purse just a bosom and pure confidence. However, being the independent business women that I am… I siphoned a gig in the process just so I could have a little spare change to pop the cork.


After what seemingly was treacherous drive, we finally made it just in time to check in the Ocean Spray Hotel. As a side note: if ever you come across the Ocean Spray hotel located on 4130 Collins Ave, keep it movin' honey. Don’t let that Miami clip art website fool you. This boutique boarding house may look quaint and cute on the outside but the staff is about as accommodating as a server at The Waffle House. At one point, the toilet in the room wouldn’t flush and “Bill Cosby” at the front desk welcomed us to use the public restroom on the main floor. What?!?!? Ok and I guess I can take a shower with the water hose out back? If I wasn’t so dehydrated for a Blue Long Island, I would’ve pissed on his pudding pops on the way out. More on that hostel later. Our first mission was Score Nightclub. Considering the long drive, I was almost running down the Lincoln Mall through the entire rift raft dying to

OMG 34

get to the nearest watering hole. With all the hustling to get there, my mouth was so dry I could spit sand. We finally made it, ordered two shots and two drinks and I swear to God the bartender came back and asked me for $38.00. Yes girl, $38.00! I didn’t get any prizes, no earrings, T-shirt, an extra fry, didn’t ask him to super size it or nothing. I didn’t remember riding any roller coasters, taking pictures with Minnie Mouse or none of that. And the shot glasses were almost bigger than the regular glass. I felt raped and not in a good way. Best believe I sucked the enzymes out of that ice and when it was time for a refill, I swished the new drink in the glass of the old to make sure I wasn’t leaving a drop. As soon as the beats got good and the drinks a.k.a mouthwash finally started hittin, the DJ asked me to leave. Yeah. You read right. Anytime you giving me beats and ALL of a sudden comes some 80’s Duran Duran song followed by “Baby Got Back”, you are personally asking me to evacuate the premises. After a few other failed attempts to get the party started we just did the sensible thing and hopped on over to Twist Nightclub. Twist was just as twisted as ever. If you have never been, it’s the equivalent of a Gbar in Tampa or Parliament House in Orlando. You don’t really wanna go because that’s where everyone always goes all the time but you know you’re going to have a good time regardless. As soon as I stepped in and saw the wall to wall booties, it was just if I were back at home as every other person was a familiar face.

After maybe my tenth or twentieth Blue Long Island, the only thing I remember was meeting a very cute guy who was new to the area from serving it up on the dance floor. The next thing I recall is waking up in the hotel fully clothed with my phone lying on top of me. Oh and apparently I met a guy named Randy too? Anyways I’m not sure who Randy is but it appears he lives on Ocean Drive, is a versatile top (go figure) and extremely persistent as he kept texting me all day to C-U-M over. Sorry Mr. Randy, I don’t remember meeting or talking to you but obviously we broke bread at some point in the night. Conversely I’m not judging, but I’ve never been the type to go home with a stranger from the club. Those of you who know me well also know my motto: “Romance without finance is nonsense.” Maybe next time I’ll have one of my sistas C-U-M over instead. The Party On… After having a “How Stella Got Her Grove Back” moment with all my “Around the Way” girls, it was time to get suited up for my debut appearance at The Manor Complex in Fort Lauderdale. Since I was running just a tad bit behind, I raced up what felt like 18 flights of stairs to the dressing room. I didn’t have much time to really capture the entire place until after my performance. Naturally, my performance enticed the crowd and went off with out incident. However I can’t say the same except for the lovely Erica Norell as the electricity in the entire complex blacked out right at the climax of her performance. Just to be on the safe side, I clutched my purse and my drink closely while clinging closely to famed photographer Dale Stine thinking, “I’m glad that shit didn’t happen to me!” The last time I watched an episode of The Flint stones

and the lights went out in the whole city, somebody wound up missing their pearls. Honey, I have killed for less. Everything eventually returned to normal as Oren Nizri swiftly served the beats and revved the crowd up once again. As I tipped about The Manor, I felt like I had gone to several different venues in one night. There is an ultra lounge, internet café, outside lounge area, sports bar, restaurant and nightclub all in one spot. Yes maam, The Manor is every club you’ve ever been to times two. Unfortunately, when the place closed at 2am I felt like I was in some type of alternate Pinellas County Universe. Nevertheless I hit it back to the hotel and baptized my self in the no pressure cold shower. As I sat on my bed, I realized that my weekend retreat was drawing to an end. So I did what any respectable diva of my stature would do, I called up my 305 roadies Chris Car and Asia Aviance and hit up Alan T’s Birthday Party at Space Nightclub at 11am on Sunday morning. Sadly when I got back to the Ocean Spray Hotel, the attendant had the audacity, the impudence, the fucking balls to condescendingly tell me I was and hour past check out and that I should have know better to stay out partying all night. He was going to charge MY card ANOTHER day and keep my deposit. “Excuse me sir!!! YOU GON DO WHUT!?! Bitch if you charge my card…” (DUE TO ITS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND VIOLENT NATURE, THIS PORTION OF THIS COLUMN HAS BEEN CENSORED) …But I made it home safe so praise God for that! Next time, check back for me popping my cherry at New York Pride. In the meantime, if your mind wonders… let it lead you here.

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n the last edition of Mind, Body and Spirit, we learned that there are at least 250 kinds of therapies that are part of the ever growing world of Massage and Bodywork. We addressed Swedish massage, Asian Modalities and Indian Therapies. In this edition of MBS, we will finish up by analyzing Energy Medicine, Fascial Release and Movement Education therapies. The goal in the end is to equip the local massage consumer with the necessary information to make an educated choice about the wonderful benefits of therapeutic touch. Energy Medicine: Sometimes explanation falls far short of realization and that’s likely the case with energy work. Two major components of Energy medicine in Bodywork are Polarity Therapy and Reiki. In mainstream society, when a surgeon uses polarity therapy as part of his pre and post surgery protocol, or when a daughter lovingly uses reiki to relieve her dying mother’s pain from cancer; it’s hard to offer a succinct explanation that’s worthy of the effect. Polarity Therapy: Developed by osteopathic physician Randolph Stone is a combination of energy work that incorporates the working principals of ayurveda (the Indian tradition discussed in the last edition of MBS), chiropractic and osteopathy. Additionally, Stone advocated the use of naturopathic approaches to diet and exercise to increase the effectiveness of his energy work. In simple terms, polarity therapy asserts that the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health. If the flow becomes blocked or imbalanced, disease and pain occur. Unifying mind, body and spirit allows polarity therapy to support one’s inherent self-healing mechanisms. Stone advocated that polarity therapy acts as the common denominator in the healing arts and that when used in conjunction with massage therapy; it deepens both the client and the therapist understanding and management of stress patterns in the body.

OMG 40

Reiki: Developed by scholar and Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1933, reiki is based on the idea that life force energy flows through us all. The art of reiki works to keep energy clear and freeflowing. Reiki treats the entire person – mind, body, emotions and spirit. A simple process, grounded in the spiritual realm but not religious in nature and no prescribed dogma; Reiki practitioners work to align chakras (pre-determined energy centers in the body by a “lying of hands” both directly and indirectly. This alignment brings healing energy to organs and glands and promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being. Practitioners say client experiences with the work can be as different as the person receiving it: you don’t have to “believe” in the process in order for it to work; you just have to have an honest, active commitment to improving your well-being in order for reiki to work. Fascial Release: Fascia is a matrix of weblike connective tissue in the body that works very similar to the red mesh bag you buy onions in at the grocery store. Internally, fascia holds everything inside the body in place and binds the body together. Stress and injury take their toll on fascia and can create restrictions by tightening these important inner tissues and making them less pliable. Fascial release works to bring structural organization back to the body. The most recognized components of fascia work are Myofascial release, Structural Integration and Rolfing. Myofascial Release is a hands-on approach works to eliminate pain and restore function through gentle sustained pressure at various points of restriction in the body. Used in conjunction with massage to first warmup and loosen the muscles, the therapist then uses MFR techniques to further release the areas of restriction and provided greater movement and function. MFR techniques work best when incorporated with breathing, stretching and massage.

Structural Integration and Rolfing: These two modalities, different yet succinct, are often accredited to Ida Rolf, PhD. Dr Rolf explored osteopathy and yoga to determine their effects on structure and function in the human body. Her research led her to conclude that structural integration thru a process of soft tissue manipulation and movement education will afford the body an ability to naturally align itself for optimum function. This work is both deep and intense and follows a 10 session protocol to achieve its ultimate result. These treatments might include constant applied pressure or deep slow stretching, with the therapist constantly evaluating the client’s balance, movement patterns, posture and stance to encourage natural realignment. Movement Reeducation: This is a relatively new branch of bodywork and is made up of modalities that reeducate or re-pattern the body to find its original state of health. Using these modalities to establish new connections between the body and mind through simple movement therapies can eliminate old pain patterns; thereby improving the physical, mental and emotional state of the body. The most recognized components of movement reeducation are Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method. Alexander Technique: Developed by stage actor Fredrick Alexander, this modality evolved out of Alexander’s frustration over losing his voice onstage during productions. Alexander sought the best trained medical specialists to help with his tragic loss but to no avail. After sustained self observation did he realize his problem. Every time that Alexander performed, he lifted his chin and tightened the neck muscles which restricted his breathing and induced his pathology. Taking matters into his own hands, Alexander developed a process called directing, or deliberately trying not to perform the actions that got him in this problem in the first place.

Ultimately, Alexander found that thinking too hard about how to do it right was getting in the way of just doing it right. The key to the process was to relinquish harmful movement habits and increase self-awareness skills for relearning healthy movement patterns. Feldenkrais Method: Developed by Russian Engineering Physicist Moshe Feldenkrais, the Feldenkrais method is a form of somatic education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and enhance human functioning. This modality uses self observation to create a more even distribution of effort within the body. Clients are (1) taught how to come out of the somatic fog that tends to envelope us, (2) recognize our bad habits and then (3) relearn our bodies and our movements; therefore creating a more even distribution of effort within our body. Movement reeducation modalities require more specialized training within the Massage & Bodywork therapy field; however both are quite effective when incorporated with massage work. Filled with therapies and traditions from around the world, Massage & Bodywork offerings in today’s health care world are more healthy and vibrant than ever. This expansion in the alternative health care field allows us to view massage as more than just relaxation and pampering and more as a form of preventative medicine. As this field continues to expand and is nurtured by history, acceptance and our desire to live well, massage therapy is on the way to mainstream acceptance. Give yourself a break today with a massage! There are plenty of licensed massage therapists out there, but make sure you are getting what is right for you. At TampaProMassage, I offer quality, affordable massage on your terms. For more information, contact me today at (813) 368-0532 or check out my website at

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A Day of Remembrance

Harvey May 22nd, 2010

7:00 PM

MILK Special Sale Prices on Merchandise and Tickets

Chance to Win weekend stay in various hotels or 2 night carribean cruise

Guest Speakers Romaine Patterson and Alex Nicholson Presented by: OMG 42

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WRITTEN By Maggie Harbour


he still stunning singing sensation who topped the charts in the 1950’s and 60’s with such hits as Who’s Sorry Now, Lipstick on Your Collar, Stupid Cupid and My Happiness will be honored at Fort Lauderdale’s First American Beach party on Memorial Days weekend. Francis helped put Fort Lauderdale on the map in 1960, when she starred in the cult classic, Where The Boys Are – making the city THE place to go for spring break. And now, to commemorate the film’s 50th anniversary, she will have a town square named after her.

Photo: Bobby Bank/WireImage

“I am honored that they are naming the square after me,” says Francis, who now makes her home in Florida. “I fell in love with Fort Lauderdale the moment I arrived in 1960 and I only wish I would have moved here back then, instead of waiting almost 40 years to become a Florida resident.” And although Connie now has homes in both Coral Springs and West Palm Beach, she still travels the world performing her hits for fans. She’s very excited to step back on the Vegas stage May 21-23 with Dionne Warwick; performing some of their favorite songs. Connie, and Warwick, 69, famous for such mega hits as Do You Know the Way to San Jose?, and Don’t Make Me Over, will appear together for the first time at the Las Vegas Hilton in Eric Floyd’s Grand Diva’s of Stage. “Strangely enough, Dionne and I only met one time, about 45 years ago, and it was only for a couple seconds,” confesses Francis. “But it’s destiny that we are going to work together because we are both New Jersey Girls who attended the same Jersey High School, and we share the very same birthday… December 12. So I can’t wait for us to wow the crowds together later this month.”

OMG 46

“It’s also ironic that we are appearing together, because years ago, two young songwriters came to see me with songs they thought would be perfect. I gave the songs a listen, but decided they were not right for me and I sent them on their way, telling them to “keep on truckin’” Francis continues, “Well, years later I heard the songs; tunes like Walk on By, Make it Easy on Yourself and Say a Little Prayer, and they were being sung by Dionne Warwick. And the two guys turned out to be none other than Burt Bacharach and Hal David. So I figure she owes me!” And while Connie jokes about her near miss with two of the most famous songwriters in America, she is not quite as light hearted when it comes to relating other stories from her past.

“So many soldiers who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan are affected, and I am working to get the word out that there is help available and that suffering from the affliction is nothing to be ashamed of.” In fact, Francis, who once performed for soldiers in Vietnam is such an advocate, that she was named National Spokesperson for the Mental Health America Trauma campaign and she is being honored by them with a luncheon in Florida on May 19. Connie suffered a further setback in 1977 when a botched nasal surgery left her unable to sing for 4 more years. And in 1981, she survived the shocking murder of her only brother George by the mafia. “There was a period of at least ten years when my life was in shambles,”

In the late 1950’s, Francis fell in love with singer Bobby Darin and they hoped to marry. Connie’s father heard about their plans and forbid his daughter to ever see Darin again. And two years later when Bobby married actress Sandra Dee, Connie was heartbroken as she still refers to the late singer as the love of her life. “My father got wind of the fact Bobby and I were planning to elope,” she tells OMG! Magazine. “And he literally came after Bobby with a gun, saying he wanted him to leave me forever. Obviously Bobby realized there was no way my strict Italian dad was going to allow the wedding to take place, so he moved on. Bobby was the love of my life and it broke my heart.” And then in 1974, after a performance at the Westbury Music Hall in New York, Francis was brutally raped at knifepoint in her hotel room – a true nightmare she has never gotten over, a nightmare that left her unable to perform for the next seven years. “My life was affected in so many ways by the rape,” says Francis. “I suffered from post-traumatic stress and was involuntarily committed to 17 different mental institutions in 9 years, in 5 different states. In those days, an awful lot was not known about post–traumatic stress, so it was a horrible time in my life. Now people are learning so much more about the illness and they are learning to speak up and get help.”

“My advice for Sandra is to keep walking and don’t look back,” says the singer. “At 40, Sandra thought she found the man she would spend the rest of her life with but he betrayed her. At a time when she should have been enjoying the fruits of her hard work, he embarrassed and humiliated her.” Like Sandra, who just adopted a son she named Louis, Connie also adopted her only child – a son – with her second husband. And like Sandra, when the boy was just a few months old, she divorced her husband and became a single mom. “My son Joey is 35 and he’s the greatest joy of my life,” says Connie. “He’s a wonderful person and I am so proud of him. Sandra is now the mother of a beautiful baby boy and she should focus her energy and attention on him and on being the best she can be.” And Connie takes her own advice at being the best she can be. At 71, she looks at least ten years younger.

Sun Sentinel Photo / Mike Stocker

she says. And from 1964 through 1986, Francis experienced four bad marriages – the first two with abusive husbands. “I could actually say that the years I spent as someone’s wife were the most unhappy years of my life. I feel some men have a sense of entitlement from a woman and I felt as if I were expected to spend all my energy and time doing things for them. My own career and desires came second.”

“I take good care of myself,” she confides. “I eat sensibly – which is not always easy because being Italian, my favorite meal is pasta! But I try to eat it in moderation.” “There is this great little café down the street that does healthy pasta dishes. My favorite is the special skim milk raviolis that are only 100 calories. I try to stay away from red meat and eat a lot of things like turkey– based meatloaf.” And when it comes to working out, Connie is no slacker.

Says Connie, “I am currently dating a wonderful man, but I can’t see walking down the aisle again. At this time of my life I am determined to be the best person, entertainer, mother and friend I can be, and I’m happy with that.”

“I work out with a personal trainer at least twice a week doing Pilates, yoga, weight training and aerobics,” she says. “And I admit to having had a face lift four years ago… why not? And a little Restylane every once in a while doesn’t hurt. Why shouldn’t we all try and be the best we can be?”

Because of what she feels she’s learned about love and relationships, Connie has some words of advice for actress and new mom Sandra Bullock, who recently discovered her husband of four years was having affairs with a sting of mistresses.

Connie will continue to travel the world performing for her fans, but she also looks forward to spending more time in Florida – where the boys are - and where she can take a leisure stroll anytime she wants on Connie Francis Square. OMG 47

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pher Rey 2. Kristo LArge e 3. Jujube BALL OSET L C 4. N ISO D 5. AD ST A C P L 6. F




2. 1. 6.

OMG 52

Hey Yawl,

If you’re wondering what happen to those even tempered days of spring, well honey there’re long gone. The hot humid days of summer are upon us and there’s no turning back, so hold on kids it’s going to be a smoldering, hot, sticky ride. I want to give a big shout out to Addison Brook Taylor who was recently showed great integrity after traveling to Daytona for a scheduled booking only to be told that the show was cancelled. According to Addison, no one informed her that the booking was cancelled but instead allowed her to travel to Daytona under false pretenses. Once there, no form of compensations was offered she disappointingly returned to Orlando. This club violated the sacred trust between entertainers and establishments. I have traveled from state to state to night clubs, both large and small on this single principle; your word is your bond! When verbal agreements are made between a bar and a queen, it’s binding. Should the bar for any reason must cancel the verbal contract, a respectful phone call is in order. To allow an entertainer to travel to a canceled engagement is a lack of responsibility and darn right shady. What should have happen in Addison’s case; a phone call from the club canceling the booking in due time and if for some reason the booking had to be cancelled last minute after Addison arrived, she should have at least been paid travels expenses. The majority of female impersonators around the country work on a verbal contracts. Should incidents like Addison’s continue, you can bet your bottom dollar written contacts will be the next step. I know you’re wondering the name of night club in question, my lips are sealed. Ms Darcel is not in business of slamming night clubs no matter how wrong, for that information you’ll need to contact Addison ( Addison Brook Taylor). Add another National Title Holder to Orlando’s bevy of winners. I am tickled pink that The MINX is your newly crowned Miss International USA 2010. The 3 day pageant owned by Dena Cass garnered over 30 contestants and took place in the great state of Iowa, (IOWA??!!) yes Iowa. The Mix won 3 out of 4 categories including the coveted Best Talent Award.

The Mix joins Armani; Miss Continental, Co Co Montrese; Miss America, Roxxy Andrews; Miss Continental Plus, Nina Cherry; Miss Black America Plus, Tiffany McCray; Miss Renaissance, and Tyra Sanchez; Winner RuPaul’s Drag Race, as Orlando’s 7th National reigning National Title holder. Congratulations and well done to The Minxx. Speaking of RuPaul’s Drag Race; JuJu Bee and Jessica Wilds will invade the Parliament House on Memorial Day Saturday, May 29, 2010 for a one of a kind explosive Memorial Day revue. Both girls were contestants on season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and are presently touring the country with their awesome talents. It’s sure to be a wild night so mark your calendars for this one night only event. I want to thanks to Kristopher Reynolds Photography for the magnificently beautiful photo shoot him and Rachael Summers recently orchestrated for the Footlight Players. As a renowned photographer, Kristopher has captured many of the drag world’s elite entertainers from the Footlight Player to the Chicago’s Baton Lounge show cast. You must check out his awesome work by logging onto Facebook. com; (Kristopher Reynolds Photography). So if you’re looking for a fantastic photographer who can pull your inner beauty out and make you feel gorgeous, you must contact Kristopher Reynolds Photography, he and Rachael will hook you up. Finally I want to congratulate Sassy Devine who recently won Miss Metropolitan Continental Pageant. We are so proud of Sassy has she heads to Miss Continental in Chicago all of Orlando wishes her the best of luck. Next issue I’ll profile Sassy Devine, when you’ll learn a more about her and her many aspirations. Until then, I’ve got to go figure out my new I-Phone Bye Yawl..

Ms Darcel

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Photos by Leigh Shannon

Photos by Antwoyne Ingram

written by dj joanie DJ’s have a picture window to gay society, fashion, culture and attitudes. Night after night while playing the tracks we are witness to all that transpires before us and it is our job responsibility to excite, entertain, adapt and inspire. Of late, bc (’s program director) and I have noticed a general void of love on the dance floor. We call it ‘The Great Dance Floor Depression”. Cell phones have become more important than the club experience, young vacant eyes ONLY sparkle for Gaga, and general negativity has become entertainment. We’ve lost the communal club experience when going out was like “going to church” and everyone accepted each other as family. Society oppressed us but when we were on the dance floor there was no prejudice…we were safe, protected and positively uplifted together as one. Accuse me of “preaching from the pulpit” but I ask you to look inward at your “club conduct” and please always be kind to your dance floor brothers and sisters. Common courtesy, empathy and kindness are awesome qualities; ego and hate make you unattractive. This issue I’m passing out some inspirational “homework tracks”. Look them up, download them to your precious smart devices and take a look inward. I hope to see you smiling on a dance floor soon.

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera First off is the monster Grammy-winning anthem

that spoke to us all. Written by out-lesbian Linda Perry (of 4 Non-Blondes) this Beatleslike classic ballad taught us that “I’m beautiful no matter what you say” and “words can’t bring me down”. Google the video, if you’ve never seen it. It transcends race, creed, color and sexual orientation. Truly a song that touches the soul and can change a life. It’s currently in constant rotation on Let the power of this masterpiece hold you up in these troubled times.

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Whitney Houston Say what you may

about her but she always has been the mouth-piece that delivered the inspirational goods. “Greatest Love Of All” and this track are required listening for the trials and tribulations of coming out and horrific breakups. Send some positive energy her way while you’re at it. She’s always been a friend to our community and needs to listen to her own lyrics to get her train back on track.

World Hold On – Bob Sinclair I’ve actually seen a grandmother dance to this song. It’s a testament to its magnificent message. It’s a global plea to look inward to find your inner child, be kind to yourself, your brother and your planet. The Big Bang may be repeated but everything will be alright because we are all “children of the sky”. It’s self-therapy and the mysteries of the universe in a 6 minute song. Proud – Heather Small The former lead singer of M-People from the 90’s “Movin’ On Up” gave us “The Secret” a few years back with this classic. Mainstream folks know this from NBC’s “Biggest Loser” but GLBT’s everywhere remember this from the opening and closing episodes of “Queer As Folk”. “What have you done today to make you feel proud? It’s never too late to try”. Take Heather’s advice….you control your own destiny.

Thanks for playing along! Remember…. “You ARE What You LISTEN To!”

We’re all about YOUR MUSIC at Listen to us while you work, work out, relax, drive or play. We’ll bring you cutting edge imports, mash-ups and the hottest buzz records via laptop, iPhone/iPod Touch, iTunes Radio or smart devices, 24-7. Get the info at Click the tab called "smart devices". Follow us: | Dance-House-Circuit-Tribal-Chill and more. YOUR MUSIC DJ Joanie is the Music Director of, a Billboard Club Play Reporter, and a resident DJ of Central Florida.

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Chely Wright


n celebrity news this week… Bullock, Bullock and more Bullock. Enough already! Leave her alone. Instead pick on someone whose drug and alcohol addiction is aided by her mooching mother. Lindsay Lohan is making news with her latest movie role as Linda Lovelace, the most famous porn star of all time. Lovelace was born Linda Boreman in 1949 and began a relationship with entrepreneur and pornographer Chuck Traynor in the late 1960’s. She appeared in eight verified 8mm hard-core fetish loops with a breakthrough role in the feature Deep Throat (1972). Surprisingly, the film became a runaway hit, playing to sell-out crowds in "respectable" cinemas; it is still considered the quintessential adult film of all time. With her newfound celebrity, Linda was unable to sustain a solid movie career. After the R-rated Deep Throat Part II (1974) and the soft-X Linda Lovelace for President (1975) proved box-office disasters, she faded from sight. In 1980, Lovelace re-emerged as the author of a controversial autobiography called Ordeal. She became a part of the radical feminist movement, testifying before the Meese Commission on the supposed dangers of pornography. In April 2002, Linda Lovelace died in a tragic car accident. Not sure this will help Miss Lohan, but watch the original. (I wanted to do the remake!) Other movie news, Cher and Cristine Aguilera will be starring in this fall’s feature film Burlesque. I personally cannot wait for this one. Superstar Cher also announced that one winner will have the chance to own one of her favorite designer gowns (pictured in the photo) in a 10-day eBay charity auction to support the Voila Foundation in Haiti.

At 4 pm PDT on May 4 and running through May 14th, the auctioned oneof-a-kind gown designed by Bob Mackie will be yours to win and own! Gay rumors have existed about country music stars for years. Kenny Chesney travels with a best pal a lot! Wynonna Judd has never commented on her status, but has played several Lesbian Gay cruises, is good friends with Rosie O’Donnell and has two failed marriages under her belt buckle. Even Dolly Parton has admitted to sleeping in the same bed with long time assistant Judy Ogle but claims only to be great friends and NOT to be gay. Ty Herndon was caught for lewd behavior in a park but denies being gay. If any of these country superstars are gay, I will say that if there ever was a time to come out, now is the time. Chely Wright, country hit maker from the late 90’s has just done so. We applaud you Chely for your courage. Check out Chely’s website at and pick up a copy of her new book Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer while at it. Celebrity manager of the week: Cindi Barbalock. Cindi is currently one of the managers at Revolution in Orlando, FL and has been a smashing success in her lengthy career. Have a great week & thank you for your emails. FYI, I love me some OMG! Till Next Time,


Photos by Antwoyne Ingram

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n anonymous OMG! Reader in Tampa, FL recently asked: “I’ve recently discovered that I slept with someone who I know to be HIV positive. We are good friends, but I wanted to be tested so that I can accurately know my status. How long should I wait, and what is the most reliable test to take?” Unfortunately, many people have had to experience the panic of possible infection and the anxiety that comes with the territory. Having a game plan for diagnosis and treatment is important for any sexually active person. Here are some basics on HIV testing and how they are performed. Most HIV tests are antibody tests that look for antibodies in your blood. These antibodies were created by your body to fight against HIV. It takes time for your immune system to produce enough antibodies for the antibody test to detect and this time period can vary from person to person. The majority of people develop detectable antibodies within 2 to 8 weeks (the average is 25 days). However, some people will take longer to develop detectable antibody levels that would yield a positive test. Therefore, if the initial negative HIV test was conducted within the first 3 months after possible exposure, repeat testing should be considered greater than 3 months after the exposure occurred to make sure. 97% of persons will develop antibodies in the first 3 months following the time of their infection. Another type of test is called a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test that looks for actual copies of the virus via viral genetic material (RNA or DNA). The time between HIV infection and RNA detection is 9–11 days. These tests are very accurate when time makes diagnosis imperative and urgent such as with newborn babies. They are more costly than antibody tests and used less often. The most common HIV tests use blood to detect HIV infection. Tests using saliva are also available.

Some tests take a few days for results, but rapid HIV tests can give results in about 20 minutes. These tests can be performed at your physician’s office or any local health department/ GLBT community center. All positive HIV tests must be followed up by another test to confirm the positive result. The follow up test is a blood test that looks for actual viral proteins and quantifies them. This ensures that the first test, if positive, was not a false-positive assay. The confirmatory test usually takes 1-2 days to result. Provided you wait 3-4 weeks to be tested, your chances of having a reliable result will increase. The rapid HIV test (20 minutes for a result) boasts a 99.6% accuracy if done after 12 weeks from the exposure. If you are concerned, you should refrain from sexual activity until you know your status. Inform all partners of your risk, and if you remain sexually active, always use protection with a condom from start to stop! If you do test positive for HIV, take early steps to protect your health. Early medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle can help you stay well. Prompt medical care may delay the onset of AIDS and prevent some life-threatening conditions or complications of being infected with HIV. Seek advice from a professional medical provider as soon as possible. You can also seek care at your local health department who will provide you with the support, diagnostics and providers you’ll need to maintain your health. For more information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at Please e-mail questions or concerns to doctordan@ and look for answers to your questions in upcoming issues. This column is intended to address concerns, not to evaluate, diagnose or treat any medical conditions. All personal health decisions should be made in coordination with your health care provider.



up with Dwight Powell, founder of Sizzle Miami to deliver an unforgettable function during Memorial Day Weekend’s urban circuit party “Sizzle.”

The drought may be over! The Vogue Fem, Runway and Performance kids have been practicing all winter long, are out for blood and are ready to make it HOT. Pump the beats, give them a nasty commentator, take a few steps back and the Florida ballroom kids will let you have it. Legendary Father Danny Ebony and Legendary Godfather Delano Ebony have partnered

I, Malicious Ebony will be covering all upcoming balls throughout the summer. Expect full ball reports, which legends, stars and statements were in the building, and who was hot and who got chopped. I assure you that absolutely no “tea” will go un-spilled. Being in the ballroom scene for only two years, this is the most ecstatic I’ve been since I’ve walked my very first ball. This summer definitely has a lot of potential to take Florida’s Ballroom Scene back to what it used to be and what it needs to be. Calling the Florida Chapters of The House of Ebony, Milan, Infiniti, Ninja, Mizrahi, Khan, and Legacy… .lets make it hot this summer. I will see all of you girls on the runway – Malicious Ebony

lorida’s Ballroom Scene is certainly heating up as the summer season rolls in. As the ballroom scene flourishes in its originating city of New York and other metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Atlanta, DC, and Philly; the Florida “girls” have been wondering why Florida’s scene is so…well, dry. This summer however is looking very promising as the first major and most anticipated ball of the summer, The Florida Awards Ball is boasting a $5000 cash prize.


“As a member of the ballroom scene since 1997 and Father of the House of Ebony – Florida Chapter, I have hosted many ballroom events including the Florida Awards Ball for five years and have participated in the development of the Florida scene for 9 years. This ball represents that year of hard work and dedication to the Florida scene from its many competitors. At this ball I expect to award over 30 different individuals for their creativity and craftsmanship from each respected category, and to also inaugurate new members with a status of Legend, Statement or Star. This year we also plan to establish Florida’s Hall of Fame, which is a new beginning for a scene that existed since 1992 and was founded by the Icon Jojo Infiniti Ebony. In prior years I have hosted my event at many different halls or nightclubs throughout South Florida with a participation of over 400 members of the scene from here and coast to coast. This year in association with Sizzle Miami, the marketing direction and promotional drive dedicated to the event, we expect to achieve three times that amount of participating members at the Ice Palace Night Club - Miami from this scene and throughout the U.S” – Legendary Father Danny Ebony OMG 72





$3 Lycheetini’s Advance Reservations 954-202-0000

2389 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-202-0000 |



Y LOL READERS! I expect you’re cooling down at the pool, staying inside the house blowing the A/C on full blast or finalizing that list of vacation spots to hit up this summer. As all of you know, there are a lot of movies coming out this summer. Fans will be out in full force to support their favorite actor, actress and/ or film franchise. For fans of the Twilight phenomenon (including myself ), Eclipse arrives in theaters in June. This saga has eclipsed all of the Harry Potter series with its mix of action, drama, romance, vampires, wolves, you name it. Several of you may have not yet succumbed to the Twilight series hype. I for one was not interested in seeing any of the movies, but slowly found myself becoming a fan. Also, Kristen Stewart who plays the film’s heroine Bella Swan is HOT!

One great movie that has already been playing in theaters is Date Night with The Office star Steve Carell and the always hilarious Tina Fey. Audiences have seen Carell in the hit movie 40 Year Old Virgin and Fey in last year’s Baby Mama; fans of both will definitely give the film a 3 star rating out of 4 like I did. I know couples are looking for that perfect mix of romance and comedy, and Date Night is the answer.

There are a handful of us ladies who still have the eye for Angelina Jolie. DON’T LIE, I KNOW YOU DO! The award winning actress has starred in many box-office hits, and you all have to admit that she was mouth-watering in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The 34 year-old actress next stars in the sexy thriller Salt, playing an agent involved in an undercover cop to assassinate the President. I’ve viewed the trailer over 10 times alone, simply because she is just so damn yummy. July 23 must be marked in everyone’s calendars since that is when Salt is released in theaters. So this summer, make some time to plan a night or two to see the new movies that will be coming out. There will be a nice variety of movies being released, offering a little bit of something for everyone.








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CHELSEA NIGHTCLUB 1502 N. Florida Ave 6 813-228-0139 7 CITY SIDE 3703 Henderson Blvd. (813) 350-0600 8 VALENTINES 7522 N. Armenia Ave 813-936-1999

10 TRIBECA COLORSALON 1600 E 8th Ave 813-242-4080








HILTON GARDEN INN TAMPA YBOR HISTORIC DISTRICT 1700 East 9th Ave. Tampa, Florida 33605 813-769-9267

HOWARD JOHNSON 111 W. Fortune St. 813.223.1351

BUDDHA LOUNGE 1430 E 7th Ave 813-242-0400



1600 East 8th Ave. Tampa, Florida 33605 813-247-4600


HAMBURGER MARY'S 1600 E 8th Ave 813-241-6279

SPECIAL VENUES The RITZ Ybor 1503 E 7th Ave 813-247-25550



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46th Ave S

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2937 Beach Blvd. Gulfport (727) 346-9800








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1148 U S 19 N. HOLIDAY FL 34691 727.940.5854

TRIBECA SALON South Tampa 920 West Kennedy Blvd 850-250-0208


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FIRESTONE 578 N. Orange Ave. Downtown Orlando 407-872-0066


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RAIN 4732 S. Kirkman Rd Orlando 321-276-9466

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WEST PALM BEACH BARS HG ROOSTERS 823 Belvedere Rd. (561) 832-9119 HOTEL NIGHTCLUB 700 South Rosemary Ave. (561) 651-1110 MONARCHY 212 Clematis St. (561) 835-6661 THE LOUNGE 517 Clematis St. (561) 655-9747 WILTON MANORS ATOMIC/BOOM NIGHTCLUB 2232 Wilton Dr. 1 (954) 630-3556

BILL’S FILLING STATION 2209 Wilton Dr. 2 (954) 567-5978 EDEN 3 2387 N Dixie Hwy. (954) 630-3556 GEORGIE’S ALIBI 4 2266 Wilton Dr. (954) 565-2526 5 GIGI & GAVIN’S GOURMET CHOCOLATES 2041 Wilton Dr. Wilton Manors, FL 954-626-0629 THE MANOR 2345 Wilton Dr. (954) 626-0082 ROSIE’S BAR & GRILLE 6 2449 Wilton Dr. (954) 567-1320

SCANDALS SALOON 7 3073 NE 6th Ave. (954) 565-3084 SIDELINES SPORTS BAR 8 2031 Wilton Dr. (954) 563-8001 9 TROPICS 2000 Wilton Dr. Wilton Manors (954) 537-6000

BUSINESSES BALL 2252 Wilton Dr. (954) 537-4120 BOTTOMS & TOPS 2258 Wilton Dr. (954) 562-6670

CHIC OPTIQUE 2228 Wilton Dr. (954) 567-3937 DENNIS DEAN GALLERIES 2440 B. Wilton Dr. (954) 530-2789 GAYMART 2228 Wilton Dr. (954) 630-0360 ROCK HARD ADULT STORE 2301 Wilton Dr. (954) 318-7625 RUFF RIDERS 2043 Wilton Dr. (954) 318-7625 TINY TREASURE 10 PUPPIES 2043 Wilton Dr. Wilton Manors, FL (954) 630-1751

GIGI & GAVIN’S GOURMET CHOCOLATES & COFFEES 954.626.0629 2041 WILTON DR. TO THE MOON 2205 Wilton Dr. (954) 564-2987 VERTIGO SALON 2420 Wilton Dr. (954) 530-0946 RESTAURANTS COURTYARD CAFE 2211 Wilton Dr. (954) 563-2499 GALANGA THAI KITCHEN & SUSHI BAR 2389 Wilton Dr. (954) 202-0000 HUMPY’S PIZZA 2244 Wilton Dr. (954) 566-2722 ISLAND CITY BISTRO 2037 Wilton Dr. (954) 563-2266

JAVA BOYS 2230 Wilton Dr. (954) 564-8828 JUICEBLENDZ 2248 Wilton Dr. (954) 358-0772 LIPS RESTAURANT 1421 E. Oakland Park Blvd TROPICS 2004 Wilton Dr. (954) 463-4269

SEA MONSTER 13 2 S New River Dr. West (954) 767-6200 14 TORPEDO BAR 2829 West Broward Blvd. (954) 587-2500 VOODOO LOUNGE 15 111 SW 2nd Ave. (954) 522-0733


CLUB FT. LAUDERDALE 110 NW 5th Ave. (954) 525-3344 LEATHERWORKS 501 NE 13th Street (954) 761-1236 PRIDE FACTORY 850 NE 13th Street (954) 463-6600 TROPIXX VIDEO 1514 NE 4th Ave. (954) 522-4749 PRIDE Center 2040 N. Dixie Hwy. Village of Wilton Manors, Fl. 33305 954-463-9005

8 BOARDWALK 1721 N. Andrews Ave. (954) 463-6969 9 COZMOS 2674 E. Oakland Pk Blvd 954-616-8239 THE DEPOT 10 1243 N.E. 11th Ave. (954) 568-7777 JOHNNY’S BAR/ 11 NIGHT CLUB 11 1116 West Broward Blvd (954) 522-5931 LIVING ROOM 12 300 SW 1st Ave. (888) 992-7555


MIAMI AZUCAR Too! (new location) 427 Jefferson Ave. (305) 502-2096 CLUB AQUA 2991 Coral Way (305) 448-2214 CLUB SUGAR (formerly Azucar) 2301 SW 32nd Ave. (305) 443-7657 DISCOTEKKA 950 NE 2nd Ave. (305) 371-3773 HALO LOUNGE 1625 Michigan Ave. (305) 534-8181 PALACE BAR & GRILL 1200 Ocean Drive (305) 531-7234 SCORE BAR 727 Lincoln Road (305) 525-1111 TWIST 1057 Washington Ave. (305) 538-9478




No one forgets their first time… watching Sex and the City. For me, it started with the series in 1999. I was coming off a major break-up, ending it with my first real love. I needed an escape and Sarah Jessica Parker sexing it up in NYC along with that chick from Mannequin seemed like the perfect distraction. What I found was something so much more – a relationship with four women that at one time or another made me laugh hysterically and cry, women who encouraged me to take chances in my life, and women who forced me to realize that being single is “okay.” It’s been two years since the original movie hit theaters, but on May The “Welcome Back” 27, Carrie and the girls are back! You can imagine my überMoment excitement, which is why I’m counting down five of the most The girls have lunch and fabulous moments from the last film. discuss the fine art of “coloring.” We’ve seen Grab a Cosmopolitan! Here we go… this scene a million times before and it never gets old. Samantha: “Well, I can’t color enough. I could color all day, every day. If I had my way, I would use every crayon in my box!”

om s fr ! rop ption d e tra t as on en ph d con reets om e t h r M i s ” b the .T ltar lue ker e a mn b es in uet. Jer h ur t u a a t q s mh a ie a hat d n en g bou “Te r I r e t! Ca eil. T tatio din Th wi es d v n kne I itch . The onfro er we ! d is Big hand ate c ith h o th dd l her ultim Big w u s wo The beat you w she e n “I k rie: ” Car iated! mil

The “Happy Ending” Moment Carrie finally marries Big. What we’d all been waiting for (minus you Aidan fans). Carrie: “And in the end, Carrie Bradshaw married John James Preston in a label-less dress.” Are you excited for the sequel? What do you think will happen this time around? Sex & the City 2 hits a theater near you on May 27, 2010.

Moment Flash. The “Fashion” ontage! Click. edding dress m w : ds or w e re Th out sday, hanging ur typical Wedne friends w ne d an , Carrie: “Just yo ch at like Stanford Bl a… and with old friends Oscar de la Rent … or Di g… an like Vera W ood.” Vivienne Westw

The “Laugh-Out-Loud” Moment Mexico. Charlotte shits her pants. Enough said. Carrie: “And just like that, Charlotte Poughkeepsie’d in her pants.”

Photo Credits: HBO Films / New Line Cinema


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FLIGHTSEEING ADVENTURES T A M P A B AY • K E Y W E S T Available for charter anywhere in Florida or the Southeast.







OMG! Magazine V2 Issue 10  

Connie Francis- The Legend Continues, The Movie Issue

OMG! Magazine V2 Issue 10  

Connie Francis- The Legend Continues, The Movie Issue