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By Alber to Mar tinez As technologies progress us further into the future, it seems to me that it’s not only our gadgets that have been getting a second look. Music has quickly been evolving these past couple of years, and it appears to be time for Electronica and Dance to take over mainstream. Nearly every genre has slowly shown more and more of a turn into the electronic department. It’s evident that everyone has seen the change and attempted to adopt the style to make it their own, but it hasn’t been easy. The quick advance has made it increasingly difficult for some to keep true to themselves while still keeping current, leaving many artists at a bit of a struggle. Even our own princess of pop, Britney Spears, hasn’t hesitated to add some Electronic/Dubstep elements to her upcoming album. David Guetta, Tiesto, and many other producers have seamlessly grabbed the attention of the world this last year and brought Electronic music to a new light. Now adding his own flavor to music and quickly catching the attention of many is up-and-coming singer/songwriter K-POFF. This new artist has quickly been rising in popularity for his rather addicting style and twist to dance music. His first EP “Hi-Tech”, now available on iTunes and Masterbeat.com, is sure to grab your attention as it is almost impossible not to be captivated by him. Even more surprising, "Hi-Tech" is the first song K-POFF ever wrote. In a time where so many artists are struggling to be heard, K-POFF is having no problem grabbing people’s attention and making them listen. Not only does he write his own material but he also sounds impeccable live. “Hi-Tech” has officially been signed by music pioneer, Seth Cooper of Greenlink Music. Greenlink Music was designed to help foster the creation of unique productions. The label promotes new and upcoming talent towards multiple music communities, such as: House, Progressive, Club, Tribal, and Circuit. Since the labels debut, it’s already had two hits on Masterbeat. com’s Top 100 Overall charts, including: Bryan Reyes – “Get Wet” and Seth Cooper and Trypsin – “Feel The Rhythm.” Greenlink Music provides an avenue for artists like K-POFF to be heard. "The moment Trypsin played “Hi-Tech” for me, I was hooked, and I knew others would be too. This single had to be given the chance for a proper release,” states Cooper. “The vocal talent from K-POFF was clearly apparent, as well as his unique spin on Electronic/Pop music. Everyone involved on this project has put in a lot of hard work, and Greenlink Music is proud to have a chance to share this amazing track with the world." His boyish good looks, killer body, and amazing music makes K-POFF an all around star. “I’ve always wanted to be a singer,”

states the young musician. “Since I was little I would belt out at the top of my lungs and sing along to all my favorite artists and influences.” A multi-talented artist, K-POFF has decided to focus on his recording career. “From the get-go, I’ve known this is what I want to do with my life. Music will always be my number one passion. When I sing, nothing else seems to matter and all my problems go away. I was told the music industry would never support me because I’m openly gay, but I believe that no one should be held back because of who they love, and I’m here to prove that.” K-POFF’s “Hi-Tech” EP showcases his single along with a few remixes by Trypsin, Bryan Reyes, The Popstar and Seth Cooper himself. All of the tracks bring something new to the single and add a different style to the song altogether. The EP is genius because it caters to multiple genres, so there is something for everyone. Every remix brings something new to the table and completely transforms the original track into a brand new song. This EP is a must have for 2011 and keeps me eagerly awaiting K-POFF’s first album. Those who have seen him live have compared him to Blake Lewis meets Gaga infused with David Guetta, a mixture that is definitely worth taking a listen to. K-POFF combines Pop and Dance together to provide listeners with unimaginable beats and catchy lyrics. His music will be sure to have you blasting the tracks on repeat sooner than you can process what you even heard. “Hi-Tech” is now available on iTunes and Masterbeat.com. To learn more about K-POFF and his constant conceptions of art, from music and over-the-top pop photography, visit his website at KPOFF.com. OMG!


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