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presentation August 30-31, 2014

ÂŤOranienbaum Maritime Festival 2014Âť

presentation August 30-31, 2014




presentation August 30-31, 2014


Sidorovsky canal – the yacht’s mooring zone Hotel “Pierhouse”


Hotel “Pierhouse” VIP-zone Organizatonal headquarters Judicial headquarters The place of press conference The place of furshet The place of awarding Sidorovsky canal The yacht’s mooring zone Organization of the sailing Sandy shore АRТ-festival «The area of art» The place for camping for members of regatta «ORANGE RACE»

presentation August 30-31, 2014

THE VENUE UGOLNAYA STR. – maritime and musical festival

The area of water competitions

Ugolnaya street Entertainment program Musical festival (the stage) Play-zones Competitions Tents Cafes Water area The place of water competitions: regatta «Orange-race», small youth regatta between clubs for the prize of a name of the Prince A.D.Menshikov, aquabike-show, riding on boats and yachts

presentation st August August 30th-3130-31, 2014 2014


presentation August 2014 August 30-31, 2014 30th-31st

MARITIME FESTIVAL EVENTS: Sailing regatta «Orange-race» Small youth sailing regatta between clubs for the prize of a name of the Prince A.D.Menshikov Oranienbaum boat-show

Motor boat competitions АРТ-фестиваль

presentation August 30-31, 2014


Musical program Maritime competitions for children and adults Festivities VIP-zone

presentation th-31st 30-31, 30August August 2014 2014

Official support - The administration of Petrodvortsovy district of St. Petersburg - Lomonosov Municipal Council - Charity Fund "Oranienbaum perspective" - The Committee of the transport and transit policy of St. Petersburg government - The Committee of investments and strategic projects of St. Petersburg government - Maritime administration of the Main port of St. Petersburg - Offshore racing club “Gardemarin" - Association of sailing catamarans NWFD - Association of cruiser-racing yachts "L-6" - The Department of sailing sports of the University of physical culture named after Lesgaft - Yacht- clubs «Centralny», «Krestovsky», «Primorsky», «Strelnensky», «Hercules», «Baltiec»

Sponsor support - ПО «Рамбов» -Петербургский ф-л ОАО «Ростелеком»

-ООО «Юнистрой» -Порт «Балтимор»

-ОАО «СБЕРБАНК» (Красносельское отделение) - ОАО Фирма «КМТ» - Судоверфь «Гардемарин» - Дизайнерское агентство «ASGARD» - Отель «Домик у причала» - Студия док-х фильмов «OK&NO» - ООО «Петродворцовое оптово-розничное объединение»

presentation August 30-31, 2014

NEAR-TERM PROSPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT • Taking part in Saint-Petersburg Marine Festival

• Organizing new berths

• Building the chapel of Saint Nicholas (the patron of sailors and travelers)

presentation August 30-31, 2014

NEAR-TERM PROSPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT • Getting an international status • Increasing in the number of members

presentation August 30-31, 2014

Oranienbaum - the seaside town. (Brief historical summary) The struggle for access to the sea and strengthening of sea coasts had occupied the most important place in Russian historical development. Peter the Great started North war to return primordial Russian lands and gain access to the sea in 1700. Oranienbaum has become one of the most important focal points of fleet supplying since its first days. It has never been naval port, but Oranienbaum always was one of the most important places in Finnish gulf’s area. It was a transshipment base of Baltic fleet. A significant role was played by the canal which was dug by Peter the Great. Most of archive documents call it as Oranienbaum canal but on the modern maps it is called as Morskoy (Marine) canal. The beginning of the naval history of Oranienbaum was laid Alexander Menshikov 1844 - the first steamship was passed into Oranienbaum canal. 1862 – appearance of new Slupochny (Boat) canal with shipping pier and cargo berth near to the Railway station. 1834 – a telegraph line Petersburg - Oranienbaum - Kronstadt was laid by French inventor Château. 1864 - Kronshtadt businessman and ships owner Michael Britnev built and tested the first boat-icebreaker “Pilot” which had been connecting Oranuenbaum and Kronshtadt during winters. 1859 - the creation of the city's coat of arms where was shown its seaside position. Besides classical orange tree there were two gold anchors (Unfortunately, our modern city emblem hasn’t got those marine marks). 1899 - commission of the first voyage near to the Oranienbaum by icebreaker “Ermak” which was built in England. 1907 – the purchase of rights to construct and use the canal for next 70 years by merchant Sidorov. The construction of the canal was completed in 1910. 1941 - Oranienbaum becomes a parking place for a legendary battlecruiser “Aurora” which was partially flooded after regular air bombardment. Oranienbaum (Lomonosov) seaport near to the Ugolnaya harbour has been used as the base of the auxiliary fleet of the Navy, as a parking for research vessels and as a berth for passenger ferries and commercial fleet until nowadays.

presentation August 30-31, 2014

The President of the Oranienbaum Maritime Festival Eugene Zakharov +7-(961) 811 37 05

Presentation omf 2014 eng  

WHEN IS THE FESTIVAL? In the last weekend of August. Oranienbaum Maritime Festival-2014 is planned to conduct on August 30th-31st.

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