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Omega Resource Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013-14


Omega Resource Group Limited is an award winning, independent recruitment consultancy providing UK wide recruitment solutions, headquartered in Gloucestershire. We believe that acting as a responsible business is absolutely fundamental to the way we operate in the UK and through our international offices. • Our attitude towards Corporate Social Responsibility reflects the rest of our business. It is integral to our systems, is based on sound leadership of the business, respecting people’s human rights and looking after the people who work for us, our customers, our local community and the environment. • We believe in measuring our performance against established international measures such as ISO9001 and ISO14001 and therefore record our CSR performance against ISO26000 – the international standard for Social Responsibility and from 2011/12 produce a publicly available annual CSR report. • We take compliance very seriously, our systems, experience and knowledge effectively eliminates compliance risk. • We aim to build a talented, committed and loyal team and make Omega an employer of choice. • We understand that exceptional performance stems from the creation of a skilled, motivated and loyal workforce. We treat people with consideration, respect and dignity at all times and our focus on operational performance is matched by our commitment to train and develop our team. • By investing in our temporary workforce we help to foster loyalty which reduces attrition. Our processes ensure that these staff are fit for work. Through training and development we build the loyalty of our teams and through an attractive range of benefits we retain our people. This coupled with fair but firm management has combined to save our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds. • We have developed unique partnerships to source training and funding to create and develop our skilled workforce. • We use screening and selection to attract the very best candidates; we manage our teams to deliver excellent performance and motivate the teams to create a loyal and committed workforce. • Our commitment to training and developing people is genuine and our programme delivers immediate performance uplift and provides for long term progressive improvement.




ISO26000 highlights seven themes of the socially responsible business and we use these to measure our performance.

The Environment Managing People

Respecting People

Fair Operating Practices

Customer Care

Business Processes

Community Involvement

Improving our CSR performance is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation. • On an annual basis we produce a Corporate Social Responsibility report which is signed off by the directors who have overall responsibility for CSR. • We review our CSR performance at the Board Meeting on a quarterly basis. • Day to day implementation of the CSR policy and measurement of the performance is the responsibility of the HR & Operations Director. • Every member of staff, be they based in our offices or employed by us in a client’s premises, is aware of our CSR policy and has a responsibility to play their part in living our values. Signed,

Alan Beresford, CEO



Business Processes

What We Believe • As a leading employer we want to be accountable for our actions and recognise the impact they could have. • We want a workforce who are engaged with what we do and understand the values that make the Omega brand strong. Wherever an Omega temporary worker is based they should understand and live our values. • We want Corporate Social Responsibility to be at the heart of our decision making and recognise ISO 26000 as the standard and framework we work to. • CSR relies on strong governance and is a function of the leadership of the organisation.

How We Achieve This • We achieve this by ensuring that up to date public information about our company is available. Principally this is achieved through our website, Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. • CSR reporting takes place quarterly at Board level against the measures in this document. • We believe in transparency in the way we run the business and staff are encouraged to raise issues with their managers or directly with directors. For staff who wish to raise issues anonymously there is a suggestion box. • We have a monthly meeting with all head office staff where current performance and future opportunities are discussed. This is a chance to reiterate our values and beliefs about the company. • On an annual basis we hold a presentation day for all staff where the successes of the past year are celebrated and the challenges of the coming year are discussed.

Business Processes

Successes • We have embedded the principles of CSR into all aspects of our business. These principles are accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for stakeholder interests, the rule of law, international norms of behaviour and human rights. • We focus on getting the very best out of people, rewarding them fairly, treating them with dignity and providing them with greater levels of opportunity than they can achieve elsewhere. This philosophy starts at the top and is embedded in every aspect of the business. • Maintain our interactive website; uphold our 2000 “follows” on Linked In; sent over 1000 tweets. • We measured our CSR performance against ISO 26000. • We made our CSR policy available to all staff via our website and via the Employee Handbook.

Future Opportunities • We will continue to work with key staff to ensure they understand the mission and values of the organisation and can translate this to our teams. • We will continue to work with staff to ensure their activities are aligned with the vision of the leaders of the organisation. • Where appropriate we will embed CSR principles into other policy areas, this will create and nurture an environment and culture in which the principles of social responsibility are practised.

How We Measure Ourselves • Measure attrition rates amongst our staff, both within our businesses and in the candidates and workforces we place with clients. Working in partnership with clients we report this on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. • Progress reports to the quarterly board meeting. • Measuring our performance against CSR benchmarks.


Respecting People

Respecting People

What We Believe • We believe that organisations have a responsibility to respect all human rights and we will take positive steps to avoid passively or actively allowing human rights abuses to take place in the workplace or within our spheres of influence.

How We Achieve This • We meet and strive to exceed all legal requirements under relevant human rights legislation. • We do not tolerate direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, bullying or any behaviour that can lead to employees, customers, stakeholders and anyone else with whom we have an impact believing that their human rights have been abused.

Successes • We have affirmed that our employment practices are free from discrimination based on race, colour, gender, religion, national extraction, social origin, political opinion, age, or disability.

Future Opportunities • We will continue to monitor our policies, processes and way we operate to ensure we continue to act in a non-discriminatory way and ensure we continue to exceed human rights legislation.

How We Measure Ourselves • We will strive on an annual basis to record zero Human Rights complaints.




Managing People Managing People

What We Believe • We believe that Omega should remain an employer of choice. • We want our people to be developed and grow in their roles whilst making a valued contribution to the success of the business by providing internal and external job specific training. • We believe in valuing the contribution of every employee be they based in our offices or hosted in the clients premises and regardless of whether they are permanent or temporary staff. • We believe in breaking down barriers to employment and giving candidates with potential the support to be ready to work. • The Company is committed to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout all activities of the company and sets goals and quality objectives in all areas to ensure a focus on continual improvement. • We recognise that the health and safety of our staff is paramount. • The company believes that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within its overall business plan – a good health and safety record goes hand in hand with high productivity and quality standards.

How We Achieve This • We provide employees with fair wages and a full range of additional benefits. These include childcare vouchers, non-contributory pensions, out of pocket expenses and a subsidised cycle scheme. In addition, some employees are eligible for bonus payments and private medical insurance. • We hold monthly and annual meetings with the staff team where Company performance and other matters of interest or concern are discussed. Topics include financial performance, new business successes, employee news and CSR updates. • We recognise and respect the need to balance work and other commitments so ensure that members of staff are asked to work no longer than necessary to fulfil their duties. • To allow individual flexibility staff are eligible at the end of the year to trade up to 2 days of holiday. • The company cars which we provide to some employees are fuel efficient and designed for lower carbon emissions.


• We provide annual staff appraisals to ensure that we review the training needs within every department.

Successes • To maximise the success of our employment practices we overcome barriers to work. • Working both directly and with training partners, we have successfully gained funding of circa £300,000 in order to implement a pre employment training Academy for the unemployed at a client operation in Cowley, Oxfordshire. The aim of the academy is to encourage the reduction of unemployment in our clients local community by working with the unemployed and assisting them in gaining both training and experience in a work environment with the added likelihood of an opportunity to gain a real assignment at the successful conclusion. Individual candidates are offered a 3-week fully funded programme to help make them both employer ready (understand the organisation, the history, the customers, etc) and employment ready (understand what is expected of them in a work environment etc), the benefit to the individual is that they are immediately more employable as they are aware of the environment and are fully productive from graduation of the academy, putting them ahead of any direct applicants. • Following funding received from Knowsley Council and Newcastle College, we worked in partnership with a tier/automotive business to provide training to our contractors covering key elements to ensure their safety and compliance within the workplace. All operators benefitted and had a very good understanding and practical skills in order for them to perform well in their first few weeks, where thereafter the client completed ongoing training. • We lobbied to improve public transport to get people to work. This directly meant that we were able to remove barriers to work and take several hundred people out of job seekers allowance and back to work. • Providing our staff with recognised qualifications to enable them to build their skills within their professions. Recently our FC has completed her CertRP giving her a full understanding of all aspects of the recruitment legislation and processes; both HR Advisors have completed their certificate in Human Resource Practices providing 1st line support to managers and all employees across the group; our HR & Operations Director is currently completing her CIPD and our Assistant Accountant is currently within the 2nd year of her CIMA, progressing towards qualified Management Accountant.

Future Opportunities • We will continue to monitor our policies, processes and way we operate to ensure we continue to act in a non-discriminatory way and ensure we continue to exceed human rights legislation. • We will continue to support employees who wish to change their employment pattern to be able to undertake caring responsibilities. • We will continue to be flexible in our working patterns to support employees who work a distance from our bases to enable home working and to encourage a work/life balance.

How We Measure Ourselves • We benchmark within the company to measure ourselves against the local demography to identify possible areas of discrimination. • We audit exit interviews for employees leaving the organisation. • We monitor staff turnover, the reasons for people leaving and establish patterns. • This is reported to the board on a quarterly basis with recommendations. • We aim to deliver zero RIDDOR incidents each year either on site or at our offices. GLOBAL RESOURCE SOLUTIONS


The Environment

The Environment

What We Believe • We recognise that our activities impact on the environment and take all reasonable steps to reduce that impact. • We aim to continually reduce our carbon footprint. • We monitor our aspects and impacts against ISO 14001.

How We Achieve This • We only provide company cars where absolutely necessary and only provide vehicles which will have lower impact over the lifecycle of the vehicle, are fuel efficient and have low carbon emissions. • We encourage video conferencing and telephone conference calls to reduce the need to travel to meetings. • We continue to support employees who wish to participate in our Cycle to Work scheme, of which 27% have already taken advantage.

Successes • We recycle paper, cardboard, toner cartridges, light bulbs, plastic bottles and drinks cans. • We donate all old IT equipment to the ‘Schools for Africa’ charity. • We have retained our ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification every year since they were first awarded.

Future Opportunities • We continually strive to minimise the environmental impact of the business. • We endeavour to recruit locally to meet the needs of our large site clients and work with clients to recognise the environmental impact of the journey to work and minimise this.

How We Measure Ourselves • We will baseline our carbon footprint and from there determine and set carbon reduction targets.




Fair Operating Practices

Fair Operating Practices

What We Believe • We recognise that a company of our size has a responsibility for our involvement in the public sphere, to act responsibly, to avoid corruption, and to maintain strong relations with other organisations.

How We Achieve This • We achieve this by ensuring anti-corruption measures are in place including anti-bribery and maintenance of all local laws and customs in the markets in which we operate. Where local laws fall short of the standards in the UK we strive to maintain UK standards in our businesses. • To prevent bribery we follow the 6 principles of the Bribery Act 2010.

Successes • We monitor our suppliers and those we supply and encourage them to maintain their CSR and monitor ours.

Future Opportunities • We will continue to be diligent in maintaining a zero tolerance approach to corruption measures.

How We Measure Ourselves • The board will continue to lead on this by example. They will not tolerate corruption and will monitor this in their quarterly CSR report.




Customer Care

Customer Care

What We Believe • We believe that customers have the right to be treated with respect, for issues they raise to be addressed, for their engagements with us to be conducted efficiently, professionally, safely and ethically and for them to have the information they need for us to become their supplier of choice.

How We Achieve This • We maintain all personal information highly securely and exceed all data protection standards. • We will ensure customers are able to make decisions on the basis of free choice and give them the information they need to make their decisions to purchase.

Successes • We do not engage in practices that are deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or unfair, unclear or ambiguous, including omission of critical information. • We ensure the safety of customers when on our premises. • We have strong measures in place to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. This includes close monitoring of questionnaires and responses to ensure a continuous cycle of improvement. • We ensure our contracts are written with clarity, lack ambiguity and do not include unfair terms. • In placing staff we will take reasonable precautions to ensure that staff are capable to undertake requested tasks safely.

Future Opportunities • We will promote sustainable development by placing orders where possible with suppliers whose values sit well with ours. • We will search for every opportunity to improve the customer experience; we will use reflective learning and continual improvement methodologies to improve our performance.

How We Measure Ourselves • Record, review and report on regular customer satisfaction surveys and incorporate them into the cycle of improvement. • Ensure high levels of customer retention.




Community Involvement

Community Involvement

What We Believe • We believe that as a company we have the power to work for good in the communities we serve and will continue to act as a responsible business and to influence other businesses to act with integrity.

How We Achieve This • We achieve this by managing our resources of time and money effectively to allow the best possible return from our giving programme. We are generous with our support for a wide range of activities and will enhance and improve this programme in the future.

Successes • We support 4 local sports teams through sponsorship. • We have partnered with Glos Homes for Veterans, Recovery Career Services and various County, City and District Councils as part of our Rifles division to provide support to ex-service men and woman entering the job market. The Rifles have integration with both the Regular Army and Reserve. • One of our Principal Consultants regularly offers charity hot air balloon flights equating in approximate donations of £2000 per year. • Our Group HR Advisor and CEO are on the committee of Stroud Festival of Manufacturing which is designed to get young adults interested in engineering careers. • Our CEO is a Gloucestershire Ambassador and on the Business and Professional Services Group of the Local Economic Partnership. • We offer government sponsored work trials and 13 week placements to help get people ready for work. • We support local schools with mock interviews and careers days. • We have undertaken charity fundraising challenges including the Three Peaks trek, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, bike ride from Stonehouse to Paris 2013 and this year’s bike challenge Stonehouse to St Emilion 2014. • We work closely with local community groups and leaders in areas where we place substantial numbers of temporary employees to ensure local customs and practices are respected. We recognise that when we are placing large numbers of staff we can be a force for good and embed ourselves into that community to maximise the benefit to candidates, their families and communities and for the employer. • We encourage our employees to generate their own charity within the office in the way of local bake sales and raffles to raise vital funds for British Heart Foundation, Wallace and Gromit Children Charity Macmillan Coffee Morning and Meningitis Now. • We donate to local schools providing them with items for charity raffles. • We have been identifield for our efforts with 3 recent awards, Contibution to the Community Award (Stroud Life) and CSR Award (Gloucestershire Business Awards), Western Daily Press - Contibution to the Community Award.



Omega with the Rifles Omega – Rifles was formed 2 years ago to help businesses understand and access the talent leaving the Armed Forces. The team work with businesses and service leavers to help both groups translate their requirements and skills in order to develop a better understanding of one another which leads to long term, sustainable employment opportunities for service personnel. The project is unique in that it works with one of the Army’s largest infantry Regiments and complements the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership. Omega – Rifles is run by a team of ex-military and skilled recruitment staff to ensure that both business and service leavers’ needs are intimately understood. We combine funded training and robust recruitment processes to deliver a range of innovative solutions to meet companies current and future manpower needs. Over the last year the team have been involved with Lord Ashcroft’s transition review and their work acknowledged and endorsed by the final report; the findings of which were accepted by the Prime Minister’s office. The team work with a wide range of companies, from regional SMEs to FTSE100 corporates, providing a bespoke service which relies on building trust, understanding and a partnership between all parties in order to add real value to the client company. Sectors engaged include logistics, facilities management, offshore, energy (renewables) and security. Omega – Rifles are also active within the local community and are one of the founding members of the Wessex Veterans Programme. The programme is designed to bring together Third Sector and commercial organisations in the region so that veterans understand and can access services available to them. This will allow early intervention so that small problems do not spiral out of control and become a drain on DWP, NHS and CJS resources. The programme is designed to work with local authorities to help deliver the Military Covenant across the county.

Case Studies with the Rifles • James served 22 years in the Royal Logistics Corp and left the Army in 2012 as a Warrant Officer Class 2. His background was as a supply chain, transport and logistics manager but companies did not recognise his skills, knowledge and experience and could not see how he would fit into their organisations. We worked with James over a period of time to develop his CV and interview technique and to reassure him he had the necessary skills that were in demand; we just had to translate them for business. He was working as a multi drop delivery driver when we secured him an interview at a Gloucestershire based company, who were looking for a HSE/logistics manager. There were 5 candidates at interview and James ended up as the preferred candidate. He surpassed all expectations at interview because he was able to demonstrate how his military experience and training could benefit them. A job offer followed and James has now been working for them for 6 months+. Both the service leaver and the company are extremely pleased with the result; without Omega’s specialist knowledge and unique approach the outcome could have been very different for James and his family • NAREC/Offshore wind. The key to Omega military division’s work is to identify sectors where there is a fit and demand for the skills, knowledge and expertise of service personnel and where the jobs will offer the type of work and remuneration that service personnel are looking for. The offshore wind sector will experience rapid growth over the next 5 years and there is a significant shortage of competent manpower to service the wind farms. Omega has partnered with NAREC and Safety Technology Limited (a leading offshore wind training provider) and, in consultation with a number of large companies in the offshore wind sector, has developed an end-end HR process for service personnel designed to meet the current and future manpower demand of the sector. The training is ELCAS accredited and so service personnel can use their learning/resettlement funds to pay for the training. They are then guided through the interview process to ensure that they stand every chance of being successful at interview



Future Opportunities • We will formalise our giving policy to ensure that we target our limited resources to those who we wish to support. • We will ensure that our involvement in the community is measured and is backed up in policies to ensure that our impact is targeted most effectively. • We will continue to up skill both our permanent and temporary workforce. • We are exploring ways to measure the impact of our philanthropy.

How We Measure Ourselves • We have a broad based approach to ensuring our efforts are appreciated, that they are recognised and ensure we can deliver the successes we are aiming for.


A Consistant Promise Omega Resource Group Ltd is 100% compliant with ‘The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003’. As an Equal Opportunities Employer, we never discriminate against sex, sexual orientation, age, race, disability, marital status, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, working hours or trade union membership. In partnership with the Best in Business, we are proud of our no-compromise service commitment. We pride ourselves on working to our core valves and to embrace our CSR. By this, Omega opens doors to new markets, opportunities and relationships, increasing competitiveness and profitability and demonstrating our continued commitment to sustainable development.

Alan Beresford, CEO



Omega Resource Group Ltd Head Office Omega House Bond’s Mill, Stonehouse Gloucestershire, UK GL10 3RF T: +44 (0)1453 827333 F: +44 (0)1453 827444 E: Omega Resource Group Ltd part of the Passionate About People Group of companies

Omega CSR Report 2013-14  

Omega Resource Group Ltd is committed to achieving high standards of Corporate & Social Responsibility; we believe that acting as a responsi...

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