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The Chevron newsletter is produced three times a year for Omega Phi Alpha


CORNER Practicing “Everyday Civility”

National Service Sorority alumnae and active chapters. National Executive Board Members President | Jan Titsworth VP Communications | Thea Moritz VP Finance | Michelle Brannon VP Lifetime Membership | Suzy McTaggart VP Programs | Andie Hixson Chevron Staff Managing Editor | Thea Moritz Editorial Director | Donna Pintek Layout Editor | Shelley Lai Graphics | Devin Pascoe Writers | Stasia Charter, Catherine Ferrell

My team at work recently celebrated a milestone. The project we’ve been implementing for the past four years is all about creating ways for people to take small steps every day to boost their well-being without really thinking about it. Creating “healthy choices by default” and engaging ambassadors of all ages has helped our community improve its well-being score by 3 points and earn a special certification. It’s always exciting to focus on the big win…but the true impact is being made every day by the people who are choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator or eating a healthy snack instead of one laden with sugar.

Photo Coordinator | Jessica Toms Distribution Dates and Deadlines October 1 | due August 15 January 1 | due November 15 April 1 | due February 15 Submissions If you would like to submit a feature story

Our sisterhood also has an opportunity to create ways for people to take small steps every day. Our focus—or “healthy choice”— is to boost the number of people who choose civility without really thinking about it. See the chart on the next page for ideas on how you can model “Everyday Civility” and set the example for others to follow.

Where are there opportunities for you to create “civil choices by default?” Look at the grid on the next page. Pick one civil behavior as your focus for the month and look for opportunities to set the example! Christine Porath, author of Mastering Civility, A Manifesto for the Workplace, sums up the importance of everyday civility in this way. “Whether in business or in life, you can be civil and get ahead. Whatever your age or circumstance, you can master civility. So, what are you doing TODAY to connect with others? What kind of legacy are you leaving? Are you lifting people up or holding them down? In each moment we get to choose who we want to be. Who do YOU want to be?” In Sisterhood and Service, Jan Titsworth (Delta) National President

about an alumna or a service project happening at your chapter, please email it to: chevron@omegaphialpha.org Please send photos in 300dpi JPG format. National Office Mailing Address Omega Phi Alpha National Office PO Box 955 East Lyme, CT 06333 Official National Website omegaphialpha.org Contact List To request a list of all sorority officers, appointments, and chapters, please email office@omegaphialpha.org /OmegaPhiAlphaNationalServiceSorority Update Your Contact Information members.omegaphialpha.org

@OmegaPhiAlpha @ophia67 Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority /Omega_Phi_Alpha /add/ophia67 Omega Phi Alpha

ON THE COVER: Clockwise from top left—Chi Chapter’s Week of Display to raise awareness for human trafficking. Omega Chapter fundraising for Penn State’s dance marathon. Rho Chapter serving up hope at the mud volleyball tournament for the Hope Heart Institute. Alpha Rho Chapter with gifts for Operation Christmas Child.


A BRIDGE-BUILDING GUIDE FOR EVERYONE Everyone has encountered incivility at some point in their lives. From bullies at school to obtuse coworkers to unruly people at the store or mall, it seems that tact and diplomacy are skills that are waning. Let’s do something about that. Starting in our own lives, let’s set an example by demonstrating tolerance and respect. Each day we have opportunities to make new acquaintances, “build bridges,” and serve our communities with kindness. In the last Chevron, National President Jan Titsworth explained how civility benefits us all and that OPA can be a movement in spreading kindness. In this issue, Service Coordinator Meghan Lund compiled the bridge-building progress of some of the chapters for this unique President’s Project. “We have completed the first two guided activities. We were pleasantly surprised with the overwhelming support for the activities. The sisters had a lot of fun with the storytelling aspect of the listening activities.”—Alpha Nu Chapter

“We liked the second activity, listening with intent because we were able to learn about the different types of listeners, and we weren’t really aware that we were all so different in that aspect.”—Tau Chapter “So far, we have been able to complete four of the President’s Project activities. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, and it appears all of our sisters are taking what they’ve learned to heart. We love seeing our sisters use what they’ve learned in conversation as well as in their conversations outside of the chapter.” —Alpha Xi Chapter “Our chapter finished two of the guided activities from the President’s Project. The sisters really made an effort to communicate and were interested in finding out the style each one of them communicates in. They also found that it was easier to remember what the other was saying if they said it to themselves while listening.” —Omicron Chapter

Model Everyday Civility We all make choices every day, and the way we choose to treat others is reflected in those choices. Which of these situations do you encounter…and how do you respond?



Going out of your way to help someone

Failing to return phone calls, voicemails, emails

Acknowledging your mistakes and making appropriate amends

“Humorous” put-downs, eye-rolling, heavy sarcasm, derogatory remarks

Saying “please” and “thank you”

Being gruff or inattentive, talking or texting through transactions with others

Meeting people at the agreed-upon time

Not keeping appointments

Using a positive tone of voice

Interrupting conversations or meetings

Filling the copier with paper after using the last piece (or similar supply situation)

Yelling, slamming, not taking responsibility for shared tasks

Apologizing when you do something that offends someone

Chipping away at someone’s self-esteem through constant slights

Refusing to participate in gossip

Ignoring others and their opinions

Showing respect for other people’s feelings and opinions

Addressing people in an unprofessional or derogatory manner

Make a commitment today to model the behaviors on the left side of this grid. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So get started today!

Getting to Know You Better Follow this self-guided activity to foster a new friendship with someone who is different from you. The objectives are to apply communication skills and have a bridging conversation that builds tolerance, respect, and understanding. 1. T hink about a casual acquaintance you would like to get to know better. 2. N  ext, schedule a day and time to get together. Introduce yourself and invite the other person to have a conversation. Suggest grabbing a coffee or a healthy snack. Or just go for a walk. Choose an activity where both of you will feel comfortable for about 30 to 45 minutes. 3. To start the conversation, thank the person for meeting with you and helping with the project. Restate the purpose of the conversation: getting to know you better and increase understanding. As you’re talking, try to match the other person’s communication style. Be an active listener. Share the speaking time equally and repeat back what the other person says. Try to be mindful of your nonverbal communication to avoid gestures and facial expressions that convey frustration or disagreement. Set a positive tone by being open, authentic, and heartfelt. Remember that we all have deeper emotions that others are not aware of and that people experience the world differently. 4. B  e ready to share your experiences as well so that your time together truly feels like a conversation rather than an interview. Here are some examples: • Tell me a little about your family. • W hat’s your major/job? Why did you choose it? What do you like most about it? • W here are you from? How long have you lived there? • W hat can we do to increase civility in our community and/or on our campus? • W ho in our community needs to be involved in efforts to build tolerance, understanding, and respect? • Is there anything in your life you feel has impacted the way you view the world? 5. W  hen you reach the time limit, thank the other person for the conversation. What was the most meaningful or valuable thing that you learned? Ask your new friend if you could take a picture and post it using the hashtag #OPABridges with something new you learned!




During the summer of 2018, newly elected Alpha Kappa Active District Officer Corey Goodburn was thinking of ways to engage sisters with different chapters in a meaningful way. Capitalizing on a shared love of travel, he thought up the idea of a service trip. He reached out to sisterhood chair, Kristina Foster, and together they planned SERVcation—a fun trip with sisterhood/service activities built in. “We put together an itinerary and a budget, so we could recruit members of our chapter,” said Corey. “We then did some research, looking for a chapter close to the University of Kansas. We found Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, and reached out to Caitlin Lemons, Alpha Nu’s president, who coordinated the visit during the fall break. From there, our sisterhood, social, and service directors coordinated activities with their directors.”

Alpha Kappa and Alpha Nu members go on SERVcation

Eleven Alpha Kappa members went on the 11-hour road trip to San Marcos in October. Their first night was spent in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where the group went to Eskimo Joe’s, a well-known local restaurant, with sisters from Alpha Gamma, who were their hosts for the night. The next day, they arrived at San Marcos and spent day one exploring

the downtown area, visiting local coffee shops and talking with Alpha Nu members. On Saturday, they participated in the Dunbar Park cleanup and later went to Fright Fest at Six Flags in San Antonio, Texas. On Sunday, Alpha Nu made breakfast for Alpha Kappa and hosted a chapter chat, where both groups shared ideas and talked about how their chapters operate. Later that day, they made hair bows for a local women’s shelter. On their last night in town, the group went to Pluckers, a sports-themed restaurant, and said their goodbyes. This trip helped further the bonds between Alpha Kappa members and allowed Alpha Kappa to create new friendships with Alpha Nu members. SERVcation provided a wonderful bonding opportunity for all of the participants. Corey Goodburn (Alpha Kappa)

TO THE SUMMIT! Planning for the District Summits 2019 is well underway! This year’s theme is “Bee the Change,” which was inspired by Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This relates to the President’s Project while also putting a strong emphasis on service. The service projects performed at the summits will be unique to each district and will show OPA sisters how small, simple acts can have a large impact on communities. Registration will be shared on social media and in emails soon. Each summit is open to all actives and alumnae. Chapters should consult their active district officer for more information. Alumnae can email summit@omegaphialpha.org for details. Get ready to spend an exciting time with your sisters and prepare for Convention 2019! Confirmed 2019 Dates/Locations (as of Dec. 1) Bluegrass Feb. 16, 2019 Smyrna, TN Cactus Pine Feb. 16, 2019 Northern Arizona University Azalea Feb. 23, 2019 Georgia Tech Liberty Feb. 23, 2019 Shippensburg, PA Lone Star Feb. 23, 2019 Bastrop, TX Colonial March 2, 2019 Milford, CT Heartland March 2, 2019 Oklahoma State University Founding March 9, 2019 Eastern Michigan University Blue Ridge TBA Virginia Tech Peaches and Beaches TBA Jacksonville, FL




the Change


New Names on the National Roster At the national team meeting in September, OPA directors and NEB members talked about the need to establish a more proactive process to identify sisters with the skills and passion to serve as national leaders. So after a national email search, National President Jan Titsworth (Delta) appointed Megan Colonna (Alpha Kappa) as OPA’s first volunteer recruitment director.

NEB members and national directors at the September kickoff meeting

Unlocking OPA’s Future Potential In an effort to streamline operations under the national organizational structure that took effect after Convention 2017, the national executive board and national directors met in Atlanta in late September. A location near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was chosen because most officers were able to logistically and cost-effectively travel to Atlanta for the weekend gathering. The agenda began with a State of the Sorority session, where each NEB team highlighted OPA trends primarily based on current data. A few examples: • overall collegiate membership is steady with Rho and Alpha Kappa chapters leading in number of bids in the past year • collegiate sisters performed 46,145 service hours in 2017–18 • 613 actives attended the 2018 district summits while only 42 alumnae attended • l icensed insignia sales earned OPA over $7,000 in royalties in 2017–18

turnover. Alumnae are resources for OPA so there is potential in refreshing OPA’s fundraising programs. University resources, grants, partnerships, and parents are also tapped and untapped resources that can be used to achieve the hows. The sisters also participated in activities related to the President’s Project, Building Two-Thousand Bridges. Cardinal Principles Director Lynn Dudash and programming team members led the group through some of the same civility skill-building exercises that active chapters are doing. Be sure to track your progress online using the hashtag, #OPAbridges. The NEB also reported on aspirant group research to help OPA better understand and find solutions for situations such as IRS status and volunteer recruitment methods.

Megan is currently working as a recruitment advisor in Overland Park, Kansas. She will bring that professional knowledge to OPA. She already has some great ideas about what information the sorority should start gathering, and how she can help identify candidates for officer roles that are currently unfilled. National board members can reach out to her at volunteers@omegaphialpha.org. Meanwhile, in the national communications team, Gabie Kur (Alpha Mu) moved into the marketing/ public relations director role, and Donna Pintek (OPA’s contracted copy editor) took over the editorial director position. Both professionals work in the communications field in the Northeast. Be sure to submit your OPA or career news, or email OPA success story ideas to to Gabie and Donna at marketing@omegaphialpha.org and editorial@omegaphialpha.org. They will help put OPA’s best foot forward telling the stories of our national service organization to the world.

Thea Moritz (Beta), VP Communications

During the Vision brainstorming session, the national officers focused on the why, the how, the limits, and the future potential of the sorority. Why do collegiate women choose to join OPA, or why would alumnae give a donation to OPA as opposed to other organizations? And which resources would be needed to deliver the whys compared to what is available now? For example, one why people join is “to help others.” How does OPA do that? With healthy chapters and programming. But a limitation can be in alumnae retention or collegiate





Legacy of the Rose Pamela McEwen Estate Chevron Society Friendship Level Dawn Nakashima Leadership Level Stacey Griffin Garmon Sapphire Level Jan Titsworth Friends of Ophia Melanie Avila Michelle Salisbury Brannon Torie L. Deremo Corey Goodburn EmmaLee Herlocher Susie Pack Larson Radha Manthe Leann Williams

Omega Phi Alpha extends a heartfelt thanks to all who go beyond the call with generous gifts of their time, talent, and treasure. Your support makes all the difference! If your name is inadvertently omitted from this list, please email vpfinance@omegaphialpha.org. Chapter Funds Stacey Griffin Garmon Susie Pack Larson Faithe Wiseman Logan Serve-A-Thon Sponsorships Frances Curry Andie Hixson Megan Huston Radha Manthe Caty McAfee Sara McAllister Ginger McGarity Suzy McTaggart Kasey Stevens

Scholarship Trust Alpha Alpha Chapter Alpha Kappa Chapter Mary Morrison Nu Chapter In memory of Pamela McEwen Betty Bernardo Allen Cooper Lesley C. Dawson Mary A. Harrison Susie Pack Larson Patti Light Angela M. McCarty Maurice McCullough John C. Reimer Thelma Riehle Amanda H. Smith Jan Titsworth

The Gift That Keeps Giving Not sure where to direct your end-of-year donations? Look no further than OPA. Omega Phi Alpha actives and alumnae have been making a difference in people’s lives since 1967. Through your donation, you can help them to continue this philanthropic spirit and provide meaningful service in the community. Here are some ways you can give to OPA: Chevron Society The Omega Phi Alpha Chevron Society supports the day-to-day operating expenses of the sorority. Members of the Chevron Society are acknowledged at the national convention, published in the Chevron, and receive tokens per level of giving. Friends of Ophia Omega Phi Alpha has been developing service-minded leaders for over 50 years. Although alumnae are not charged dues, they are encouraged to donate $5 a year. Please consider this simple yet special way you can make a difference to OPA.



Chapter Savings Each collegiate chapter has a savings fund held by the national office. A donation to this fund can be used for service projects, pins and awards, and to help fund delegate travel to the national convention. Scholarship Trust Acknowledge deserving sisters who have demonstrated a high degree of dedication to OPA with financial assistance toward their education by awarding an annual monetary scholarship. Make a tax-deductible donation today! Please consider supporting OPA with your financial gifts by visiting the website at: omegaphialpha.org/give/donate or email vpfinance@omegaphialpha.org for more information.


At the durian roundabout in Kampot

Getting a ride in a modern TukTuk

A SISTER’S CAMBODIAN ADVENTURE Cierra Crowl Harris (Phi) graduated from Arizona State University in 2011. This past July, she moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where she is teaching kindergarten at Southbridge International School Cambodia. We recently spoke with Cierra to catch up. Q. How did you become involved with OPA? A. I always enjoyed volunteer work and providing service to my community, especially working with nonprofit organizations. So when one of my high school friends told me about a sorority she was a part of—with a great group of empowering and driven women who also had a passion for service—it sounded like a perfect fit! Q. Do you have a favorite sisterhood memory you’d like to share? A. One of my favorite memories was our sisterhood retreat when we went camping near Lake Pleasant (Arizona). We had such a great time hanging out by the campfire, swimming, telling stories, and almost getting sprayed by a skunk on a nighttime walk! Q. How has your OPA experience influenced your life journey? A. The mindset of service has followed me through life, and in my chosen profession of working with kids. I still strive to provide service to the community of people I live with through my work in this global setting.

(Cambodian) and culturally I’m learning how to be respectful and interact using the local customs and behaviors. Q. What challenges have you faced? A. The biggest challenge has been being so far away from family The 14-hour time difference also makes communication a challenge. We have to work hard to set aside time to video chat.

Q. What brought you to Cambodia? A. My husband, Charles, and I had wanted to travel and live abroad for some time, and an opportunity came up for me to work at this international school. Since my husband was about to start his master’s degree program online, the timing just lined up! So we downsized to fit all we owned into two suitcases each and along with our cat, Sage, moved across the ocean.

Q. Did you have an aha moment you’d like to share? A. Phnom Penh, Cambodia is not an easy city to navigate, and the traffic is bad. They don’t have anything like Yelp or a food searching app, so walking around to find things is tricky. Once we finally figured out which apps to download on our phones to order food (Nahm24) and TukTuks (Grab App), it made life so much easier!

Q. What is your favorite part about your job or about living overseas? A. My favorite part is learning new things daily, like trying new foods and meeting new people while learning a new language. And being so centrally located in Southeast Asia, we have such a great opportunity to travel frequently and for such bargains; I love being able to have so many new adventures and experiences.

Q. What general advice would you give to current sisters who are just starting their journey? A. That the service they do in their active years will follow them and shape parts of their lives forever. Some of the amazing, empowering women whom I have met during my active years are some of the best, and closest friends I have ever had.

Q. How different is your life now, compared to when you lived in the states? A. The major aspects of life are the same: work, travel, eat, and sleep, but the way we have to go about them all is very different! We travel around, including to and from work, in a TukTuk, a motorized rickshaw or “taxi.” Work is interesting since all of my students are learning three or more languages; they constantly teach me new words in Khmer

Q. How are the values of OPA incorporated into your daily life? A. I strive continually to put service and friendship at the forefront of all I do in work and life in general. Q. What’s next for you? A. My husband and I will stay in Cambodia for the next two years and then we will continue our traveling abroad wherever he or I get another good opportunity.




Alpha sister West Cannist raro with her mom, Lauren, a 1992 Alpha alumna, at a recent brun ch

Alumnae Chapter Reports OMEGA IOTA Phoenix, AZ Omega Iota Alumnae Chapter had a lot of fun this fall, from sisterhood movie nights to the annual adopt-a-family event. Upcoming events planned for this spring include the district summit, senior ceremonies, annual meeting/pool party, and a fundraiser brunch. The chapter is looking forward to these events and invites other alumnae in the area to join them. For specifics, please feel free to check out their website at azalumnaeophia.weebly.com or their Facebook group. OMEGA TAU Houston, TX On December 4, Omega Tau alumnae sisters, Pamela Conlan, Lindsay Godfrey, Mary Morrison, and Mary Ann Wacker participated in the community center’s Jingle Bell Express. They helped make over 1,800 food bags filled with fruits, vegetables, rice, and beans. The bags will be combined with toiletries and meat and distributed at Christmastime to Houston families who are in need, along with gifts for the children. DETROIT PROVISIONAL ALUMNAE CHAPTER Michigan and Ohio Since the Detroit Provisional Alumnae Chapter encompasses alumnae in both Michigan and Ohio, they have been making use of technology in an effort to stay connected. One of their goals is to use farreaching projects and sisterhood events to include all sisters. This year, the chapter has started the Sisterhood of the Traveling Journal, a paper journal that gets mailed from sister to sister, with entries made at each stop along the way. In their entries, sisters can write about their day, what they like to do, or anything else they would like to share. They can then read the previous entries and learn about each other in a really cool way. At the end of the journal’s lifespan, it will be scanned and saved to the website for years to come. A card exchange was planned for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, along with a feminine hygiene product drive in the spring. The chapter is currently accepting recipes for an OPA recipe book, which they hope to start this year. These recipes, and any other questions on how to get involved, can be sent to detroit_alumnae@omegaphialpha.org. Visit OPA’s website to find an alumnae chapter near you: omegaphialpha.org/chapters/alumnae



Alums Sabaa Anees, Megan Koval, Ashley Reese, Alex Welch, and Sarah Wray at Alpha Kappa’s career panel in September

Omega Ta

u sisters Alpha Alpha alumnae visited with sisters at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff

ending a bagel ives and alumnae att Omega Chapter act in Oc tober ing com me Ho rs tge breakfast during Ru

Digging for Diamonds

SPRING 2019 Get excited—Digging for Diamonds alumnae reunion event will take place in Arizona in APRIL 2019! Stay tuned for dates and more information or email alumnae@omegaphialpha.org.


Active Chapter Reports

EPSILON Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, TN • Founded 1973 Contact: epsilon@omegaphialpha.org MU Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, TN • Founded 1983 Contact: mu@omegaphialpha.org

safe for the children; and that the horse stalls are clean. We also help with any future events they may be hosting. Fun Fact: We hold our weekly chapter meetings in the oldest and most historic building on the Auburn University campus, the University Chapel. Contact: omicron@omegaphialpha.org

Alpha during Relay for Life

ALPHA Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH • Founded 1967 45 actives/14 potential new members President’s Project: Sensory bottles for kids with special needs Winter Service Plans: Making toys for a school in Honduras. The kids have special needs, and the toys will help them in their everyday lives. Fun Fact: We recently had our Big/Little reveal. It was a great evening to watch and participate in. We are also looking forward to our future service projects! Contact: alpha@omegaphialpha.org GAMMA Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI • Founded 1967/Re-chartered 1993 19 actives/12 potential new members Winter Service Plans: Our chapter is planning on branching out and completing service with other student organizations this winter semester. We plan on participating in a university cleanup after the snow melts. Fun Fact: We did a friendship-focused overnight camping retreat in October at Camp Miakonda in Toledo, Ohio. We had a scavenger hunt, participated in a service project at the camp, ate s’mores, and shared many laughs with our sisters. Contact: gamma@omegaphialpha.org

Nu sisters perform stress relief

NU Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA • Founded 1988 24 actives/10 potential new members President’s Project: Participating in GT Unite (a diversity fair) to promote sexual assault awareness. Winter Service Plans: Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship, Campus Kitchens Project, handing out lollipops on campus during exam week, and more. Fun Fact: One of our favorite service projects is helping at the Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship. During these sessions, sisters care for the horses and assist during the classes. Contact: nu@omegaphialpha.org

Omicron’s first Bid Day

Delta rush service project

DELTA Texas A&M University College Station, TX • Founded 1970 50 actives/22 potential new members President’s Project: Engaging Civility Fun Fact: We were the first women’s organization on campus! Contact: delta@omegaphialpha.org

OMICRON Auburn University Auburn, AL • Founded 1992 26 actives/11 potential new members President’s Project: We will vote soon for our spring President’s Project. Winter Service Plans: We will be volunteering with Storybook Farm, a nonprofit organization that helps disabled children and children facing difficulty in their lives by providing a fun and unique atmosphere with horses and other animals to help them celebrate life. We work with the staff to make sure the grounds are clean and

RHO Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY • Founded 1993 84 actives/56 new members President’s Project: Building Two Thousand Bridges workshops  Winter Service Plans: For Nations, we are working on hosting an International Awareness Fair to bring world issues to the attention of those around us and help make our planet more sustainable overall. There will be several tables focusing on various sustainable development goals, such as zero hunger, clean water and sanitation, and the elimination of poverty. All proceeds will be going to the CARE organization. Fun Fact: Our first Panhellenic council member was in 2017, and we’ve had a member on it every semester since! Contact: rho@omegaphialpha.org SIGMA The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN • Founded 1993 14 actives/18 potential new members President’s Project: We are in the process of working through the six activities! Winter Service Plans: We have nothing definite planned at the moment, but can’t wait to explore more service opportunities with our newly activated sisters! Fun Fact: Before meetings on Monday nights, it’s not unusual to see some of our sisters playing Just Dance! Contact: sigma@omegaphialpha.org



CHAPTER REPORTS TAU The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX • Founded 1994 15 actives President’s Project: Mental Health Winter Service Plans: For Service to the Community, we will make holiday-themed candygrams and sell them on campus with the option of delivering to people. Fun Fact: We have a unique chant specific to our chapter! Contact: tau@omegaphialpha.org UPSILON University of Louisiana at Lafayette Lafayette, LA • Founded 1997 Contact: upsilon@omegaphialpha.org

PHI Arizona State University Tempe, AZ • Founded 1998 Contact: phi@omegaphialpha.org

Chi sisters at Stand Up to Justice event

Chi sisters at a Camp Cole event

CHI University of South Carolina Columbia, SC • Founded 1998 63 actives/18 potential new members President’s Project: This semester, we are going beyond the required sessions and reaching out to other organizations to do service together. We are starting the process of Building Two-Thousand Bridges with organizations on our campus. Winter Service Plans: Humane Society, Carolina’s Survivor’s Clinic, Project 153, and so much more! This semester we’ve worked with the Iota Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega to 10


host a Spooky to be Hungry can drive, with all donations going to our university’s Gamecock Pantry. We also worked with Camp Cole, a program that will be the first Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-approved camp in South Carolina. We are also did Week of Hope to raise awareness of human trafficking and Veterans Appreciation. Fun Fact: We welcomed a new chapter advisor, Morgan Ruebusch! She was a member of Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Kentucky. Chi Chapter is very excited to work with her. Contact: chi@omegaphialpha.org Alpha Alpha members Omega Sisters at a Halloween event at the Center for Great Expectations

Fun Fact: We got third place for our homecoming float this semester! Contact: alpha_alpha@omegaphialpha.org ALPHA BETA University of Mississippi Oxford, MS • Founded 2003 Contact: alpha_beta@omegaphialpha.org

OMEGA Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ Founded 2000/Re-chartered 2015 66 actives/18 potential new members President’s Project: We divided the activities into weekly sessions, with two activities in each session, and one activity in the last session. Once a sister attends two sessions, she earns an hour towards the President’s Project. Our service directors and their committee members host the sessions right before chapter meetings. Winter Service Plans: We’re starting our Nations of the World project—the Pad Project—soon. We will be cutting and sewing sanitary pads for girls in Africa, so they are able to continue their education. We’re also doing a self-defense workshop hosted by a female Rutgers Police Department officer. In December, we will be hosting an event for the Panhellenic Community here at Rutgers by accepting donations for the Center of Great Expectations. This center provides residential treatment for women and children in need of assistance. Fun Fact: We really enjoy helping out with Great Expectations. We hope to create gift baskets for each of the mothers and their children. Contact: omega@omegaphialpha.org ALPHA ALPHA Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ • Founded 2000 43 actives/30 potential new members President’s Project: Random Acts of Kindness Winter Service Plans: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover, and making sandwiches for Flagstaff.

Alpha Gamma at a sisterhood social

Alpha Gamma at Big/Little reveal

ALPHA GAMMA Oklahoma State University Stillwater, OK • Founded 2004 28 actives/15 potential new members President’s Project: We’ve been participating in the Building Bridges President’s Project this semester. It has been a great experience for our chapter to learn how to communicate more effectively with each other.

CHAPTER REPORTS Winter Service Plans: We have two projects before winter break begins. One project is a supply drive to send school supplies to Africa with Ubantu, a nonprofit run by some Oklahoma State alums. The other is completing the final two President’s Project sessions. Currently, our sisters are working hard to finish their individual service projects by volunteering with the Oklahoma Blood Institute, the Humane Society, and the local food bank here in Stillwater. Fun Fact: We recently had our Big/Little reveal and are so excited to have the potential new members become sisters in a few weeks! Contact: alpha_gamma@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA IOTA Notre Dame of Maryland University Baltimore, MD • Founded 2009 Contact: alpha_iota@omegaphialpha.org Alpha Kappa SERVcation

ALPHA OMICRON University of Florida Gainesville, FL • Founded 2014 Contact: alpha_omicron@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA KAPPA University of Kansas Lawrence, KS • Founded 2010 See SERVcation story on page 4. Contact: alpha_kappa@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA ZETA Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, GA • Founded 2006 Contact: alpha_zeta@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA LAMBDA North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC • Founded 2010 33 actives/12 potential new members President’s Project: Building Bridges Winter Service Plans: Our sisters look forward to participating in Moonlight in the Garden, assisting the JC Raulston Arboretum with their annual fundraiser. Sisters interacted with the Raleigh community and enjoyed the beautiful lanterns. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate spreading holiday cheer through making holiday cards to be distributed on local hospital food trays. Fun Fact: Our chapter is working toward becoming SAFE-certified. SAFE is a program offered through the GLBT Center at NC State. With this knowledge, Alpha Lambda plans to continue to fulfill our values of being a warm and inclusive community for all members. Contact: alpha_lambda@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA THETA Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA • Founded 2006 Contact: alpha_theta@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA MU Boston University Boston, MA • Founded 2011 Contact: alpha_mu@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA DELTA Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA • Founded 2006 Contact: alpha_delta@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA NU Texas State University San Marcos, TX • Founded 2013 Rush Theme: ’90s Favorite Part of OPA: Having a bond of sisterhood through service. Contact: alpha_nu@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA XI University of Central Florida Orlando, FL • Founded 2014 Contact: alpha_xi@omegaphialpha.org

Alpha Pi members pick up trash

ALPHA PI West Virginia University Morgantown, WV • Founded 2014 40 actives/12 potential new members President’s Project: Building Two Thousand Bridges Winter Service Plans: To be determined Fun Fact: We have cheese balls at every event! Contact: alpha_pi@omegaphialpha.org ALPHA RHO Virginia Polytechnic Institute Blacksburg, VA • Founded 2017 Contact: alpha_rho@omegaphialpha.org Compiled by Catherine Ferrell (Alpha Gamma)

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National Office PO Box 955 East Lyme, CT 06333 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED


YES, VIRGINIA, THERE IS A CONVENTION … AND IT’S COMIN’ TO NORFOLK! Convention 2019 exists just as certainly as love and generosity and sisterhood devotion exist. Alas, how dreary would the world be if there was no OPA Convention? Just as certain as childlike faith, so is our devotion to service and sisterhood. Come to Norfolk and join in the merriment, the fancifulness, and the fun. Registration details available by March 2019 or email events@omegaphialpha.org

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Chevron Winter 2019