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BEE WHO YOU ARE District Summits 2018








VOLUME 50 | 03

The Chevron is a quarterly newsletter produced for Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority



OPA’s Cardinal Principles are Lifetime Priorities

alumnae and active chapters. National Executive Board Members President | Jan Titsworth VP Communications | Thea Moritz VP Finance | Michelle Brannon VP Lifetime Membership | Suzy McTaggart VP Programs | Andie Hixson

Friendship. Leadership. Service. These cardinal principles define our shared experience as sisters and guide our priorities throughout life. As we work together to address childhood obesity (this year’s President’s Project), the cardinal principles serve as a great reminder about how to make that happen.

Chevron Staff Managing Editor | Thea Moritz Editorial Director | Gabie Kur Layout Editor | Shelley Lai Copy Editor | Donna Pintek Writers | Stasia Charter, Cecilee Dickens, Catherine Ferrell, Morgan Mills Distribution Dates and Deadlines October 1 | due August 15 January 1 | due November 15 April 1 | due February 15 July 1 | due May 15 Submissions If you would like to submit a feature story

Friendship Gathering around food is often the way we connect with our friends and family. Instead of food-centered gatherings, suggest active ways to spend time with one another and build memories around shared experiences. Go ice skating or rollerblading, paint some pottery, or take a walk through the zoo with your favorite kiddo. Consider alternatives beyond food to celebrate achievements. Fantastic report card? An ice cream cone will melt…but a new pair of earrings, a fun new nail color, or an item that supports a hobby/collection will be a lasting reminder of that success.

about an alumna or a service project happening at your chapter, please email it to: chevron@omegaphialpha.org Please send photos in 300dpi JPG format. National Office Mailing Address Omega Phi Alpha National Office PO Box 955 East Lyme, CT 06333 Official National Website omegaphialpha.org

Leadership Be purposeful about challenging the status quo. When the group you’re with is headed for the elevator, challenge everyone to join you by taking the stairs instead. When you’re running errands with your family, see who can find the parking spot that will take the most steps to get to the entrance of your destination (within reason). Become an advocate for change. Learn more about the lunch choices for the school district in your area. Encourage changes in

the cafeteria so healthy options like sandwiches and salads are presented at the student’s eye level and before the higher calorie choices. Work with the PTA to identify alternatives to food-based fundraisers. Service Set the example by volunteering along with your favorite child at a local food pantry. Better yet, organize a healthy options food drive to stock the pantry shelves with nutritious choices. Along with your family and friends, support a cause you love by participating together in a fun run or some sort of “a-thon.” If it is difficult for you to be an active participant, volunteer to staff a water station or cheer on the participants along the way. When each of us embrace OPA’s cardinal principles and routinely apply them to the challenge of childhood obesity, we begin creating the cultural shift necessary to address it. Please join me in doing so and let’s build the momentum needed to affect change. Jan Titsworth (Delta), National President

Contact List To request a list of all sorority officers, appointments and chapters, please email office@omegaphialpha.org Update Your Contact Information


members.omegaphialpha.org @OmegaPhiAlpha

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@ophia67 Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority /Omega_Phi_Alpha /add/ophia67

On the cover: Alpha Alpha members Sabrina Lerma, left, and Katie Tucker enjoyed the Cactus Pine District Summit held in Tempe, AZ. Photo by Bella Denton



“Service to all unites our hands” For service, most of the districts wrote letters to teachers, veterans, and children currently in the hospital. This sparked the conversation between sisters regarding why these people deserve acknowledgement and support. Blue Ridge sisters decided to use this time to paint canvases to sell as one of their nations of the

world projects. Heartland sisters painted rocks with inspirational messages and then distributed them across the University of Kansas campus. Colonial members also wrote letters to military members and other groups. Attendees at each summit also took part in the revamped leadership development program with a workshop on the core value of traditions. They learned the basics of traditions and rituals and why they are important. They also discovered the reason behind the old tradition of “Down with the damn blue daisy,” as famously declared by OPA’s first national president, Sue Fehlner Hess (Alpha). Other traditions included singing the national song, “A Tribute of OPhiA,” and “Yellow Rose.” At the Colonial summit, sisters learned a variation of the OPA chant using arm movements. Summits 2018 also marked the first year of national elections taking place outside of the national convention. Because the convention is now biennial, the summits are now the venue for election overview and candidate forums for certain director roles in nonconvention years. A record number of OPA members were able to attend the candidates forum for the five national positions up for election: collegiate membership director, alumnae director, expansions director, chapter assistance director, and cardinal principles director.

HEARTLAND Lawrence, KS March 3 • 78 sisters Alpha Gamma (Oklahoma State University) Alpha Kappa (University of Kansas)


Omega Phi Alpha sisters attended 10 district summits this spring, the last three of which were held on March 24, 2018. Overall, 604 collegiate members and 42 alumnae participated in sisterhood events, service projects, the revamped leadership development program, and much more. Sisters were encouraged to “Bee Who You Are” through a variety of diversity-focused programming. Thanks to the hard work of District Summit Coordinator Learyn Miller (Sigma) and the collegiate chapters’ active district officers, it’s safe to say that the first year of “revamped summits” was a success. Attendees expanded their definitions of diversity, created a web of inclusion, and gained a closer insight into the key that ties them all together—service. Sisters also learned more about their districts’ varying procedures and programming between chapters. This conversation allowed them to gain insight into other chapters and learn new things to take back to their chapter.

“We are all connected” Another activity held at each summit allowed sisters to visually see that, “we are all connected,” said Courtney Murphy (Sigma). A giant ball of yarn was tossed around as sisters shared a personal story or fun fact about themselves and then threw that ball of yarn to sisters who raised their hands to indicate they related to the statement. Each sister would hold onto a piece of the yarn before throwing it to another, and allowing the yarn to crisscross, “creating a wonderful web of connections among all of us,” added Sammy Ford (Alpha Xi), district pubic relations coordinator. The bonds of sisterhood run deeper than the shared membership of Omega Phi Alpha: we have shared interests and experiences that bring us closer together as sisters in service. “I’m thankful for a sorority that encourages sisters to ‘bee’ who you are,” said Mallory Ritter (Rho). Each summit concluded with the longtime favorite tradition of passing the rose. The experiences and knowledge shared from the various summits will have a lasting impact on OPA members across the nation. Cecilee Dickens (Sigma), marketing and public relations director

FOUNDING Bowling Green, OH March 24 • 71 sisters Alpha (Bowling Green State University) Gamma (Eastern Michigan University)






BLUE RIDGE Columbia, SC February 17 • 72 sisters Chi (University of South Carolina) Alpha Lambda (North Carolina State University) Alpha Rho (Virginia Tech)

LIBERTY Shippensburg, PA February 24 • 44 sisters Alpha Theta (The Pennsylvania State University) Alpha Iota (Notre Dame of Maryland University) Alpha Pi (West Virginia University)

COLONIAL Orange, CT March 24 • 33 sisters Alpha Mu (Boston University) Omega (Rutgers University)





AZALEA Carrollton, GA March 3 • 28 sisters Nu (Georgia Institute of Technology) Omicron (Auburn University) Alpha Zeta (Kennesaw State University)



PEACHES AND BEACHES Jacksonville, FL February 24 • 75 sisters Alpha Delta (Georgia Southern University) Alpha Xi (University of Central Florida) Alpha Omicron (University of Florida)

CONNECTED LONE STAR Round Rock, TX March 3 • 68 sisters Delta (Texas A&M University) Tau (The University of Texas at Austin) Alpha Nu (Texas State University)


CACTUS PINE Tempe, AZ February 24 • 74 sisters Phi (Arizona State University) Alpha Alpha (Northern Arizona University)

BLUEGRASS Smyrna, TN March 24 • 101 sisters Epsilon (Tennessee Technological University) Mu (Middle Tennessee State University) Rho (Western Kentucky University) Sigma (The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)





NEB members at Mid-year 2018 in Dallas: (seated, left to right) VP Finance Michelle Brannon, President Jan Titsworth, VP Communications Thea Moritz, (standing) VP Programs Andie Hixson, and VP Lifetime Membership Suzy McTaggart.

Texas greeted the five-member national executive board for a weekend of strategic planning on Feb. 2–3, 2018. National President Jan Titsworth (Delta) and new VP Finance Michelle Brannon (Delta) drove to the hotel located in Grapevine, TX, while VP Programs Andie Hixson (Epsilon), VP Lifetime Membership Suzy McTaggart and VP Communications Thea Moritz traveled from the north and east. Discussion topics ranged from alumnae engagement to financial status to Vision 2020 progress. Approximately 400 new members joined OPA in Fall 2017. A new recruitment pilot plan is in development and will be implemented for the Fall 2018 semester. The plan includes conducting surveys and focus groups with successful membership directors.


With the recent transition of financial files, Michelle and her team have streamlined the voucher process and proposed a new structure to incorporate OPA’s tax-exempt status within the national organization and the scholarship trust. The NEB is creating a working national calendar to use internally for event planning and other tactical purposes. They are also researching similar organizations for ideas on corporate structure, insurance, board relationship, staffing, technology, etc. The group also enjoyed some sisterhood time with a special Christmas experience at the infamous Campo Verde Mexican Restaurant in Arlington. Yes, you read that right! The iconic restaurant is covered from ceiling to floor with holiday decorations from October to March.

Where Should OPA Host Convention 2019?

Are You Graduating Soon? Stay in Touch!

Typically, the national convention location rotates from east to west to central. Here is a list of where the last five conventions were held. 2017 Bowling Green, OH (50th) 2016 Phoenix, AZ 2015 Chattanooga, TN 2014 Indianapolis, IN 2013 Pittsburgh, PA Keep in mind the distances and accessibility to/from airports. If you have a suggestion, please email it to convention@omegaphialpha.org.

If you are graduating from college this semester, don’t forget to stay in touch with OPA by updating your contact information in the OPA database. Simply go to:


members.omegaphialpha.org to request a login (if you don’t already have one) and fill in your new information. As lifetime members, this ensures you will remain on OPA’s mailing list for the Chevron, enewsletters, and other communications.

OPA ONLINE INSTATRIVIA OPA held an Instagram trivia contest during the spring recruitment period to help potential new members learn about the sorority. Inspired by OPA’s national Pledge Education Coordinator Corey Goodburn (Alpha Kappa), several questions were posted over three weeks. The first five pledges to email the correct answers to education@omegaphialpha.org received five points for their chapter for each round. The winning chapter, Alpha Alpha, will receive a free cake at their pledge induction. Be sure to follow @ophia67 on Instagram. OPA FACEBOOK PAGE REACHES 5,000 FOLLOWERS In early March, OPA acknowledged reaching 5,000 followers on the sorority’s national Facebook page with this special post: “We’re excited to reach 5,000 likes in our 50th year! We love giving back, so (no-brainer) we want to give something to our amazing community for this milestone. For a chance to win a travel mug and tote from the Rose Shop, comment here with your favorite OPA memory. We’ll select the winner on March 9 and contact you via DM. Thanks again, lovely followers!” The post received more than 125 comments, with the winning memory from Angela Dunay (Phi). She said, “My favorite memory was doing a service project with Project Humanity, where they had clothes, toiletries, and other necessities that were donated, and we helped homeless people “shop”— they were so thankful and showed so much joy despite their difficult circumstances!” Angela received a 50th anniversary tote bag and travel mug. These items and more are still available at the Rose Shop. Check it out at https://mkt.com/the-rose-shop/.


A PASSION FOR POLITICS Saba Hamedy (Alpha Mu) has always wanted to work as a journalist. From writing her own newspaper after her pet bunny ran away to working as editor-in-chief on both her high school and college newspapers, she has been in the midst of breaking news wherever she goes. She graduated from Boston University with degrees in journalism and political science and now works for CNN Politics. Q. Tell us a little bit about your current job. A. I work at CNN in Washington, D.C., as a politics reporter and cowriter of The Point newsletter with Chris Cillizza. Every day my main responsibility is to make sure the newsletter gets written—it focuses on politics news of the day, but in a more conversational way. I also pitch and write stories for CNN Politics. Q. How did you choose this career path, and what was your journey to get to your current role? A. I’ve basically wanted to be a journalist for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I wrote my own newspaper after my rabbit ran away with a headline “BUN BUN RUNS AWAY.” He wasn’t found but it was fun making this one-page paper and handing it out to my neighbors. In high school, I joined the paper and became editor-in-chief. I went to journalism camp (like a true nerd) in high school, and then chose Boston University for its College of Communication. I was editorin-chief of the paper, interned every summer, and have worked in the field ever since graduating in 2013. Q. What obstacles did you face when striving to grow your career?  A. The toughest thing when you are young is making sure people take you seriously— whether you are dealing with a source who may think you aren’t good enough to report a story, or a fellow reporter who is a veteran in the profession. It’s not easy being a young woman in any profession. Luckily, I’ve had some really great mentors, including Mitra Kalita and Rachel Smolkin at CNN. Q. What’s one accomplishment you’re particularly proud of? A. While working at Mashable, I moderated a lot of panels with celebrities, including one with Chelsea Handler and one with Kevin Hart. I also spoke on a panel at South by South West! I am especially proud of these moments because it validated that people in the field considered me a good reporter and

Alpha Mu alumna Saba Hamedy (above) appears on CNN’s Headline News Network (right)

interviewer. Then, of course, getting hired at CNN was a huge deal and big life goal for me. I grew up watching Christiane Amanpour on TV and, as a fellow Iranian woman, I have always admired her. Q. Looking back, what made you want to get involved with OPA on BU’s campus? A. I really love doing community service and making friends, so being part of OPhiA was a true no-brainer. Q. What is one of your favorite sisterhood memories from your time as an active? A. It’s tough to pick one memory, but definitely every single time we volunteered at Cradles to Crayons, a local Boston organization that works with over 60,000 families, individuals, community groups, and companies serving over 200,000 children every year. Q. How has your experience in OPA influenced your life and/or career? A. First, it’s helped me make friends and connections in every city I visit. My first internship post grad was in Arizona, and my roommate was an OPA alum as well (from Western Kentucky University). We befriended some ASU OPA ladies as well. Then, here in D.C., I found a dog walker through an OPA connection. Second, I still try to do community service because OPA taught me the value of helping others and being part of your community.

Q. Have you continued to do service since graduating? A. I try! In Los Angeles, I used to participate in a reading-to-kids program. Here in D.C., I have yet to find an organization that I can commit to due to my crazy schedule but I’m working on it! Q. What career advice would you give to active sisters? A. Never be afraid to reach out to someone you admire via email. The worst case scenario? They don’t respond. Best case? They respond with advice or accept your offer to coffee! Q. Did you hold any offices when you were an active sister? A. I did not, but I was a founding member of the chapter. I’m proud to have been part of the group of wonderful ladies who helped build a great chapter, Alpha Mu. Gabie Kur (Alpha Mu), editorial director




Alumnae Chapter Reports OMEGA DELTA Nashville, TN Omega Delta is gearing up for the 2018 Nashville Congenital Heart Walk, which will be held on June 30 at the Vanderbilt University multipurpose facility from 9 a.m. to noon. This event will help bring families affected by congenital heart defects (CHD) from all across Tennessee together to honor or remember their loved ones. Several sisters in Omega Phi Alpha have been impacted by CHD, either personally or via family members, which makes this walk very special to the Omega Delta Chapter. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Children’s Heart Foundation and Adult Congenital Heart Association in supporting research, programs, education, and advocacy. You can help get involved before and during the event to ensure a safe, fun, and successful event for these patients and families. For more information, visit events.congenitalheartwalk.org/nashville. OMEGA TAU Houston, TX Members of the Omega Tau Alumnae Chapter participated in the Jingle Bell Express on Dec. 5, 2017. Mary Ann Wacker, Pamela Mudd Conlan, and Marissa Hickel helped load 1,800 bags with holiday food. They also painted personal, uplifting cards for the families and had a lot of fun throughout the event. Omega Tau is looking forward to participating again

It’s not too late to register for Digging for Diamonds! April 27–29 Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center Grapevine, Texas Stop by for all or part of the event. Highlights include a reception Friday night hosted by OPA President Jan Titsworth, Saturday morning service project, and the Saturday night ceremony and dinner at $40 per person. See back cover or email alumnae@omegaphialpha.org for details.



a combating childhood obesity event, where they taught about all the different fruits and vegetables that make up the colors of the rainbow. They also explained how to make healthy plate options for mealtime. Compiled by Stasia Charter (Alpha), OPA writer

Pamela Mudd Conlan, Mary Ann Wacker, and Marissa Hickel standing in front of the 1,800 bags of holiday food packed at the Jingle Bell Express.

in 2018 and were able to field many questions about Omega Phi Alpha, bringing more awareness to the community. OMEGA IOTA Phoenix, AZ Many thanks to all of our amazing sisters for your love and support over the last fall for the two families we adopted for the holidays. Thank you Stormy Scott, Crystal Constance, Domenica Giovannini Gentry, and Gini Marie for additional gifts. Thank you Caryn Nicole, Stormy, Emily Buszka, and Omaya Ahmad for delivering the gifts. Together, we did something great for these two families who had nothing under their trees for Christmas. You all changed that for them and brought great spirit. Several Omega Iota sisters attended the Cactus Pine District Summit, which was held on Feb. 24, 2018. In March, they hosted

Arizona alumnae Stormy Scott, Ginger McGarity, Esther Blue deAvalos, Joy Coleman, and Christina Jutting (seated) attended the childhood obesity service project in early March.

Omega Iota alumnae collected gifts and delivered to local families over the Christmas holidays.

Becoming an OPA Alumna Graduating from college is both exciting and scary—you’re finally done with late-night studying, projects, and eating ramen noodles. However, you’re heading into the adult working world or going to graduate school and leaving your undergraduate school days behind. A constant that stayed with us during our college years, one that will not leave us postgraduation is Omega Phi Alpha. I am really excited to finally become an alumna of our sorority this year. Omega Phi Alpha is there for you as soon as you graduate, within the first year, five years after, 10 years, 15 years, and more, since you have been an active member. I have seen alumnae gather at local events, at the summits, and especially at the national convention. I’m so excited about this next step for my time in the sorority. At the convention, I was always curious about the alumnae activities, such as the alumnae society

ceremony and special luncheons, and now I get to be a part of it. As alumnae, we get to watch our chapters grow and develop from the outside, get monthly reminders and attend alumnae events to catch up with the members of chapters. We could even start a local alumnae chapter or join an existing one, both online or in person! I have heard stories of sisters moving across the country, finding alums in the area, becoming friends with them while making the moving transition a bit less scary. I have heard stories of alums finding their soul sisters by connecting with different alums from other chapters. Graduating may sound scary but it is an exciting time as well. No matter what, as lifetime members, we will always have Omega Phi Alpha with us from the day we graduate until forever. Morgan Mills (Alpha Gamma), OPA writer


Active Chapter Reports ALPHA Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH • Founded 1967 58 Actives/11 Potential new members Rush Theme: Back to the ’90s Spring Service: We put on the Queer Carnival, an exciting event with the Multicultural Greek Council, of which we are members. Drag performers attended along with different carnival games at tables. We also organized and distributed Girl Scout cookies for all of the troops. Another great event is the Girl Games, with sisters teaching local scouts about healthy snacking and how to stay active and fit. A new activity is Jars of Hope, which involves writing words of encouragement to each active. Fun Fact: Our chapter has the highest GPA in Fraternity and Sorority Life on campus! Favorite Memory: Semi-formal at a cabin, where we bonded for a stronger sisterhood. Contact: alpha@omegaphialpha.org GAMMA Eastern Michigan University • Ypsilanti, MI Founded: 1967/Re-chartered 1993 20 Actives/5 Potential new members Rush Theme: Born to Wonder Spring Service: We made thank-you bags for our custodians, postcards for refugee children, toys for dogs in local shelters, and paper cranes for patients in the psychiatric ward at the University of Michigan Hospital (Hope Cranes). We also teamed up with Girls on the Run and hosted a healthy dinner night for families at a local elementary school. Fun Fact: We are participating in EMU’s Miss Greek pageant hosted by Delta Tau Delta to raise money and awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Also, we raised almost $2,000 for our Relay for Life team! Contact: gamma@omegaphialpha.org

Delta Chapter

DELTA Texas A&M University College Station, TX • Founded: 1970 61 Actives/20 Potential new members Rush Theme: donuts Spring Service: Writing “You’re the Bee’s Knees” encouragement letters for university

event; Galentine’s for sisterhood event; Yoga in the Park for our mental health event; making toys for the animal shelter for community event; and organizing a festival at an elementary school for President’s Project. Fun Fact: OPA was the first women’s organization on A&M’s campus. Contact: delta@omegaphialpha.org NU Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA • Founded 1988 35 Actives/3 Potential new members Rush Theme: Under the Sea President’s Project: Healthy meal cards and swim meet volunteering Spring Service: Books for Africa, Café 458, Gigi’s Playhouse, Klemis Kitchen, Petco Pet Shelter, and Shakespeare’s Tavern. Fun Fact: We hosted Wafflepalooza, our annual all-you-can-eat waffle fundraiser. Contact: nu@omegaphialpha.org

Omicron Chapter at Storybook Farm

OMICRON Auburn University • Auburn, AL Founded 1992 37 Actives/6 Potential new members Rush Theme: Friends, the popular television program Winter Projects: Help organize food delivered to the Food Bank of East Alabama; work with Campus Kitchens, a university organization that packages and delivers leftover food to shelters; participate in #SheInspiresMe, part of the Women for Women International Program, by raising money to support an international sister to get education and work skills; sell raffle tickets and hold a drawing for a gift basket worth over $100. Other activities include: Trivia Night; nature walk at a local park; service to Storybook Farm, which helps children with special needs and their families, by painting fences, making gifts, thank-you notes, cleaning up, organizing, and possible interactions with the kids and horses; Miracle League; mental health first aid kits filled with stress-reducing items (e.g. agendas, scented candles) to give to the Student Counseling Center; members of the sorority potluck; and a park cleanup and picnic at Chewacla. President’s Project: Run a booth at a school with healthy snacks for children. Fun Fact: Because of our effort to serve

with Storybook Farm, the owner offered the farm as a venue for our chapter meeting on Valentine’s Day. Contact: omicron@omegaphialpha.org RHO Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY • Founded 1993 106 Actives Spring Service: We held our annual haircutting event that benefits St. Baldrick’s, expanding it with more entertainment. We are also hosting a Puppy Love competition within our chapter. The service committee that logs the most hours volunteering at the Humane Society of Bowling Green will win! We are also hosting “Health Hop 2.0,” which will bring back our 75 percent project for the President’s Project bigger and better than last semester. Fun Fact: Our chapter had the highest GPA of all sororities on campus for Spring 2017. SIGMA University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN • Founded 1993 14 Actives/7 Pledges Rush Theme: Sugar Rush Spring Service: We look forward to the nations of the world project, Books for Africa. We plan to have a book drive to send books to Africa to promote literacy. Also, we will continue our mental health project of helping patients at the Lantern at Morning Pointe, a nursing facility for those with Alzheimer’s.

Phi Chapter Galentines

PHI Arizona State University Tempe, AZ • Founded 1998 59 Actives/13 Potential new members Rush Theme: Jungle Theme Spring Service: University community: Campus Orange Harvest—We helped by picking the oranges off of the ASU Tempe campus orange trees. They will either be juiced for the “Devilade” drink served in the campus dining halls or given out to the public. Community at large: Dress for Success—This nonprofit organization empowers women by helping them achieve economic independence and providing free professional attire. We helped with the merchandise organization with tasks such as sorting, colorizing, sizing, and hanging donations. Members of sorority: Sorority Fit Series—Our fit series included the options of yoga, pilates, or a healthy cooking



CHAPTER REPORTS demo. Nations of the world: Esperanca—This organization is devoted to helping indigenous organizations reach sustainability and selfsufficiency. We will help surgical teams sort supplies to be sent to Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, and Mozambique. Local project: Girl Scout Badge Day—We set up a field day of activities to help local Girl Scouts earn two of their badges. Permanent Project: Service Saturdays with Project Humanities—We served the adult homeless population by distributing gently used clothes, shoes, and other essentials. President’s Project: Junior Master Gardener Program with St. Vincent De Paul—This is an eight-week program designed to teach children about sustainability, gardening, and healthy food options. We help facilitate the program through activities working directly with the kids plus set up and clean up of each session. Fun Fact: Phi is celebrating its 20th anniversary this semester! Contact: phi@omegaphialpha.org

night, hosting game nights and helping out in weekly classes as conversation partners. We created a “Camp Kemo Awareness week” as part of our community-at-large project. Camp Kemo is a weeklong summer camp at the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. For awareness week, sisters will host a bake sale, a panel with two of the women organizing the event, a “White Board Day” to help raise awareness on campus, and write letters of love and support to the children and clinic staff. Our service to the sisters project, “Learn from Your Sisters,” is both very personal and fun. Several sisters taught classes to our members such as Dutch, dance-fitness, Yoga, German, essential oils, and more. We are also working with one of our longtime partners, Atria Senior Living, to focus on mental health. We look forward to our third annual Kickball Tournament in April, raising money, awareness, and support for the Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands. Fun Fact: Chi participated in USC’s Dance Marathon (go, blue team!) and surpassed our $2,000 goal, reaching $5,000 to help USCDM in reaching its $1 million goal! The marathon benefits the Child Life Program at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. We were proud to be a part of this effort and look forward to see the Child Life Program help young patients adjust to new surroundings and understand their medical situations. Contact: chi@omegaphialpha.org

Alpha Alpha Chapter

ALPHA ALPHA Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ • Founded 2000 51 Actives/15 Potential new members Rush Theme: Friends Spring Service: Bra drive, Bucket List project, creating ribbons for each mental health area, and having an info tabling session about mental health. Fun Fact: Our chapter mascot is the bumblebee! Contact: alpha_alpha@omegaphialpha.org ALPHA GAMMA Oklahoma State University • Stillwater, OK Founded 2004 • 41 Actives Spring Service: Self-defense class, mental health, Into the Streets, Rise Up Against Hunger, and childhood obesity. Fun Fact: We took a self-defense class! It was one of the coolest things to experience. It is also comforting knowing we have the knowledge to defend ourselves if necessary. Contact: alpha_gamma@omegaphialpha.org Alpha Delta Chapter

Chi Chapter

CHI University of South Carolina Columbia, SC • Founded 1998 39 Actives/14 Potential new members Rush Theme: Individually Unique, Together Complete President’s Project: Modeling healthy behavior by healthy eating, exercising, and planting a garden at Palmetto Place, a safe shelter for abused children. By encouraging them to live healthy and active lives, they can begin to beat the childhood obesity epidemic. Spring Service: Relay for Life fundraiser was our university community national project along with USC student organizations. We also had bake sales, penny wars, and “Canvases against Cancer,” where sisters paint canvases to sell on one of the busiest streets on campus. For nations of the world, we are working with the English Program for Internationals at USC. To help students from abroad with their communication skills, we are participating in a “cultural exchange”



Omega Chapter

OMEGA Rutgers University • New Brunswick, NJ Founded 2000/Re-chartered 2015 67 Actives/28 Potential new members Rush Theme: Beach President’s Project: Girls on the Run Spring Service: The Pad Project, in which we made reusable sanitary pads for women in impoverished areas of Kenya out of towels and flannel materials. Buddy Ball Program, “Galentine’s Day” Gift Baskets, and more! Fun Fact: Our third anniversary was in March! Contact: omega@omegaphialpha.org

ALPHA DELTA Georgia Southern University • Statesboro, GA Founded 2006 • 44 Actives President’s Project: Posters for schools encouraging children to eat healthy, Brain Break Cards Spring Service: DIY Night, school supplies for Teachers, Letter of Love, Tybee Beach Clean-Up, Letters to Soldiers, Candy for Midterms, Donut Drink and Drive, Cookies for Nurses, Pie-in-the-Face, group fitness class, Bulloch County Special Olympics, Threads of Hope, cards for hospitalized children, suicide awareness, Arts Fest, Candy for Finals, Humane Society donations, Relay for Life Fun Fact: We decided not to take a pledge class this semester and focus more on the relationships between our sisters and with our alumnae. Our chapter was growing too fast, and we want to get to know our new members better! We will re-commence rush in the fall. Contact: alpha_delta@omegaphialpha.org


Alpha Theta members at THON

ALPHA THETA Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA • Founded 2006 57 Members Rush Theme: Outdoor/Camping Theme President’s Project: Yoga class on Old Main lawn, focusing on self-love and doing good things for our mental and physical health. This event raised money for a childhood obesity charity that is also sponsored by Aerie. Spring Service: Volunteering at Meals on Wheels, Re-Farm café (building a farm café only from used materials, so it’s not wasteful), raising money for disadvantaged children in Uganda, and volunteering at a nursing home. Fun Fact: The Penn State 46-hour dance marathon, THON, is something we are very passionate about. We make unforgettable memories while bonding over the fight against childhood cancer. Contact: alpha_theta@omegaphialpha.org

Alpha Mu Chapter

President’s Project: Healthy snacks for the kids in the theater department at Pierce Middle School. Spring Service: Room to Grow, Red Cross Food Pantry, Daily Table, and Boston Public Health Commission. We also tabled for AntiSlavery International, and plan to be involved with Relay for Life in April. Favorite Memory: Room to Grow provides items such as blankets, clothes, and baby goods to low-income parents in the greater Boston area. We are incredibly lucky to have service events there almost weekly. This was our key rush event by making felt tie blankets that we donated. This gave our actives a fun way to get to know the potential new members. Contact: alpha_mu@omegaphialpha.org

Alpha Lambda Chapter

ALPHA LAMBDA North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC • Founded 2010 43 Actives/5 Potential new members Rush Theme: ’90s are Back! President’s Project: Healthy Kids, Happy Kids in Wake County Spring Service: Bus driver appreciation, Food Fairy Ministries, Puerto Rico hurricane relief, Letters of Love, and Outrun the Stigma 5K. We plan on doing Letters to Soldiers, Fitness Hours, a food drive, Circle of Parents, Secret Sister, and Second Chance Animal Shelter. Favorite Memory: A collective favorite for everyone is any retreat we have. It gives us an opportunity to bond as a sisterhood and share in our love for service together. Contact: alpha_lambda@omegaphialpha.org ALPHA MU Boston University • Boston, MA Founded 2011 45 Actives/34 Potential new members Rush Theme: OPhiA throughout the Ages

Alpha Omicron Chapter

ALPHA OMICRON University of Florida • Gainesville, FL Founded 2014 • 61 Actives/10 Pledges Rush Theme: Peace, Love, & Omega Phi Alpha—Groovy! President’s Project: Idylwild Elementary School Field Day and Girl Scouts project. Spring Service: We completed almost four of our mandatory service projects already by making postcards for refugees with the Any Refugee organization, volunteering with Night to Shine to organize a prom for individuals with special needs, helping to stock and sort food at the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, and coordinating a field day for

kindergarteners at Idylwild Elementary School to learn about healthy eating and exercise. We held a spring rush and now have 10 amazing, service-minded pledges! Bid Day was held at a local roller-skating rink, and we bonded while helping each other balance. We held our Family Day on February 4 with more than 100 sisters and family members in attendance. We enjoyed brunch, crafts, pictures, and a game of Jeopardy. We are also busy volunteering with other organizations in the Gainesville community. We hosted Ronald McDonald Sweet Nights to bake goodies for families, volunteered at Jungle Friends primate sanctuary, assisted with loading Girl Scout cookies, led campus tours to high school students with the Close Up Foundation, and helped retired horses at Mill Creek Farms. And, we organized a Valentine’s Day party at Oak Hammock Nursing Home for residents to make cards and decorate cookies. Contact: alpha_omicron@omegaphialpha.org Alpha Rho Chapter

ALPHA RHO Virginia Polytechnic Institute Blacksburg, VA • Founded 2017 33 Actives/15 Pledges Rush Theme: Carnival President’s Project: Girl Scout Field Day Spring Projects: The Big Event at Virginia Tech, Relay for Life, supply drive for Humane Society of Montgomery County, Micah’s Backpack, making stress balls, Valentine’s exchange, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Valentines, 3.2 for 32 5K Run, and sponsoring the Girl Scout cookie stands. Spring Service: Working more closely with the Girl Scout troops in our area and getting involved with fraternity and sorority philanthropy events on campus, as well as doing a service project on Earth Day. Fun Fact: We’re the only chapter in our state and gave bids to our largest pledge class yet! Contact: alpha_rho@omegaphialpha.org (Due to space limits, chapters without reports are not listed in this issue.) Compiled by Catherine Ferrell (Alpha Gamma)



National Office PO Box 955 East Lyme, CT 06333 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED



JOIN US in recognizing longtime alumnae as they are inducted into the alumnae society and participate in service and sisterhood activities. If you have reached Diamond (40+ years), Sapphire (25 years), or Topaz (10 years) membership status and are close to where Digging for Diamonds is being held this year—this event is for you!

APRIL 27–29, 2018

Set in a 40-acre lakeside location in Grapevine, TX, the hotel features jogging trails and six tennis courts and is just five minutes from DFW International Airport and 25 minutes from downtown Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington. Room rate is $109 plus tax. Dinner cost is $40.


FRIDAY, APRI L 27 5 p.m. Welcome Reception with National President Jan Titsworth

It’s not too late to register for D4D. Please email alumnae@omegaphialpha.org for more details or visit OPA’s Facebook event page.

SATURDAY, APRI L 28 9 to 11:30 a.m. Service Project 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch in Downtown Grapevine (Dutch treat) followed by free time to catch up with your sisters 6 p.m. Buffet Dinner and Program 7:30 p.m. Alumnae Society Induction Ceremony 8:30 p.m. Dessert and Closing Remarks SUN DAY, APRI L 29 Goodbye breakfast at hotel (Dutch treat)

Profile for Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority

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