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Summer Skills Camps! Full and 1/2 day enrollment Before and After Childcare available Need-based Scholarships

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June 17 - 21 June 24 - 28 July 8 - 12 July 15-19 July 22-26 July 29 - Aug. 2 Aug. 5 - 9 Aug 12 - 16 Aug 26 - 30

Every day your child will have the chance to participate in yoga, music, creativity, teacher-led excursions, and more! Our camps are led by a team of Artists in Residence who will share their incredible knowledge, and our team of talented facilitators. OmCulture is a large adaptive space near Gas Works Park, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor play! Children will learn new skills in a supportive and safe environment. Ages 5 - 12 1/2 day camp: 9-1 Full day camp: 9 - 5 Prices start at just $50 a day!


Solstice Parade NANDA: Ninja Arts Gardening/Permaculture Drawing and Painting Circus Arts Circus Arts Art & Technology Reed and Paper Art Musical Theater

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2210 N. Pacific St. Wallingford


Solstice Parade Art for Social Change June 17th - 21st

Join Jake Harris is and the ZeroWaste Team to create an entire tire

ecosystem of ocean creatures res for this year’s

Solstice Paradee

using recycled materials!

Campers will learn how ow to use u costumes and humor to raise awareness about critical environmental issues, and have a lot of fun

creating and performingg in a solstice paradee entry!

For the past 5 years, Zero Waste have used art to accomplish their efforts of education

Monday: Intro to Arts for Social

Americans lifetime use). With backgrounds

Change: concept and design Tuesday: Creation Day (making plastic bag jellyfish puppets, aluminum can fish costumes or large scale sea creature) Wednesday: Workshop Days Thursday: Afternoon tour of the PowerHouse in Fremont Friday: Performance Rehearsal (Parents welcome)

in education community organizing and the

Saturday: Solstice Parade! (Parents

arts we are uniquely qualified for providing

welcome) Gather at 2pm, parade begins at 3pm.

most notably through loveable bagmonser tomfoolery. Part of their outreach efforts have been an annual entry in the Solstice Parade. Past entries have included phone book fairies, a giant paper cup-topus, and a 100 foot long dragon made out of water bottles (10,000 water bottles an average

an educational and exciting experience.

NANDA The Wild Art of Ninja Acrobatics June 24th - 28th

Welcome to the world of Ninja Acrobatics and

kung-faux fighting! An awe-inspiring marvelous combination of dance, juggling, and acrobatics. Through this class, students will learn how to perform some of those skilled (and sometimes hilarious!) NANDA-style stage combat moves.

About Tomoki: born high up in the mountains of Colorado and was immediately shipped to the Olympic Peninsula . Traded to the local hippies for a day out sailing, the boy was raised in a yurt without the convenience of things like electricity, hot water, toilets, showers or very much junk food. Fortunately he had plenty of other kids to run around and pretend to be ninja assassins and learn to juggle with....He’s still running around with those same kids today, being a ninja warrior and

whatever else comes to mind.

No CAMP July 1st - 5th

FIREWORKS! I mean, really, if you could be watching fireworks instead...

Gardening & Permaculture July 8th - 12th Digging in the soil, getting their hands dirty, children thrive as they learn to grow fruits and vegetables in an engaging, sustainable manner! Your child will spend the week with Jenny Pell discovering a new relationship with their environment and their food. Right outside OmCulture’s backdoor is our very own gardening and permaculture learning center!

Jenny Pell is a former tree plante planter, helicopter pilot pilot, carpenter carpenter, and yurt b builder. Jenny stays busy managing her growing full-service full-se design/build company Permaculture Now! Now Jenny divides her Perma time b between the Pacific NW and Maui, with larger ventures overseas. Projects l include includ everything from urban permaculture homesteads to farms perm transitioning from annuals to diversified transi perennial agriculture, with an increasing peren focus on policy work related to urban food security. Every project is designed with secur “social “socia permaculture”, community, and resilient interdependent local economy res at its heart.

Drawing, Painting and Play July 15th - 19th

Letting your child’s imagination tion run free..... Using drawing, painting and play, participants pants will create a circus of their the imagination and become their art. Through Thro making drawings, wings, props, and backdrops and imagining themselves as dierent charac characters, students will make art, create scenes together and then photograph themselv themselves in their created at worlds. ated


a professor, and joins us from Virginia where she heads the Art department at Richard Bland College of the College of William and Mary. Michelle has a special gift for helping kids of all ages access and explore their inner world through art. Having received the Governor’s Outstanding Faculty Award, Michelle's focus on teaching art and creativity has extended into variety of settings, including schools and community organizations.


Michelle Delano is an artist and

reativit y ! c f o ekMonday: Fanciful storytelling, brainstorming and drawing Tuesday: Enlarging drawings onto painted backdrops, props and costumes Wednesday: Assembling 2-D drawings into 3-D backdrops, costumes and props Thursday: Story telling, fantasy and photo shoots

Friday: Altering portrait photographs and celebrate with slideshow!

Circus Arts! July 22nd - 26th &

July 29th - Aug. 3rd

It’s time to join the CIRCUS!

Kids need no experience to sign up and learn partner-movement, juggling, acrobatic movement, tumbling and more!

The week of learning and play will culminate with a performance sure to awe and amaze!

Orville grew up up on Kodiak Island, and worked in commercial fishing in Bristol Bay; the only thing that comes close to being as challenging to the Alaskan fishing life has been circus arts. Through years of practice Orville has achieved skills in tumbling, juggling, and partner movements. Polishing those skills and teaching circus arts have been a fun way of applying his nearly limitless energy. Orville’s experiences include teaching dances and partner movements for over 10 years. His current passion is in all forms of Acro and is practicing/performing all over town!

ART & . Y . D.I TECHNOLOGY August 5th - 9th

LIGHTS! MUSIC! ART! This week at OmCulture Summer Skills Camp your child will be exploring the intersection of creation and technology as a part of the DIY/Open Source culture. Our Artist in Residence will bring in various technological instruments/toys/techniques for kids to explore and play with. The week will be spent working in groups, interacting with each other and with lights, video, and creative input devices that allow them to control, inspire and design their surroundings. The last day will culminate with a performance-art-lecture by the students, letting them communicate their creations, and interact with the audience as they lead them through the interactive displays!

y d g e k o l c o ha chn te

Christopher Overstreet is a pianist, improviser, composer, technologist, inventor and teacher. His work seeks to facilitate his vision of a performance/instrument/medium, exploring tools & systems which allow for the compositional complexities of music to cross-pollinate or transcend the concept of a single medium. He approaches problems & new ideas as an improviser and experimenter. He is passionate about humans using technology to increase our level of interaction and awareness of each another and the expand the scale on which we play and express ourselves and ideas.

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Reed Art & Lanterns Paper crafts brought to life! August 12th - 16th

Fantastic Creations! Amazing Works of Ar Art! rrt! t! Watch your child bring their imaginations to life, working with our talented d Artist Ar in ResiRe dence to build their very own reed and paper sculptures.

Thaddeus Jurczynski ki has been presenting artist in residencies and sciencee He does parade art, such as giant puppets pupp and also works by commission. He is a Washington state certificated teacher and a

Fl igh

enrichment workshops for over 20 years. rs.

ancy! F f o s t

rostered artist with the Washington State Arts Commission. He created a 6-ft tall glowing anchor for Port Townsend’s annual First Night Celebration and has a 9-foot long Chinese Dragon puppet in the Children’s section of the Port Townsend City Library. He recently created a 10 ft tall Cyclops puppet for a production of “The Odyssey.” com m

TEENS CAMP August 22 - 24

The Experience: Dive Deep into Self, Rise High in Expression A 3 day adventure for teens age 14 - 19

Musical Theater August 26th - 30th

Has your child always wanted to be a star??? Kids will learn lots about the very physical art of singing: from breathing deep and making lots of sound, to diction and expression from the emotional levels of the gut, the heart and the head. Everyone will have fun learning and creating words and music that express their ideas and dreams! Then those ideas will take form and be woven together w with story, acrobatics and art as the kids create eate an original work of art for themselves to o perform by week’s ’s eend!` Since 1981, Erin Durrett tt hass shops for or taught theatre and music workshops grades K-12 in various settings. For twenty years she has also been a professional liturgical musician,, usic for orr cantoring and directing choir music various churches and creating Ea celebrations for Christmas and Easter. nclude Her performance credits also include rdi opera singing lead roles in a Monteverdi and two musical performance art productions in Seattle. During the summers for the lastt fifteen ng the years she has helped in preparing n music for young actors to use in roduced full-length Shakespeare plays produced ector of by her husband, Darren Lay, director hop. The Young Shakespeare Workshop.

Summer Skills at OmCulture


1/2 day: 9am - 1pm Full day: 9am - 5pm Morning Childcare: 8am - 9am (optional) Evening Childcare: 5pm - 6pm (optional)

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1/2 day enrollment for week: $250 Full day enrollment for week: $325 Additional childcare: $25 per hour per week, available from 8-9am, & 5-6pm (cost is $5/hour/week, sold as $25 for a week of morning care or $25 for a week of evening care) Enrollment is a $50 non-refundable deposit, with the balance of your tuition due on the first day of camp. The balance must be paid on the first day for your child to participate. We are sorry but no single-day enrollment is possible. Need based scholarships are available. Please contact us at Discounts for multi-week or sibling enrollment are available. Please contact us at A mandatory survey will be sent out prior to the beginning of camp which is your opportunity to inform us about food allergies, medical needs or restrictions and any additional pertinent information. OmCulture strives to create a supportive, welcoming community for all its members and we hope to accomodate all our students’ needs.

2210 N. Pacific St. Wallingford


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