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Omar Pimienta

Omar Pimienta

Defragmentation; on how to get rid of my memory voids La Jolla Athenaeum music&art Library, San Diego. 2010-11. Artist Books, Photoassemblage and photo-text constructions.

Our Lady of Libertad Colonia Libertad Public art installation. 2009-10

Welcome to Colonia Libertad TJ/San Diego Border. 2008-09.

Welcome to Colonia Libertad. 2007 Video 6:28 Promotional video of a piece of art / crafts created in Colonia Libertad.

El Santo y la India María VS La Migración. 2009 Video 8:23 Video that mixes images of two icons of cinema: el Santo in his film El Santo la frontera del terror 1970; La India María, los que no corren ... vuelan, 1980. The fight and migration scenes are mixed with two tracks from 1973: Imelda Miller-que alegre va María and The Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone both songs about an absent father. The video addresses Mexican media portrait of migration and the displacement of the family that results from it.

LibrerĂ­a Tijuana. Mail Art & Artist Book 2007

Daily Border picture ( Tijuana/San Diego. accumulation-photo. 2005-06.

Photo-text 2007 to date.

Mi Chante. 2006 Video 5:13 The piece seeks to analyze collective memory processes from a specific geographic and personnel space in constant violence and the capacity of citizens to adapt to it’s different circumstances.

Tiendita San Diego/San Francisco 2003-06 sustainable commerce installation.

Bookleggers. Video/ Sculpture/accion 2004 Intervention of a red 1976 Chevy Malibu with 200 academic textbooks from the courses taken at community colleges in San Diego CA. The books were hidden in the panels of the doors, in spaces between the engine and bodywork, spare tire and gas tank. The books were wrapped in plastic emulating blocks of marijuana. The car departed from Colonia Libertad in Tijuana, across the border, and arrived in La Jolla California for its eventual display at the Marcuse Gallery at the University of California at San Diego.

Industrial jewelry Object. Jewelry created with electronic parts: resistors, capacitors, regulators, collected from recycling landfills of the maquiladora industry. 2003.


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portafolio de arte