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ISSUE 22 JUNE 2012 Kathrin Longhurst Omar Ortiz Valentina Brostean Benoit Courti Agaphya Belaja Leslie Ann O’Dell Jan Mark Janiaczyk Ken Pegg Yuehui Tang Ilia Izachic Isaev

In the middle of the night, under the gloomy moonlight, to the gentle sounds of violins...we danced the tango. He was wearing a golden mask. The mask on my face was snowy white. Step by step, move by move. His body was touching mine. My body was touching his. He put down his mask. The next one was green...face of the monster. I put mine down. The next one was purple...face of the gentle fairy. The violins were playing stronger and louder. We were dancing more passionately. He put down the green mask and the next one was red. I put mine down ....Red. He was holding me strongly in his arms. I could feel the warmth of his body, his breath, his heartbeats. Eyes to eyes. Suddenly he let go of me and fell down to his knees. He threw the mask off and I saw a frightened little boy in front of me. He was crying. I threw down my mask too. I caressed his face. Are you wearing a mask too? What color is it? Put it down and be yourself, be proud and strong no matter what others think. What ever happens, you will never regret it.

I want to thank to my dear friends Ljiljana Bursac, Nini Baseema, Kiyo Murakami, Jelena Grujic, Murielle Mirabelle Velay Michel, Natalie Shau, Ian Furniss, Bolek Budzyn, Thierry Bruet, Dejan Bogojevic, Gines Serran, Mark Sadan and to our dear readers. Maia Sylba

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THE FORM OF BEAUTY blog by Nini Baseema

KIYO MURAKAMI photography


To draw public support and to popularize the Russian Academy of Arts I. E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Saint Petersburg “Academy of Arts” Foundation has been founded in 1996. General objective, pursued by The Foundation, is domestic and foreign promotion of I.E. Repin Institute’s students and graduates through expositions and media projects. Web site of the “Academy of Arts” Foundation ( has been created in 1999. To familiarize the broad audience, comprising museums’ and private galleries’ personnel, collectors and amateurs of fine arts with the avenues, explored by The Foundation, it was further revised and updated on 2002 and 2011 years. Website organized as online galleries of the artists graduated, teaching and studying in the I. E. Repin’s institute. Main goal of the gallery is providing the best creative artworks by academician artists all around the world. Foundation’s online gallery united over 50 well known figurative artists with recognizable manner and progressive style from SaintPetersburg. Worldwide promotion of Saint-Petersburg modern figurative art is main strategy of the Foundation’s activity. Outstanding paintings of the most of participants in Foundation’s projects combined classic traditions of figurative paintings with contemporary mentality. In the nearest perspective of the our activity is creating of wide database of I. E. Repin’s institute graduates for last 50 years. We also provide online exhibitions of the best works, artists and important art themes. Knauer is talented female photographer. Johanna was born in 1988 in Passau, Germany. She is doing media studies since 2008 and is dedicated to photography and image editing since about 2 years.

MUSETOUCH MAGAZINE June 2012 Editor Maia Sylba Graphic designer Dejan Silbaski Contributors Nini Baseema Kiyo Murakami Ian Furniss Cover Christian Martin Weiss

MUSETOUCH is a magazine about visual arts. It has been created by Maia Sylba out of a love and passion for art with the hope that people will be able to use the publication and website as a platform to showcase their skills and gain recognition.

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Submission Guideline If you want to contribute to the next edition, you can send us an email with your data and a PDF file that shows your works, also a link of your website if you have any. We would love to see your art so don’t hesitate to contact us and welcome. All artwork in this magazine is copyright protected under the MUSETOUCH Magazine brand or remains property of the individual artists who have kindly granted us permission to use their work.

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Benoit Courti Embrace

Omar Ortiz


Out of Space and Context

Yuehui Tang


Real Fantasy

Inner Voice


Agaphya Belaja Far Away


Ilia Izachic Isaev One has to Feel It


Kathrin Longhurst Reality Escape

Ken Pegg

Valentina Brostean


The Viewer


Leslie Ann O’Dell Enigmatic


Jan Mark Janiaczyk Forgotten Beauty



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Benoit Courti

Benoit Courti is a french photographer living in Paris.  Fascinated by photography since his childhood, he first embraced a career as a music composer before becoming a professional portrait/art photographer in 2010. musetouch 10


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Omar Ortiz

Out of Spa

Omar Ortiz was born in 1977 at Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where he still lives. Since he was a boy he has been interested in drawing and illustration. He studied for a degree in Graphic Design, where he learned different techniques such as hand drawing, pastels, charcoal, water colors, acrylics and airbrushing. When he finished college he decided to make a living from painting. In 2002 he attended his first oil paint classes with the artist Carmen Alarcón, who he considers his main teacher. Omar Ortiz currently works with oil painting because he considers it the noblest technique. A minimalistic - hyperrealism characterizes his work, where white colors, human body and a magical fabric play predominate. “His paintings act like intimate pieces, trapped in themselves, outside of space and context” He has showed in Mexico, Spain, Netherlands and London. “Since I started painting I have always liked to represent things as real as I can, sometimes I succeed sometimes I don’t, what is a fact is that it is very hard for me to do the opposite. I enjoy the challenges of trying to reproduce natural light and the nuances that gives us, particularly in bright environments. I like to keep the simplicity of the pieces because I think excess makes us poorer rather than richer.” Omar Ortiz Exhibitions 2005 “Petalos y Espinas” - Espacio del Arte Televisa - Guadalajara Jalisco Mex 2005 “Artistas Plasticos Contemporaneos de Guadalajara” - Culiacan Sinaloa Méx. 2008 “algo mas que realismo” - Zaragoza España 2009 “lijst-in gallery” - Roosendaal Holanda 2009 “summer exhibition 2009” - blackheath gallery - London UK 2009 “the figure” - blackheath gallery - London UK 2009 “christmas exhibition 2009” - blackheath gallery - London UK 2010 “Petalos y Espinas” - Museo Regional de Guadalajara- Guadalajara Jalisco Mex 2010 “summer exhibition 2010” - blackheath gallery - London UK 2010 “in your face” - blackheath gallery - London UK 2010 “Colectiva”- Plus One Gallery - London UK 2011 “Winter Show”- Plus One Gallery - London UK 2012 “Art Revolution Taipei”- World Trade Center, X Power Gallery -Taipei Taiwan 2012 “Summer Show”- Rarity Gallery - Mykonos Grecia

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ace and Context

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“The Mexican painter Omar Ortiz, despite his youth, should be considered as an unquestionable figure of realistic painting. His beginnings in the oil back to the year 2002 and since then has shown a mastery that lifts him among the greats. Technically was formed with the painter Carmen Alarcon, though its stylistic and thematic inspiration is closer to the hyper-academic painters like the Chilean Claudio Bravo and Hungary Painter Istvan Sandorfi. In his work we find four constants: - The pursuit of beauty - Concern the tactile - Printing of apparent simplicity - And the love of color. Beauty is an essence that emanates from each of his paintings. In the search for female nudes in the classical tradition in exquisite proportions in serene faces and a touch of sensuality. In his still lifes, the ideal of perfection is shown in minute detail, of honest patient, who invites us to reflect in silence on the passing of time. Enjoy these oils with the view, but the meaning is really excited touch. Seeking hands caress, feeling the thin skin of the models, check the quality of the fabrics or take one of the fruits stacked. The brush gets deceived. Light and shadow create a corporeal entity. We feel the calm breath of young women. The cloth hanging out of the box appear. The shells are edible ... No fancy distracting the viewer’s attention. Bodies and objects are presented in simple compositions but not hollow. Figures are individualized, they do not need a fund for support. They alone are the protagonists in their own right. The painter has no doubt of its expressive and so the magnificent large format. Color is another of his hallmarks. The target is almost always present and illuminates in a thousand shades his work conveying purity and energy. In the series of paintings are hung with cloth variety. Here not only interested in the texture of the object but also create beautiful play of colors. When you use the red is passionate and brilliant. Its yellow and gold are bold and luxurious. The black in his paintings is not the absence of color.� Introspective: Female Diety musetouch 60

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Yuehui Tang

Yuehui Tang was born in 1974 in Mulan city, Heilongjiang Province. He studied at Art College of Harbin Teacher’s Univeristy, Major in oil painting. In 1999 he graduated from Herbin Teacher’s Univeristy art department. When at school, the reprehensive artworks are “Difficult Years”, “Hundred of Years”, “Slent Wind”, “Isolation” which have won several prizes in Herbin province. In 2003 “Spiritual Tree” won the second price of National CDV Wacom Art show. In 2005 “Flying to the Moon” won the prize of the Excellent Single Piece in the First Chinese CG International Show. In 2006 “Rain of Petals” won the gold price of Shenzhen First CG Show. In the same year “Tang Yuehui CG Arts Collection” was published. In 2007 “Mermaid” won the Nomination Price in the AACC Asian CG Competition. musetouch 98

Real Fantasy

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Kathrin Longhu Who are you Kathrin?

I am a figurative painter living in Sydney Australia. I grew up in Communist East Berlin. I have been drawing and painting my entire life. I started taking life drawing classes at the age of 14. I was selected by the local school authorities to partake in extracurricular art activities but there was no room for “Freischaffende Kuenstler” – independent artists – in East Germany. The plan economy called for industrial designers, which would have been my destiny if I had stayed in East Germany. I grew up under constant Stasi surveillance. My divorced mother, desperate to escape the imprisonment of East Germany, started gambling with our welfare and safety by liaising with Westerners when I was about 7 years old. I remember returning home from a holiday and finding our apartment had been searched. The Stasi, the East German Secret Police, had gone through all of our belongings. On another occasion my mother had been taken in for interrogation. She was held for 24 hours and was threatened to loose her children if she didn’t cooperate and give up information on the Westerners she was seeing. Also my dad had run-ins with the Stasi whilst doing his military service near the border. On a drunken night he told his best friend, that he was wondering what it would be like to jump that wall, even though he’d never intended to. The next day he was given 20 min to pack his bags and was moved to a different post in the country. Everybody was reporting and spying on everyone else. As a child I was blissfully unaware of any of the gruesome things my parents endured and happily joined the Red Pioneers, a communist youth organisation established to gently prepare children for a life dedicated to communism. Here and through the public education I first came in contact with communist propaganda art. Many school excursions led to the Palace of the Republic with its extensive art collection of epic paintings of activists, sport heroes and freedom fighters, war heroes, soviet cosmonauts and more.  Through these excursions I was also introduced to the German romantics like Caspar David Friedrich and Carl Spitzweg, who’s art were hailed in both East Germany as well as during the fascist regime in pre-war Nazi Germany. I had never seen an abstract painting. Not until I was 17 I learned about abstract art at the Louisiana Museum of Art in Denmark. Abstract art was banned as being bourgeois and capitalist privileged to only a few, not for the people. We were able to leave the country and moved to Scandinavia after a Swede married my mother two years before the wall finally came down in 1989. Those early childhood experiences, such as living under constant surveillance and being integrated into the communist youth organisation heavily influenced my life and later my path as an artist. Art for me became a kind of reality escape. Sometimes a Western relative would smuggle in a Western fashion magazine and I would devour it in secret, dreaming of places far away, beautiful dresses, jewellery and luxury.

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Reality Escape

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This imagery would then fill my canvass. The paintings becoming an act of rebellion. For a long time I shunned my past. I remember lying about my origin when people asked me. I did not want people to think I was the poor cousin from the East, nor did I want them to ask questions and label me as ignorant, brainwashed or naïve.  I didn’t want to be judged by where I came from - stereotyped. It is not until recently that I have fully embraced my roots and my history. I realise now that I witnessed an important part of our history. The result is that I now bring the heroines from my childhood back onto canvas in slightly changed form. My heroines are a satirical take on the propaganda images I was surrounded by. They are by no means meant to be taken seriously or meant to be a historical depiction of the time. I happily blend eras, countries and symbolism to create an eclectic mish-mash of propaganda and pin-up. I’m experimenting with different mediums and am currently working on a series of paintings on Perspex that include stencilling and graffiti spray painting. I am using this technique to replicate some of the poster style art I saw when I grew up. I feel immense fulfilment in being able to contribute to the Australian art scene. I have been involved in numerous artistic ventures, I started an artist collective, ran a gallery, given art workshops to bereaved parents, raised tens of thousands of dollars for Children’s Medical Research through my art and am now actively involved with Portrait Artists Australia as Vice President, helping organise exhibitions around the country, running their website, promoting our over 100 members and educating the public about the fine art of portraiture. When did you realize that you are an artist? I believe in manifestation. I have felt I am an artist my entire life but have not been able to say it with confidence until I printed it on my business cards – Kathrin Longhurst: artist. I manifested it to be and it was. What’s the best and worst parts of being an artist in today’s world? Being an artist is not an easy choice. I’m an idealist and like most artists I’m driven by the desire to change the world and to leave a mark on this planet. A decision I frequently doubt especially since income is so fluctuating. What is the contrast between the intent of your art and the perception of it? Ha, I love how people interpret my work and I love how it evokes feelings in the viewer. I rather have people reacting negatively than being indifferent. Especially my latest body of work gets quite a few reactions. Someone commented on one of my paintings: “This almost made me vomit – I hate communism“, obviously this person had projected their own story and interpretations onto the artwork and didn’t recognise my intended satire and irony.

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What aspiration as an artist is most important to you? As a painter I want to document contemporary conceptions from a very personal and emotional perspective in a way that other mediums cannot do, eventually being a catalyst for change. Where do you see yourself in let’s say...10 years? I’d love to head overseas more and showcase my work internationally. I love where I am at, love the galleries I am working with – I think there’ll be some fun years ahead. MS musetouch 130

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Ken Pegg

The Viewer

“I had a slightly auspicious start in life, being born in the transit lounge of Hannover airport. Like many young boys, I received my first camera in my early teens and soon started developing my own films and prints, eventually mixing my own developers.  In my twenties, I worked for two, now long defunct, London photo libraries. I specialised in travel photography, producing images that were used in travel books, advertising and TV news backdrops. After about eight years, the ‘work’ aspect had completely killed my interest in what once had been my hobby and I put my cameras (Bronica S1, Linhof Technika, Pentax K1) away. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago, that by chance, I discovered how far digital cameras had come and on impulse, I bought a Nikon D70 and not looked back. By coincidence, I had left photography for computing and amongst other things had written a DOS based graphics program, so Photoshop fitted me like a comfortable old shoe.  Ironically, I had spent my early photography career excluding all human activity from my images, because this dramatically reduced the shelf-life of images. Today I shoot exclusively people. I am determined that my favourite past-time shall never again become a job. There is no commercial pressure and I have the good fortune that I only need to please myself. I am frequently told that my photographs have a painterly quality and this is probably due to the fact that I filled my past-time, prior to returning to photography with portraiture oil painting. My principal camera these days is a Nikon D3, but I have recently acquired a Nikon D800 and expect that it will soon become my main body.” Ken Pegg musetouch 176

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Valentina Broste Valentina Brostean is an European painter & illustrator who currently lives in Turin (Italy) and works between Europe - USA; Strongly inspired by urban culture, and pop surrealism movement she has developed her own, very personal, technique and style. Valentina has been invited to participate in collaborative art projects all around the world in diverse solo and group gallery shows. She has more than ten years of experience on illustration projects with several agencies, print and educational work (teaching assistant on university she before attended - the Academy of Arts Novi Sad). Currently she works as an independent artist focusing on developing her personal self expression through painting process and collaborating with worldwide talents and galleries on various art projects which allow her to apply her eclectic creativity. Education : MFA 2009 (Master of Fine Arts) Academy of Arts Novi Sad / department for graphic design and illustration Area of Specialization: ILLUSTRATION | BOOK DESIGN BFA 2006 (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Academy of Arts Novi Sad / department for graphic design and illustration Solo shows : 2012 “Dorothy Circus Gallery”, Rome, Italy - serial of paintings “Last drop of innocence” / April/ 2012 “Galo Art Gallery”, Torino, Italy - serial of paintings “visiONs OFF an empty mind” / February/ 2011 “Pagus gallery”, Philadelphia, USA - serial of paintings and drawings ”Circle of life” / July/ 2011 “Fache Arts” Gallery Miami, USA - serial of paintings and drawings - “Meaning of life” /December/ 2010 “Belgrade cultural center” - serial of mixed media illustrations “Why ladybirds eat people?” /January/ 2009 Gallery “Fache Arts” Miami, USA - serial of paintings and drawings “Stories from a Neverland” Group shows: 2012 SWAB, international contemporary art fair, Barcelona - Spain 2012 “Game over”,  the Nova Belgica Art Gallery, Saint Truden - Belgium 2012 “Illustrated”, Pretty Portal gallery, Düsseldorf - Germany 2011 “Summer show”, Hive Gallery, LA - USA 2011 “Alterazioni Visive”, Arcidoso - Italy 2009 “Golden Pen of Belgrade”, International Trienalle of Illustration, Belgrade - Serbia

musetouch 210


Inner Voice

musetouch 211

2009 “Cut & Paste / postcard exibition” international exhibition, digital graphics, Stockholm -Sweden 2009 “Graphocalypse” exhibition on EXIT music festival, digital graphics, Novi Sad - Serbia 2006 Group exhibiton of Theatre posters & manifests, Budapest - Hungary 2006 “Outside Project”, multimedia exhibition, Florence - Italy 2006 “Golden Pen of Belgrade”, International Trienalle of Illustration, Belgrade - Serbia Published works internationaly / magazines, e-publications : Juxtapoz, New Web Pick, Castle, Candy, Digital Ink, Chew, Art Nectar, Empty Kingdom, Catapult Art Mag, Dailyartfixx, Sweet Station NYC, Upperplayground, Living Design, ecc. “I’ve always had a sharp eye and strong emotional attraction for the strange beauty and the grotesqueries of life. My inspiration comes from a need to tell a story, to search deep into the subconscious layered realms of my soul and hear what it has to tell me, listen to that inner voice which has a need to break outside! For me art is life itself, but life in the very essence of it, with all the good and bad that it carries along the way.. it demands courage, it demands vision, it demands faith, love and devotion! Therefore I find myself, in front of every new canvas, like a modest, honest missionary and like a fearless warrior, on the side of light against darkness, in search for answers of life, love, meaning, bonds.. in front of every new canvas, over and over again I am brave beginner on the exciting quest of discovery and creation! My art is strongly focused on figurative narration which on a first look can be a far distance fairy dreamy world set in a fantastical landscapes of imaginary which echoes of her own, but I rather like to see them as a simple reflection of us - modern society without it’s masks, without the fake presentations that make us acceptable no matter which group we are part of. Yet I strongly believe that the only place where we are truly revealed the way we are is one from the inside and that’s the one that I try to capture on the canvas. I welcome you to my bitter, yet sweetly coated prescription for modern life!” Valentina Brostean musetouch 212

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musetouch 243

Agaphya Belaja Agaphya Belaja was born in Leningrad and was graduated from I.E.Repin institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Monumental Studio in 2001. She has been working on a creative workshop, Mylnikov AA. Now she is a member of the Artists’ Union of St. Petersburg. Her painting are in different styles like impressionism, realism, naturalism, postmodernism and fantastic realism. musetouch 244


Far Away

musetouch 245

musetouch 246

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musetouch 248

musetouch 249

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musetouch 271

Ilia Izachic Isae Tell us who is Ilia?

Ilia Izachic-Isaev started his way to photography through professional design. This explains his clear, sharp, refined framing that strikes with it’s nearly surgical precision. Yet it’s not something that could be learned. One has to feel it. Ilia’s eye like a scalpel clears out the silt of the routine and grunge attitude that covers people, objects, events... Bringing to light the true and essential meaning that very often is not recognised by the characters themselves. Ilia’s pictures are neat and polished. Each one of them is a self-contained realm where lights are playing with shadows and time - with life. Currently Ilia exhibits his works all over the globe, creates customer designs, offers exiting workshops. How did you first get into photography? I had a small digital camera seven years ago. At that time I was not interested in photography much. In two years I’ve realised I need a professional camera ‘cos by that time I was fully immersed in photography. What cameras or techniques do you use? Camera: Canon 5D Mark II Lens: Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 L, Canon 50 mm f/1.4 Tripod: Manfrotto 728B Flash: Yongnuo YN560-II + flash sync (Yongnuo RF-603) Filter: Marumi C-PL What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started? On one side - a lot of things changed in that time. On the other side - I’m not sure that all my knowledge because of photographs. And on the third side - I don`t remember already, what I knew many years ago. What are you trying to say with your photographs? I sense the message behind each of them... I don`t want to say anything with my photos. Photographs are emotions. They don`t need words. What do you hope to achieve with your photography?

musetouch 272


One has to Feel It

musetouch 273

I try to live now and here, though not always successful. What’s your dream photography project? At the moment, I do not have specific projects. but I want to travel the world and show my emotions and feelings from what I saw. Do you maybe have your favorite photographer...somebody you admire? Gregory Colberte. I really like the esthetics of his photographs. MS musetouch 274

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musetouch 276

musetouch 277

musetouch 278

musetouch 279

musetouch 280

musetouch 281

musetouch 282

musetouch 283

musetouch 284

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musetouch 286

musetouch 287

musetouch 288

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musetouch 292

musetouch 293

musetouch 294

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musetouch 296

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musetouch 299

musetouch 300

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musetouch 303

Leslie Ann O’De

“I am at heart, an intuitive visual artist. I observe and create mostly with my camera. My work is emotional, tense, and a bit enigmatic for me. Centered around humans, nature, and my own identity...” Leslie Ann O’Dell musetouch 304



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musetouch 331

Jan Marc Janiac “I paint in oil with palette knives. I seek to represent the light and heat of summer, I invite everyone to wander and dream in these landscapes, I paint freely, with color and contrast.�

Jan Marc Janiaczyk musetouch 332


Forgotten Beauty

musetouch 333

musetouch 334

musetouch 335

musetouch 336

musetouch 337

musetouch 338

musetouch 339

musetouch 340

musetouch 341

musetouch 342

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