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Reading Strategy: Use Your Book for Success Understanding how your textbook is organized will help you locate and use helpful information.

As you read through an example problem, pay attention to the notes in the margin. These notes highlight key information about the concept and will help you to avoid common mistakes.

The Glossary is found in the back of your textbook. Use it when you need a definition of an unfamiliar word or phrase.

The Index is located at the end of your textbook. If you need to locate the page where a particular concept is explained, use the Index to find the corresponding page number.

The Skills Bank is located in the back of your textbook. Look in the Skills Bank for help with math topics that were taught in previous courses, such as the order of operations.

Try This Use your textbook for the following problems. 1. Use the index to find the page where right angle is defined. 2. What formula does the Know-It Note on the first page of Lesson 1-6 refer to? 3. Use the glossary to find the definition of congruent segments. 4. In what part of the textbook can you find help for solving equations? Foundations for Geometry