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Review of work Omar Ansar

Theme • The theme of this piece of work is graffiti. I thought of this idea because I wanted to create a piece of work that would relate to the area that I live in therefore I call this piece of work ‘A typical East London wall’. It reminds me of my past and the present of how life is ruff in certain areas in London. Just by looking at the piece of work, we can see that it looks very negative because of the theme of graffiti and how it has layers of colours which shows how long it has been around.

Ideas • The idea/ideas behind my theme of graffiti is that it can have a lot of meaning depending on who has created the piece. A typical person that would create or draw graffiti is a person who lives the ‘underground’ or ‘street life’. Mostly done in the undergrounds and on walls that have been covered up throughout the years

issues • Issues behind this painting is that its sets a very negative feeling to the audience who don’t understand or know what type of meaning it has. Graffiti has a very urban feeling and reminds everyone of youths and mobsters that vandalise public property. It also has a gang culture meaning behind it because of the word ‘London’ which shows how gangs ‘own’ the area and their area which is personal to me because of the area that I live and have grown up in with the role gang culture.

subjects • The main subject in this painting is the word London which has a meaning of territory and area. Every area has their own mark and writing London basically shows what area your from and the territory hat you live and ‘own’.

techniques • The technique was very simple. I used paint and powder to create the texture and used layers to create an effect on decaying and that it feels as if that it has been drawn over because it has layers upon layers. I then used a sharp edge to create lines and scratches on the painting to create the effect as if it was on a wall

materials • Materials used were: • Paint • Powder • Paint brush • ID card

Visual qualities • Visual qualities in this painting is probably the colours being used. They are bright and stand out which creates the effect as it was 3-D. Another quality that stands out is the word ‘London’ written across the painting which basically shows how life is in London just by looking at a painting that is very underground/street type of work

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