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Blessed Christmas for our pastors. Many of you were able to see this image in our Facebook page, we would like to Give thank to our Lord and Savior for His provision.

our friend and pastor Rolando Castillo and a time to share what the Lord have done in their lives.

Thank to God and those wonderLast December 6th our mission was ful donors and friends of the pasable to celebrate with our pastors tors of our mission, our pastors and families, another year of hard went back home with good gifts, work and challenges. and praising the Lord for His faithfulness and love. Many of our pastors and families 24There is one who scatters, yet incame to our mission home in Managua , we had a time testimo- creases more; And there is one who nies, a great message preached by withholds more than is right. But it leads to poverty. 25 the generous

NICARAGUA CHILDREN CHRISTMAS As a Chrisan Mission in Nicaragua; we are bless. Three weeks a go we were lacking of funds to give a small gi' to our children in the churches in Nicaragua; but a miracle happened, the sta every Wednesday has a devoonal me where we share the Word, but we also bring prayer request from all our personnel, that day Aurora Casllo talk to the group that we did not have any funds to accomplish this task, so we all prayed and all of a sudden God started using people in the states to answer our prayer. Israel Casllo studies in the states and he visit a church on Sundays, where he stated talking to some of the people that comes to the church and God touched a lady heart to give a check to BMDMI oďŹƒce for this fund, then @ his university, the mother of his room mate gave some more money to the fund, then brother Darrel wrote in BMDMI facebook page that we needed some help for this ministry and we had enough money to buy toys for 1024 children that faithfully comes to our churches to learn from the Word of God. Thank to all the people who were obedient to God and provided to share a blessing to our Nicaraguan kids.

OUR CHILDREN . Christmas came to our churches.

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