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A to Z Omar DĂ­az Corona 6IM10

A Arturo He is my cousin and a member of my rock band. I have a lot of good moments with him although sometimes he’s a little maddening.

B The Beatles I love this band, in fact, they are my favorite group of all the times, I grow with they music, so I bacame a fan when I was just a child

B Bass Guitar The bass guitar is one of the many musical instruments that I play, but i enjoying a lot when I play it.

C Call Me This is the name of a song that made me become in a "Blondie" fan and this song are very significative to a special part of my life.

C CECYT 5 This is the school where I study in this moment and where I have had a lot of good moments

C Coca-Cola This is my favorite drink, maybe is unhealthy but I don't care, I enjoy it a lot.

F Friends The friends that I met in de CECYT 5 made ​me go crazy moments and good experiences so I really want them

F Foro Sol Is the place where I went to my favorite concerts, I saw Paul McCartney and KISS in this baseball stadium

G Green Day This is the band that change my life when I was at the junior high school. One of my friends showme their music and I simply love it.

K KISS After The Beatles, Kiss is my favorite band in the world, they are amazing! The way that they use the make up, make me crazy!!

L LOST My favorite tv show of all the times, I couldn’t stop to see it, I slept very late to can see it all the time. A really crazy thing


M贸nica She is very special to me, I see her only one time every year but I love that moments with her. I love her.

M Music The music is my life, the music is my everything, without music, I just be a simply mortal, but when music come to me, I become a god, or at least I think so jaja

P Paramore Well, recently I listened the music of Paramore and I have to admit that is very good! And I’m going to their concert on july

P Piano More specific, the CECYT 5 piano. That piano made me the happiest person in the world many times.

U Ulises He is my brother and my best friend, I´m

always fighting with him but are more the good moments, also, he is the drummer of my band

A to Z  

Compendio de palabras de la A a la Z

A to Z  

Compendio de palabras de la A a la Z