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Welcome Message On behalf of Sohag faculty of medicine and department of clinical oncology, the organizing and scientific committees are delighted to welcome you to the annual meeting Conference that will be held in Sohag. The conference aims to spot light on the challenges facing us in screening, early detection, chemoprevention and management of malignant tumors. We wish you a very productive meeting and an excellent

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stay during the conference and we promise that you will contribute to the most enjoyable and rewarding experience. Looking forward to see you Best Regards, Prof Ali Abd-Elrahman


Members of scientific committee

Conference Board :

Ahmed Hassan

Hisham Imam

Alaa El-Suity

Magda Elnazer

Alaa Hassan

Maha Abd-Elhamid

Minister of higher education

Ali Abd-Elrahman

Mahmoud Hamdi

General Wadah Elhamzawy

Anis Sheeha

Mohamed Abd-Elaal

Governer of Sohag governorate

Ehab Fawzi

Mohamed Abd-Elaal Elbagi

Prof. Nabil NoorEldeen

Eman AbdEl-Baset

Mohammed Abd-Elkader

president of Sohag university

Eman Abo-Deif

Mohamed Dyaa

Prof. Samy Osman Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University

Eman Salah

Mohammed Tharwat

Essam Mokhtar

Nagwa Sayed

Conference president

Essam Nada

Nehal Fathi

Essam Salah

Salah Ahmed

Prof Ali Abd-Elrahman

Gharib Fawi

Salah Ismail

Head of Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Department, Sohag University

Galal Abd-Elkader

Samia Abd-ElKareem

Gamal Abd-Ellattif

Samia Elsaied

Conference Secretary General

Gamal Emira

Samir Shehata

Hamdi Mohamaddeien

Zeinab Deyab

Dr. ElSayed Mostafa

Hassan Shehata

Wafaa El-Metnawi

Under the Patronage of: Prof. Hussein Mostafa Khaled

Lecturer of Clinical Oncology, Sohag University

Dr Ahmed Marzouk Lecturer of Clinical Oncology,Sohag University

Honorary president Prof. Mohamed Soliman Professor of Clinical Oncology,Sohag University


Members of organizing Committtee Dr Ali Mohammed

Dr EmadEldeen Nabil

Dr Raafat Abd-ElAal

Dr Ahmed Ameen

Dr Ahmed El-Sayed

Dr Wafaa Abd-Elhamid

Dr Ahmed Ezz

Dr Asmaa Hussin

Dr Shaimaa Ahmed

Dr Doaa Ibrahim



12:00-13:30 Session 2 Internal medicine and Pediatric oncology

Thursday 3-5-2012 8:00-10:00


Prof Ali Abo-Elmagd Prof Ali Kasem Prof Gamal Abd El-Latif Prof Lotfy Hamed Prof Mohamed Abd-Elaal AlBagi

Chairpersons: (Alphabetically)

10:00-12:00 Session 1 Surgical oncology Chairpersons : (Alphabetically)

Prof Abd El-Hafeez Hosni Prof Alaa El-Seyoti Prof Nabil Abo-Eldahab Prof Samia Saied Prof Samy Osman


Diabetes and Cancer Prof/ Adel Abd-ElAziz


Abdominal masses in neoborn DR/ Tarek Talat


Clinical trends and surgical outcome in management of GIST DR/Omar Abdelraheem



Role of the surgeon in optimizing post operative targeted treatment of colorectal cancer Prof/ Wafaa Elmetnawi

Risk adaptive therapy in pediatric Hodgkin Lymphomas Retrospec tive study. Dr Amani Mohamed


Glycolysis inhibition as a novel treatment of cancer Dr Salah Mohammed Second line target in CML DR/ Raafat Abd-Elfattah


Single stage transanal abdominally assisted colo-anal pull Through ,a reliable sphincter preserving technique for low Rectal cancer DR/ Hesham Hamza



Assessment of the periareolar incision as a versatile Approach for the removal of palpable breast mass DR/ Assem Althany

13:40 -14:00 Surgical outcome of neonatal sacrococcygeal teratoma in locality: experience with 13 cases DR/ Ahmed Gaffar


Breast reconstruction after mastectomy in Upper Egypt Dr/ Ahmed Elsherbeeny






Coffee break



15:00-16:30 Session 3 Pathology and Quality of life Chairpersons: (Alphabetically)

Prof Eman Salah Prof Eman Abd El-Baset Prof Mohamed Soliman Prof Salah Ahmed Prof Zeinab M. Deyab


Expression of TFF3 protein is associated with angiogenesis And metastasis of human breast cancer DR/ Ahmed Roshdi


The value of PTEN, PCNA and B-catenin to differentiate Between endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial carcinoma DR/ Noha Hassab

15:40-16:00 16:00-16:20


17:00-18:30 Session 4 Radiology – nuclear medicine Chairpersons: (Alphabetically)

Prof Anees Sheeha Prof Mohamed Alam Prof Tharwat El-Heweeg Prof Samia Abd-ElKareem Prof Wafaa El-Metnawy


Challenge in nuclear medicine in upper Egypt DR/ Waleed Diab


Nodal dissection and its impact in outcome Dr Wael Hassan


non oncological indications of PET DR/ Doaa Ibraheem

New Molecular cytogenetic in Aml Dr/ Raafat Abd-ElFattah


Disorder of body shape and its relation with some psychological variables for breast cancer patients and healthy women DR/ Anwar Nobi

role of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI in the assessment of Small renal masses DR/ Mohamed Hamdi Abdallah



High grade dysplastic nodule and early hepatocellular Carcinoma in postviral hepatitis liver cirrhosis DR/ Ali Mohamed Sayed



Friday 4 / 5/ 2012 18:30-20:00 Session 5 Scenarioo Chairpersons: (Alphabetically)

Prof Adel Abd-ElAziz Prof Gharib Fawi Prof Essam Nada Prof Moustafa Abdel-Khalek Prof Magda Elnazer

09:00-11:00 Session 6 Clinical Oncology session Chairpersons: (Alphabetically)

Prof Abd-ElRahman Hassan Prof Abdo Saeed Prof Hassan Shehata Prof Osman Abd-ElKareem Prof Samir Shehata


Role of cyberknife in non small cell lung cancer DR/ Ahmed Ameen


Exploring biomarkers for drug- response of cisplatin/ Paclitaxel, combination therapy for non small cell lung Cancer DR/ Ahmed Elsayed


Breast cancer case scenari Dr/ Ahmed Marzouk


Colorectal liver metastasis: A curable disease DR / Ashraf El-Badri


Irradiation disasters and challenge of reconstruction Prof./ Samia saeed


Role of pain killers in cancer management Prof/ Ahmed Elsaied


Coming era of nanotechnology DR/ Nashwa Mostafa


Cardiovascular toxicity of anticancer drugs DR/ Salah Mabrouk




Role of radiotherapy in the treatment of ptregium: a Review of the literature including more than 6000 treated Lesions DR/ Ali Mohamed Ali


Important milestone in CML targeted therapy Prof/ Wafaa Elmetnawi


Strategy of treatment of adult ALL Dr / Abeer ElSayed


updated management of hepatocellular carcinoma DR/ Allaa Abosdera 11:40- 12:00 Pray 12:00-12:30


Lunch and Tour in Sohag


14:30-16:30 Session 7 Genito-Urinary tract Chairpersons: (Alphabetically)

Prof Abd El-Moneim Abo- Zaid Prof Ali Taha Prof Mohamed Dyaa Prof Sabri Mahmoud Prof Salah Ismail

16:30 -18:30 Sessions 8 Head-neck-chest Chairpersons: (Alphabetically)

Prof Abd El-Mateen Mosa Prof Ahmed Elsaied Prof Mohammed Abd-Elkader Prof Essam Mokhtar Prof Samia Saied


Challenges in management of cancer Prof Samir Shehata


pleuredesis in malignant pleural effusion, comparative study DR/ Essam Elbadry


Renal involvement in malignancy Prof/ Ali Taha


follow up using fluorescence bronchoscopy for the patient With photodynamic therapy treated early lung cancer DR/ Hamdy Ali


Surgical treatment of spinal metastasis Prof Mohammed Abd-Elwanees


Endovascular treatment of intracranial lesions. Preliminary experience in Sohag University DR/ Mohamed Abd-ElAal


Conccurent gemcitabine and radiotherapy in treatment of brain gliomas Dr Khaled Fouad


pediatric orbital tumors Pediateric orbital tumors Dr Ahmed Mostafa


Role of Cranial Endoscopy in Management of Hydrocephalus Dr /Abdin Keir-Allah


Oral cancer in Uper Egypt Prof Kamal El-Sharkawy


Discussion and Conclusions

15:30-15:50 15:50-16:10

Early detection of bladder cancer DR/ Elnesser Rashed EUA guidelines in management of superficial bladder cancer DR/ Hazem Mohamed

16:00 -16:30 Coffee break

- 10 -

- 11 -


Posters Session Topical nasal amphotericin B for treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis: systemic review DR/ Mohamed Rabie Epidemiological features of crystal induced arthritis a hospital Based study in upper Egypt DR/ Mohamed Mahroos Painless swelling at left lateral occipital area: case presentation Prof/ Mohamed Abdelaal New trend in management of peripheral nerve injury DR/ Gamal yousef Cancer and environment DR/ Maha Helal Prevalence and pattern of child sexual abuse reported by cross Sectional study among the university students DR/ Khaled Elsayed Hodgkin Reed Sternberg- like cells in lymphoproliferative Lesions other than Hodgkin,s lymphoma DR/ Mohamed Abdelazeez Target therapy in CML Dr / Ola Nabih Pregnancy and cancer Prof/ Ali Abd-Elrahman Pediatric orbital tumors DR/ Ahmed Mostafa Concurrent radiotherapy and chemotherapy for locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck DR/ El-Sayed Mostafa the art of management and reconstruction of facial tumors Prof/Samia Saeed Role of Surgeon in optimizing post operative targeted treatment of colorectal cancer Prof / Gamal Emira MRI of the breast and emerging imaging technologies Prof Hisham Imam

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