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Duqm dry dock gears for April Soft Launch

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In-house fabrication kick off

1st February 2011: Yet another milestone achievement for ODC with starting In house fabrications on the dock yard at Duqm. It is a sure indication of fast progression on essentials for beginning the main function of ship repairs. The dynamic Production and Planning team has listed about 50 types of fabrications that can be produced that will help in achieving bigger targets to begin services rendered to vessels docking with ODC.

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State of the art Duqm dry dock gears for April Soft Launch In line with the CEO’s presentation at the Oman Construction Summit 2011, it was stated that preparations are underway for the soft-opening this April of Oman’s worldclass ship repair yard at Duqm. The requisite infrastructure and superstructure facilities are essentially in place for the start-up of the high-tech complex on the Wusta coast. Commercial operations will formally commence in the third quarter of this year. Despite a lot of challenges, the dry-dock project will be completed on time and ready to start operations as planned, adding that the facility will rival in size the region’s largest ship yard – Dubai Dry-Docks. However, in terms of overall capabilities, the Duqm yard is technologically superior to its regional rivals. Conceived as an as a fully integrated ship repair services hub, the Duqm dry dock features a pair of graving docks each of a world-scale 410metres’ length. The graving docks are large enough to accommodate merchant ships of all sizes, including Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs), Ultra Large Crude Carriers (ULCCs), fourth and fifth generation container ships, and other vessels of a maximum capacity of 600,000 DWT. Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME), one of the world’s biggest shipbuilders, is ODC’s strategic partner in the operation and management of the yard. The Ministry of Transport and Communications is also playing a pivotal role in the establishment of the facility. Ahead of the April milestone, a tentative handover to ODC is already underway of

marine infrastructure being developed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. All major superstructures, including dock gates, dock pumps, jib cranes, air compressor units, machinery workshops, shop cranes, and so on, will be substantially in place by March. Slop and sludge reception facilities will be operational by June-end. The integrated commissioning and handover of the yard to ODC is underway and due for completion by June, that concession and usufruct agreements, among other key accords, are under finalisation as well. However, intake will be ramped up to five ships simultaneously soon thereafter. The yard’s expansive graving docks and berths can handle up to 10 ships at a time when operations are at full steam. In his address, the CEO also emphasised the yard’s capabilities as an integrated ship repair services hub. Longer-term, the facility will be equipped to fabricate steel structures for offshore platforms. A floating dock is also envisaged as part of ODC’s future expansion plans. Duqm dry-dock will eventually have the engineering wherewithal to undertake repairs to a wide range of offshore structures and specialist vessels, including offshore rigs, derrick barges, dredgers, pipe-laying barges, and so on. With 2.8 kilometres of alongside berthing, the yard will be able to accommodate all sizes of vessels earmarked for repair or conversion work.

Subcontractors from other countries visit ODC The Dock yard in Duqm attracted about 30 companies in 3 groups from Dubai and Bahrain last month. The delegations visited the ODC site between the 17th and 30th January in three different batches. The main purpose of their visit was to scan the facility and get a better understanding of the services which will be provided for ship repairs and maintenance. To their amazement, they got to see very high standards of facilities that include accommodation, restaurants, recreation, entertainment as well as the development of state of the art warehouses, stores, offices, and repairing centers. It becomes necessary for subcontractors to visit the dockyard and give their feedback along with their prequalification document to enable ODC to rate and progress on establishing any further business contracts.

Highlights of Greece As part of the Marketing promotional visits, a representation from ODC recently visited 16 new companies in Greece – considered a potential market for customer acquisition. Sheikh Khalil Al Salmi, Deputy CEO; SH Choi, Marketing Director; IS Eom, Leader of Marketing Department went on behalf of ODC; joined by SW Kang, Representative of DSME Greece and Steve J Oh, Managing Director of MJLF Greece (Agent). Docking plans were collected from the companies visited, that lead to many inquiries on the facilities and services provided by ODC.

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Week -1 of every month is allocated for Document Control, expect cooperation from all departments.

Acknowledging the second batch of trained engineers from DSME & DMHI ODC is 100% government owned company ODC is in the business of ship repairs and conversions The dockyard is located in Duqm, Al Wusta region south of Muscat ODC now has 2 graving dry docks ready for soft operation in April

ODC was proud to receive its second batch of Engineers, returning from training at DSME Korea and DMHI Romania. The twenty two young engineers were fresh graduates selected from the esteemed Sultan Qaboos University. They underwent rigorous training for four months equipping themselves with the expertise required to carry out their roles at ODC. Prior to the training program, each of them were sent to 3 months of study at the International Maritime College in Oman, where they acquired basic knowledge on ship designs, parts and essential technical information.

The trainees were sponsored by ODC for specialized programs in Quality Assurance, Health Safety and Environment, Painting techniques and other core engineering works. This vast international exposure will bring about high standards of output on par with shipyards around the world. In recognition, the Deputy CEO, Sheikh Khalil Al Salmi and the HR management team acknowledged each of the engineers with a gift, appreciating them for their efforts and commitment towards completing their training with good performance scores.


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Team Leaders Meeting – Accelerating performance

Facilities to be ready before the end of March Medical Centre - February Week 4 Clinic services provided by the well-defined KIMS Hospital will be available for all employees at the dock yard. Camp Restaurant – March Week 2 A full-fledged multi cuisine restaurant with a seating capacity of 1500 person will open shortly. Phase 2 Dormitories – March Week 2 A luxury setting with 822 beds for staff and workers now have 20% occupancy. Main Office - March Week 4 Floor-1 with 385 workstations will be occupied and fully operational with representatives from all departments.

Review and recharge is the theme followed during department briefings at the Team Leaders Meetings every month. Section heads, Department heads, Directors to the Deputy CEO and the CEO, all attend this meeting. It is a time of serious focus on progress and updates packed with presentations by each department on target accomplishments and potential work ahead. It forms a great platform for performance reviews.

also emphasized on. Rescheduling for Utility work from the Production and Support teams was determined. With so much happening in establishing ODC for full-fledged Ship repair and maintenance, the management has now decided on increasing the frequency of Team Leader Meetings fortnightly for prompt updates and fast action.

This month the meeting was held on the 10th February. Key messages communicated were of streamlining procedures for rapid functions like recruitment and mobilization. Certain new definitions were incorporated to achieve the completion of projects pertaining to the dockyard facilities. Marketing controls require to be established before soft launch for future promotions, Manuals for QA, QC and HSSE were

New facility ODC now has luxury rooms built and equipped with state of the art amenities for staff and workers. One of the best facilities in Oman for worker accommodation. Phase 1 is now complete which has 264 Worker room with 4 beds in each room, 82 Engineer rooms with 2 beds in each room and 42 Manager rooms with single beds. The multi-cultural staff of ODC has been enjoying multi cuisine meals since 6th of February at the new Yard Restaurant that seats 225 persons. This facility is the first among the restaurant to be opened at the dock yard.

Guest House in Muscat ODC inaugurated its Muscat Guest house on 15th February. This facility is made exquisite with elegant interiors suitable for overseas guests and visitors and customers during their short stay in Oman. The guest house is an independent Villa with five bedrooms a large reception and dining. Catering the best services is a part of the ODC package for guests; hence the company has tied up with Oman’s largest and best catering company Tawoos LLC; who will be responsible for hospitality and dining. During times when the premises are free of overseas guests occupancy, ODC will keep it open for management workshops, events and guests. This facility will also act as a club house with recreation for Senior Management and Managers plying from Duqm for short stay in Muscat. The guest house was designed to fit in as a cost effective way to cater to important guests with personal attention and convenience.

12-14 April 2011. Singapore - Next ODC Showcase

On board a Floating Hotel Monalisa – the famous Greek cruise liner is now the property of DSME - Oman docked in Duqm. The ship is now being modified to a Floating Hotel with fine dining, flamboyant onboard stay and exquisite entertainment. This will be fully operational by July 2011. Meanwhile the restaurant on the ship is being utilized for dining during Guest and Management visits.

January 27 - February 24, 2011

The 9 deck cruise liner has in it 261 guest rooms with luxurious settings and upbeat amenities. It has in it a Business center, shopping area, theatre, swimming pools, spa centers, indoor and outdoor courts for sports, coffee shops and much more.

Explore Duqm Like most of the wilayats of the Wusta or central region, Al Duqm is hardly a destination for the average tourist or leisure-traveller. It is barren for the most part — a sprawling expanse of gravel plains crisscrossed by a few mainly dry wadis. Yet, tucked away amid this apparent bleakness are some unexpected natural treasures, such as the wilayat’s rich and diverse bird life, rugged coastline and beautiful sandy beaches. But it’s Al Duqm’s towering promontories that hold a special attraction for lovers of wild places. The wilayat’s 200 km coastline is dotted by a series of thrusting headlands that jut into the Arabian Sea. Banks of clouds hang low over these bluffs, an ideal setting for nesting birds. Many of these headlands look out over delightful white sand beaches that are swarming with great multitudes of birds. With hardly a soul in sight, these beaches are a magnet for bird lovers and weekend picnickers.

The Muscat Festival celebrates Oman’s traditional arts, culture and heritage while providing people of Oman fun, adventure, excitement and entertainment. This event is Oman’s most spectacular tourist attraction, and plays a significant role in building and supporting the country’s flourishing tourism and hospitality industry. Since its inception, Muscat Festival has attracted visitors from around the world and captured their imagination through eye-catching events and activities that have successfully showcased the true essence of Oman. This year, Muscat Festival is expected to attract over two million visitors who will get an opportunity to discover as well as savour Oman’s distinctive Arabian cultural heritage.

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