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Wed. night







Mostly sunny

Clear to partly cloudy

Partly sunny

Mostly sunny

Partly sunny and warm

Warm with clouds and sun

Times of clouds and sun

Variable cloudiness









North-Central Washington Bellingham Oliver

Osoyoos Seattle


(USPS 408-300)


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Coulee City

85/56 Wenatchee


North-Central Washington: Mostly sunny Wednesday. An afternoon thunderstorm in the area in the mountains; variable cloudiness toward Republic. Pleasant toward Wenatchee. Partly sunny Thursday; an afternoon thunderstorm in the area in the mountains. Mostly sunny Friday. Partly sunny Saturday. Shown is Wednesday’s weather. Temperatures are Wednesday’s highs and Wednesday night’s lows.

Sun and Moon

New May 9

Sunset 8:22 p.m. 8:24 p.m. 8:25 p.m. 8:26 p.m. 8:28 p.m. 8:29 p.m. 8:31 p.m.

First May 17

Moonrise 4:44 a.m. 5:16 a.m. 5:51 a.m. 6:32 a.m. 7:18 a.m. 8:09 a.m. 9:04 a.m.

Full May 24

Moonset 7:23 p.m. 8:24 p.m. 9:22 p.m. 10:15 p.m. 11:02 p.m. 11:43 p.m. none

Last May 31

Mountain Passes

Growing Degree Days

Snoqualmie Pass: Partly sunny on Wednesday. Freezing levels near 12,000 feet.

Used to measure crop development. They are determined by subtracting 50 from the day’s mean temperature with negative values counting as zero.

Stevens Pass: Partly sunny on Wednesday. Freezing levels near 12,000 feet.

Sunday Season to date Normal season to date

Disautel Pass: Partly sunny Wednesday. Freezing levels near 12,000 feet.

Temperature-Humidity Index 82 Cattle Stress Cat. Danger Poultry Stress Cat. Danger Swine Stress Cat. Danger


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Lake Level* 24 hr. change Roosevelt 1256.11 -0.74 Rufus Woods 781.30 -1.80 Osoyoos 922.64 +0.10 * Elevation above sea level

Trace 0.00” 0.20” 2.52” 5.41”

Bellingham Brewster Bridgeport Curlew Elmer City Grand Coulee Inchelium Kennewick Loomis Mazama Moses Lake Nespelem Okanogan Oroville Osoyoos, BC Pateros Penticton, BC Republic Riverside Seattle Spokane Tonasket Twisp Wenatchee Winthrop Yakima

70/47/pc 87/55/s 87/54/s 81/49/c 88/55/s 87/55/s 80/48/t 87/50/s 85/51/s 81/53/s 86/54/s 83/53/s 86/53/s 88/54/s 89/53/s 88/55/s 84/51/s 80/48/c 87/52/s 74/51/pc 78/51/t 87/53/s 85/54/s 85/58/s 84/54/s 88/54/s

71/48/s 89/56/pc 88/55/pc 83/50/pc 89/56/pc 88/55/pc 84/47/pc 88/52/pc 85/53/s 84/54/s 88/55/pc 85/52/pc 89/55/pc 89/56/s 89/55/s 90/56/s 85/55/s 82/49/pc 90/55/pc 78/53/s 80/52/pc 89/57/pc 88/56/s 87/59/s 87/56/s 88/54/s

72/50/s 90/58/s 89/57/s 86/51/pc 90/59/s 89/58/s 85/46/pc 90/48/s 87/53/s 85/54/s 89/54/s 87/56/s 89/57/s 91/57/s 92/57/s 90/59/s 87/55/s 84/51/pc 91/58/s 80/55/s 82/54/s 91/57/s 88/56/s 87/58/s 87/55/s 89/51/s

Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2013

72/52/pc 88/58/pc 87/58/pc 82/53/s 88/60/s 87/59/s 81/48/s 90/52/s 84/56/pc 82/55/pc 88/55/s 84/57/s 87/58/pc 88/59/pc 88/57/pc 88/59/pc 85/58/pc 81/53/s 88/59/pc 77/55/pc 80/51/s 88/58/pc 86/57/pc 86/60/pc 85/57/pc 90/55/pc

63/48/sh 81/50/pc 82/49/pc 78/46/pc 83/49/pc 82/49/pc 77/46/pc 87/54/pc 80/47/pc 73/46/sh 82/50/pc 80/48/pc 81/48/pc 81/48/pc 80/50/pc 81/50/pc 75/50/pc 78/46/pc 82/49/pc 67/49/sh 76/48/pc 82/48/pc 79/48/pc 78/51/pc 80/47/pc 81/47/pc

62/48/pc 72/47/pc 71/46/pc 64/39/pc 70/47/c 70/46/c 68/35/c 78/43/r 68/45/pc 61/43/pc 75/47/c 67/45/pc 69/44/pc 71/46/pc 79/47/pc 70/48/pc 78/49/pc 62/39/r 69/46/pc 64/47/pc 68/44/r 70/46/pc 65/40/pc 72/50/pc 66/45/pc 74/43/c

Tuesday Hi/Lo/W

58/41/r 77/46/pc 78/45/pc 71/42/c 79/46/pc 78/45/pc 68/39/c 79/46/s 74/42/c 65/41/c 81/47/pc 76/44/pc 73/47/pc 75/43/pc 75/44/pc 77/46/pc 73/45/c 69/42/pc 79/44/c 61/44/r 71/44/pc 76/43/c 69/43/pc 75/49/pc 76/43/pc 79/43/s

Weather (W): s–sunny, pc–partly cloudy, c–cloudy, sh–showers, t–thunderstorms, r–rain, sf–snow flurries, sn–snow, i–ice



Delivery service


14 121 36

Livestock Stress Index

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84°/23° 68°/40° 89°/19°

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W




Sunrise Wed. 5:27 a.m. Thur. 5:26 a.m. Fri. 5:24 a.m. Sat. 5:23 a.m. Sun. 5:22 a.m. Mon. 5:20 a.m. Tues. 5:19 a.m.

Levels as of 7 a.m. Sunday (in feet)

Regional Cities



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87/53 84/54



Tonasket Winthrop




Lake Levels

Omak through Sunday, May 5

Temperature Last week’s high/low Normal high/low Record high/low Precipitation Total for the week Total for the month Normal for the month Total for the year Normal for the year




Weekly Almanac

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Vehicles listed above may be located at one of our 4 locations: 10828 W. Hwy. 2, Airway Heights, WA; 9304 N. Newport Hwy., Spokane, WA; 625 Okoma Drive, Omak, WA. All vehicles subject to prior sale, financing on approved credit *Based on 3.49% OAC with $750 down, term decided upon price and book value. All prices add for tax, title, license and a negotiable documentary services fee up to $150. Some restrictions apply and not responsible for typographical error. Prices good from 04/24/13 to 05/10/13.

Discover used books, rather than Web First contact came in hunt for a history of the alphabet The other day I learned of something I should have picked up years ago: The world of used books. My first contact came through a book store in Seattle, which someone had recommended in my hunt for Oscar Ogg’s “The 26 Letters,” a history of the alphabet. It sounds deadly and proved to be fascinating. They didn’t have a copy but would advertise in their trade journal. They got 27 replies, and I got a good-condition copy of the book, which I still


Exploring thE okanogan Elizabeth Widel have. Since then, the Internet has replaced those trade journals . I wanted a couple of copies of R.W. Tabor and Ralph Hagerud’s “Geology of the North Cascades.” The owner of a local bookstore turned to her computer and clicked a few keys. The book’s fourth printing was in 2010 and it is now out of print.


clariFications anD corrections The Chronicle staff strives to be accurate. If errors occur we want to correct them promptly. If you believe a correction is warranted, please call 826-1110 or 1-800-572-3446 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


“Geology of the North Cascades” is now out of print. “But I can try the used book listings for you,” she said, and clicked a few more keys. Several were offered, and I asked for two. They cost more than the original first printing

had. In a few days they were here. This reminds me of what I learned a few years ago when Dee Camp, in The Chronicle newsroom, turned from her machine and said, “Here’s a bookstore in California advertising a copy of your book.” It had published in 1973 and is long out of print. It had sold here at $8. The California store was offering it for $60. I wanted it, but not that badly. I’m glad the two men’s book on the geology of this area did so well. I regard it as a quality piece, a compendium of trails for people to hike, together with the geology of the area and illustrated by charming line drawings, both of the

River flood warning issued

Construction employees work on installing and smoothing sidewalk upgrades on state Highway 155 in East Omak last week. The work will affect traffic in the west bound lane from Garfield Street to Dayton Street until Thursday.

OROVILLE – The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Okanogan River and is monitoring conditions on the Similkameen River. The Okanogan River is expected to reach flood stage by Thursday between Oroville and Tonasket. Okanogan County officials predict the river could reach 17.5 feet by week’s end. The river has been rising at about a foot a day since last week. According to the Weather Service, moderate flooding occurs at 17 feet and major flooding at 18 feet. Free sandbags are available to flood-plain residents. The flood waters are expected to affect mainly farmland, officials

Al Camp/The Chronicle

DiD you miss sunDay?




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*This excerpt is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Situations must be reviewed on a case by case basis before any legal advice can be given. Please come see us for legal advice about your specific situation. We couldn't skip the fine print because we are lawyers after all.

Elizabeth Widel is a columnist for The Chronicle. This is the 2,824th column in a series. She may be reached at 509-826-1110.


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physical features of the area and of the geological principles the men discuss. But catching this small glimpse of the possibilities for books after the stock of published copies runs out is a little like having a second chance at life. Realize that books on scientific topics get dated and inaccurate as new research comes in. But once in a while, surely, there will be a time or times when people want certain information from such books, and it is good to know there are means of getting it.



said. On the Similkameen, officials are keeping a close eye on river levels. According to Weather Service statistics, the river rose also about a foot a day Saturday, Sunday and Monday. As of press time, the river was nearly 9 feet; flood stage is 14 feet. The Similkameen flood stage designations changed Friday, with the current designations as follows: 14 feet – Action Stage 15 feet – Moderate Flooding 16 feet – Major Flood Weather Service officials said the rapid rise in river levels is due to high temperatures and faster-thannormal snowmelt. — The Chronicle

Okanogan valley farmers market cat 104