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“Koda Bear” Dakoda Lee Edwards April 22, 2012

Jonathan Daniel Edwards and Kati Dawn Timentwa-Edwards Grandparents: Melony Edwards; the late Leland Edwards; Ernie and Roberta Williams; the late Eddy Timentwa Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

William James Dickinson

Hunter Preston Chapple

Jessica Dickinson Grandparents: Kim and Kirk Anderson; Joe Dickinson Great-grandparents: Jan Schwilke; Terry and Colleen Knapp; Mickie and Don Files; George Dickinson Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Tyler Chapple and Amber Graves Grandparents: Rusty and Kristy Chapple Great-grandparents: Mike and Sue Chapple; Lynn and Christina Isaacson Kootenai Medical Center, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

April 5, 2012

Picture People

Solomon Dane Berntsen Sept 4, 2012

Bryan and Sara Berntsen Grandparents: Kathy and Kevin Michelsen; Rick and Angie Kaufmann; Bryan Berntsen and Teresa Myers Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Dec. 20, 2012

Leeshy Lou Photography

Vernon Charles George

Rihanna Charisse Howard

Reginald George Jr. and Andrea (Howard) George Grandparents: Don and Yvonne Howard; Virginia Lezard; Reginald George Sr. Great-grandmother: Josephine Marcelley St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tacoma, Wash.

Robert Howard and Florence Williams Grandparents: Don and Yvonne Howard; Tony and Nadine Williams Great-grandmothers: Josephine Marcelley; Martina Nicholson Deaconess Medical Center, Spokane, Wash.

June 19, 2012

Jan. 4, 2012

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Local parents show variety with names The Chronicle OMAK – Local residents were all over the alphabetic map when it came to naming their babies during 2012. There were no clear winners for most-popular names, either for boys or girls. Among births submitted to The Chronicle during the year, just a handful of babies have the same names. Andy, Gabriel, Pedro and

Boys Alastar Alexander Andy (2) Archer Ares

Axel Barrett Blake Blueagle Bodhi Boone Brantley

William each popped up twice among the boys, while Holly and Serena were the only duplicates among the girls, also with two babies each. Even allowing for different spellings of the same name, two remains the maximum number. Among the girls, there were Isabela and Isabella, Payten and Payton, and Zoe and Zoey. Baby names, in alphabetical order, as submitted to The Chronicle during 2012 were: Cain Carson Carter Chance Christian Christopher Corbin

Dayton Domanik Domingo Drake Eli Erik Felix

Finn Franko Gabriel (2) Grady Honor Hunter Jackson Jacob Jaimie Jesus Jorge Josiah Julian Klaydon Leland Leonardo Mackiah Michael Miguel Miles Noah Nolan

Olen Owen Pedro (2) Rai Reed River Rowdy Ryan Ryker Syles Tevin Thomas Tony Treiton Trey Tristan Tucker Tulmn William (2) Zaidreon Zaivon

Girls Adriana Aleeah Alexa Ali Araceli Aubrey Avangeline Aysel Camille Cassidy Elora Evalyn Harlee Harper Hayden Hazey Holly (2) Isabela Isabella Jacqueline

Jahslyn Jamie Jasarah Jasmin Jenniefer Jessa Jordynn Karen Kate Katherine Kayla Khloee Kritzel Lexi Lilly Mackenzie Maya Mia Miella Mila Nayeli Nicole

Name game nationally: Aiden, Sophia The Chronicle OMAK — Aiden and Sophia were the big winners, nationwide, in the 2012 baby name game. Neither name showed up on the list of local births submitted to The Chronicle. No. 2 on the national boys list was Jackson, with Ethan climbing up the list by four spots into No. 3, according to Mia broke onto the girls Top 10 list at No. 9. Abigail dropped from No. 10 to No. 14.

Top 100 boys names 1 Aiden 2 Jackson 3 Ethan 4 Liam 5 Mason 6 Noah 7 Lucas 8 Jacob 9 Jayden 10 Jack 11 Logan 12 Ryan 13 Caleb

14 Benjamin 15 William 16 Michael 17 Alexander 18 Elijah 19 Matthew 20 Dylan 21 James 22 Owen 23 Connor 24 Brayden 25 Carter 26 Landon 27 Joshua 28 Luke 29 Daniel 30 Gabriel 31 Nicholas 32 Nathan 33 Oliver 34 Henry 35 Andrew 36 Gavin 37 Cameron 38 Eli 39 Max 40 Isaac 41 Evan 42 Samuel 43 Grayson 44 Tyler

45 Zachary 46 Wyatt 47 Joseph 48 Charlie 49 Hunter 50 David 51 Anthony

52 Christian 53 Colton 54 Thomas 55 Dominic 56 Austin

Payten Payton Priscilla Rosemary Samantha Savannah

Serena (2) Serenity Tanaeya Tessa Zoe Zoey

Florence Memme Hodson

Nov. 12, 2012 Dean Hodson and Sewa Breiler

See Names 4

Grandparents: Elma Breiler; Jan and Roy Hodson St. Thomas, London, England

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Kateri Carson Harvey May 2, 2012

Ryan Harvey and Evelyn Van Brunt Grandparents: Spike and Adelene Van Brunt; the late Jim Harvey; Phyllis Harvey Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Ryden Wayne Timentwa Sept. 5, 2012

Rocky Timentwa and Trisha Jack Big sister: Talliyah Mae Timentwa Grandparents: Julie Bock and Tom Best; Shannon Boyd and Montana Pakootas; Martin Timentwa Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

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State offers child health materials Information covers children through age 6; mailing schedule corresponds to age The Chronicle OLYMPIA — Child Profile health promotion materials are

available for free from the state Department of Health. The information covers children through age 6, and contains age-

Names from 3

100 Harrison

57 John 58 Sebastian 59 Cooper 60 Levi 61 Parker 62 Isaiah 63 Chase 64 Blake 65 Aaron 66 Alex 67 Adam 68 Tristan 69 Julian 70 Jonathan 71 Christopher 72 Jace 73 Nolan 74 Miles 75 Jordan 76 Carson 77 Colin 78 Ian 79 Riley 80 Xavier 81 Hudson 82 Adrian 83 Cole 84 Brody 85 Leo 86 Jake 87 Bentley 88 Sean 89 Jeremiah 90 Asher 91 Nathaniel 92 Micah 93 Jason 94 Ryder 95 Declan 96 Hayden 97 Brandon 98 Easton 99 Lincoln

Top 100 girls names 1 Sophia 2 Emma 3 Olivia 4 Isabella 5 Ava 6 Lily 7 Zoe 8 Chloe 9 Mia 10 Madison 11 Emily 12 Ella 13 Madelyn 14 Abigail 15 Aubrey 16 Addison 17 Avery 18 Layla 19 Hailey 20 Amelia 21 Hannah 22 Charlotte 23 Kaitlyn 24 Harper 25 Kaylee 26 Sophie 27 Mackenzie 28 Peyton 29 Riley 30 Grace 31 Brooklyn 32 Sarah 33 Aaliyah 34 Anna 35 Arianna 36 Ellie 37 Natalie 38 Isabelle 39 Lillian

specific information about immunizations, growth, development, safety, nutrition and other parenting issues. The program includes 17 mailings, each timed to correspond with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended schedule

40 Evelyn 41 Elizabeth 42 Lyla 43 Lucy 44 Claire 45 Makayla 46 Kylie 47 Audrey 48 Maya 49 Leah 50 Gabriella 51 Annabelle 52 Savannah 53 Nora 54 Reagan 55 Scarlett 56 Samantha 57 Alyssa 58 Allison 59 Elena 60 Stella 61 Alexis 62 Victoria 63 Aria 64 Molly 65 Maria 66 Bailey 67 Sydney 68 Bella 69 Mila 70 Taylor 71 Kayla 72 Eva 73 Jasmine 74 Gianna 75 Alexandra 76 Julia 77 Eliana 78 Kennedy 79 Brianna 80 Ruby 81 Lauren 82 Alice 83 Violet 84 Kendall

For all your baby’s needs. . . Family Health Centers provides complete health and dental care for your whole family, including obstetrics and enhanced support services through our WIC program. Trained staff will provide you and your baby with quality care to grow on. Come join our growing family! Now Open Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Okanogan Only

Family Health Centers Okanogan 422-5700 • Brewster 689-3455 • Brewster Indian Ave. 689-2525 • Tonasket 486-0114 Okanogan Dental 422-6705 • Brewster Dental 689-3789 • Oroville Dental 476-4400

of well-child visits. Each mailing contains an age-appropriate letter and, depending on the age, may contain other useful materials, the department said. For the first 18 months, mailings are sent every three months. From 18 months to

85 Morgan 86 Caroline 87 Piper 88 Brooke 89 Elise 90 Alexa 91 Sienna 92 Reese 93 Clara 94 Paige 95 Kate 96 Nevaeh 97 Sadie 98 Quinn 99 Isla 100 Eleanor

6 years, mailings are sent every six months. More information is available on the department’s website,

Baby Gifts Fresh Flowers For New Mom!!

Daycares Forest Friends Early Learning Center 456th 7th Ave., Okanogan 509-422-1930 Barb Brender, Director

Kid City Daycare

358 Oak St. Omak 509-826-6220

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Precautions help children avoid toxics Eating habits, body size, respiration put them at greater risk The Chronicle OLYMPIA — Toxic materials are especially harmful to children. They eat, drink and breathe more than adults in relation to their body size, the state Department of Health said. That means they are at greater risk for health problems from toxic chemicals. Keeping indoor air healthy • Keep your home and car smoke-free and never smoke near children. Second-hand smoke increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer and asthma, and is linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. • Keep wood smoke out. Replace older wood stoves with cleaner gas, pellet or certified wood stoves. • Keep it clean. Vacuum and dust regularly. Dust using a wet rag and use a vacuum with a HEPA filter if you can. Dust particles may

contain toxic chemicals. • Keep mold away. Mold can grow in wet places. Repair water leaks and dry wet areas right away. Prevent moisture by using kitchen and bathroom fans that vent to the outdoors. • Keep it aired out. Air out your whole house regularly. Fresh air reduces the concentration of contaminants. • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Never use gasolinepowered equipment or burn charcoal inside. Never use a gas oven to heat your home. Install a carbon monoxide detector. • Test for radon. Radon gas is colorless and odorless, and occurs naturally. It can seep into your home from the ground. Test for radon with a home test kit. Reduce toxics in food and water • Wash fruits and vegetables. This removes dirt and chemical residues. Scrub produce that ha a skin with a brush or cloth. • Eat fish low in mercury. Some fish have less mercury than others. Good choices are salmon, cod, flounder, trout, tilapia and canned light tuna.

• Let tap water run. When water sits in pipes, it may pick up lead and other metals. Flush pipes by running cold water. • Use cold water. Use only cold water for drinking, cooking and making baby formula since hot water may contain higher levels of lead. (Municipalities issue yearly water quality reports.) • Test private well water. If you own a private well, test your drinking water every year for coliform bacteria and nitrate. Consider testing for arsenic. Use household products safely • Household products, such as cleaners and bug killers, can cause health problems. • Follow the instructions on the label. • Keep products out of the reach of children. • Avoid products labeled “danger” or “poison.” • Avoid using bug killer and “weed and feed” products. • Use safer options when you can. More information is at Use plastics wisely

Sweet Savings Sweet Pea

• Some plastic bottles, cups, containers, toys and pacifiers are made with the chemicals biphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. They may be toxic when released by heat or when the product is scratched. • Choose food and beverage containers that are BPA-free, such as glass or stainless steel. • Avoid putting hot liquids or foods into plastic food containers. • Avoid putting plastics in the microwave or dishwasher. • Avoid cooking or storing food and beverages in plastics marked with recycling codes 3, 6 and 7. Prevent lead poisoning • Lead and dust chips from paint in homes and buildings constructed before 1978 are the biggest sources of lead exposure. • Wash toys, pacifiers and bottles often with soap and water to reduce exposure to dust and chips. • Vacuum and damp dust regularly. • Keep children away

from peeling paint. • Remove shoes when going inside to avoid tracking in soil that may contain lead and other toxics. • Use lead-safe work practices when renovating or doing home repairs on paint that may contain lead. Wash hands well and often • Washing hands with soap and water gets rid of germs, lead, arsenic, pesticides and other toxics.

" "



" " !

Grandma’s Attic

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Tips for making sleep safer Reading helps child development The Chronicle OLYMPIA — Reading with your child can help the child develop in many different ways. Parents are the child’s first teacher and time spent with baby is important, the state Department of Health said. Some tips: • A child learns best in a loving, encouraging and helping environment, so hold the child in your lap while reading. • Let the child choose the book and decide when to turn the pages. • Choose books that help the child explore the world around him or her. • Keep the child’s body active by letting baby turn the pages. An older child can act out stories as they are read. • Play, talk, read and write with the child. That will help baby understand that the words on the page mean something.

Some recommended books for babies and toddlers, from Barnes and Noble and • “Llama Llama Nighty-Night,” by Anna Dewdney • “Guess How Much I Love You,” by Sam McBratney • “Dr. Seuss’s ABC,” by Dr. Seuss • “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” by Eric Carle • “Quack! Quack!” by Roger Priddy

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Oh, Baby, The Chronicle — Page 7

Home safety tips offered Safety brochure addresses The Chronicle

OLYMPIA — Parents can do a number of simple things to help their child stay safe in the home and car. According to the state Department of Health, parents can reduce the chance of injury by: • Always putting baby on his or her back to sleep. • Making sure the child is buckled up correctly in a car seat for every ride. • Keeping items small enough to fit in a toilet paper tube away from the baby, to reduce choking risk. • Staying with the baby every second while the baby is in the bathtub or near water.

• Putting safety gates at the top and bottoms of stairs and in doorways to rooms that aren’t child-proofed. • Keeping cleaners, poisons, vitamins and medications locked up or on a high shelf. • Putting plastic covers on electrical outlets and latches on cupboards, drawers and toilets. • Keeping furniture away from windows so baby can’t climb up and fall out. • Attaching tall or heavy furniture to the wall or keeping baby away from it. • Keeping baby away from the stove, oven and microwave, and away from hot foods and drinks. • Having at least one working smoke detector on each level of the home, and making sure the battery works.

emergencies and illnesses Hospital offers help The Chronicle SEATTLE — A safety brochure, “Treating Childhood Emergencies and Illnesses,” is available on the state Department of Health website. The Seattle Children’s Hospital

publication can be found at Topics covered include what to do for animal bites, asthma attacks, bleeding, burns, dental emergencies, eye wounds, falls, head injuries, insect bites and stings, poisoning, seizures, various illnesses and medicines. It also contains a checklist for disaster supply and first aid kits.

Early start thwarts tooth decay The Chronicle OLYMPIA — Germs cause cavities and can be spread from parents to infants and toddlers. Foods and drinks fee germs, which make acids and cause cavities, the Washington Dental Service Foundation said. Tooth decay can be stopped if it is caught early. To prevent tooth decay • Set a good example. Brush, floss and

have regular checkups. • Use fluoride to prevent and heal early tooth decay. • Consult with your doctor or dentist about fluoride drops or tablets if your water system doesn’t contain fluoride. Fluoride varnish and sealants also are available. • Choose tooth-healthy snacks such as cheese, fruits and vegetables. Avoid snacking or sipping on sweet liquids throughout the day. • Drink lots of water after meals and snacks to help clean teeth.



23 S. Ash Street Thurs. 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday or Friday by Appointment

1600 N. Main Street Tues.-Wed. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Care Credit

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In a rush? Try an apple or a pear The Chronicle OMAK — If you’re in a rush, trying to tend to baby while still putting a good meal on the table, check out the Washington Apple Commission’s website, The site features a variety of information about Washington apples, including recipes for every occasion. The recipe section can be reached by clicking the “Recipes” tab at the top. In addition, the searchable site offers a special section for children, with children’s apple art, fun facts, games and activities, recipes and more. It can be reached via the “Kids” tab. A medium apple contains 80 calories, no fat, no sodium, 170 mg of potassium, 22 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of dietary fiber, 8 percent of the daily allowance of vitamin C and 2 percent of the daily allowance of iron. Another website that features locally grown, good-fo-your-baby fruit is, offered by USA Pears and the Pear Bureau Northwest. The searchable site also features recipes, children’s information, nutrition facts and tips on ripening pears.

Need something to do? Make a mess Kitchen staples can become fun for play The Chronicle OMAK — Need something to keep your little one occupied? Whip up a batch of finger paint or play dough. Finger paint No. 1 Mix 2 cups flour and 2 teaspoons salt. Add 2 1/2 cups cold water and stir until smooth. Gradually add 2 cups boiling water. Boil until smooth and thick, stirring constantly. Add food coloring and stir until smooth. Cool. Play dough Mix together in a medium, nonstick pot: 1 cup white flour 1/4 cup salt 2 Tbs. cream of tartar Combine and add: 1 cup cold water

2 tsp. food coloring (may omit) 1 Tbs. cooking oil Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, for 3-5 minutes. It will look globby. When it forms a ball in the pot, remove from heat and turn out on a lightly floured surface. Knead briefly. Cool and store in an airtight container (a cottage cheese or margarine tub will hold it) or a zippered plastic bag. It is edible, but

not tasty. It keeps, unrefrigerated, for several weeks. Be sure to provide plenty of cookie cutters, a rolling pin, plastic knives, bottle caps and other items for cutting and shaping. This dough cleans up well. If a bit of it does dry on a surface, pick or chip off as much as possible, then remove the rest with a damp rag or non-abrasive scrubber. If it’s left uncolored, it won’t stain.

Raimond Duane Best Oct. 16, 2012 Danyal D. Best Grandparents: Dennis and Susan Best Great-Grandparent: Bertha Matt

Harper Joy Cosino

July 27, 2012 Noe Cosino and Morgan Cosino Grandparents: Ginny and Billy Belgarde, Favianna and Gregorio Cosino Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak Blu Elephant Photography

Brenna Stevenson-Molnar Sept. 29, 2012

Sarin Stevenson-Molnar and Cari Zachow Grandparents: Vera Zachow, Kathy Stevenson, Paul Molnar Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Oh, Baby, The Chronicle — Page 9

Finn Hawke Carroll Jennifer Tollefson Photo

Brody Cate

Dec. 10, 2012 Josh and Jarae Cate Grandparents: John Gallaher, Jacqueline Miller, Hank and Brenda Cate Coulee Medical, Grand Coulee

Emma Jean Nick

Jan. 19, 2012 Jessie Nick and Becky Love Grandparents: Mike and Lori Nick; Dan Love; Glenda Love Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee

Barrett Gordon

July 2, 2012 Johnny and Sarah Gordon Grandparents: Kathy and Mark Gordon; Rod and Kathy Noel Tonasket

March 28, 2012 Mac and Krystal Carroll

Big brother: Maverick Grandparents: Jim and Debbie Blair; Matt and Michelle Newell; Sandra Tharpe; Michael Carroll Great-grandparents: Vern and June Fox North Valley Hospital, Tonasket

Halle Corum

Macy Paslay

Nov. 5, 2012 Josh and Katy Corum

April 20, 2012 Clint and Graciela Paslay Grandparents: Ron and Ruth Ann Paslay; Norma Aispuro Juarez Valley Hospital, Spokane, Wash.

"A baby fills a hole in your heart that you never knew was there." — Author unknown

Grandparents: Corey and Tiffany Keeton; Doug Corum; Ron and Darlene Wilbourn Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Hannah Elizabeth Seldal

Reagan Pearl Marchand

Grandparents: Gene and Debbi Burbery; Bill Freeman Great-grandparents: Gerald and Joyce Scholz; Irene Freeman Ellensburg, Wash.

Chad Marchand and Liz Sandoval-Marchand Grandparents: Elias Sandoval; Steve and Kristi Marchand; Karen Marchand Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, Ariz

Aug. 8, 2012 Jason and Vanessa (Freeman) Seldal

Oct. 8, 2012

Maggie Jennifer Kuske

Owen Kimsey

Feb. 11, 2012

April 18, 2012

Jennifer Tollefson Photo

Michael Kimsey Jr. and Katie Nelson Grandparents: Jerri Bates; Mike Kimsey; Dora Nelson Great-grandpa: Bill Armstrong Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Wallace J. M. Gann Feb. 23, 2012 Parents: Jake and Denise Gann

JoJo Photography

Grandparents: Janie and Jerry Milbrandt; Richard Wallace; Allen and Barb Gann NCRH, Wenatchee

Nate and Jenny (Freeman) Kuske Grandparents: Gene and Debbi Burbery; Steve and Dawn Kuske; Bill Freeman Great-grandparents: Gerald and Joyce Scholz; Irene Freeman Silverdale, Wash.

Camden Carlone

Feb. 16, 2012 Nick and Courtney Carlone Grandparents: Bob and Kelly Gunn; Bill Carlone; Erlene Carlone Great-grandmas: Opal Mizer; Ruby McFarland Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane

Page 10 — Oh, Baby, The Chronicle

Wyatt Ray McDaniel

July 20, 2012 Josh McDaniel and Karen Keeton Grandparents: Corey and Tiffany Keeton; Bob and Vanessa McDaniel Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Jennifer Tollefson Photo

Lexi Marie Moon

Jahslyn Peterson

Sept. 20, 2012 Ernie Moon and Brooke Schreckengost

Sept. 11, 2012

Von Peterson and Raelyn Marchand Grandparents: Shawna Marsh and Jamie Marchand; Connie Davisson; Darryl Peterson Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Grandparents: Gary and Lisa Schreckengost; Anna Steel; Charles Moon Yakima Memorial, Yakima

Kori Blue Whitmore Nov. 14, 2012 Tracy Hunt

Adelyn Chan Pendergraft

Grandparents: Vern and Sandy Whitmore Great-grandparents: Bob and Lorraine Cook; Marvin and Hazel Utecht Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

David and Lauren Pendergraft Grandparents: Mike and Lori Pendergraft Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, Wash.

Aug. 16, 2012

Zuri David Call Nov. 14, 2012

Aubrey Reese Jackson

Tad and Bianca Call Grandparents: Tom and Deena Call; David and Nancy Eachus Enloe Medical Center, Calif.

Dec. 26, 2012 Darrin and Jessica (Tugaw) Jackson

Grandparents: Dale and Debbie Tugaw; Gay Jackson Deaconess Medical Center, Spokane

Denison Photography

“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.” — Carl Jung

Fyscher Niebel Dec. 29, 2011 Mike Niebel and Samantha Rosenbaum

Grandparents: Paula Niebel; Scott and Marshelle Catlin Great-grandparents: Terry and Linda Catlin St. John’s Medical Center, Longview, Wash.

Rylee Kirk Nov. 21, 2012

Ryan Kirk and Shawna Freel Grandparents: Wayne and Kathy Freel; Sandra Kirk; David and Janice Kirk Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak Jennifer Tollefson Photography

Benson Michael Moses July 10, 2012 Ryan and Dana Moses

Grandparents: the late Mellody Moses; John Moses; Bob and Michelle Gaines Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Asher Fenison

April 11, 2012 Robert and Amy Fenison Grandparents: Don and Shellee Duncan; Steve and Ruthie Fenison Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Paisley Rae Timm Feb. 23, 2012 Carson and Jeri Timm

Grandparents: Jack and Jean Hedlund; Pete and Billie Timm Great-grandparents: Leonard and Donna Hedlund; Norma Jean Hart Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Oh, Baby, The Chronicle — Page 11

Trevor Bent June 8, 2012

Smily (Neal) and Josie Bent Grandparents: Jim and Cindy Lobe Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Robert Jared Wehmeyer

Jan. 26, 2012 Nathan and Jill Wehmeyer Big sister: Bettie • Grandparents: Bob and Nancy Barnes; Gene Wehmeyer; Debbie Latimer Great-grandmas: Eileen Taylor; Betty (Bill) Barnes Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Karder William Burton June 5, 2012

David and Kellie Burton Grandparents: Dwight and Peggy Burton; Lorrie Wallen Great-grandparents: Burt and Gerry Beeman; JR Burton Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Nov. 17, 2012

“I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.” — Charles Dickens

Cary and Tracie (Utt) Tonasket Big brothers: Wyatt and Brady Grandparents: Art and Velma Utt; Mel Tonasket Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak, Wash.

May 27, 2012 Larry Jr. and Nichole Scroggins Grandparents: Larry and Cindy Scroggins; Kristina Tillet Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

March 28, 2012 Stephen and Litisia Collins

Grandparents: Susan and Victor Castro; Evelyn Paterson and Tom Collins Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Gunnar Ryan Stidman

July 17, 2012 Joseph Stidman and Shasta Brown Grandparents: Dennis and Susan Stidman; Mark Brown Great-grandpa: Jerry Christoph Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Jasarah Bucholtz

Mia Tonasket

Larry Scroggins III

Stephen Collins Jr.

Rowdy Pfitzer

June 1, 2012 Darren and Katie Pfitzer Grandparents: Dan and Becky Pfitzer; Jerry and Stacey Cahill Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Picture Me

Mackenzie Ramirez April 18, 2012 Geobany and Amber Ramirez

Grandparents: Kevin and Crystal Newport; Fidel Ramirez; Alma Rosa Arroyo Angulo Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Feb. 21, 2012

Cody and Sylvia Bucholtz Grandparents: Lloyd and Barb Bucholtz; Norman and Wendi Brown; Curt and Janet Johnson North Valley Hospital, Tonasket

Kellen Patrick March 18, 2012 Kevin and Jill Patrick

Grandparents: Mike and Sandy Ervin; Dan and Vicki Patrick Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee

Harlee Dee Shellenbarger

May 9, 2012 Brandon and Madison Shellenbarger North Valley Hospital, Tonasket

Page 12 — Oh, Baby, The Chronicle

Makenna Dean Agee

Ella Rose Gann Feb. 6, 2012

Dec. 21, 2012

Audie and Julie Gann Grandparents: Terry and Carol Paslay; Mille Gann Big brothers: Noah and Joseph Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Dean and Tiarha Agee Big sister: Leandra Agee Grandparents: Tracy and Marilyn Oestreich; Cindy and Randy Crowder; Kathy Agee; Glen Lisenbey Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Jennifer Tollefson Photo

Audrey Faith Milner

Henry Bevier

Bristol Maye Farmer

Grandparents: Roger and Judy Bevier; Rich and Annette Schalo Omak, Wash.

Christopher Farmer and Yvette Chacon Grandparents: Nancy Chacon; Benjamin Chacon Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

May 7, 2012 Aaron and Leann Bevier

Aug. 8, 2012

Mark and Esther Milner Grandparents: Dick and Judy Milner; Verle and Anna Payne Home birth, Omak

Isabella Nicholson

Tucker Andreas

June 11, 2012

July 28, 2012

Chad and Erin Andreas Grandparents: David and Mary Fieroh; Scott Andreas; Tammy Griffith Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Jennifer Tollefson Photo

July 4, 2012

“You know what the great thing about babies is? They are like little bundles of hope. Like the future in a basket.” — Lish McBride

Jacob and Ashley Nicholson Grandparents: Wayne and Stacie Nicholson; Don Picard; James and JoAnn Thomas; Steven and Shelly Laughery; Delores Laughery Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak Picture Me

Allison Rose Pitt

Savaya Picard

Michael Tomas Pitt and Star Blair Montgomery Grandparents: Alice and Lloyd Pitt Central Washington Hospital, Wenatchee

Reno Picard and Brandi Elwell Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, Wash.

Jan. 29, 2012

May 24, 2012

Life Touch

Ashley Violet Henry

Rhy’kyn Ellis Gardner

Eric and Sarah Henry Grandparents: Verne Woodward; Sherry Tritle; John and Susie Henry Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Russell Gardner and Jamaree Ponce Grandparents: Jennifer Ponce; Rachel Moreno Great-grandma: Vickie Gunn Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak, Wash.

April 26, 2012

Dec. 12, 2012

Brennen Mackie

April 27, 2012 Brent and Christine Mackie Grandparents: Ron and Kim Mackie Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Oh, Baby, The Chronicle — Page 13

Nevaeh Marie Williams Nov. 22, 2012

Dave and Sheila Hall Birth mother: Lisa Williams Grandparents: the late Bill and Delphine Rickel; the late Velma (Pepsi) Hall Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak JoJo Photography

Picture Me

Aarron Buckner

Nola Lew Rawson

Jerrasen Ann Reed

Grandparents: Ron and Debbie Bourgeau; Frank Buckner Sr. and Carla Casimir Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Big sisters: Mylie and Piper Grandparents: Richard and Bonnie Rawson; Bill and Cheryl Hopkins Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Grandparents: Frank and Marta Reed; Juan and Clydean Luna; Marla Villegas and Martin Zaragoza Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

March 6, 2012 Frank Buckner Jr. and Angela Bourgeau

Nov. 20, 2012 Mark and Anna Rawson

April 25, 2012 Jarrod and Patricia Reed

Xavier Gunn May 13, 2012

Cody and Amber Gunn Grandparents: Billy and Teri Gunn; Richard and Linda Thomason Brother: Maverick Swedish Hospital, Seattle

Ava Marie Markham Jan. 12, 2012

Julia and Joseph Zuber Sept. 26, 2012

Chase and Lisa Zuber

Grandparents: Jackie and Dave Zuber; Donna Alisch; Wayne Domkowski Great-grandmothers: Duane and Marilyn Fillis Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” — Johnny Depp

Kellen Markham and Kelsey Hand Grandparents: Patty Markham; Brenda and Bob Ellis; Kevin Hand Great-grandparents: Paul and Medeleine Markham; Max and Pat Hand Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Ryker Lee Barton Caryl Oct. 22, 2012

Ashley Caryl and Brandon Barton Grandparents: Tim and Ginger Caryl; Jerry and Diane Barton KVCH of Ellensburg, Wash.

Austin Buchanan Nov. 10, 2012 Tyler and Brittany Buchanan

Grandparents: Kevin and Crystal Newport; Robert and Lori Fuller; Doug and Diane Buchanan; Bob and Pat Buchanan; Ray and Cheryl Hammer Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane

Kendall Sierra Harrison

April 3, 2012 Josh and Rachel Harrison

Grandparents: Papa Honey and Grandma; Grandma Lynette; Grams; Grandma Stella and Grandad Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Brody James Bush July 3, 2012

Arianna Gurrola May 30, 2012 Rito and Danica Gurrola

Grandparents: Telma and Andres Gurrola; Marcia Blake; James Brimmage Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Juanita Reynolds and Tyson Bush Grandparents: Stephene and Dwayne Reynolds; Melinda Lazard; Jody Bush Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Photography by Jessie

Page 14 — Oh, Baby, The Chronicle

Randen Barrett Oct. 16, 2012

Titan Neal Taylor

Derrick Barrett and Lena Oakes Grandparents: Johnny Oakes; Chris Fleming; Joe and Rane Martin; Don Barrett; John and Adaline Oakes; Bonnie Rollins; Stella Barrett Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Oct. 13, 2012

Cody Taylor and Amber Williams Grandparents: Randy Taylor; Jeanie Anderson; Tony and Nadine Williams Good Samaritan Hospital, Puyallup

Amari Abrahamson Jan. 25, 2013

Martin Abrahamson and Amanda Groomes Grandparents: Charleen Groomes; Ray Groomes; Sabrina Abrahamson; Don Abrahamson Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Amelyah Zamudio Oct. 22, 2012 Kalen Zamudio and Frankie Duran

Grandparents: Linda Duran; Barbi Sumner Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Caleb Mesh June 7, 2012

Brian and Megan Mesh Grandparents: Rod and Lynn Leutz; Ted and Marilyn Mesh Kirkland, Wash.

Leeshy Lou Photography

Avangeline Hernandez

Oct. 10, 2012 Alex Hernandez and Savannah Small Grandparents: Faustino and Michelle Hernandez; Kelly and Marla Small; Darlene Martin; George Bagby; Delores Townsend; Mary Small Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. — Elizabeth Stone

Nolan Bordua

Edwina Nyishae Miller April 23, 2012

Kenny Miller and Mari St. Pierre Coulee Medical Center, Grand Coulee

Janet Zacherle Jan. 22, 2012

Sept. 8, 2012

Wally and Sam Zacherle Grandparents: Amy Plankers; Eldon Davidson; Pamela Bob; Sue and Andy Swartzel; Pinki and Howard Swartsel; Larry Zacherle Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Matthew Bordua and Jodi Crofton Grandparents: Chris and Charlene Pfau; Bill and Anita Bordua North Valley Hospital, Tonasket, Wash. OB Staff NVH

Leeshy Lou Photography

Brylee Hope Norris June 8, 2012

Justin and Marah Norris Grandparents: Brent and Laurie Robinson; Larry and Terri Stadtherr Mick Norris North Valley Hospital, Tonasket

Dane Lloyd McLelland

March 19, 2012 Ian and Crystal McLelland Grandparents: Richard and Patty Caryl; Gail and Don Thompson Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, Wash.

Bodhi Alexander Gribble July 10, 2012

Luke Big Boy Gribble and Laura Gribble Grandparents: Cecelia Morago Coulee Medical Center, Grand Coulee

Oh, Baby, The Chronicle — Page 15

Jennifer Tollefson Photo

Grady Will

Tucker Glenn Bitonti

Ellisyn Schnaars

Garry Will Jr. and Bonnie Johnson Grandparents: Garry and Shirley Will; Marcy Kalista Great-grandmothers: Dorothy Will; Patricia Johnson North Valley Hospital, Tonasket, Wash.

Bud Bitonti and Tiffany Herriman Grandparents: Glenn and Belinda Herriman; Debbie Simpson; Frank Bitonti Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Edward Schnaars and Ashleigh Ekstrom Grandparents: Susan and Bill Ekstrom; Ken and Carol Schnaars University of Washington Hospital, Seattle

Nov. 29, 2012

July 17, 2012

June 28, 2012

Lane Wyatt Stafford May 8, 2012

Harmony Elizabeth Sue Stafford Sept. 15, 2009

Colten Jones Jan. 23, 2012

Chas and Gretchen Jones Grandparents: Greg and Lisa Rothrock; Gene and Brenda Jones Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Picture Me

Tiara Marie Cate Nicholas and Melisa Stafford

Grandparents: Lewis and Darla Bedard; Jennifer and Ralph Fitzthumb Mid-Valley Hospital • Deaconess Medical Center, Spokane

May 29, 2012

Kyle Cate and Sarah Lynn Hall Grandparents: Joleen McKinney and Roger Cate; the late Emery Hall Sr.; Melony Edwards and Papa Ron Utecht Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Page 16 — Oh, Baby, The Chronicle

Piper Lena Holder May 31, 2012

AJ Holder and Carly Christie Grandparents: John and Kris Christie; Judy Christie; Lynn and Rick Holder Brothers: Nick, Owen, Kai • Sister: Bridgett Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Jordann Louise Batson

Archer Sage

Frederick and Ashly Batson Grandparents: Steve and Gina Rozenberg; Amalia Ruiz Great-grandma: Sally Ayers Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Matt and Katrina Sage Grandparents: Tim and Kelly Scriver; Mark Sage; Darla Young North Valley Hospital, Omak

Jan. 27, 2012

Feb. 13, 2012

Liam Tyler Kocol Lakahya Plant-Taylor

Camille Clark

Cameron Taylor and Corinna Plant Great-grandpa: Francis Herman Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

Mistia Clark Grandparents: Matthew Clark, Sr., and Robyn Herman Mid-Valley Hospital, Omak

April 20, 2012

March 28, 2012

April 18, 2012

Stan and Hailey Kocol Grandparents: Jay and Marla Vanderweide; Frank Thompson and Cheryl Mullins; Jeff and Laurie Kocol Great-grandmother: Georgia Thompson Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, Wash.

Oh, Baby! 2013  

Photos of the babies born during 2013 in Okanogan and Ferry counties.

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