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Sports • The Chronicle • August 25, 2013

Chronicle clan survives Warrior Stampede view from the sidelines Al Camp

Barbed wire proved a pain in rear end This year’s third annual Warrior Stampede proved a great success, not only for organizers, but also for those at The Chronicle who participated. How we all managed to get through the 3-plus mile obstacle race brought out some interesting observations and where we might improve next year. The exception is Sam Goble, 17, of Omak, our No. 1 runner within our Chronicle Crusaders clan. Goble, who won the 0-18 title for the third year in a row, finished first in Saturday’s race in 24 minutes, 5.5 seconds and earned a medallion. John Durkee, 24, of Omak, sped to the overall title. You had to race Friday night to be eligible for the overall men’s crown. Durkee won in 23:06.2. Although a lot of people told me they were a bit slower this year, Durkee won his third straight Warrior crown by cutting 37 seconds off his winning time from last year. In the first year of the race, where there were fewer obstacles but lots of heat, Durkee won in 22:17. This year’s race included the addition of logs and mud around the wall area, a longer patch of tires, a new mud pit between the tires and hay bales, a longer (darker) tunnel and a hill after the tunnel. I found it interesting that on Friday night, most competitors were older, in their 20s or 30s. The exception was No. 11 Hanna Smith, 14, of Omak who took the women’s overall title in 28:51.3. Saturday’s racers were much younger, with six of the Top 10 being age 19 or younger. The women’s overall title in 2011 was won by Amanda Randolph of Omak, who was in the 18-and-under division, with a time of 25:21. I’ve asked organizers to make the 50-plus division to be split into 50-59 and to add a 60-plus division next year. I mean, those 50-year-olds kick our 60-plus rear ends. I think they are worried not enough will enter the older division. Maybe a few more gray hairs will come out to check their inner Warrior if they could compete on equal footing. In the 60-plus this year, Dennis Thornton, 65, of Tenino, would have been the best male at 35:25.4 and Shirley Bowden of Okanogan, the oldest competitor at 71, would have been the best female at 58:45.2. So if this 3-plus mile obstacle race is perfect for young, agile bodies, what was I, at 62, thinking when I entered? I was thinking of finishing under an hour, a goal I’ve had the previous two races. Injuries kept the goal away the first year, and it eluded me

TeAire Baier/Special to The Chronicle

Bryan Berntsen, left, and Teresa Myers rise up from the dreaded mud pit at this year’s Warrior Stampede. The pit proved to be one of the toughest obstacles. last year as I took it easy in the heat. This year, a few pounds lighter and with some work done on my legs, I succeeded, finishing in 59:39.6. So how did I succeed in trimming nine minutes off of last year’s time? I wore glasses for the first time – my racquetball goggles with a strap – and made a good effort to get over obstacles in a timely manner. My jogging, like John Wayne wearing only one boot, left a lot to be desired. I also was inspired by wanting to finish in time to get to Raymond Smith’s funeral at 11 a.m. – I made it a few minutes late. Everything worked great – I was allowed to take off on my own, going off the course only once – until I reached the mud pit near the finish in the Stampede Arena. My rear end, which I failed to trim down, got hooked on barbed wire that refused to let me proceed. Operations on both shoulders over the years made it near impossible to reach back to pluck the wire away. Thankfully, Stampede President George Dunckel took pity and gingerly removed the offending barb. Dunckel, along with Mike Ables and Gary George, worked a week to make the pit treacherous, super sloggy and muddy. Dunckel later had a bit of fun with his stepdaughter, Lynn Hoover of The Chronicle.

5 feet deep at the most. The Chronicle’s clan times did not include a couple fast runners – Tim Vincent and Cody Bidlen – whose chips did not record. Others on the clan included Yurien Gaylan (34:02.7), Jacob King (35:07.0), Tim Rubio (35:08.4), Damian Herriman (38:51.3), Madison Morgan (1:03.33.6) and Sammie Earley (1:03.35.7). Clan finishes: 1, Tshimikain Clan 31:16. 2, Border Patrol 35:10. 3, Eagle Home Mortgage 35:22. 4, Chesledon 39:33. 5, Thornton 40:51. 6, Les Schwab 40:59. 5, Not Fast But Fabulous 42:20. 6, Chronicle 46:30. 7, Stampede N Bleed 46:52. 8, Okanogan Bingo Casino 52:32. 10, Colville Tribal 56:33.

TeAire Baier/Special to The Chronicle

Stampede Rodeo President George Dunckel lifts barbed wire so I can keep going in the mud pit. He picked up granddaughter Aspen, who had been in the Junior Warrior race, and put her on Hoover’s back as she struggled to get through the mud. “I then threw her in the mud,” Hoover said with a laugh. So how do you get your apparel clean after the race? Hoover rinsed out clothes before washing. She allowed the shoes to dry, then pounded them together to remove crusted mud. Hoover injured herself taking a dare to jump off the crest of the Suicide Hill. She

landed hard on a rock, which put her back out of alignment. “I had to go to a chiropractor to get my back and tailbone aligned,” she said. “I can actually walk and sit down now. I couldn’t before.” Hoover competed on Mike Thornton’s clan, Eagle Home Mortgage, which finished third. The clan standings were not posted in time for Wednesday’s paper. Teresa Myers and hubby Bryan Berntsen were slower by a minute or so this year. “Bryan’s calves were screaming all the way,” Myers said. “The mud and logs slowed

us down.” Publisher Roger Harnack also was about a minute slower. “Friday night made the tunnel really dark,” Harnack said. “There was mud and water in the tunnel. The hardest part for me was being snagged on barbed wire in the mud pit.” Harnack did the course a second time, as many did, on Saturday with his daughter, Olivia (1:02.38.7). A member of the Omak swim team, she made up ground swimming the Okanogan River that was about

Age group winners: 18-and-under Male – 1, Sam Goble. 2, Alex McCraigie. 3, Kjeld Williams. Female – 1, Hanna Smith. 2, Sarah O’Dell. 3, Alex O’Dell. 19-35 Male – 1, John Durkee. 2, Chris Branch. 3, Colin Steele. Female – 1, Emily Nordt. 2, Kara Thornton. 3, MaryEllen Rose-Witt. 36-49 Male – 1, Doug Wood. 2, John Burpee. 3, Rudy Peone. Female – 1, Dewie Edwards. 2, Karrie Davis. 3, Christine Klingel. 50-plus Male – 1, Allan Galbraith. 2, Dennis Thornton. 3, Bruce Thornton. Female – 1, Carolyn Potter. 2, Lorena Boyd. 3, Terri Steele. Al Camp is the sports editor at The Chronicle. Email him at

Al Camp/The Chronicle

Craig Randall of the Livestock Cafe team dives for a fly ball to the outfield during coed softball games Aug. 22 in Okanogan.

Rancho Chico serves up wins Damskov/Club wins seven games by only one run The Chronicle

Al Camp/The Chronicle

Brian Condon, left, on Rancho Chico snares a pop fly over teammate J.D. Wilson during coed game Aug. 22 at The Plex.

OKANOGAN – Rancho Chico remains undefeated in the coed softball league, although the scores are getting closer. Rancho Chico, which blew out opponents on the 10-run

rule earlier this year, picked up five wins last week. The team won close games of 8-4 over Farmers Insurance, 7-4 over Damskov Auto Parts/Club Sports Bar and 6-2 over Heatstroke Printing. Rancho Chico, which is 17-0 entering the final week of league play, also won on the 10run rule 24-12 over Intrigue Communication and 13-1 over Damskov Auto Parts/Club Sports Bar.

Damskov Auto Parts/Club Sports Bar is in second place after winning seven games this season by one run: 18-17 over Midway Building Supply, 6-5 over Farmers Insurance, 7-6 over Intrigue Communication, 14-13 and 6-5 over Heatstroke Printing, and 8-7 and 6-5 over Livestock Cafe. The league’s teams, along with those from Spokane, Sumas, Chelan, Oroville, Tonasket and Grand Coulee

Dam are playing today, Aug. 25, starting at 8:30 a.m. in the second day of a tournament at The Plex, 93 Rodeo Trail Road. Standings as of Aug. 22: Rancho Chico 17-0 Damskov Auto Parts/Club Sports Bar 13-5 Farmers Insurance 11-6 Intrigue Communication 10-10 Livestock Cafe 8-9 Heatstroke Printing 8-10 Midway Building Supply 4-14 Omak Clinic 0-17

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