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The Chronicle • Sept. 18, 2013 •

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Flat tire costs Metcalf season title Olmstead snags championship in Superstock main By Roger Harnack The Chronicle REPUBLIC – A flat tire late in the Superstock main took Darrin Metcalf out of the running for the season points championship. Metcalf’s front right flat came during a caution in the main, opening the door for Mike Olmstead of Tonasket to take the season. “I sure made them sweat,” Olmstead said of other competitors Saturday after he won the trophy dash, heat race and the main. Metcalf, who came into the final day of racing sitting in first place, only needed to finish in the Top 2 of the main to win the season that started in April. He finished second behind Olmstead in both the trophy dash and the heat race. But the flat tire prompted a pit stop and a fourth-place finish in the main. After all three events, Olmstead had a season points total of 700; Metcalf finished second on the season with 691.Tim Roberts finished third for the year with 688 points. Olmstead didn’t know his primary competition had left the track Saturday. “I just look at the track,” he said. Metcalf couldn’t be reached for comment Monday morning. Other season points champions are Tiana Berkeley, Hornet; Trevor Twamley, Fever-4; and Trent Twamley, Modified. Season points Hornet – 1, Tiana Berkeley, No. 45, 817 points. 2, Shawn McCallum, No. 18, 731 points. Fever-4 – 1, Trevor Twamley, No. 6, 658 points. 2, Stuart Jolin, No. 7, 577 points. 3, Bob Bradshaw, No. 10, 561 points. Superstock – 1, Mike Olmstead, No. 77, 700 points. 2, Darrin Metcalf, No. 11X, 691 points. 3, Tim Roberts, No. 28, 688 points. Modified – 1, Trent Twamley, No. 13, 670 points. 2, Bryan Hobbs, No. 40,

Roger Harnack/The Chronicle

Andy Miller spins out in a cloud of dust during the Superstock main event Saturday evening at Eagle Track Raceway in Republic.

Chased by several Fever-4 racers, Tiana Berkeley, 16, of rural Ferry County, heads down the back stretch for a heat race victory Saturday evening at Eagle Track Raceway in Republic.

Tiana From B1 I sure made them sweat. Mike Olmstead

” 470 points. 3, Jason Hanks, No. 57, 258 points. Saturday results Hornet – Trophy dash: 1, Tiana Berkeley. 2, Shawn McCallum. 3, Dakota Jones. Heat: 1, Tiana Berkeley. 2, Dakota Jones. 3, Shawn McCallum. Main: 1, Shawn McCallum. 2, Tiana Berkeley. 3, Dakota Jones. Fever-4 – Trophy dash A: 1, Nick McCallum. 2, Trent Twamley. 3, Sieg Grunert. 4, Dan Stillings. 5, Steve Hood. 6, Deven Johnson. 7, Kevin Burley. Trophy dash B: 1, Steve Russ. 2, Bob Bradshaw. 3, Keith Jolin. 4, Joe Waterfall. 5, Stuart Jolin. Heat race A: 1, Sieg Grunert. 2, Steve Hood. 3, Dan Stillings. 4, Nick McCallum. 5, Deven Johnson. 6, Kevin Burley. 7, Trent Twamley. Heat race B: 1, Stuart Jolin. 2, Steve Russ. 3, Bob Bradshaw. 4, Keith Jolin. 5, Joe Waterfall. Main: 1, Sieg Grunert. 2, Steve Hood. 3, Dan

Roger Harnack/The Chronicle

Trent Twamley takes the checkered flag in the Modified class trophy dash Saturday en route to the season title in Republic. Stillings. 4, Bob Bradshaw. 5, Steve Russ. 6, Keith Jolin. 7, Joe Waterfall. 8, Deven Johnson. 9, Trent Twamley. 10, Stuart Jolin. 11, Nick McCallum. Superstock – Trophy dash: 1, Mike Olmstead. 2, Darrin Metcalf. 3, Tim Roberts. 4, Larry Burley. 5, Andy Miller. Heat race: 1, Mike Olmstead. 2, Darrin Metcalf. 3, Andy Miller. 4, Tim Roberts. 5, Wally Clough. 6, Larry Burley. Main:

1, Mike Olmstead. 2, Tim Roberts. 3, Wally Clough. 4, Darrin Metcalf. 5, Andy Miller. Modified – Trophy dash: 1, Trent Twamley. 2, John Miller Jr. 3, Bryan Hobbs. 4, Andy Gasho. Heat race: 1, John Miller Jr. 2, Andy Gasho. 3, Bryan Hobbs. 4, Trent Twamley. Main: 1, Bryan Hobbs. 2, Andy Gasho. 3, Trent Twamley. 4, John Miller Jr.

Two years ago at age 14, she took the racetrack in Northport by storm, falling just three points short of winning her class championship and earning “Rookie of the Year” honors. Her second-place season finish came after her most harrowing event on the track – a collision and ride down the top of a guardrail along the front stretch. “I tried to keep racing, but the car was really messed up,” she said. Last year, she won the title there. On Saturday, she wrapped up the title at Eagle Track, leading the Hornet class season title by 86 points over McCallum. Berkeley had 817 points to McCallum’s 731. Tony Berkeley, 43, said he didn’t think his daughter would do so well when she started. “I tried to talk her out of it,” he said. “But she got in there and just started kickin’ butt.” His daughter has done so well in just three years that next year Tony Berkeley is

moving her up to the Modified class, a much faster class than the nearly stock, four-cylinder Hornet. “I’m sponsoring her next year,” Choice Automotive and RV owner Mike Roberts of Omak said. “She’s a good driver. She’s the first girl to win a championship of any kind at that track.” “I’m kind of nervous about it, but I’ll be OK,” Tiana Berkeley said of racing Modifieds. That leaves the door open for McCallum to win the Hornet class next season – this year he finished second to Tiana Berkeley in the season point chase. And when he moves up in two years, McCallum said his younger sister may be the next 14-year-old sensation on the track. Shiann McCallum, 12, is already looking forward to being on the track, he said. “She’ll probably start in Hornets,” he said. That’s good news to Tiana Berkeley, who said more girls should get into motor sports. “It’s not as hard as you think,” she said.

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