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Our Neighborhoods: A Snapshot Tour our diverse blend of neighborhoods and districts – urban, suburban and rural – and you’ll find an expansive list of reasons why we love where we live. “The downtown atmosphere provides opportunities for my upstart business to thrive, and for my social life to thrive as well, with a plethora of events and activities all conveniently located within walking distance.” – Jenna Nielsen


Downtown Omaha



“I love where I live because of the community. Neighbors in Dundee are frequently outside walking, gardening, biking or just enjoying the day. Feeling a part of something bigger than your property is wonderful in a semi-urban environment. An abundance of green space also adds to the charm.” – Craig Coffman “The Benson neighborhood loves craft! So if your craft is music, art, beer, food or even Skee ball, this neighborhood has enough love to share.” – Andy Elliott “My husband enjoys walking or riding his bike to work at Creighton and the Veterans Hospital. We love having the city view and the pavilion outside our window at Midtown Crossing. We are in heaven with all of the restaurants, cleaners, a grocery store, concierge service and entertainment right at our doorstep!” – Michele Silberstein 68

2014 Greater Omaha Chamber Book