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GPiH brings hope to international communities by creating partnerships between people who can help and people who need hope.

» Sponsor a clean water well in West Africa » Medical professionals to volunteer to assist in providing health care in West Africa » Financial donations for health center in Togo, West Africa » Professionals to visit China with GPiH and assist in leadership training

UPCOMING EVENTS Global Leadership Seminar, Omaha Fall 2016 Red Carpet Showing of GPiH Documentary Winter 2016 Trip to China with Nebraska Governor’s Office November 2016




GPiH believes in partnering with in-country leaders who are passionate about making a difference in their own communities, and have a plan to do so. We collaborate with highcapacity leaders, both globally and locally, who have a strong vision for making the world a better place and the drive to make that vision a reality. Through these partnerships we are able to achieve sustainable change at a systemic level.

Recently in West Africa, GPiH has been able to work with highlevel leaders to provide clean water solutions, medical centers, and renewable energy to nine different rural communities, reaching over 90,000 people. In Asia, we have been able to provide leadership training to thousands by creating healthy cultural exchanges between American business professionals and local Asian leaders.

GPiH is an Omaha-based nonprofit organization. We love to connect with Nebraskans who are looking to use their time, talents, and treasures on an international level. Whether traveling on a trip with GPiH to teach, consulting medically, or experiencing an international environment, we believe the world is a better place because of these relationships of hope.


If you are interested in becoming an “Advocate for Hope” contact us. We would love your help with events, joining us on a trip, or having your company or organization sponsor an international project.


Trip to West Africa to attend dedication ceremonies February 2017

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