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Empowerment Network’s mission is working together to transform the City of Omaha into a great city, thriving and prosperous in every zip code and neighborhood; a place where all citizens are engaged and empowered, and have full access to the incredible opportunities that are available.

» Get connected: Attend and participate in community meetings and community-based initiatives » Get involved: Partner to provide more opportunities and positive experiences for youth » Get engaged: Become a mentor. Join a neighborhood association

UPCOMING EVENTS African-American Leadership Conference Oct. 11, 2016 Christmas in the Village at 24th & Lake Dec. 3, 2016


build wealth and income; create strong families; prepare successful children; and, rebuild thriving neighborhoods.

We are a comprehensive community development organization consisting of residents, neighborhood groups, BRAG LINES community organizations, faith communities, educational We are recognized for our work institutions, law enforcement, on a local and national level. elected officials, governmental agencies, philanthropists, » Step-Up Omaha! has served and businesses. We create nearly 4,000 youth between measurable results and positive the ages of 14 and 21 change through connecting, » Gained the input and communicating, and collaborating engagement of over 3,500 with hundreds of partners. adults and 3,000 youth » Became a key collector and We are dedicated to facilitating provider of data, trends, and and implementing a communityother actionable information based strategic plan that will » Connected over 1,000 close long-standing gaps in people to career and employment, entrepreneurship, leadership conferences education, housing, and other and opportunities quality of life indicators. We work » Helped to improve collectively with our partners to: graduation rates; reduce SEPTEMBER

unemployment and gun violence; and served as a catalyst for community revitalization

10th Annual Empowerment Conference May 5, 2017

PAY IT FORWARD The Empowerment Network is a 501 c 3: » Support the Empowerment Network mission through a tax deductible donation » Sponsor a participant(s) and/ or become a worksite in the Step-Up Omaha! employment program serving youths ages 14-21 » Sponsor major community events and engagement activities throughout the year » Volunteer at signature events: Christmas in the Village, Native Omahans Days, Stroll Down Memory Lane, and Omaha 360 Harmony Week


EMPOWERMENT NETWORK 105 N. 31st Ave., #101 Omaha, NE 68131 402-502-5153 empoweromaha.com

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