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MAHA IS THE best. You know it, I know it, and now, the community at large knows what was voted as the “Best of Omaha 2018.”

Since moving to the Omaha metro 20 years ago, I have found many places in Omaha that I consider to be the best. The best restaurants, best retail shops, best book shops (yes, that is its own theme, in my book), best transportation services, and many more. Each year brings new places I consider to be the best, as the city grows and my tastes change. More than 140,000 people have moved to Omaha in the past 20 years, and with that influx of people comes an influx of new businesses. Twenty years ago, a night out on the town often meant an Americana meal, whether at a steakhouse or a pasta place, and a movie. Now, my husband and I are more likely to try a gastro-pub before heading to a concert or arts venue. Even my favorite place to go for pizza has changed with the onset of brickoven pizzerias.


That’s one reason I look forward to viewing the Best of Omaha results book. Like many in Omaha, I look through it each year to find new places to eat, and see if my favorites have made the list. Sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes I am surprised. Each business listed in this special edition of Omaha Magazine is chosen by the Omaha public. Each business featured in this book is a winner. The Omaha Magazine staff spent countless hours to ensure the contest was as fair and accurate as possible. No advertisers were listed on the voting page, and no purchase was necessary to vote. We at the magazine do not choose the winners. The list contains only the businesses voted on by the public. The businesses are then given the chance to tell you more about their goods and services throughout the book, in a variety of ways. Many of the winners purchase traditional display advertising on the pages, and many others purchase sponsored profiles to let the readers know the story behind their businesses. And then there’s the list. One of the most useful parts of the Best of Omaha book, I believe, is the ability to look up the phone number or website for a business. Many winners have chosen to purchase two lines of text to include with their listing so the readers can find them easier. These two lines most often include phone numbers and websites, but may also include the number of locations or a physical address. Thank you, Omaha, for voting for the best each year. And congratulations to the businesses that supply the best goods and services in the area.  

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2018 Best of Omaha Results Issue  

2018 Best of Omaha Results Issue

2018 Best of Omaha Results Issue  

2018 Best of Omaha Results Issue