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Spirit ...You belong here!

The Omaha Kroc Center’s purpose is to inspire people to discover their God-given talents and develop their potential through artistic, educational, physical, and spiritual experiences in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Our Mind, Body, Spirit approach is evident in all of our programming, and in every interaction we have with our community members. This approach allows us to strategically, and meaningfully engage with every person who visits our facility.


Our educational offerings include early childhood development classes for children ages 1-7, and afterschool programming for students ages 8+ that includes opportunities for study in engineering, photography, and public speaking. We also offer music lessons for all ages, art classes in multiple mediums, and a variety of adult development experiences including: GED completion, ELL sessions, and parenting classes. We also offer a diverse set of camp offerings during the summer, and over spring and winter breaks from school.


The Omaha Kroc Center’s state-of-the-art fitness and aquatic centers are perfect for rejuvenating or maintaining your physical fitness. We offer professional training in one-on-one sessions, and in group classes that fit into your busy schedule. Our recreational sports are also a great way to engage your body. Shoot hoops in one of our two basketball courts, swim laps in our professional lap pool, or sign up for a league for a more structured experience at your preferred level of competitiveness. Competitive youth leagues include soccer, basketball, and flag football, and we offer “kiddy” sports opportunities in soccer and basketball for your young athlete to learn and grow.


At the Omaha Kroc Center, we are a family committed to living out the Gospel of Jesus by loving each person exactly as they are, and supporting one another as we deepen our relationships with our Creator and discover all of our God-given potential. Our Christ-centered mission permeates every experience as we live out the mission to make disciples of Jesus. Sunday morning worship at Kroc Church is an immersive community worship time with meaningful messages, uplifting music, and a family-centered atmosphere. We also offer Women’s Bible Studies, bilingual family worship time, an Hispanic Bible Ministry, and other spiritual-development programming designed to bring you deeper into a relationship with God.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to ensuring that the Kroc Center is a place where you belong. Our staff is passionate about serving the community, and we are grateful for the opportunity to engage with you.




Youth Camps

State of the Art

Fitness Equipment




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Fine Arts

Spiritual Life

Sports & Recreation RJ’s Adventure Zone & KidZone The Loft



Contact Information. 2825 Y St. Omaha, NE 68107 • (402) 905-3500

Operation Hours. Monday - Friday

5 am - 9 pm


6 am - 7 pm


1 - 6 pm

Fitness Center New Extended Hours. Members Only

Welcome to The Salvation Army Kroc Center hat started out as a wish by McDonald’s franchise founders Ray and Joan Kroc to provide a center of excellence in their community has grown into a nationwide vision that literally touches hundreds of thousands of people each year. The Krocs’ vision and initial gift led the way for many generous local donors to assist in bringing this amazing family center to Omaha.

Now, eight years after it opened its doors the Omaha Kroc Center has re-imagined itself and expanded several key program areas to better serve our members and guests thanks to additional funds from the original Kroc gift. We invite you to explore all that the Kroc has to offer. We would love for you and your family to discover the Omaha Kroc Center and experience first-hand how we transform lives. The Kroc Center is a place where you belong.

Every day people have the opportunity to explore their Godgiven talents, connect with other people, develop spiritually, and grow Captains John and Tracy Gantner themselves and their community through our programs of excellence.

Saturday Sunday

7 - 9 pm 9 am - 1pm

Sunday Worship Hours. Sunday School and Bible Studies

10 am

Familia a Family

10:30 - 10:45 am

Worship Service

11 am

Complimentary childcare available

KidZone Childcare Hours. Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday

9 am - 12:30 pm, 4 - 8:30 pm 9 am - 5:30 pm 1 - 5:30 pm

It’s About The Mission.. The Salvation Army The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love for God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. 5

social. Let’s get

Pia n o Lesso n s

Sen i o r A rt Class










Performing Arts The Kroc Center’s new Fine Arts Program extends our missional reach by offering exciting performance and education opportunities to our members and to the community at large. Experience group piano lessons in our 10-keyboard lab, or join one of our partner organizations for expert instruction. We are proud to partner with the Omaha Symphony, the Omaha








G u ita r Lesso n s




Conservatory of Music, and Sing Omaha all of whom provide structured arts education opportunities at the Kroc Center.

COMMITMENT TO FINE ARTS We have also partnered with the Adair Dance Academy to offer dance classes for students from ages 3-11, and our Fine Arts Manager leads a World Beat

So n g W r iti n g

drum class for students ages 8-12. Our offerings also include a parent/child musical experience from Sing Omaha, called “Little Voices”, for infant to pre-K children and one guardian.

Visual Arts Our commitment to the Fine

Arts extends beyond music and dance, as we provide both structured and free form experiences in the visual arts. Kroc and community members have access to our state-of-theart pottery studio for guided instruction, and our Open Art

A rt Classes


Vi o li n Lesso n s

Studio provides space and materials for artists who paint, sculpt, craft, and draw. We hope you’ll come be creative with us!

BE CREATIVE WITH US Regional/National Performing Acts

Vo ca l Lesso n s

to share with the community. We regularly host local performing acts and we are thrilled to debut our new Kroc Live! concert series, which will feature four concerts each year from national Christian performing artists/ groups. Visit for more information and secure your seats today!

In addition to fostering a

community of artists within the Kroc Center, we are committed to bringing performing artists to the Kroc


Pottery Classes

D ru m Lesso n s


Ba llet Classes



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In Kroc Omaha's Brand New

Kroc Center Omaha is proud to present our newly-renovated and expanded Aquatic Center. This brand new facility features two pools: a six-lane competition lap pool and a family recreation pool. We are also excited to debut “The Stingray”, our new 2 ½ story water slide. The recreation pool features a zero depth entry, lazy river, water volleyball, and a kids play area with its own slide and play features.

seconds that can save a life! These sessions include eight 15-minute one-to-one lessons that maximize toddlers’ short attention spans while gradually increasing their comfort in the water. This program is a partnership between the Omaha Kroc Center and the Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation. To learn more, visit Contact our Aquatics Center to schedule your Float4 Life sessions today!

For the more serious swimmer, we offer swimming lessons for all ages in Private (one-to-one) or Semi-Private (two-to-one) settings. Our lessons are taught by Red Cross certified swim instructors.

Adult Water Fitness Workouts Join our nationally-certified water fitness instructors for structured aquatic activities to build and maintain strength and flexibility in a fun environment!

For the competitive student swimmer, we also offer the Kroc Swim Team, which is open by tryout with our aquatics staff. Call or stop by to learn more about this competitive opportunity!

We offer a rotation of seasonal drop-in classes. Visit our website at for our latest class offerings.

Float4life Sessions Float4Life is a water safety program that teaches young children, ages 1-3, how to roll on their backs (like an Otter!) and that they can breathe, float, and reach the side of the pool until help arrives; precious


Open Swimming Our pools are available for open swimming every day of the week. Check out our Open Swim Hours on the next page!

IN Aquatic Programs

Swim Lessons The Kroc Center offers a variety of swim lessons for all ages and skill levels. Private and group lessons are available.

Open Swim Hours Adult Swim

Everyone is Welcome to Swim

5am | 7am | 9am | 11am | 1pm | 3pm | 5pm | 7pm |


Adult • 5:30 -10:30

All • 10:30 - 1


Adult • 5:30 -10:30

All • 10:30 - 1


Adult • 5:30 -10:30

All • 10:30 - 1

All • 3 - 8


Adult • 5:30 -10:30

All • 10:30 - 1

All • 3 - 8


Adult • 5:30 -10:30


Adult • 7 - 9


All • 3 - 8

All • 3 - 5

All • 10:30 - 1

6:45 - 8

All • 3 - 7:30

All • 11 - 5:30

All • 1 - 5:30

Check out the Winter/Spring Schedule located at the front entrance for Aquatic details and registration. 9

Adult Aquatic Fitness Classes You don’t have to know how to swim to join in the fun! Our water fitness instructors are nationally certified and our staff uses enhanced water fitness equipment so you can focus on getting the most out of your workout.

YOUTH SWIM TEAM Join the Kroc Swim Team! Whether you’re new or experienced in competitive swimming, the Kroc Swim Team is a great opportunity for youth to improve their skills and compete in a nurturing, team-oriented environment. To find out more, contact the Aquatics Department.

FITNESS COME GROW WITH US! The New Kroc Fitness Center Engage mind, body, and spirit in the Omaha Kroc’s brand new Fitness Center.

Fitness Desk

Group Class Offerings

Can answer fitness questions. Pick up Fitness Schedule here.

We offer fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels. Drop-in classes (Adults 16+) are available to accommodate your busy schedule! Join us for one of 15 unique class offerings, including: Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, and more.

Personal Training Our friendly, expert staff of fitness trainers is here to help you reach your fitness goals! We offer Personal Training Services with certified exercise professionals to enhance your fitness level through education, support, and one-on-one attention in the areas of: *Muscular Strength and Endurance *Sports Performance *Flexibility *Stress Relief *Reducing Obesity *Continuing of Physical Therapy Program *Assistance in controlling or reducing weight related illness risks

Cable & Strength Machines

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Focus on strengthening an isolated muscle or muscle groups.

At the Omaha Kroc Center, you are guaranteed to find the right exercise regimen to get you to your goal. We offer state-of-the-art exercise equipment for the workout you desire. Our new fitness center is equipped with cable and strength machines, bikes and stair climbers, elliptical machines, treadmills, and free weights. We also have a 3-lane indoor walking track for low-impact exercise. The Omaha Kroc Center also boasts the Midwest’s first “Octagon”, which is a functional fitness rig made by Escape Inc. The “Octagon” is designed to enhance everyday functionality by focusing on exercises that mimic everyday activities that we all experience. Drop in to a class or contact our Fitness Center to set up a tour or schedule your first personal training session today. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Expresso Bikes, Stationary Bikes & Stair Climbers Evaluate cardio progress and interactive training options.

Treadmills Evaluate for calorie burn, joint protection and training options.

Elliptical & AMT Machines

Free Weights Good for compound movements and total body strength.

Improve your aerobic capacity and targets multiple muscles.


Escape Fitness Octagon


Functional and performance-based training. The ONLY Octagon in the Midwest.

Agility Turf Good for sports training and explosive movements.

Indoor Walking Track 13 laps = 1 mile

Accuro Heart Rate Monitor

Kickboxing Heavy Bag

Wearable technology helps train at the right intensity based on body metrics.

Stand-up combat training based on kicking and punching.


Suspension Flooring Helps absorbs impact and protects joints during aerobic workouts.


Cycling Drop in for a spin class. Class is included with membership.

Learn a new routine At the Kroc Center, your safety is our first concern. With your well being in mind, we offer complimentary training sessions to ensure that everyone who uses our Fitness Center is properly trained to use each piece of equipment in our facility. We also offer counseling sessions to guide teenagers and adults in proper strength training and cardiovascular techniques to ensure healthy and productive workouts every time.

Fitness as a Lifestyle The fitness staff and trainers at the Kroc Center are thrilled to join you on your personal journey to physical health! No matter your fitness starting point, Kroc staff are here to guide your steps as you work to improve in mind, body, and spirit. With your goals in mind, we strive to educate and empower you to meet and exceed your own fitness expectations, while ensuring your safety along the way. We also seek to encourage you into new lifestyle choices that will help to sustain the growth you experience with us. Come in to take a tour today. We are excited to meet you!

TRX Total-body training system; build your core, strength, balance, agility and power.

Box Master Great for improving stamina, coordination, agility and cardiovascular health.




spiritual Life Living out the

Gospel of Jesus By

Loving Each Person

Dear Kroc Family, Each time I read the story of Creation, my senses come alive. I can see the “light”and “dark” of the first day. I can feel the moisture in the air as the atmosphere is created. The smells of the salty sea and supple green plants fill my nostrils. The musical vibrations and rhythms of the stars, sun, and moon are felt throughout my body. The bird-songs, elephant trumpets, and bee buzzes entertain my ears. What a delight! God created a beautiful, diverse earth and declared it “good.” It can be easy to get discouraged by the state of divisiveness that arises because of human differences… differences in appearance, life choices, beliefs, ways of being. Well-meaning responses to this divisiveness are often statements such as “let’s focus on our similarities,” or “we are all the same on the inside,” or “we can love one another DESPITE our differences.” When I hear these responses, my mind turns back to Genesis. I think of a God who intentionally created a diverse and mind-blowingly beautiful creation for His and our delight. If we were intended to be the same, would we not have been made accordingly? Instead, we have been created in many colors, sizes and shapes, with unique giftings and thought patterns, various dreams and yearnings. Does it not seem that we are to CELEBRATE


this diversity, rather than be blind to it? Our differences, my beautiful Hand-Crafted friends, are what make Life interesting and the adventure that it should be! At the Kroc Center, we find ourselves in a hub of diversity, regularly experiencing the colorful mosaic of God’s creation. People from various cultures and walks are developing themselves together through art, dance, music, play, physical exercise, character development, and spiritual disciplines. At KROC CHURCH, we are a family committed to living out the Gospel of Jesus by loving each person exactly as they are and supporting one another as we deepen our relationships with our Creator and discover all of our God-given potential. We invite you to worship God with us each Sunday morning at 11:00 am, where you have a place in the great tapestry of God’s creation.

Jen Hill Spiritual Life Manager

FAMILY OF FAITH At Kroc Church, we hear God’s Word, and seek His throne with reverence each week. People of all ages, and all backgrounds worship Jesus through Scripture, preaching, prayer, song, and fellowship within a community of believers. We invite you to join us in celebrating God’s love.

HISPANIC BIBLE MINISTRY Kroc Church welcomes your family to join us for Spanish Bible studies, children’s Sunday school and discipleship.

BILINGUAL FAMILY WORSHIP TIME “Familia a Family” geared toward our youngest Kroc Church attendees. For complete, up-to-date details on all these programs and more pick-up our seasonal Class Schedule.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDIES Join a community of women for Bible study, fellowship, and service projects.


Church Testimonials

“Susan and I were looking for a new home church for our family. We found that the church family here was very friendly and welcoming. We really enjoy the worship service and are impressed with the multicultural involvement. Captain John and his wife Tracy were very welcoming and have a true heart for God and their congregation. We definitely would and have recommended the Kroc Church to others.”

“The first day I came to the Kroc service, I was welcomed by numerous people. It made me feel comfortable. I like being able to talk and joke, just be my goofy self. I mostly like the Word and the heart I see for people broken and the passion they have for victims” -Angela Sheridan

-John & Susan Hiatt


SPORTS & REC Flag Football Flag football is a fun and fast-paced venue in which your child can learn the basics of sportsmanship and baseline concepts of America’s favorite pastime. The Kroc Center Flag Football programs are designed to introduce your young athlete to a healthy competitive spirit while providing a secure environment in which to develop in the game.

Book Athletic Space Take advantage of our two basketball courts and Indoor Turf Arena perfect for a pick-up game or a full team practice. Our 2.2 acre Sports Field Complex featuring a full size outdoor turf field and one junior field is available for rent and can host a variety of sporting events for school, church, or club activities. For more information call (402) 905-3500.

Pick-Up Basketball & Soccer The gym is available daily for adult and teen pick-up games. Balls and equipment available upon request. Stop by with your friends or jump in to an existing game! No advanced sign-ups required. Check the Welcome Desk for more information and open gym availability.

Adult Sports Kroc Center Adult Sports Leagues are designed to keep our community active regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, spend time in fellowship, or strengthen your athleticism, there is a league for you! Our world class facility and highly competitive pricing makes the Kroc Center an excellent option your family, co-workers, church, or buddies to get a team together and compete!

Basketball Leagues Much like Flag Football, Basketball Leagues are a fun and active way for your child to focus on core skill growth and teamwork. The Kroc Center Basketball programs are intended to steer budding athletes toward competitive sportsmanship while teaching them the fundamentals of the game.





“It’s always fun to teach the kids new things and watch them develop their skills.”

“It is great seeing kids become interested in a new sport. I love when they start asking questions and gain new skills.”

“I love seeing kids get connected with the Kroc sports community. We often become a second family to them. I also like being a role model in these kid’s lives.”


Volunteer to Coach

Kiddie Soccer

The Kroc Center welcomes parent or guardian volunteers who would enjoy active participation in Youth Leagues. If you are interested in being a coach or assistant coach, please call 402-905-3576.

Introduce your little athlete to the fundamentals of soccer in a 6-week program hosted on our indoor turf. Your child will learn the core elements of the game, as well as instill the importance of teamwork. Come and cheer your little athlete on as they show off their skills on the field!

The Kroc Athlete The Kroc Center believes that creating a positive athletic experience enhances our growth as individuals and community as a whole. Recreational activities aid in our mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Yet another pillar of our recreational programs is the development of social skills as we learn and grow as a team. So, lace up your sneakers and join us on the field for some fun and fellowship!

Youth Soccer Leagues Our Youth Soccer Leagues provide opportunities for development on a recreational or competitive level for athletes in kindergarten through 10th grade. Registration forms can be downloaded at Register today!




“Soccer’s my favorite! I get to play with my friends at the Kroc!”

“I like playing football at the Kroc Center. I am almost better than my brother!”

“My son is in kiddie soccer, and he loves it! Their recreational sports are great for young kids just starting out.”



“I love the Kroc Center because it is really fun to play in the pool and go down The Stingray!” - Zoey

“My favorite Camp week is cop week! I like to see the helicopter. When I grow up I want to be a police officer and help people.” - Jaxon

“I have enrolled my child in a couple of different summer camps in Omaha. Camp Kroc is by far our favorite. The camp offers such a variety of activities that keep kids learning while school is out. Plus Camp Kroc is super affordable! My kid absolutely loves Camp Kroc!” - Jennifer (Mom)

Camp is Not Just for Summer! Camp Kroc Year-Round

Camp Kroc At Camp Kroc, our programs adapt and change as your child grows. We work hard to offer a diverse range of activities for children ages 6-12 where they will discover new interests, develop friendships, and be inspired to learn. Camp Kroc’s purpose is to partner with parents to help children discover their God-given talents and develop their potential through artistic, educational, physical, and spiritual experiences in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Welcome to the Camp Kroc family!

Jr. Lifeguarding Summer Camp The purpose of the Junior Lifeguard Summer Camp is to develop swimming skills in participants ages 12-15 in order to meet the lifeguard course prerequisite. The Junior Lifeguard Summer Camp also introduces participants to lifesaving skills such as: in-water rescue, rescue tube use, first aid, CPR, and AED. In addition, Junior Lifeguards have the opportunity to train with a certified lifeguard for an authentic job experience.


Although the main focus of Camp Kroc is our summer programming, we offer other opportunities to enjoy camp during the non-summer months. All children ages 5-11 are welcome to Camp Kroc’s Spring Break and Winter Camps to seek growth, adventure, and creativity. We offer a wide variety of activities in which campers will participate on a daily basis and will be led enthusiastically by your child’s camp counselor.

How to Register for Camps! Go online or sign up at the Welcome Desk, before camps fill up! Check out the Winter/Spring Schedule located at the front entrance for camp details and registration.

Be a Camp Kroc Counselor

Join The Team


Meet Kathy Powers

“I enjoyed being a camp counselor because I was able to build relationships with kids and become a positive role model in their lives that they could learn from.”

Kroc Woodshop Camp Kroc offers a week-long summer program for girls and boys ages 8-12 in a project-based learning environment where the focus is the vocational skill of wood working. Our team of experts create fun and exciting opportunities for students to design and construct their own projects while developing critical thinking, self-esteem, and a catalogue of practical skill sets to equip them for their future.

Club Kroc: After School Program Club Kroc offers additional enrichment programs for kids ages 8-11. The typical programs offered will be homework help, creative activities, physical fitness and weekly STEM programming and weekly faith based programming.

Alexandria “Being a counselor for Camp Kroc was an extremely rewarding experience. I was able to be a part of a fun summer atmosphere, while getting to watch the campers grow and build relationships with myself and one another”.

Mural Painting Young artists ages 8-12 will put their creativity to work during Camp Kroc’s Mural Painting Summer Camp. Students will collaborate with local muralist Rebecca Van Ornam whose mural design work includes the 13th Street Mural and the Murdock Museum Mural in Murdock, NE. The weeklong workshop will focus on basic painting techniques and concepts such as scale, grid, and blocking-in. Throughout the week, students will design and create a mural to be displayed at the Kroc Center!

Kroc Talk: Speech & Debate Camp Kroc proudly welcomes the addition of a speech and debate camp for boys and girls ages 8-12! This unique summer program teaches students to concisely articulate ideas with confidence and clarity. Throughout the weeklong camp trained experts will work with students to improve their oratorical, research, and critical thinking skills. Public speaking is a skill-set that will empower children to strive for a more successful future. 19


athy Powers is our Education and Camps Manager. Her responsibilities are to develop and execute educational programs for the children at the Kroc Center, and her passion is promoting positive community and educational growth in our neighborhood. Kathy studied physical fitness and proceeded to work in the public health and education fields for 15 years in the Omaha area. Given her passion and expertise in fitness and child development, the move to the Kroc Center was a natural fit for Kathy. With the help of her dedicated staff, Kathy has developed successful, mission-driven after-school and camp programming for the youth who attend our center.




RJ’s Adventure Zone is a colorful new addition to the Kroc Center. The multi-level play structure has added new levels of entertainment for our youngest Kroc attendees. Children adventurously make their way through a maze of tunnels, climbing higher and higher until they reach the tallest part of the treehouse. Once they have conquered the meandering path to the top, children gleefully tumble down the gleaming, emerald slide, racing one another to the bottom with shrieks of laughter. Parents are offered a quiet bench from which to watch their little ones burn off their seemingly endless supply of energy.

Dear Parents, We welcome you to bring your children ages 1-7 to play, learn, and grow in our loving and secure environment. We believe that each child is a unique gift from God and our dedicated staff is committed to fostering the development of the children who spend time in our care. Your child will engage in imaginative free play and exciting educational programs throughout each stay with us. Please enjoy your kids-free time with a peaceful mind that your child is content in our KidZone. Sincerely, Kroc KidZone Staff 20

The Loft The Ultimate Game Room A pillar of the Kroc Center’s mission is to offer a space that cultivates community in our immediate family and the family we create for ourselves. In that same vein, we welcome the addition of The Loft to our collective. The Loft provides a unique entertainment complex for families within which to laugh, engage, and connect, all in the spirit of having fun! Joan Kroc’s vision to provide families a safe place to play and grow is embodied in The Loft’s offerings. We invite you to a game of Madden at our cutting-edge Xbox stations, a foosball competition with your siblings, or an air hockey challenge with your friends.

FUN FOR ALL Once your gaming victory has been secured, relax on one of our many cozy couches and watch a movie with your friends or family, or take a seat at one of our 24 computer stations for work or play. The knowledgeable Youth Engagement staff is available to assist you with any of your gaming needs; they would even challenge you to a game of your choice! There are a variety of structured and unstructured activities suitable for families or kids of all ages. We’d love to have you stop by!

Youth Activity Usage RJ’S Adventure Zone

1-5 Years

6-7 Years

8-11 Years

With Adult

With Adult

With Adult


Adult in Arms Reach

With Adult

With Adult

Free Roam

The Loft

With Adult

With Adult

Supervised by Staff

Free Roam


Supervised by Staff

12+ Years

Within arms reach of an adult (16+) Accompanied by an adult (16+) Supervised by staff in program area Welcome to explore on your own All children, ages 11 and under, must be supervised by an accompanying adult or family member, 16 and older, unless checked into KidZone or The Loft. See the chart for more details.

Supervised by Staff


Membership. 1 MONTH Pre-Paid

Membership Type


Best Value! Pre-Pay & Save






169 22


60 Off

Ages 12-18






282 00


68 Off

Ages 62+






282 00


68 Off

Ages 19-61






394 80


75 Off








93 Off

Senior Adult


Ages 1-11

Youth Teen


Family up to 5 people



Membership Benefits. Cardio and Strength-Training Machines Free-Weight Area Aquatics Center and Indoor Water Park Multi-Activity Gymnasium Locker Rooms Art Studio The Loft RJ's Adventure Zone Access to Indoor Turf Arena Fitness Equipment Orientation Program Discounts Discounted Youth Day Camp Rates Discounted KidZone Rates Discounted Birthday Party Complimentary Fitness Evaluation Drop-In Group Exercise Classes Drop-In Aquatic Group Exercise Classes



Kroc Center Member

Day Pass Visitor

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

+ + + + + + + + +




0 No Fee

of Auto Pay EFT Rates

Kroc Classes. Class Listings For a complete list of classes pick-up our seasonal class schedule located by the front entrance. A Senior Guide is also available!

Drop-in Classes. Drop-in classes are included with membership. Non-members may attend Drop-in class for $5 plus the price of a Day Pass. Drop-in classes do not require pre-registration. Just check in at the Welcome Desk before the class start.

Registered Classes. To register for classes or activities visit our Welcome Desk or call (402) 905-3500 to speak with a Guest Service Representative.

At The Salvation Army

Kroc Center... Day Pass Information.

...People are inspired to discover their God given talents and develop their potential through artistic, educational, physical and spiritual experiences in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

Non-members can enjoy the Kroc Center with the purchase of a day pass! DAY PASS TYPE





Ages 1-11



Ages 12-18



Ages 19+


Explore the Kroc. Main Floor  1 Chapel 2 Assembly Hall 3 Fellowship Hall 4 Welcome Desk & Lobby 5 RJ’s Adventure Zone 6 KidZone 7 Vending Machines 8 Elevator 9 Fitness Studio 10 Gymnasium 11 Soccer Turf 12 Party Rooms 13 Fitness Center 14 Group X Studio



15 The Stingray 16 Recreation Pool 17 Lazy River 18 Lap Pool


14 13


4 5










Second Floor  19 Assembly Hall Balcony 20 The Learning Center 21 Walking Track 22 Upper Fitness Deck 23 Fitness Studio 24 The Loft 25 Art Studio 26 Pottery Studio 27 Music Classrooms 28 Dance Studio 29 Learning Environments




21 20





27 28 29


Celebrate With Us! Take advantage of our new event Party Rooms and book your Birthday party at the Kroc Center.


January 6 • April 7 • July 7 • October 6


Kroc LIVE is an all new concert series that brings world class Christian music to the Kroc Center Omaha!

General Admission: $20 Group Rates: 10 or more people $16/Person

Purchase tickets at

Discount: Save 10% for April 7’s concert tickets. Use promo code: KROCMAG

Kroc Experience 2018  
Kroc Experience 2018