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ORGANIZING BABY’S DOMAIN Diapers, keepsakes and all those adorable clothes


baby’s room is such a sweet and peaceful space. That is until the baby arrives. Newborns demand a lot of attention, so you won’t have time to maintain a complicated system. Here’s how to minimize the steps to get things done.

Changing table This is the work zone of a baby’s room. Your arms are going to be full and busy with the baby. You need to keep everything close and simple for your sanity and your baby’s safety. Necessities (diapers, wipes, clothes and maybe a toy) should be within arm’s reach. If you install shelves above the changing table, make sure they are secure and nothing dangerous or breakable sits

on them. Keep a laundry basket and a trash bin for soiled diapers nearby.

Memorabilia You are going to receive some precious gifts when the baby arrives. Designate a space to keep them together. This might be a basket on a shelf or a dresser. As you accumulate things, consider what the collection will look like in 20 years. What will still be significant? A handwritten note from a grandparent or sibling would be something to keep. Cards from acquaintances? Probably not. The fewer items you keep, the greater value each item will have as the years pass. You want the collection to feel like a treasure, not a junk box.

Clothes You will be told baby will need lots of changes of clothes due to leaky diapers. Reality: If you have full access to laundry facilities, all you really need are enough items to get you to the next laundry day. If you’re doing laundry every day then fewer outfits will be needed. If you only buy outfits you really love, your baby will wear them out, and you’ll have less to maintain as baby grows. Clothes that are still good after your baby outgrows them can go in a basket in the closet. When the basket gets full, sort the handme-downs and donate the rest. Be picky about what you keep. If you didn’t put an item on your baby this go-around, you probably won’t put it on your next baby. ADOBESTOCK.COM


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Momaha Magazine - May 2019  

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Momaha Magazine - May 2019  

A parenting magazine from the Omaha World-Herald.