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Interview – Joe Potter Who are your main inspirations for your song “Enough is enough”? JP: My main inspiration for this song would be Bob Dylan and other political writes such as Joan Baez. I was brought up listening to music of that generation and it has been one of the main things that has got me into folk. What is the song “Enough is enough” about? JP: It’s about some ones idol or hero who has abandoned their followers without a true reason. So what equipment do you use? JP: I use acoustic guitar which is a Martin Westside custom and Harmonica. I sometimes get my friends to come in and play percussion or drums for me. So what kind of video are you looking for? JP: I would like a simplistic feel to the video maybe with an old fashioned sense. I would like to be seen playing in the video. Just mainly a simplistic outlook on the song, and perhaps some props that represent some of the lyrics from the song. Would you like the music video to relate to the music or visuals? JP: No I would prefer the video to relate more to the music than the visuals or a storyline as I want the song to come across simple and easy to listen. Are there any types of shots you would like to be included in the video? JP: Some close ups of my hands while playing guitar and maybe long shots to create an atmosphere. Thank you for you time JP: No. Thank you.

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