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Marketing Networking & Public Relations Make the phone ring! Educate your community on how you can solve their needs.

Operations Web

Business Culture

Engage, provide resources and drive business to your website

Become an employer of choice and create an environment that makes your business stand out from the rest in your industry.

Customer Experience Collect customer and non-customer feedback about your organization & promote positive feedback.

Performance Evaluation Hire the right support, participate in peer –to –peer accountability and track your progress.

Business Self - Assessment Worksheet My business regularly partici-

I have personalized my web-

pates in community events.  Monthly Quarterly  Yearly

site with: Testimonials Upcoming Events Business News Pertinent resources Photos of staff  About Us page/section Maps & Directions

List at least 3 recent events: _____________________________ _____________________________ __________________________ I source stories about my company to local news sources.

      

I seek new ways to reach nonusers.

My business is involved in

My marketing plan includes a variety of distribution types. Ie. Radio, newspaper, YP, internet

I hire staff with a variety of strengths and skills.

I set quarterly accountabilities for my staff.

I do an annual talent assessment of my staff to uncover skills I might not have been aware of previously.

business listing on Google Places.

I have a way to track “hits” to

If I showed my logo to a group of strangers, _____% of them would be familiar with my business.


I have created or claimed my

I partner with other businesses to grow brand identity in other markets.

I have established a “brand” for my business.

I use competency based in-

my website.

    

social-networking. Facebook Twitter De.lici.ous Flickr/Picasa (photos) Other

I provide ongoing training for my staff. If so, how often: ____________________________

I provide encouragement or incentive program for staff.

_______% of previous employees would recommend my business to a friend if they were looking for a job.

I include pay per click advertising in my marketing plan.

My employees are advocates

I’ve completed search engine optimization for my website.

Business Report Card created for the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

of my business on or off the clock.

I have a clear understanding of my target customer. I have a clear definition of success, for both the company and for target customers. I have an ongoing method to collect customer feedback. I periodically poll / survey customers about the quality of services I provide. I seek ways to obtain feedback from non-users. List a few: ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ I take time to take a “walk in the customer’s shoes” from the parking lot , entrance, lobby, restroom, etc. When I receive feedback from customers and peers I followup with a thank you note in writing when possible.

I have set realistic goals for my organization based upon facts not desires. I stay abreast of industry trends. List at least 2 methods: ______________________________ ____________________________ I have implemented a series of best practices for myself and staff to follow. I utilize non-biased sources to “secret shop” my business and provide productive criticism. I review financial reports regularly and eliminate expenditures that are identified as nonessential. I have charted various business performance aspects over time to evaluate trends and correlations.

Angela Gregory

Business Report Card Jefferson County Chamber  

A quick checklist for business owners as a self-assessment of current marketing and operational practices.