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CCMH 535 Week 6 Individual Assignment Integrative Final Project Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

Comprehensive discussion on use of the DIE and answered questions regarding use of assessment. Describe the strengths and weakness of the instrument (make sure to address all information necessary in evaluating and selecting an assessment instrument). Based on your evaluation, would you use this instrument? Why or why not? Comprehensive discussion of assessment procedures and ethics. What assessment procedures might you use to determine if Emily is clinically depressed and/or suicidal? Be specific. Describe the instrument(s) and the scales that you would most closely examine and why. Discuss a minimum of three different instruments. In addition to interviewing Emily, who else might you consult with? Before concluding that Emily is in fact, clinically depressed, what other possibilities might you rule out? What other questions would you like to ask Emily and/or her family? What else would you like to know? Imagine that the results of your assessment suggest that Emily is experiencing depression. You schedule a meeting with Emily and her immediate family members to explain the results. What problem areas might you encounter during the feedback session? Discuss some of the ethical considerations and practice guidelines that you would you keep in mind when working with this client and her family.

Ccmh 535 week 6 individual assignment integrative final project  
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