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CARD 548 Week 8 Final Career Development Portfolio Presentation Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

There will be IConnect sessions in weeks seven and eight that will allow students to make a short 10-12 minute slide presentation on the results of their work this session in building their Career Development Portfolio. IConnect is found under the “Course Home” tab in our classroom. Those sessions may be attended by students, and questions and comments will be allowed on the presentations. That presentation is worth 100 points. Guidelines for your Presentation: Generate a 10-12 minute Power Point presentation on your Career Development Portfolio. Think about three main sections: • • Introduction • • Discussion • • Conclusion The Introduction and Conclusion may be only one slide each, with the other 10 slides devoted to the body of your presentation. The presentation should include no more than 12 slides because of time limitations. The 10-12 minute presentation will be followed by a 3 minute Q and A session, thereby allowing each student 15 total minutes. Schedule your final presentation session to present the results of the final project development. Ensure that your Power Point presentation is posted in the DropBox at least four hours before the start of your presentation so that files can be uploaded prior to the start of the presentation. The instructor will upload your files into the presentation area – as long as you have uploaded your work in our classroom drop box for the assignment. You will into IConnect Present (found under the Course Home Tab) a few minutes before the scheduled presentations are to start for the scheduled day/evening.

Card 548 week 8 final career development portfolio presentation