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CARD 548 Week 2 Strategy Assignment Goal Setting Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

Homework Strategy Assignment: Goal Setting. File three short pages (or one page with three sections) in the Dropbox for this week. The first page will include three to five career goals you want to achieve. The second page will include key goals you wish to achieve while at Keller Graduate School of Management. The third page will include obstacles you anticipate in both your school experience and early problems that must be delt with to begin achieving your longer-term career goals. See the Lecture for recommendations here, and examples of those three items in Doc Sharing.;3.After you complete the analysis of your AMA Disc Survey results in terms of your life by following the instructions and rubrics located in Doc Sharing for the DISC assignment, then submit your paper in the Dropbox.

Card 548 week 2 strategy assignment goal setting  
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