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BUSN 258 Week 1 Homework AsssignmentIndependent Auto Sales and Service (NEW) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

BUSN 258 Week 1 Homework Asssignment

Choose either the Independent Auto Sales and Service (IAS) case on page 16, or the Network Nutrition Distributors (NND) case on page 17. For either case, answer all of the Strategy Planning Questions on page 17. Make sure that your writing is clear, understandable, and properly formatted and edited, including checking for proper spelling and grammar. Provide a cover page, reference page, and at least two accurate APA source citations for your answer. You may reference the textbook or other appropriate academic sources. These can be web-based sources, but do not use Wikipedia entries as part of your final submission.

1. If you were an owner or leader in this business, what could you do to help employees understand the value of excellent customer service?

2. Who are your external customers and what are their specific needs? (Describe at least three.)

3. Who are your internal customers and what are their specific needs? (Describe at least three.)

4. What are some starting points for developing the core competencies we discussed in your selected business? Be as specific as possible.

5. How could your business apply the ideas in this chapter to build customer loyalty?

Busn 258 week 1 homework asssignmentindependent auto sales and service (new)  
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