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COM 705 Week 3 Individual Assignment Revised Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay Click Here to Buy the Tutorial,-Practice,-and-Leadership-Essay For more course tutorials visit

Resources: Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership essay grading rubric located in the Week Three Materials section of the student website. · Revise your Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership essay by implementing the faculty feedback from your first paper and the improvement strategies from your Week Two Revision Matrix. · Review the Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership essay grading rubric, and make additional revisions to your paper to meet the assignment criteria. The goal of the rewrite is to demonstrate your ability to improve your scholarly writing by using facilitator feedback, self-improvement strategies, and writing tools (rubric, APA manual, etc.). Note: Failure to integrate facilitator feedback may result in significant point deductions. · Submit your revised essay to your Assignments page as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

Com 705 week 3 individual assignment revised scholarship, practice, and leadership essay  
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