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Olumide Adeyemo

M.Arch applicant

Olumide Adeyemo

My life has become about adjacencies, The layering of information based on research, observation and representation. Architecture is becoming a series of adjacencies, cuts, iterations to a final hybrid of its layers The observations have become the analysis of what life is. It is no longer my eyes but the lines of connection and views. The connections that help make the world go round. Cosmic though it is larger than what is really individual. We are a microcosm for what is going on in the world. Mnemonic layering is the part of me that relates my free time to architecture. I try to bring new worlds to life Iteration is the excellence i strive for in myself. Excellence is not. It is a habit




r NY.P-5




the cosmos 1

Architecture is everything. My interests span past the subject architecture

K.Cho,Sculpture [302] fall2010

Cosmic Individuality

The complex/simple layering of the human individuality, which serves a purpose. Every individual is layer according to: The singularity of humanity is comparable and similar to that of the cosmos. Our basic atomic structure is its self a relationship in the cosmic. The individuality of a single person is unique to his layers. With myself as a microcosm for humanity I have drawn the connections between the layers. Focusing even more on one layer of myself. The layer of education as a way to learn from and develop the whole. The additional layers will be explored in focus also. CHO-1

clusters individuals mapping clusters on the campus square

Initial research of a system of random aggregation




connection between layers

plan view

Each orb represents a facet of education of a subject of interest with its final destination as my field of concentration [purpose]. Every bit of knowledge is making it contribution to the concentration. The more relevant the bigger and closer it gets to the concentration. The smallest are the subject that is least known about but that have an interest in. CHO-3


observations 2

observations have become the analysis of what life is. It is no longer my eyes but the lines of connection and views.

G.La, Arch [420] spring2010

Landscape Manipulation

original concept for student housing Tower for rooms and ramped social spaces to connect with the ar neighborhood site located between a school and neighborhood UWM campus

Neighbors LA-3


The site was very important it was between campus and the neighbors. The height difference between campus and the neighbors, the face, the sudden abrupt dereliction on the campus edge was the state of the site. While the prompt called for housing the intention of the project is to activate the street-level and opencommunication between school and community. Increase the activity level on the street. The tower and ramping system produced a simple elegant solution to the problem of communication on campus with the neighbors. The introduced landscape turns the former parking lot into a place for studentsteacher-neighbor interaction. The ramps act as the way from campus level but slopes down slightly to enhance [resting] moments. Without altering the existent heights the ramp connects to the ground plane. The tower becomes the ornamental piece adding to the social behavior on the ground by expressing it in the height. The tower primarily meant for dormitory rooms are arranged to maximize the view from every room and social spaces on multiple floor. Core as egress and shells of rooms LA-4

Eight iterations to arrive at the final one. Towers and ramped social spaces change to other stuff.


Model making as the mode of history and exploration. The purpose of the social ramped spaces is to capture the corner of the street. The tower was conceived to exhaust and review the views




movement 3

ITERATIONS are an additional layer of my design

NY/P Program [?4072?] spring2012


movement drug activity


initial NY.P-3

common stops my stops


adjustment NY.P-4



EL. 21.00 m

EL. 15.00 m EL. 12.00 m

EL. 3.00 m EL. 0.00 m



EL. 21.00 m

EL. 15.00 m EL. 12.00 m

EL. 3.00 m EL. 0.00 m



cerebral layers 4 Mnemonic layering is the part of me that relates my free time to architecture. I try to bring new worlds to life

O. Adeyemo 2010-2012

Escaping 2011

Layers 1-4

Exploring the lines of my NY apartment, tracking the lines of the walls, clothes on the bed. The ink splatters represent the mood of the day. A wet day for exploring the cracks, curves and movements in my room. The objective is to get the lines on a page from the history in the room. Recognizing the tracked lines representing the corners and cracks , the lines of closes. a mountain of clothes, the edge of the shelf. The places to explore on a rainy day. The possibility in the room if scale was not a factor Using ink and graphite ADEYEMO-9


The Explosion 2010

Prompted to re-design a cube through the methods of subtraction and addition my second try brought about the use of a method learned from previous tries. A broken cube- one exploded from its center of from a vertex to re-arrange its parts according to a system of memory. The parts of the cube though separated by “force� still have a connection to the lines and sides that made it as whole form. The new form is a representation of the once concise formed cube. The intention is to find order in a disorganized abrupt change. This drawing was done objectively at my threshold of weary without any preconceived intentions but the words: reconstructed cube.








sketch of an exploded cube to explore the subtraction and addition. Using ink, graphite and conte chalk ADEYEMO-1


Derelict 2012

Walking through the developing part of Lyon. We had some the opportunity to see recently finished projects, projects in construction and abandoned projects. My frame and story of New Lyon is of a derelict and unfinished development. This exploration of Lyon is based on the walk through this part of Lyon. The blind contour line drawing was started from the promenade and developed through memory and in transition. The exploration is to represent the movement and to add and include the new urbanism based on movement in area. The juxtapositions of the free and diagrammatic movement to create the buildings that get erected. The colored in shapes represent the buildings, as they should react to the modes of movement mentally traversed by the human mind without having to conform to a right angle. A context that is very intuitive to the mind. ADEYEMO-7


Living in the sky 2012

Revising the painting through the subjective word. Shade, shadow and line. Layers 1-3.

A series of daily paintings done at dawn with objectivity. The no.2 of 12 paintings is based on the word “clouds�. The intention from painting was to get to a representation without a preconceived idea. From the first touch of the brush on paper it was to represent the word. The next layer in this series is adding graphite to the drawing. Scanning the drawing into the computer and using that as the basis for a new architectural or structural image based on the painting and the word. It helps me find new things outside the realm that I already know. Explore new moods for designing and thinking. The layers compile into multiple ways, as each finished layer is determined by how far the medium develops the goal intension. Every layer develops intuitively on its precedents toward the final. The finished product is a combination of computer and tactile layers; free hand, measured and doctored images. ADEYEMO-3





EXPERIENCE PROJECT DESIGNER- SUMMER 2010, SPRING 2011 Community Design Solutions, Milwaukee, WI Worked on a range of projects: Civic, Educational, Transportation, Renovation and Community-based projects Engaged in client-community collaborations and presentations Designed utilizing Milwaukee City Building Codes Produced renderings for clients as preliminary design Collaborated with on-campus departments with design needs Analysis and research for all projects Worked with registered developers for preliminary design bids Weekly meetings with registered Architect to review projects RESEARCH ASSISTANT- SPRING 2011, FALL 2010 Wal-Mart Intervention Grant, Mo Zell, SARUP-UWM Related for proposed interventions. Engaged in group discussions concerning design Site analysis related to theme of water, re-use and Develop exhibition boards INDEPENDENT STUDY, SPRING 2011 Pam Schermer, Assoc. Professor, UWM Worked under Professor supervision Designed composited renderings. Coordinated class and studio work for site analysis. Experimentation with media to enhance design FIELD STUDY- FALL 2010 Learning From New Orleans Studio, SARUP-UWM Acquaintance with the sites and its inhabitants. Engaged community to design for them Public presentations of completed designs. Field trip to New Orleans NETWORK ASSISTANT- SPRING, SUMMER 2010 Replied inquiries and assisted telephone, internet and TV oncampus Responsible for inventory of all the phone and internet jacks on-campus Made repair trips along with professional Coordinated the yearly phone book printing and distribution Checked emergency lights on campus Worked in Microsoft access

SKILLS Adobe Design Suite, Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya 3D and Revit Architecture Rhino 3D AutoCAD 2011 Google Sketch-Up Pro8 Microsoft Office 2010

DIRECTED RESEARCH- FALL 2009 Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI Group based design of an ecology community center Designed for a client Presentation of building to clients Implemented the rules of the “Living Building Challenge� Collaborated with registered architects and graduate students MENTOR- FALL 2008, SPRING 2009 Leading Inspiring New and Knowledgeable Students (L.I.N.K.S.) UWM Assisted freshmen with transitioning into campus and academic life. Networked students with campus resources. Volunteered with on-campus organizations. Hosted events for student mentees. INTERN- SUMMER 2008 Independent Architect-Cotonou, Benin Republic Drafted building plans. Visited building sites during, pre- and postinspections Introduction to detailing connections INTERN- SPRING 2005 Sageto Limited, Abuja, Nigeria Provide support to professional Architect. Worked in AutoCAD software Drafted building floor plans Designed two bedroom flat

AWARDS/EXHIBITIONS UWM-SARUP- SPRING 2010, 2011 Third place, End of Year competition House for a Poet Student Housing Complex


Portfolio 2