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Local Scottsdale orthodontist offers groundbreaking technology in orthodontic care to patients Local Scottsdale orthodontist, Dr. Shawn Bader, offers a new service to patients that can help lessen orthodontic treatment time. This new orthopedic care technology helps Dr. Bader and his team to better their service toward current and new patients. SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — April 03, 2013 Local Scottsdale orthodontist, Dr. Shawn Bader, has recently expanded their service by offering a new treatment plan that can help lessen the orthodontic treatment time of the patient. This new treatment plan is considered as one of the groundbreaking technologies in orthodontic care—the AcceleDent™ System. The AcceleDent™ System is the first and only micropulse device that helps adjust the teeth of the patient on top of the installed orthodontic braces. This FDA-cleared Class II medical works as a complement to the conventional fixed braces and has shown undeniable clinical results. This device works by generating precisely calibrated micropulses that accelerates tooth movement and, thus, reduces treatment time when compared to using the conventional braces alone Patients only need to use this device for at least twenty minutes per day, and they are ensured to achieve fater orthopedic bone remodeling and lesser treatment time of wearing their orthopedic braces. According to the clinical studies held by OrthoAccel Technologies, the AcceleDent™ System has accelerated tooth movement by 106 percent during the initial alignment and up to 50 percent during the closure of extraction space. This statistics showed that treatment time can be shortened by up to five months. The AcceleDent™ System has also been proven clinically safe—“no evidence of increased root resorption, no serious adverse events, and no difference in loss of posterior anchorage.” Dr. Bader is one of the local Scottsdale orthodontists that offers this new system in orthopedic care. With this new device and treatment plan, Dr. Bader and his team at Face Orthodontics aim to better their service toward their current and new patients. To learn more about the features and benefits of AcceleDent™ System or schedule a consultation and/or any other appointment, visit their website at About the company: Faces Orthodontics, PLLC, practice's top priority to provide patients the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly and comfortable environment. They utilize the latest technological advances in the industry, such as AcceleDent™ System, Speed Braces, iBraces, Damon clear brackets using Insignia and Invisalign®, along with the latest in computer technology (digital imaging and advanced computer graphics) to ensure that patients receive the most effective care possible. Contact: Dr. Shawn Bader Face Orthodontics 8890 E. Desert Cove Ave. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Phone: 480.661.1818

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This device works by generating precisely calibrated micropulses that accelerate s tooth movement and , thus, reduce s tre...