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15  JUNE  2014  


To be a Christ-centred family that loves and serves one another with joy and humility

-­‐ REV  FR  J  J  FENELON  -­‐     Concerning the obsession for photos during Liturgies – A Consideration of a Liturgical and Pastoral Problem Weddings, First Holy Communion, Confirmation - It is a sacred moment; a Sacrament is to be conferred. The parents and congregation are in deep prayer, thanking God … oops, they’re not! Actually, they are fumbling with their cell phone cameras. Some are scrambling up the side aisle to “get the shot.” Others are holding their phones up in the air to capture blurry, crooked shots. The tussling continues in the side aisle as parents muscle to get in place for “the shot.” If “the shot” is gotten— success! If not, “Woe is me!” Never mind that a Sacrament has actually been offered and received, the point was “the shot,” the “photo-op.” It would seem the picture is the point. Actually, I would contend that it is NOT the point. Real life and actual experience are the point. Further, in the Liturgy, the worship and praise of God, the experience of His love, and attentiveness to His Word are the point. Cameras, more often than not, cause us to miss the point. We get the shot but miss the experience. Pastorally, it would seem appropriate to accept that photos are important to people. For major events such as Weddings, Confirmations, First Communions, Easter Vigils and Infant Baptisms, it seems right that we should insist that if photos are desired, a professional be hired. This helps keep things discreet and permits family and others to experience the sacred moments more prayerfully. A final reiteration: remember, the photo is not the moment. The moment is the moment, and the experience is the experience. A photo is just a bunch of pixels, lots of 0′s and 1′s recorded by a mindless machine and then printed or displayed by another mindless machine. A picture is no substitute for the actual experience, the actual prayer, the actual worship that can and should take place at every sacred moment and at every sacred liturgy.

EVANGELII GAUDIUM The Joy  of  the  Gospel   - Pope Francis -

#24 An evangelizing community knows that the Lord has taken the initiative, he has loved us first (1 Jn 4:19), and therefore we can move forward, boldly take the initiative, go out to others, seek those who have fallen away, stand at the crossroads and welcome the outcast. Such a community has an endless desire to show mercy, the fruit of its own experience of the power of the Father’s infinite mercy. Let us try a little harder to take the first step and to become involved.

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CHECK IT OUT “ Be an active presence in the community “

RCIA ONGOING  FAITH  FORMATION   No  opening/closing  date,  come  join  us  every   Tuesday  and  discover  more  about  the  Catholic  faith   at  any  <me  of  the  year!      

Keen to  journey  with  someone  through  his/her  faith   forma<on?  Sign  up  now  as  a  sponsor!   Training  will  be  provided    

For more  details,  please  contact  Parish  Office  at   62574229  or  email   OLSS  STAY-­‐IN  EMPOWERMENT  RETREAT  FOR   YOUTHS  (16-­‐25  YEARS  OLD)   Date:  20  –  22  June  2014,  Friday  to  Sunday   Venue:  CAYC,  2  Lorong  Low  Koon     Fee:  Students  -­‐  $20,  Working  adults  -­‐  $40      

Register online  at  h\p://  and  payment   to  be  made  at  Parish  Office  by  18  June.      

For more  details,  call  Raymond  at  62574229  or   email   CHURCH  DEVELOPMENT  FUND   There  will  be  a  second  collec<on  for  the  Church   Development  Fund  this  weekend.   TAMIL  MASS  –  21  JUNE,  SATURDAY,  6.30PM   There  will  be  an  ‘Agape  fellowship  meal’  at  the   canteen  aqer  Mass.  All  are  welcome!   FREE  HEALTH  SCREENING  –  29  JUNE,  SUNDAY   Time:  8am  –  11.30am             Venue:  Level  1,  next  to  canteen    

Staff from  Mount  Alvernia  Hospital  will  be  here  to   conduct  free  screening  for  :   1) Body  Mass  Index   2) Blood  Pressure   3) Blood  Glucose  and  Cholesterol    

Please register  at  Parish  Office  or  call  62574229  for   more  informa<on.     CHURCH  CLEANING  –  27  JUNE,  FRIDAY,  7.30PM   Let  us  clean  our  ‘House  of  Lord’  together.     Light  snacks  and  drinks  will  be  provided.  


Planning to  get  married?  Please  inform  the  Priest  12   months  in  advance.  This  would  give  the  couple   adequate  <me  for  the  necessary  prepara<on.    

CATECHETICAL MINISTRY  -­‐  ANNOUNCEMENTS   Discipleship  2B  &  3   Sacrament  of  First  Holy  Communion   Date:  22  June  2014,  Sunday   Time:  10am  and  11.30am  Mass   Children  are  to  report  to  the  AVA  room  on  the  4th   level  at  8.30am  and  10am  respec<vely.    

About 95  children  will  be  receiving  Jesus  for  the  first   <me.  Please  keep  them  in  your  prayers.    

Discipleship 2   a.           Parent  Prayer  Session  –  3  Friday  Sessions   Date:  11,  18  and  25  July  2014   Time:  8pm  to  10pm          Venue:  St  Luke’s  #02-­‐21   A\endance  is  compulsory    

b.           Bible  Camp   Date:  2  August  2014,  Saturday   Details  will  be  furnished  when  Cateche<cal  Session   resumes    

c.             Sacrament  of  Reconcilia<on   Date:  22  August  2014   Details  will  be  furnished  when  Cateche<cal  Session   resumes    

Discipleship 4   Day  of  Recollec<on   Date:  12  July  2014,  Saturday   Time:  9am  to  4pm          Venue:  St  Luke’s  #02-­‐20/21   Please  report  to  St  Luke's  room  at  8.30am  for   a\endance  taking.   Discipleship  7-­‐10  –  Discipleship  T-­‐shirt  design   Seize  this  opportunity  during  your  June  mid-­‐term   break  to  let  your  crea<vity  flow  and  par<cipate  in  this   design  compe<<on  as  an  individual  or  a  group.  Cash   prizes  up  to  $100  will  be  awarded  to  the  top  5  designs.      

For more  informa<on,  please  pick  up  the  compe<<on   form  from  the  front  foyer  on  the  2nd  floor.    All  entries   are  to  be  submi\ed  latest  by  12th  July  to  your   catechists  during  cateche<cal  sessions.     CATECHETICAL  SESSIONS  ACROSS  ALL  LEVELS  WILL   RESUME  ON  12  July  2014   NEXT  INFANT  BAPTISM  SESSIONS     Sessions  will  be  held  on  6  &  13  July  2014.                                                   Please  register  with  the  Parish  Office  by  29  June  2014.     For  more  informa<on  please  contact  Liana  at   91392883  or  Parish  Office  at  62574229.  

10, Yishun  Street  22    Singapore  768579        Tel:  6257  4229            Web:  

CHECK IT OUT “ Be an active presence in the community “

CORPUS CHRISTI  “THE  EUCHARIST  &  OUR  CHURCH”   AT  CATHOLIC  SPIRITUALITY  CENTRE  (CSC)   24-­‐hour  Prayer  Vigil   Saturday,  June  21  at  4pm  to  Sunday,  June  22  at   3.30pm.  Prayer  inten<ons  for  our  parish  will  be  made   on  Sunday  from  2am  to  4am.  All  are  welcome  to  join   the  prayer  and  intercession.  

REGISTRATION OF  CATHOLIC  TEACHERS  &  PRINCIPALS   The  Archdiocesan  Commission  for  Catholic  Schools     requests  for  all  Catholic  teachers  and  principals  to   register  with  their  respec<ve  Parish  Offices.  This  is  to   obtain  an  updated  data  base  to  facilitate  the   involvement  of  Catholic  teachers  and  principals  in   Catholic  schools.    

Mass with  Procession  follows  thereaaer  at  4pm   (Celebrant:  Archbishop  William  Goh)  

PERSONAL MORAL  COMPASS  COURSE  –  FR  DAVID   GARCIA   Module  3  –  Chrisban  Morality  Today  -­‐    star<ng  on  8  July   2014  for  8  Sessions  (Tuesdays)   Module  4  –  Ethics  of    Love,  Sex  and  Marriage  –  star<ng   on  9  July  2014  for  8  sessions  (Wednesdays)  

LANDSCAPE CROSSING  MEET  1  –  22  AUG,  FRIDAY   A  session  for  past  Landscape  Crossings  Retreatants   and  those  whose  lives  have  been  touched  by  cancer   pa<ents,  survivors  and  their  care-­‐givers.    

Time: 2  -­‐  5  pm          Registra<on:  1.30  pm   Venue:  Monrort  Retreat  Centre          Max  intake:  20pax    

Contact Sr  Margaret  Goh  at    90124778  or  email  

For more  informa<on  and/or  for  the  course  guide  and   registra<on  form,  please  download  from  the  Caritas   Singapore’s  website:  h\p://caritas-­‐  or   email  forma<on@caritas-­‐  

NCC Reflection Being a good Christian demands concrete action and deeds, Pope Francis said. And, he said, the "how-to" manual is found in the beatitudes and the Last Judgment, which spells out the consequences awaiting those who fail to help others in need. Jesus offers a guide to life that is "so simple, but very difficult," the pope said. It's difficult because Christianity is "a hands-on religion; it isn't for thinking about, it's for putting into practice, to do it." The beatitudes are the "program" and "the identity card" for every Christian, outlining a step-by-step guide to being "a good Christian." Jesus' teaching goes "very much against the tide" of a worldly culture, he said, in which monetary wealth, superficial joy and personal satisfaction are the measures of happiness and success. Pope Francis said the beatitudes are "the program of life that Jesus offers us. If we want something more, Jesus also gives us other instructions" in the "Judgment of the Nations" in later chapters of St. Matthew's Gospel. People should remember the "protocol by which we will be judged" -- by what everyone has done or didn't do for the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the ill and the imprisoned. He asked that people find the time to read the beatitudes and the final judgment "once, twice, three times.“ Excerpts from an article by Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service

10, Yishun  Street  22    Singapore  768579        Tel:  6257  4229            Web:  



Weekday 6.25am(Lauds)  -­‐  6.45am  (Mass)   6.10pm(Vespers)  -­‐  6.30pm  (Mass)    

Saturday Sunset  -­‐  5pm    

Sunday -­‐  7.15am  (Mandarin)   8.30am,  10am,  11.30am,  5pm  (All  in  English)    

Public Holiday  -­‐  8am    

Holy Hour  -­‐  8pm  (1st  Friday  of  the  Month)    

Tagalog Mass  -­‐  6.30pm  (1st  Sat  of  the  Month)    

Tamil Mass  -­‐  6.30pm                                                  (2nd  Sun  &  3rd  Sat  of  the  Month)    

Marian Devobon  -­‐  9am,  Saturday,  Main  Church    

Malayalam Prayer  -­‐  6.30pm     (3rd  Sat  of  the  month,  St  John’s  room)    

Divine Mercy  Prayer  –  7pm   (Every  Friday,  St  John’s  room)    

Sacrament of  Reconciliabon     15mins  before  each  weekend  Mass  or  by   appointments  during  the  week    

Adorabon Room  –  6am  to  10pm                                                                        Closed  on  all  Public  Holidays    

PARISH DETAILS   OUR  PRIESTS   Fr  J.J  Fenelon  (Parish  Priest);  (6257  4229   Email:    

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OUR PARISH  OFFICE   (6257  4229;  Fax:  6756  6632   Email:      

OLSS DAY  CARE  CENTRE   BLK  235  #01-­‐442  (6257  0427   Email:    

OLSS BEFORE  AND  AFTER  SCHOOL  CARE   BLK  265  #01-­‐226  (67559535   Email:    

NEXT SUNDAY’S  READINGS  –  22  JUNE  2014    

1st Reading

Deut  8:  2-­‐3,14b-­‐16a  


Ps  147:  12-­‐13,14-­‐15,  19-­‐20  

2nd Reading

1  Cor  10:  16-­‐17  


Jn  6:  51-­‐58  

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Bulletin 15jun2014  
Bulletin 15jun2014