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08  JUNE  2014  


To be a Christ-centred family that loves and serves one another with joy and humility

-­‐ REV  FR  STANISLAUS  PANG  -­‐     SOLEMINITY OF PENTECOST The word ‘Pentecost’ is derived from Greek which means the ‘fiftieth’ and Jews mark it as Feast of Weeks since it occurred a ‘week’ of weeks (7 weeks) after the feast of Passover. It was also known as the Feast of Harvest or the Day of First Fruits. The Jews also commemorated it as the day of the promulgation of the Law of Moses. ‘Pentecost’ is mentioned explicitly in Acts 2:1. Thus, the Church, 50 days after Easter Sunday, celebrates this grand feast of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which transformed the apostles to be fearless witnesses. This is when the Church, born from the pierced side of Jesus Christ at Easter, was first manifested. Christians filled with the Holy Spirit strengthened and encouraged by divine grace are fired up to evangelize by bringing the Good News to all nations as they themselves live and proclaim the Gospel. We as spiritual descendants of the apostles are called to do likewise. Indeed, the Church encourages that the Extended Form of the Vigil Mass be celebrated for this groundbreaking event whereby, in addition to the usual features of the Mass, Vespers may be incorporated and 4 Ordinary Time Readings to be proclaimed each with its own Responsorial Psalm and Presider’s prayer. In 1988, the Circular Letter concerning the Preparation and Celebration of the Easter Feasts was issued to this effect. In paragraph 107, it emphasizes that unlike the Easter Vigil, this celebration is not baptismal but an attentive watching in urgent prayer after the example of Mother Mary, the apostles and others awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:14) . Let us then prayerfully beg the Lord to send forth His Spirit so that the face of the earth and us are renewed.

EVANGELII GAUDIUM The Joy  of  the  Gospel   - Pope Francis -

#23 The Church’s closeness to Jesus is part of a common journey; “communion and mission are profoundly interconnected”.20 In fidelity to the example of the Master, it is vitally important for the Church today to go forth and preach the Gospel to all: to all places, on all occasions, without hesitation, reluctance or fear. The joy of the Gospel is for all people: no one can be excluded. That is what the angel proclaimed to the shepherds in Bethlehem: “Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people (Lk 2:10).

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CHECK IT OUT “ Be an active presence in the community “

RCIA AWARENESS  NIGHT   Date:  10  June  2014,  Tuesday   Time:  8pm  –  9.30pm    

How do  we  make  disciples  of  Christ  in  OLSS?  What  is   this  ongoing  RCIA  journey  about?  Why  do  the   Catechumens  always  leave  the  10am  Mass  halfway?   Can  parishioners  come  and  learn  more  about  their   faith?    

All this  and  more  will  be  shared  at  the  RCIA   Awareness  Night.  Come  join  us  and  bring  your   friends  and  family!  Walk-­‐in  registra<on  at  the  foyer.   23rd  CHINESE  RCIA   Commencing  on  12  June  2014  (every  Thursday)   Time:  7:45  -­‐  9:45pm   Venue:  RCIA  Room  (4th  Floor)    

For more  informa<on,  please  contact:   Parish  Office  62574229,  Sharon  Soh  96965422  or   David  Koh  87276477    

All are  welcome!  Please  invite  your  non-­‐Catholic   friends  or  rela<ves  to  join  our  faith  journey!   FREE  HEALTH  SCREENING   Date:  29  June  2014  Sunday   Time:  8am  –  11.30am             Venue:  Level  1,next  to  canteen    

Staff from  Mount  Alvernia  Hospital  will  be  here  to   conduct  free  screening  for  :   1) Body  Mass  Index   2) Blood  Pressure   3) Blood  Glucose  and  Cholesterol    

Please register  at  Parish  Office  or  call  62574229  for   more  informa<on.     CHURCH  CLEANING  –  27  JUNE,  FRIDAY,  7.30PM   Let  us  clean  our  ‘House  of  Lord’  together.     Light  snacks  and  drinks  will  be  provided.  


Planning to  get  married?  Please  inform  the  Priest  12   months  in  advance.  This  would  give  the  couple   adequate  <me  for  the  necessary  prepara<on.    

OLSS STAY-­‐IN  EMPOWERMENT  RETREAT  FOR  YOUTHS   (16-­‐25  YEARS  OLD)   Date:  20  –  22  June  2014,  Friday  to  Sunday   Venue:  CAYC,  2  Lorong  Low  Koon     Fee:  Students  -­‐  $20,  Working  adults  -­‐  $40      

Register online  at  hRp://  and  payment  to   be  made  at  Parish  Office  by  18  June.      

For more  details,  call  Raymond  at  62574229  or  email   CATECHETICAL  MINISTRY  -­‐  ANNOUNCEMENTS   Discipleship  2B  &  3   a.           Day  Of  Recollec<on   Date:  14  June  2014,  Saturday   Time:  10am  to  4pm          Venue:  St  Luke’s  #02-­‐20/21   ARendance  is  compulsory    

b.        Sacrament  of  First  Holy  Communion   Date:  22  June  2014,  Sunday   Time:  10am  and  11.30am  Mass   Children  are  to  report  to  the  AVA  room  on  the  4th   level  at  8.30am  and  10am  respec<vely.    

About 95  children  will  be  receiving  Jesus  for  the  first   <me.  Please  keep  them  in  your  prayers.     Discipleship  2   a. Parent  Prayer  Session  –  3  Friday  Sessions   Date:  11,  18  and  25  July  2014   Time:  8pm  to  10pm          Venue:  St  Luke’s  #02-­‐21   ARendance  is  compulsory    

b.           Bible  Camp   Date:  2  August  2014,  Saturday   Details  will  be  furnished  when  Cateche<cal  Session   resumes    

c.             Sacrament  of  Reconcilia<on   Date:  22  August  2014   Details  will  be  furnished  when  Cateche<cal  Session   resumes       Discipleship  4   Day  of  Recollec<on   Date:  12  July  2014,  Saturday   Time:  9am  to  4pm   Details  will  be  furnished  when  Cateche<cal  Session   resumes   CATECHETICAL  SESSIONS  ACROSS  ALL  LEVELS  WILL   RESUME  ON  12  July  2014  

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NCC Reflection Pope Francis described the Church as a field hospital for the broken and the hurting of the world. Those who are crippled or paralyzed in body, mind or spirit must be welcomed to the Church to experience healing and the gift of God’s Spirit. How welcoming are we to those in need? How does the Holy Spirit move us to reach out to those in need? In what ways are we ourselves paralyzed or crippled and in need of healing? (Fr Robert Flack, S.J.)

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Weekday 6.25am(Lauds)  -­‐  6.45am  (Mass)   6.10pm(Vespers)  -­‐  6.30pm  (Mass)    

Saturday Sunset  -­‐  5pm    

Sunday -­‐  7.15am  (Mandarin)   8.30am,  10am,  11.30am,  5pm  (All  in  English)    

Public Holiday  -­‐  8am    

Holy Hour  -­‐  8pm  (1st  Friday  of  the  Month)    

Tagalog Mass  -­‐  6.30pm  (1st  Sat  of  the  Month)    

Tamil Mass  -­‐  6.30pm                                                  (2nd  Sun  &  3rd  Sat  of  the  Month)    

Marian Devo_on  -­‐  9am,  Saturday,  Main  Church    

Malayalam Prayer  -­‐  6.30pm     (3rd  Sat  of  the  month,  St  John’s  room)    

Divine Mercy  Prayer  –  7pm   (Every  Friday,  St  John’s  room)    

Sacrament of  Reconcilia_on     15mins  before  each  weekend  Mass  or  by   appointments  during  the  week    

Adora_on Room  –  6am  to  10pm                                                                        Closed  on  all  Public  Holidays    

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NEXT SUNDAY’S  READINGS  –  15  JUNE  2014    

1st Reading

Ex  34:4b-­‐6,  8-­‐9  


Dan  3:52-­‐56  

2nd Reading

2  Cor  13:  11-­‐13  


Jn  3:  16-­‐18  

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Bulletin 08jun2014  
Bulletin 08jun2014